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The principles that Ukrainians are fighting for – democracy, justice, and freedom – are principles that Canadians support too. Watching vatniks get vaporized is the best thing any Canadian government has ever done with my tax money.

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Any fellas here?

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>>430220521>>430220486>>430220462>>430220439why are ziggers pedophiles?

Didnt really want to make a thread so figured Id ask here. Probably will ask /uhg/ too.Is it a BAD idea to join the French Foreign Legion after I complete my bachelors?

>>430220439Thanks for the bread.

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>>430220595>NAFO>CanadianOpinion discarded, Chink. :^)

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>>430220439>2Z(I denounce the tulmud

>>430220635lol turrets were popping even in afghaniggerstan

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Wunderwaffe status?

>>430220439most based op. glory to russia. tnx to omc wagner chadsZ

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>>430220595>The principles that Ukrainians are fighting for – democracy, justice, and freedom – are principles that Canadians support too

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>>430220759vatnik women are literally renting themselves to chinks lmfaoseethe and cope

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>>430220595God Bless Canada.

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>>430220759It's obvious baitYet people will still fall for it

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>>430220655cause lolicon is hot

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good morningfuck this fucking weather so fucking hard holy shitwhat's the armored tard rush status?

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youtube.com/watch?v=fTBWkX8g35Y"Our Father's Bandera"Our father's Bandera, Ukraine is our mother,We for our Ukraine will go out into battle! | (2)Oh, in the woods, the woods, under the green oak,There lies an insurgent oh so badly wounded. | (2)Oh, he lies there, he lies there , suffering great torments,Without a left leg, and without his right hand. | (2)And when his mother, his mother came there to him,Crying and weeping, she pitied him so. | (2)Oh, my son, oh my dear son, you have battled so,Now left without your right hand, and without a leg. | (2)Our mothers, oh mothers, weep not so here for us,Cry not for us here your sweet bitter tears. | (2)Our father's Bandera, Ukraine is our mother,We for our Ukraine will go out into battle! | (2)And we with the Muscovites lived in disagreement ,We went into the battle against Peter himself. | (2)The Muscovites had fled even losing their shoes there,And our troops had fired their shots against them. | (2)Our father's Bandera, Ukraine is our mother,We for our Ukraine will go out into battle! | (2)Oh, how a mother had buried, buried her dear sonShe had written these words there upon his grave. | (2)There upon his grave she had written these words.Glory be to Ukraine! To all the heroes be the glory! | (2)SLAVA UKRAINI!HAIL BANDERA!HAIL NAZI!HAIL NATO!DEATH TO R*SSIA!

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>>430220864*pmcgoddamned gay phone

>>430220721I heard they rape the shit out of new recruits but you do you.

So is French Foreign Legion a bad idea?

>>430220881>vatnik women are literally renting themselves to chinks lmfaoYou just did a misogyny. How does that fit with fighting for all that shit you listed?

/chug/, you are presented with a magic button - if you press it, all niggers and Canadians will die an agonizing death over the course of an hour or so. You personally will not suffer any consequences in the form of e.g. adverse publicity. Do you press the button?

been living under a rock for a while, why dont we like ukraine?

>This is another reason why Kiev's mayor Vitali Klitschko is calling for new tank deliveries from Germany. "We can see in the current situation: more tank deliveries are also needed from Germany," Klitschko told Bild am Sonntag. "We can only say that enough has been delivered when the war is over and Ukraine has won."Just throw more trash at the problem. It'll work at some point.

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>>430220595How come braindead normies are posting here? Posts this cringe should be a bannable offense.

>>430220945Legitimate rape?

Why do people insist on using AI as an artist instead of a tool for an artist?

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>Try to negotiate for peace amidst the long prepared for counter offensiveWhat did they mean by this

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>>430220934"Our Father's Bantudera"Our father's Bantudera, Ukranda is our mother,We for our Ukranda will go out into burglary!Oh, in the street, the street, under the cop's knee,There lies a kang oh so badly wounded.Oh, he lies there, he lies there, suffering great racism,Without an EBT card, and without his malt liquor.And when his mama, his mama came there to him,Crying and weeping, she pitied him so.Oh, my kang, oh my dear kang, you have chimped out so,Now left without your gibs, and without fentanyl.Our mamas, oh mamas, weep not on TV for us,Sue not for us the city for your sweet dollarsOur father's Bantudera, Ukranda is our mother,We for our Ukranda will go out into burglary!And we with the crackas lived in disagreement,We went into the riot against white devil himself.The wh*teys had fled even losing their bikes there,And our OGs had popped a cap in their ass.Our father's Bantudera, Ukranda is our mother,We for our Ukranda will go out into burglary!Oh, how a mama had buried, buried her dear kangShe had written these words there upon his gold casketThere upon his Dodge Charger she had written these words.Glory be to Ukranda! To all the kangs be the gibs!SLAVA UKRANDA!HAIL BANTUDERA!HAIL BLM!HAIL AFRIKA!DEATH TO WHITEY!

