Why did she do it?

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Talmudic self-immolation to the god of famine and extincion

She has the same personal trainer as Ye

>>430221075Hollywood sexual abuse.

>>430221248He's not a PT. He is a glownigger working for Canadian intelligence.

>>430221075who? she looks familiar, sorry i'm not brainrotted by jewish media & entertainment

>>430221075She already told you she had a schizo attack.

>>430221075she's happier in her new body, chud.Stop objectifying her, unless it's as a hot man which is what he definitely is now.



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>>430221075Greasy Hollywood coomers molested and raped her so she pretended to be a lesbian and the rape only got worse so she said fuck it, chopped her tits off, and got a fat leg skin hog stitched on.Now they leave her alone.

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>>430221075>Why did she do it?quite literally because of the mental illness

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>>430221075Funny cus i saw her username on rayciss instagram>>430216735


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The hairline pushed her over

>>430221454This describes a literal demon possessionEvery culture in the history of the world recognized that evil spirits could possess people, maybe they were onto something

>>430221075dont take your meds shizo

>>430221605yeah you are on to shizophrenia. congrats you are now about 100 years behind modern medical science.

>>430221454>>430221419>>430221293>>430221248So it looks like she completely mindfucked by mindcontrol drugs.

>>430221931I discovered a third gender

>>430221931>science>western psychiatrypick one

>>430221248whoa I didn't know she was pasternacked

>>430221075>Elliot Page>FaceAppNot gonna lie, Elliot Page looks hot as a woman.

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>>430221248Harley Pasternak, yes.

>>430221075I made this today because I hadnt seen one yet despite how obvious it was. Hilarious.

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>>430221075Probably lead deficiency in this case, but usually it's mercury deficiency.>>430222132...



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>>430222098At least those things purport to try. Religion is a static take it or leave it.No thanks Mr rock farmer

>>430221075You'd become a man too if the only guys who found you attractive were closeted pedophiles.

>>430221075because she was a very pretty young woman. she lived life on easy as fuck mode with her brain on standby therefore her direction was easily redirected by social media and such. /thread

>>430221931>unable to fathom a demon outside of some winged monsterdemons are real and experienced anytime a person becomes pathologically consumed by an idea which will destroy them

>>430222702its the ones given everything and have the easiest path through life that are affected first. you see less poor people doing stuff like this for example. because they have to work to survive and such. not "work" to play pretend and have it as a social activity

Instead of being treat for psychosis they went along with her delusions.

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>>430222412even to this day she still doesnt understand whats going on. brain is still on standby

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>>430221416>Now they leave her aloneAt least thats what she thought.....



>>430221075Because she's an actor/actress. You're just confusing who the audience is.

>>430221075To make my dick mad.

>>430222767No, demons aren't real just like Santa isn't real.

>>430221075Sexually molested as a child, MKUltra'd as a young actress

>>430221416genuinely impressive

>>430222827Kek, poors in thailand become ladyboys. It has nothing to do with wealth, the wachowsky brothers turned into troons. It has to do with wackjobs who take every little thought in their mind seriously.

>>430221075>except me for who I am>you kill you’re female self that accept who she was >you killed you’re other half now you are nothing but a hallow inside Crawling in my skin!

>>430221075Is she died?

>>430223241Yeah, ngl, that was pretty good.

>>430222879Interesting I did not know this about herm, thanks for the info, user. Regarding hearing the voices, that should have been explored more by mental health professionals, but nope, the went straight for the tits. Sad.

>>430222879>those sunken cheeksDid she have that buccal fat surgery?

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>>430221075Her jewish trainer also worked for the DoD testing research chemicals. MK Ultra never ended.

>>430221075Mental breakdown episode and everyone there to "help" told her to cut off her tits.

>>430221075She is a homosexual, they are fucked in the head; what more do you need?

>>430221075Mental illness, same as all of them

>>430221416thats definitely a female

>Hollywood kiddy troon hits wall >spotlight fades>detransitions >becomes fake troon icon overnightBOSH! back in the game

>>430223028Who is the audience?

>>430221075Literally demons.

>>430222925Very obvious that it's still the same autistic Ellen as always just butchered. Shame.

>>430221075become based? i dont know

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>>430223241I can do that.But I didn't expect her to.I wish she hadn't gone insane.

>>430223782that receding hairlinethat fuckin jawhurrdurr issa womannnn!

>>430223626Anyone paying attention and changing their behavior to match the actor.

>>430223782jesus is that an edited photo? they must be injecting her with six servings of ozempic every day.

when the dieting and the drugs amd the makeup and the clever lighting and the quirky outfits can no loger conceal itthey begin to break down

>>430223356Learn english subhuman.

>>430221075Same reason women do anything: for attention.

>>430222132>picmy dick is going to explode

>>430221301juno some other movies and i just recently found out she was lahey's daughter in trailer park boys which was fucking wild

>>430222132My god that is hot.

She does not wipe properly by her own admission

>>430223782That’s an aids patient

>>430221419who's this guy and wtf does he have to do with ellen page

props to this child troon for getting ahead and using the wall to his advantagehe was a guy all along fellasnow he is a fale ftm who will influence millions of white teenage girls to troon out and lop off their tits that they will want and need one dayrope this faggot

>>430223241>genuinely impressive>shes good at handling balls

>>430221416>>430223241It's not really that difficult to learn but you have to be an artist in order to learn it in the first place.

>>430221075Order 66 was exucted

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>>430221075She had a psychotic episode and made the mistake of going to a doctor in a time when medicine favors profit over human life. Doctors took her boobs in trade for a life of cosmetic surgeryl. $$$$

>>430221454I always think it's quite cheesy when trannies choose a name that's just the masculine version or feminine version of their original name.

itwas a fuckin male all alongare you even listening?fuck you guys

>>430221075She is a woman. Thats why. The wealthiest people dont deserve what they have. Attractiveness is wealth. Wealth is health. Put 2 and 2 together. She was an attractive female with wealth. She had to go ruin herself. Thats her nature. She never deserved any of it.

>>430221605A demon possessed someone just to make them want to be a different gender that the equivalent of little Nicky turning a coke into a Pepsi fucking dumb.


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>>430221075she peaked in her teens, she was perfect for a particular type of role she was being cast in, but like a lot of females she hit the wall hard and she definitely doesn't have the kind of talent required to pull off a lifelong career. Think McCauley McCulkin.But she was addicted to attention, addicted to fame, she was literally nothing without it, and so she looked at things people are doing, the current thing - trannys, and voila, she found a way to cling to celebrity.

>>430221075You couldn't have saved her, bros. Hollyweird got to her first. And besides, she chose to take this path. Let her go. Do it for your own sake.

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>>430221075Damn she could have just retired and lived happily for the rest of her life.


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>>430221075who she suppose to be?