Stop spamming 4chan with CP, you sick fucks, keep it to your containment board, if you're into that sort of thing

Stop spamming 4chan with CP, you sick fucks, keep it to your containment board, if you're into that sort of thing

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Holla Forums really has brainwashed you people, huh

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Forgot my sage

You're either a gullible idiot or an outright liar, now fuck off.

do you really think anyone here gives enough of a fuck abotu halfchan to even spam it?

You guys are fucked in the head, everyone knows that, get ready for a v& if you keep this up, you fuck ups

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Yeah, have fun believing in your boogeyman. If anything all you people do is raid us with your shitposting. Such as this thread, for example.

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I've literally not been to Holla Forums once in at least 4 years, and I'm on here shitposting every day.


I hope they doxx you faggots, you're all fucked in the head

Oh fuck off you daft halfchan mongrel.
No one here is into pedoshit, and only a handful of retards occasionally shitpost on 8/pol/. But fucking no one cares about 4/pol/ anymore unless their /r/the_donald cretins.
Now fuck off back to your cuckshed you 56% Amerimutt

if you ever needed proof 4pol is all schizos look no further

I hope the FBI breaks down your doors and somebody streams it

>>>/liberty/ is around the corner m8

Fucking who nigger?
we're not responsible for this, it clearly a fucking false flag you thick headed cunt


PROTIP: sometimes people lie to you on the internet about where they're from

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you really think someone would do that? go on the internet and LIE?


Blaming someone else
Figures, you shitheads need a purge

Okay, what proof do you have that we're behind it?

And don't say "because they said so," because literally any jackass can get away with saying shit on an anonymous image board. Give us concrete proof.

Someone claims to be from Holla Forums and spams your shit board with cp. So you go to a website that has been raided for cphosting to accuse a board with no proof of crimes other than some boogyman narrative youve concocted.

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That's litterally the only proof he has. This place is an actual monster in cuckchans closet

Pic related.

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Guess you're done, or maybe you just got bored

I got a number on you cocksuckers, you try that again and you will see

come at me bro

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OP confirmed for schizophrenic. I'm willing to bet he's the sperging Holla Forumsyp in the race thread too.

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You tried raiding Holla Forums one too many times, nobody will believe you :)

"You tried raiding Holla Forums one too many times, nobody will believe you :)"

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people who believe you tend to also be schizophrenic

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Then show us proof. You can't, because you got duped by some troll who knows you're dumb enough to believe him when he says he's your personal boogeyman

Are you that sperglord who started the race thread with the pepe image?

I think so lol

Seriously, show us irrefutable proof that it was us. I'm waiting.

Still waiting on that proof, OP.

I'm still here, OP. Waiting for that proof. And no, I'm not backing down, because you accused us of possessing and distributing CP. So unless you have a very concrete reason to do so, you're a fucking cunt, and you can go fuck yourself.

Could you retards please stop bumping this horrible thread? Thanks.