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>430220595Except they are fighting to continue their existence as a jewish slave state, this time even more dystopic and more gay.

>>430220930armored tard rush cancelled. They ordered their western tanks to withdraw. Current tactic is the use of infantry supported by APCs from the rear to assault Russian positions.


>>430220883those who allow that are hopeless lost retards. women in arny? yeah...in the kitchen

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>>430220881So you don't deny that you're a Chink? Typical bug-eyed chinaman. Don't you have a dog to torture and eat, subhuman? :^)

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>>430220990Unconsensual bum sex.

>>430220881women can be whoresanon, you just made a nobel prize discoveryplease leave you bank account so we can deposit the downpayment

>>430220965Sure, why not?

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>>430220965What's the downside to pressing the button?

>>430220965We still haven't gotten the banners so I fail to see any downside

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>>430220965Do I get paid to press the button?


>>430221026My sides

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>>430221039>tard rush cancelledWhat a pity. Well, the Russians might be able to impede the withdrawal and destroy some more Western equipment by interdiction.

>>430221044True. Still stuck on Russian forward positions

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Formation of 2 new Akhmatdivisions

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>>430221234>brand new BTR-82ATs going to tiktok troops

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>>430221105thats surely one of her best pics

>>430221026Somehow niggerdera is less ugly that the real bandera

>>430220361Funni Omsk man from TNO Dmitry Yazov was in charge, I read over the documents that were released for the period and he tried to leave behind a functional government and maybe install a democracy, but literally nobody was cooperating and everyone was lying all the time. The DRA kept breaking ceasefires so the Mujahideen didn't trust the Soviets' efforts. For example iirc there was supposed to be an amnesty and a DRA spokesman went on TV and said they will shoot anyone that turns up for it kek. Most of this is from memory though as I read it a few years ago.Najibullah stayed to the bitter end and was eventually betrayed by warlords like Dostum, and suffered a pretty grizzly end when the DRA was finished. Islamists put a chain around his neck and dragged him into Kabul with a vehicle, set him on fire and hung him from a lamppost.

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>>430221071If I show them Im tough enough can I skip straight from victim rank to perpetrator?

>>430221234Are they going to be the stormtroopers while Wagner is on R&R?

>>430221234Wait, are these javelins in 0:14-16?

>>430220845You ziggers are delusionnal but i'll be damned if you don't have good taste in loliposting.

>>430220721just join wagner

>>430221362Those indeed are Javelin launcher systems

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>>430221300Never played HOI4. I only know of TNO (I prefer TND) vaguely and at second hand by osmosis, and even that's too much. Additionally, judging from what I do know, it seems as though TNO stands for "Troon's New Orifice."

>>430221340>stormtroopersMy brain goes to SW when I hear that so let me use SW termsWagner = republican clonesAkhmat = first order stormtroopers

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>>430221290>thats surely one of her best pics"Her" meaning who? Also why?

>>430221362NLAWs i believeand yeppers. hohols do be enterprisin

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>>430221282Well they're probably policing and anti-insurgency divisions like most of chechen units. BTRs are good in urban environments as shown in Mariupol

>>430221412Is that illegal? I liked the idea of FFL so that I could have the training and service required of most PMCs, which is where I want to eventually develop a career.

>>430221472My point is - the troops on the front are still stuck with BTR-80/82As

>Selenskyj sends Putin a message - "Generals in good mood".>According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj, counterattacks are underway in the war against Russia. However, Selenskyj refrained from giving details on Saturday. "Counter-offensives and defensive actions are taking place in Ukraine, but I will not say at what stage they are," he said in Kiev. >The generals are in good spirits, he said. "Pass this on to Putin," he added. Ukraine has spent months announcing a large-scale counter-offensive to retake Russian-held territory in the south and east of the country. Russia has been saying since the beginning of the week that the offensive had begun and had so far failed. Most recently, President Vladimir Putin said this. Ukrainian Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Maliar said there would be no announcements until there was clarity on the battlefield.>The generals are in good spirits, he said. "Pass this on to Putin," he added.Well... time to run into a minefield with a smile on your face.

