Hey user you're under arrest for posting hateful material online, posting harmful material online...

Hey user you're under arrest for posting hateful material online, posting harmful material online, and possession of hate articles.How do you respond?

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>>430219151i would be unable to take themseriously, it’d be so funny. i’d be smiling in the mugshot. getting arrested would be kinda nice, i feel like prison society is better than actual society at this point.

I'll taser you user if you don't comply with my orders and stop resisting

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>>430219151shut the fuck up faggot i hate you

>>430219151“Fuck you nigger”

>>430219151Je ne parle pas anglais.

>>430219151I would never set foot in Kiddy Diddler Kingdom of King Chuck the Cuck, so not a problem

>>430219151I want to talk to my lawyer.

>>430219151>How do you respond?With hatred of course

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>>430219384oi mate a 10 in fooking bongland

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>>430219151By raping her at knifepoint. The fuck is he gonna do?

I don't.

>>430219151anybody who finds my material offensive is being hateful to me.

Hey user can you turn your car around, you can't come past here

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>>430219151PIGS ON PARADE!

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>>430219151How dare you be islamophobic!>I have been mistaken for a Eastern European before and I have a beardI will just start talking jibberish and praise Allah and says shit like>wudda ya mean arrested bruv, you cant be serious bruvn stuffBy the time they realize they got tricked be a sneaky Dutchman I'll have already fingered the fellers butthole and got my knob polished by the strong independent woman who needs my uncircumcized cock>female cop: but arent muslims circumcized>How dare you think all Muslims get circumcized!>Not every Muslim is a Wahabi!!ez

it's ok, i'll just offer to buy them kfc and they'll drop the whole thinglike in the ads on tv, just exactly like the ads on tv

>>430220186If they get upset just say it is the costum of your people and that they are being racist

>>430219151I'm moving to the uk

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>>430219151>Hey user you're under arrest for posting hateful material online, posting harmful material online, and possession of hate articles.>How do you respond?multiple 7.56 rounds to the facestheir families don't deserve to have open-casket funerals

>>430219151The one on the right can violate my rights whenever he wants

>>430219151I'm a masc-presenting lesbian transwoman.Put me in a women's prison.

>>430219151Simple. You die, Snaggletooth.

>>430219384*unzips pantsPls taser my cock officer cutie pie

>>430219151>euro talking about firearms lol

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>>430219151>>430219287>take off all my clothes>lather myself from head to toe with cooking oil and feces>open door>come get me zogbots>this is the future you chose

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>>430221957The best firearms in history, and the finest artwork esq. firearms are all European

>>430219151hot sex with left

>>430219151Oh, neat, have you seen the one titled "what a 5.56 diameter lead bullettraveling at a stupid fast velocity does to a zog bots brain"?

>>430222031I will not dispute or counterpoint said claim, for I own a few myself that I consider superior quality to my own allegiance

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accidental discharge

>>430219151>noooooo don't send me to British prison nooooodailymail.co.uk/news/article-11380845/Prisoners-dance-pumping-techno-music-bars-no-guard-sight-post-video-TikTok.html

>>430221957lard ass americans think they're the only people on earth to ever USE firearms lmao

>>430219151sholom, I'm Jewish and you should stop being antisemitic.

>>430219151you faggots lost in a tea party. and voted to replace your population with niggers and faggots.

>>430222340calm ya tea pot yeah? I'll message you back when a quarter of my cities are overrun by pakis yeah?

Eat my blade, marxist bastards


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>>430219151That was all my mom's doings

>>430222023anon that tueday at the gaybar for the pride police.

>>430219151inform them that i am an american living in america and then promptly sodomize both of them with my giant american penis

That's new for me officer.Interrogation: i don't know anything so send me to the cell it will be between me and the judge.2 weeks later boom dropped because i didn't incriminate myself.Laugh all you want this works 60% of the time.

>>430222580They don't send the pride police to handle dangerous thought criminals though.

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>>430222496>obscure state I live furthermost than west cost fagstry again, what is your larget national park again? I forgot

>>430222195>double peeking

>>430222749insert CODMWS mic eolosion:?HHHHHHHHHOooooooowWWWWW?

>>430219151>answering the door

>>430222681I bet that Rochester judge has a name.

>>430219151That's very interesting, but before that allow me to show you my repeating crossbow.

>>430221612>7.56Wut is that some ole timey jap round?

>>430223185I bet none of you will do shit.

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>>430223298I never really understood the "you won't do shit" troonposters. On one hand you're like saying the "chuds" won't do shit and are completely harmless, but on the other hand you're saying they're soooooooper dangerous hook nosed school shooters and needs to be shut down. Make up your mind, kek.

>>430219151is that a reasonably attractive bong woman? First time for everything I guess

>>430223424I say you won't do shit all the time. Not a troon, just being honest

You're in the wrong country, boy.

>>430223526So no chuds ever do shit, except for when they do and it's a huge problem and a danger to our democracy?

>>430221957>>430221957imagine the stress this little girls parents would feel watching this video and seeing she came within like 1cm of death

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>>430219151I give him the big boot and an atomic leg drog then rip off my shirt and wave an american flag, after that she'll be on my dick like it's a crumpet.

>>430223678no, I mean none of us will actually do something to change society. Some faggot might shoot randos, that person is a fucking retard that does nothing to help our situation. I'm usually directing it at tough talking Amerimutts who think they're Rambo or something, we all know they won't do shit

>>430220022br*tish people with guns is so funny its like what are you even doing with that thing you're br*tish

>>430219151Laugh and ignore them.

>>430223424>you must be a TROOOOON!I never said they were dangerous.Maybe try addressing whatI actually said, dumbfuck

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>>430223972Yeah, that's true. It's over.>>430224004Kek, this guy dilates.


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>>430224035>huurrr, *generic npc response*

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>>430219151Bl3k pipo deserve reperatins,wash muh feet mayo momkeys

>>430219151I will answer that we are already all locked in a global cage-farm for cattle. Therefore, there is no difference.

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>>430219151Tell them that I'm a gay muslim and if they don't get off my property I'll have their lives ruined via twitter.

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>>430219151I'm American. Niggers tongue my anus.Cope.

I would answer that I do not identify as a hateful individual.

>>430219384>stopNo. You stop, slut.Now take all 8 inches of Big Daddy's girthy fat log.

>>430220022Nice tits. Now shut the fuck up and bend that fine ass over, slutmuffin.


>>430219151Whip out my hate licence>you're under arrest m8! you bin posting 'ateful stuff onloine ain't ya?>oh, I'm sorry, *ma'am*! I didn't realise. You 'ave a noice day now luv, giv those bigots what for, ye?

>>430219151>how do you respond?Everyone ignoring the fence and signs gets the same response.

>>430224525>hate licenseKek. I too call my dick that.

>>430219151I have never been arrested, but the police came round and invited me to attend a 'voluntary interview' for stuff I'd posted on 4chan. I didn't say a word, shut the door in their face and nothing ever came of it since

>>430224739>but the police came round and invited me to attend a 'voluntary interview' for stuff I'd posted on 4chanare you pullin our leg?

>>430224849I used to be a tripfag and got doxxed, my own fault really.

>>430224195Brits are such faggots jesus christ.

>>430224078>has leftard troon memes saved on his computerTop kek.

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>>430224849What cave did you just crawl our of? This has been a known thing in britbongistan for a few years.

>>430222031>The best firearms in historycool guns=/= best gun

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