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>>430221300Najibullah and the DRA as a whole was founded by violence to begin with, the irony being the original government was socialist too but Najibullah was basically the Afghan Bandera and purity spiraled the situation into a coup. Enter the DRA being ran like shit despite the society being mostly alright, and you have a badley competent army and a general staff that can't do anything other then execute civilians. Sadly Russia still responded to their cry of help on the false pretense that the DRA troops would assist them.

>>430221458star wars is jedi propagandaempire did nothing wrong

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>>430221013>if Russia changes previously declared goals of the SMOWould it count if Russia changed it from the liberation of Donbass to the total destruction of Ukrainian state and annexing everything east of Dniepr plus Odessa?

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fuclk HeinekenHeineken sucks, one of the worst type s of beer i have ever drink i think i'm going to puike

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New Ka-52 Bradley hunting footage

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>>430221531>inshallah the brothers morale is very highlollmao, even

>>430220439>>430220462 >>430220486 >>430220521 >>430220845>>430220864 >>430220908 >>430220931 You really poked the bear now >>430221194>>430221306>>430221341>>430221353>>430221358>>430221392

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>>430221544Legends empire?Sometimes yeah.But the film empire, especially post-disney, is just cartoonishly evil

the rooks have arrived. human tyranny ends now.youtube.com/watch?v=3R1h13slP14нaшa цeль - cчacтьe вceгo чeлoвeчecтвa(you'll be happy when you're dead)

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More Ka-52 footage from the MoD

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>>430221591That's what you get for drinking alcohol

>>430221460venti. nice hair finally

>>430221039>They ordered their western tanks to withdraw.OHNEINNEINNEINNEINNEINNEIN

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>>430221412Do they take foreigners, especially Westerners? Lost the link to their actual site so I can’t veracity check.

>>430221505They aren't bad, what's the most modern BTR system?

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>>430221665>nice hairI didn't realize it was her at first. Do you think she deliberately niggers her hair up?

>>430221674WHY ARE THEY CALLING US PEDOS>>430221306>>430221319>>430221341>>430221353>>430221358>>430221392>>430221461>>430221609>>430221666

>>430221463>NLAWsBarrel's smooth

>>430221696i guess so. women are evil

>>430221594Why does all the footage they've shown seen to have them manually tracking targets instead of locking them?


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>>430221591>the most westernized ""'"european"""" brand>it sucksthat's entirely your foolishness, macaco.

>>430220439>tiny girl on the OP

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>>430221531are these...are these uh....the same generals that have been embezzling all the money this entire time and selling western gibs on the black market?

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>>430221709no fkn clue m8

>>430221689>BTR-80sBTR-82ATs*>what's the most modern BTR systemIn production?BTR-82ATDesigned?K-16, probably.

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>>430221613>>430221709>calling someone a pedo on 4chan out of all placeslolthis is a lçolicon websiteget out normalfags

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Russians current battle strategy.

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this war will spiral out of control, as we have foreseen.youtube.com/watch?v=GcgneVDN8cU

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>>430221591I don't understand the appeal of beer at all, and I am indifferent to alcohol in general. All it (alcohol in general) does is make me tired. I don't even slur my speech or stagger - I just want to lie down and sleep.

>>430221438>>430221463If they can deploy them to their forces as if it's nothing instead of keeping them for experiments, then how many javelins/NLAWs did they capture

Heavy battles and a difficult situation at the South-Donetsk/Zaporozhye sector>Neskuchnoye is lost, the enemy is changing its offensive tactics - report by RVvoenkor>A difficult situation is developing in the South-Donetsk direction, the enemy is starting to deploy significant forces and undertake more competent maneuvers than head-on assaults>Unable to take Neskuchnoye with frontal attacks, the enemy undertakes flank attacks, trying to enter the rear and cut off the Vremevsky ledge that has deepened into the frontDuring the attacks in the area of Levadny, the enemy managed to deepen and advance through the forest plantations, threatening further advance with the encirclement of the units located at the tip of the ledge - in Neskuchnoye>At the same time, the assault detachment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine undertook a raid along the forest belt to the settlement Urozhnoye, conducting reconnaissance in battle in the direction of Rovnopol and covering Neskuchnoe from the other flank>During two flank maneuvers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, our units were again forced to leave Neskuchnoe, retreating to positions where they were not threatened by encirclement (this is not the first time this has happened, at the beginning of the offensive, the enemy also managed to enter the settlement, from where he was knocked out by a counterattack)>Note that it was during the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Levadnoe that the marines of the 336th brigade burned the very convoy of NATO equipment from the video>Now the enemy continues to build up forces in the Velikonovoselkovsky district and introduces new units into the battle to increase pressure>Russian aviation continues to strike with KAB guided bombs at the places where enemy reserves are concentrated in the area of Velikaya Novoselka and ShakhterskoyeAND THEY DON'T STOP PROOOBING AND THEY DON'T STOP PROOOBING AND THEY DON'T STOP PROOOBING

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>>430221794is this cunny posting as OP image a regular thing or is one of the recent bakers being just bit too much into anime?

>>430221798Yup. Those same generals.

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>>430221152Dont worry sooner or later their masters will tell them to launch a big breakthrough against RF defensesZelesnky needs some victory to justify the war & gibs

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>>430221873When it's Akhmat I wouldn't say it's nothing, Ramzan probably handed those out personally from captures, the Russian army has no need to study them they've captured them in Syria years ago. Fuck, almost a decade ago.

>>430221894recent... and no worries comrade: he will be vaporized.

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>>430221591I downed half a crate of it yesterday while grilling kek

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>>430221873Barns full of them stacked to the roof.

>>430222012What did you grill?

Child porn as a thumbnail.How classy.Kill yourselves.

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maaan the media here is hilarious XDwhat a fucking awkward shit show

>>430222010Big tits make them seethe too you know

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>>430222029>daveburn the jews.youtube.com/watch?v=OVktbAbb1gk

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>>430221865It's the faggotry in you interacting with it.

Will they ever announce the start of offensyiv?

>>430221809Is that the Bumerang? Wonder when they'll get mass produced

kek wtf even is this shit

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>>430221537Najibullah wasn't responsible for the coup, you're thinking of the first leader, Taraki, who was killed by the second leader, Amin. Amin was killed off by the Soviets because he was too fanatical and destabilising the situation, and a miscommunication between him and the Soviets led to him thinking he had their permission/complicity in killing Taraki. This actually appalled them as Taraki was quite well liked both by the Soviets and Afghans and had some of what would become the Mujahideen playing along with him.The spiralling you refer to happened under Amin and by the time Najibullah was in charge the situation was already out of control. The Soviets kicked off their intervention in Afghanistan by killing Amin and installing Najibullah, here's an interesting wiki article about it:en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tajbeg_Palace_assault

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>>430222121You are a fucking retard. Probably a subhuman chink.

>>430222186There is no offensyiv Tovarisch, only prooobing

>>430222027eh, just some chicken appendages and pork slicesI've never done beef, so I'm anxious to blow money on it

you have rejected peace so many times it's time for you to die>burn the jews>burn the talmud>burn the un>on a cross you will dieyoutube.com/watch?v=tMRGWNY3Dvo

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>>430220881whores, whoring What is new in the world?


>>430221885Is this the same area? What the fuck are these names lmao, Bakhmut arc enough names but now I'm facing new ones

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>>430221809Does the BTR-82AT carry atgm in storage or can it shoot on the go? It seems that Russian APCs keep evolving to IFVs

>>430222220die faggot.

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>>430220965Are québecois safe ?


>>430222012this shit gave me the hiccups i hate your bear so much

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>>430220655Patrician choice you dim serf

>>430221531Lmao he is extremely butthurt

>>430220934"Our Father's Swindera"Our father's Swindera, Pigkraine is our mother,We for our Pigkraine will go out into slaughter !| (2)Oh, in the woods, the woods, under the green oak,There lies a piglet oh so badly wounded. | (2)Oh, he lies there, he lies there , suffering great torments,Without a hind leg, and without his front leg. | (2)And when his sow, his sow came there to him,Crying and weeping, she pitied him so. | (2)Oh, my piggy, oh my dear piggy, you have oinked so,Now left without your hind leg, and without a front one. | (2)Our sows, oh sows, weep not so here for us,Cry not for us here your sweet bitter tears. | (2)Our father's Swindera, Pigkraine is our mother,We for our Pigkraine will go out into slaughter!| (2)And we with the Farmers lived in disagreement ,We went into the slaughter house itself. | (2)The Farmers had slit their throats even losing their cleavers there,And our piglets had their snots against them. | (2)Our father's Swindera, Pigkraine is our mother,We for our Pigkraine will go out into slaughter !| (2)Oh, how a sow had buried, buried her dear piggyShe had written these words there upon his grave. | (2)There upon his grave she had written these words.Glory be to Pigkraine! To all the piglets be the glory! | (3)SLAVA PIGKRAINE!HAIL SWINEDERA!HAIL PIGGY!DEATH TO FARMERS!

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>>430222310gm serb bro

>>430222313Yes, just for (you.)

>>430222246We can't stop winning sars

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>>430222336>i hate your beerfixeed

>>430221282>tiktok troups>defeated the elite of the ukrainian army in mariupolkekWhat level of cope is this ?

Jihadi Juliana will end up on the Ukrainian kill list before his conflict is over.

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>>430222336I'm sorry about my bearhe will be discillined to not give kids hiccups in the future

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>>430221756are these the perfect legs? it must be so

>>430222421its the left cant meme, its just a bunch of words lol

>>430222193>unnecessary GAYTO and hohol flagTotally organic

>>430220953Depends on the payment, or the missions you get assigned to, also, from what I know, you need to learn french.

Say zdarova to your new overlord, ziggers.

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>>430221752Vikhr are laser guided like Hellfire or Spike.

>>430220930>>430222310Good morning sirZ!!!! :)

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>>430222422You do know that they weren’t the only one right?

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>>430222193Whatever faggot put this together is inadvertently pointing out the billion valid reasons from dozens of varying perspectives to oppose this bullshit war.

our guysowards to davosyoutube.com/watch?v=WswMdOcuPnA

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>>430222336>i hate your bear so muchDamn hue, what did his bear do to you?

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Attached: Buhanka-Chan.gif (300x300, 160.61K)

>>430221689Where are the Bumrang ?

glass londonyoutube.com/watch?v=wXUn49-MkpQ

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>>430221709One cunny a day, keep the shills away !

Attached: 1681842445904376.jpg (720x1200, 721.67K)

>>430222193I like how the transparent (no pun intended) the meme maker's leftist ideology is in the text for the communist and the conservative

Fresh gif

Attached: ezgif-4-08ef935117.gif (600x315, 3.15M)

It's litereally yvir

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>>430220845>>430220931This has to stop.If you want to post pics of cute anime girls then at least make it non sexualized.These pics are barely better than pedo krauts.If you like smol, then there are plenty adult content that satisfies that need as well.

Attached: 061.jpg (810x1080, 283.16K)

I really want to hurt seriously and permanently the people who submit posts like this. How do I achieve this goal?

Attached: Screenshot_20230611_034922_Brave.jpg (1080x359, 101.31K)

>>430222520From what I understand French isnt every hard to learn. I did pretty well in Spanish class. Either way I have till I finish my bachelors to learn.

>>430222533Can’t be bothered to google that. I sure it’s oh so demoralizing.

>>430222715yep...huge red arrows. grim

>>430222715>3k videos in an hourIs the current thing changing bros

Attached: Denys Dadyrov has 800k views in 13 minutes botting.jpg (720x575, 133.96K)

>>430222737Do you think Sweden would be improved if it became Sneeden? Do you think it would be necessary for it to be Chuckden during an intermediate phase, first?

>>430222543Yes, but the systems in the hellicopter helicopterare still capable of locking targets and automatically tracking them. They never seem to do this though, it always looks like they're manually slewing it around. I think there was one video where it looked like they locked the vehicle briefly, but then decided to unlock it before firing.

>>430222772Nothing demoralizing, it's just your new czar.

>>430222446He probably already is. He blocked the Mobik brigade

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>>430222737>If you like smol, thenyou should come out of the closet

Attached: FyNih8IXsAEwbb3.jpg (1440x1800, 490.91K)

>>430222701They haven't abandoned it, so it's quite possible :)

Attached: Katyusha.(GIRLS.und.PANZER).full.1397778.jpg (1000x1000, 338.78K)

>>430221594And Nafo faggot are now coping by saying at least western equipments keep their crew alives when destroyed.Well, i'm sure the crew is perfectly fine here...


>>430221594>>430221629I love this Ka-52 a cute

Attached: 1634397910613.png (636x599, 200.6K)

>>430222156yet little girls don't get you banned?

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>>430222533>Дюмин>Not ДyмингTьфy нa нeгo

Attached: DF2699DB-DEE3-4297-893D-276D5849F03A.jpg (1280x1280, 343.37K)

counteroffensive status?

Attached: 123123.jpg (614x405, 30.99K)

>>430220439Hi Chug, Zelensky's Dad here. I heard you all have been talking trash about my boy. I came here to ask you to please stop doing that. Also, if you happen to see Biden, please tell him to send more cocaine... err, I mean aid, to my mansion in Israel. Thanks in advance, Zelensky's Dad.

Attached: Zelensky's dad.webm (352x640, 1.94M)

>>430221860It will largely due to interal Globohomo politics.A ruling elite hell bent on enforcing trans and homosex on its OWN people cannot be expected to have any objective view of international politics

>>430222304No. It can't

>>430222846>ambush>run into a mine fieldAre minefields considered as ambush ?

>>430222831I would probably know who he is if that was the case. Pretty sure grand duke landzbergis is still my tsar. Go back to whatever gay shit you do in VNO instear of posting irrelevant crap.

>>430222555>Soros final formLmao it's always projection

Attached: Big Jew Soros predicts victory in counter probe.jpg (592x1024, 104.08K)

>>430222894Let's consider IFVs - one would have to compare the survival rate of infantry in Bradleys when struck by an ATGM to those in BMP-2s. I wonder if there's sufficient information available to estimate these figures with any accuracy. I suspect the difference is modest, at best.

>>430222310delightfully flat good sirZ

Sisters, how is being a pedophile helping to fight globohomo?

>>430221594idk looks like a tractor to me :^)

>>430222755Yeah, it isn't that hard, I used to learn it in school, but they didn't focus on it that much, or atleast compared to english, if you know the basics it wouldn't be that hard.

>>430220991Because they are talentless hacks. I wonder if the next generation will start using AI to complete their homework and get dumber as a result? AI is great for pattern recognition and has been for a while, but I really doubt it would ever reach the problem solving people act like it can ever, it requires a lot of manual inputs from a human user, but beyond that, I reckon people will get dumber while AI only "gets better" by virtue of people sucking.Tangent aside, I reckon AI could be a good tool for a comic or an animation where you can easily cut a lot of manual labor (which most of it is just some form of tracing anyway) which is tedious while still giving artists plenty of room for creativity and imagination.

>>430222995>jannies of Holla Forums hate 2D tits

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>>430223037Mинyc нa минyc дaeт плюc

>>430223017Well atgms are supposed to defeat tank armour. They should go through any ifv without issue.

>>430222446lol Jihadi Juliana is on soros & zog payrollhe works for people who give money to ukraine they already hate him

glow niggers and pedos will go into the same hole

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It's your last day to get free nutella

Attached: IMG_20230611_105709_350.jpg (722x1280, 86.95K)

>>430222298I think so. The names change according to the source

>>430223095Ah fellow redeemer of pan-africa flag, ačiukas.

>>430223049I am watching French language YouTube videos and I understand most of what they are saying. So that definitely boosts confidence.

>>430222981Yeah that cope is fucking retarded. How is it an ambush when the nearest Russian is 10 km away

Attached: Destroyed leopards didn't reach front line.jpg (608x415, 53.96K)

>>430223189what the fuck

>>430222617There are other forces at work in this world other than the evil of Globohomo

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>>430223183>especially if they are brown.Do they hate /fit/ bunnies too by any chance?

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>>430223129Yes, this is true. They're also very commonplace nowadays, though perhaps they might not be the leading cause of destruction - or at least disablement - for IFVs. The leading cause is probably artillery. I suspect a Bradley wouldn't protect the lives of its crew and passengers in the event of a direct hit by, say, a 152mm HE-FRAG proj any better than a BMP-2.

>>430222863Yeah,,, Id prefer the stupid little anime girls over this gross nigger woman.

>>430223061>I wonder if the next generation will start using AI to complete their homeworkThat's happening alreadyEven here

>>430222737white women are so ugly i cannot fathom how you niggas are attracted to them

>>430223234>How is it an ambushBecause they got ambushed after hitting mines, getting hit with heli fire, arty and drones.

>>430223189>Pls eat palm oil>It's free!Let me guess you got vaccinated too?

>HAPPENINGHAPPENING>HAPPENINGHAPPENINGPatrick Lancaster just posted an hour long video of him on the frontlines interviewing soldiers during the night, the video was pulled despite being posted 2 minutes ago. We don't know what happened to Patrick.

>>430223236that's life

>>430223252Quite possible the kill radius is smaller for bradley. Why not compare to bmp 3 though?

>>430223211Well, then it should be a piece of cake, good luck, I guess.

>>430223243нaшитe зaпoвeди идвaт диpeктнo oт нeбeтo: кpaй нa чoвeшкaтa тиpaнияyoutube.com/watch?v=5qNtOryEVc0

Attached: 1646809902434.jpg (1623x1080, 384.13K)

Hello chug, any developments over the night or just typical?

Attached: 483256f02d67d48fa396c8a3b7ad3325.jpg (690x817, 401.95K)

>>430223345With oil? Of course.

Attached: de-1200x900.jpg (1200x900, 213.52K)

>>430223189>NutellaI still don’t understand who like this thing

>>430223313On the contrary they're the only things I find attractive.


>>430223017We have seen BMP being stuck by ATGM, even javelin and being find. Especially because the front is so big for amphibious purposes (and some being less fine). But i guess only russia could do a proper study about it. In both cases, Bradley and BMP are both known to have paper thin armor and bad anti mine protection. So i guess they probably wont be far when it come to survivability.


Attached: 1626776697793.png (500x463, 266.18K)

>>430223451i feel sorry for you user, how do you do it?i've tried in the past but they are just not attractive at all and their personalities make it even worsestill i want to have white children on top of the hapalets i'm already going to have so i signed up as a sperm donor

Attached: cxrx.jpg (1119x139, 18.27K)

>>430223384It's just because BMP-2s are very commonplace. It's quite possible that the Bradley might be more resistant to shell splinters. Regardless of the specifics - I think the method I described (compare crew survival rates in the event of a good hit by various types of weapons) is the way to determine just how effective the Bradley is at "saving lives."

>hyped for months to be THE ultimate game changer that will carry the team to victory>get wrecked so fast and hard western cunts beg hohols to pull them back lest we forget

Attached: 1686322925902256m.jpg (964x1024, 144.18K)

>>430223432hrukrainian counter-offensive fucked; dying in the mud. shelling continues.

Attached: 1648988939335.png (300x300, 2.51K)

>>430222981They surly are illegal and very enviormentaly unsafe XD


Attached: 1654879959922.png (720x545, 258.11K)

>>430223554Well there's footage of m113s packed full of infantry getting hit by a Kornet and most of the soldiers were still alive. I think it's just the over penetration of the heat missile saving most of the men inside ifvs and apcs


Attached: oopsie.jpg (744x543, 39.47K)

>>430223554The M2A2 (25mm 7039 + 25mm RHA) has way better armor than the BMP-2 with it's 13-15mm of side armor.

Incidentally, it seems to me as though anti-tank mines are marvelous and effective weapons, and ought to be procured and used in enormous quantities, just like artillery shells.

>>430223189>>430223345>palm oilDid your Nutella still use palm oil ?They dont here and ngl it suck, palm oil is best nutella !

>>430223554Is there anything special about it in the case of a penetration? It’s just guys sitting in a box.

>>430223584>release trailers/ads for counteroffensiyvWhat's fucking wrong with these faggots? Glowies were shitting bricks when D-Day landing beach codenames were found in a crossword puzzle, these niggas just SSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH.

>>430223730>palm oilgoyslop

>>430223335Are all long range attacks ambushes now?>I'M AMBOOOSHING

>>430220439>Hohols destroyed the Nova Kakhovka dam in KhersonHow many of you shitskins can read russian?publication.pravo.gov.ru/document/0001202305310067?index=1

Attached: oopsie2.jpg (672x111, 15.81K)

>>430223705Can you describe the M2A2's protection scheme? Perhaps there's a graphic you can post that can be easily found. You referred to side armor, so I'll assume what you described (25mm 7039 + 25mm RHA) is the side armor. This would confer quite good resistance to shell splinters, esp. at greater distances.

>they're still trying to push ITS DA RUSSIANS!!!lol

>>430223701>bulgarian moon runesYandex it you lazy faggot.

>>430222298 some rus user needs to give us a linguistic lesson on these toponyms-noya-noyeseems some russian names have this suffix but not their ukraine counterpartsand some different vowel patterns between the two languages

>>430223584After this fuck up they definitely aren't getting those old M1A1s dismembered off all "super ultra advanced" electronics as that would hurt it's image.

>>430223730>palm oil

Attached: 147494298_414560749821428_7833584730738289049_n.jpg (1440x1080, 183.24K)

>spring offensyiv is underperforming so much that they resorted to Ruzzia did the dam copeLmao

Attached: Krot tincture smug.jpg (800x763, 320.48K)

>>430223797It says you're a faggot

>>430222737Fucking sweed gay.... Go to suck gay dick or tranny wounds if that's your thing, but don't come here to post your gay tastes. Them are shit.

>>430223553Yep.They will not be able to play this card anymore. Even if the try to say the Humvee lost at the russian border were fake.

>>43022382925mm 7039+25mmRHA all around, except for the troop hatch, that one's 25mm 7039+6mm RHALeft side of the hull has 25+25+25 in some places where the plates overlap

>>430223313that pic wasn't a women... was a fucking tranny.

Bradley bros.. we're forgotten..

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>>430223784its literally naturally made

>>430220439Raping children scares glowies amirite?

>>430223875>-noyaAdjectives for feminine words>-noyeAdjectives for neutral words

>>430223705Anon.Bradley is aluminum. You need 4 times the aluminum to have the same result has steel when it come to armor.

>>430222737Cartoons aren't people, gayboy, that's what makes them pleasant.

>>430223964Based! They deserved it

Attached: Russiachad I want to Z O V...jpg (1024x576, 62.64K)

>all these 1pbtid screeching about loli in the OP

Attached: BNsyDNAcSuo.jpg (1280x720, 188.97K)

>>430223784As much as any oil. it's just leftoid hate it because "muh forest".

>>430223968Not with how they process it in the modern times user. That shit causes cancer kek


>>430223923All else being equal, this would increase the quantity of artillery projectiles that would have to be fired to ensure a kill. I wonder what the dispersion of HE-FRAG rounds fired from the most common 152mm guns in Russian service is at, say, the limits of their respective ranges.

>>430223895Nope, it says that /chug/ are retarded shitskins.

>>430220595fuck you retard, I want cheaper housing, hohols can die in hell for all I carego fight ziggers yourself if you care so much

>BUCHA MASSACREDidn't happen but they deserved it.

>>430223423nice one user

>>430223968In nigger lands. Europeans did not evolve with palms

>>430223964Didn't happen.They deserved it.Would do it again.

Attached: begel.jpg (555x595, 86.08K)

>>430224090Friendly fire ukiesister!

Attached: Screenshot_2023-06-10-17-55-34-74_40deb401b9ffe8e1df2f1cc5ba480b12.jpg (1035x1576, 918.8K)

>>430224114& it should happen again

>>430224029You support rape orc army, I bet grandma calls you a big boy :DD

>>430224114didn't happen.they deserved it.they should do it again.

>>430224036Maybe its just outer/pol/

>>430223875It tells what the place is named afterUrozhaynoe is urozhay (harvest) + noye (adjective form), so literally harvest place/city

>>430224090>seething baltoidA bit cliche, no?

>>430221340no, their role is more like auxiliary troopersPrigozhin mock them but wagner does not do auxiliary taskts at all, they left buckmutt for new conquests after job was done

>>430224152What the fuck is that?

>>430223797To lazy faggots

Attached: oopsiebutinenglish.png (1671x270, 88.24K)


Attached: A23D2308-364E-4EFC-B06A-1E3CE25E106C.jpg (1189x648, 457.99K)

>>430224209It did happen - the Ukrainians did it, then brought in the "world media" and shed a lot of crocodile tears. It's the old Syria playbook. Many such cases!

>>430223017ATGMs have enough explosives to completely obliterate any IFV in a single hit, even ignoring their completely overkill armor piercing capabilities

>>430222446>>430222846>Losing a war>Has time to act like a passive aggressive woman on twitterHow the fuck are they seriously like this? Not just Ukraine, but the whole west, do they honestly believe mass psychosis and delusion will make them magically win? I seriously can not fathom the rationality of keeping this war going.

>>430224208I am big a big boy It didn't happenThey deserved itIt should happen again

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Attached: dead pindos.jpg (824x856, 91.79K)

>>430224266Someone who' retaining way too much water

>>430224090>cum brownie flagOf course he would be on part with the /k/um brownie board.

Attached: 1652058531440.jpg (836x1100, 157.33K)

>>430224262Didn't they do Wagner-type stuff in Mariupol though?

>>430224152Those fingers look insanely fat. Jesus Chirst is every r/ughloid fat? Humza is also obese.

>>430223875- naya - adgective feminine gender (she) Krasnaya Ploshad- noye - adjective neutral gender (it) Bolshoe seloThe Ukrainian language also has it but it's cruder so for them it's - na and- no


>>430224152some draft dodger got ita citizenship?

>>430224316nice job ya fuckin' GONK

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Attached: Cool Apu thumbs up.png (512x512, 49.02K)


Attached: 1686141086226919.jpg (251x242, 13.87K)

>>430224316FAIL !

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Attached: Picsart_23-06-05_10-33-17-380.jpg (3000x1688, 3.21M)

>>430223997Shaming natural if hidden of an attraction in the vast majority of hetro males you rule over, is a very effective means of social control.

>>430224360they are police forces russia would not train minorities for urban sieges lol

>>430223964And hoholina rapeAll me btw


>>430221885they're walking right into itit's a big sacrificial ritualleaderships on both teams are in on it

>>430224135it's saturated fat same as butter and coconut oil

why are there so many deleted posts holy shit