Is it true?Is this the peak of storytelling?

Is it true?Is this the peak of storytelling?

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>>640241582sure, snoy, new remake next week

>>640241582Fucking Polygon. Someone post the time they tried to play Doom 2016. And I love how if some random dude says tLoU is 'the greatest story that has ever been told' they can run that as a headline and still claim to be objective - "it wasn't us saying it"

I thought this was gonna be the thread

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Do they only say this because it was made by a leftist jew and has gay characters. Even if the story was great, their are other great stories in games. Why (((single))) this one out?

>>640241582yes, this cut and paste zombie/post apocalypse story, identical in all ways to the hundreds of other pieces of zombie/post apocalypse media that have came before and after, is the peak of storytelling

>>640241582Can't say never played it. Never will.

>>640241582>sarah became the cunny-queen>not elliewhata slut

>>640242043That's a child

>>640242080etc etc

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>>640242237Why is she so sleepy?

>>640241582No, because it's a linear movie game that doesn't even take advantage of the interactivity of the medium. There are no choices and consequences, there is no "putting the player in the shoes of the protagonist", there is no interactivity, they've just made another movie. Planescape Torment did it million times better 20 years ago. But it's Polygon and they don't play videogames.

what did Niel mean by making her feet so detailed in the remake and putting chipped pink nailpolish on them?

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>>640241582>>640242237>>640242502TITE AF

It barely even has a fucking story, hours upon hours of cutscenes to tell the story of a guy getting a girl from A to B and bonding with her in the absence of his dead daughter

>>640242694the story is about loss, the loss of not fucking your dying daughter while she is bleeding out in your arms and your brother watches you defile her still warm corpse.

>>640241582I don't care about originality, if a story is told well it can be something done before, but if this is the best games have to offer in terms of story then it doesn't speak well for video games. I see TLoU and I think of how Children of Men had a more interesting premise.


>>640241582It's fucking depressing man. There is literally zero actual critical scene for gaming industry. Shit like pic related exists, and instead we fucking worship trash like TLOU. It fucking drains my soul that the gaming journalism/critic scene is so god damn utterly broken.Imagine if any other medium worked like this. Movie critics calling Michael Bay's Pearl Harbour the greatest war movie of all times. Or literary circles calling Dan Brown's novels "the book series of the century".Gaming has such a fucking disfunctional discourse, it's painful.

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>>640241582the industry actually perfected movie games awhile ago. games like >classic RE>ico and SotC>obscurehave camera angles; a movie has camera angles. no fucking movie takes place in 3rd person over-the-shoulder view.anyways, those games listed literally look and feel like you are playing a movie because there is an emphasis on camera angles. it makes it look cool and stylish like how a movie should look like, and it can even tell bits of the story and lore through its environment that is showcased in those camera angles; as well an show the player items and points of interest. this is all done without saying a word tooa lot of those camera angles come from the french new wave era of film when those kinds of camera angles were considered experimental, but they made movies look cool and stylish so it stuck in the industry until this day (although, a lot of today's films seem to need some work on their cinematography). night of the living dead used a lot of these camera angles and the movie really showed that it was perfect for the horror genrelook how much this one screenshot tells

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>>640243047How the fuck did it get this bad?

>>640241582according to who?

>>640242043Ellie was too old to become queen.

>>640241582Witcher 1-2-3 mogs this shit when it comes to storytelling and taking advantage of interactive medium, and I don't even like the Witcher all that much. Jewman wanted to make a movie and the videogame part was just a filler.


>>640241582I wouldn't know, I've never payed attention to it.

>>640243290According to niggerkikes

>>640243290Polygon and Kotaku naturally.

>>640241582This is peak shilling and click bait. Fucking faggots should play planescape

>>640243047Nigger pathologic is arse and even worse than even tlou on every level. Pseudointellectual game for people who sniff their own farts. Also the whole fanbase is literal homos.

>>640243047>Or literary circles calling Dan Brown's novels "the book series of the century".To be fair to Last of Us, Dan Brown's novels are particularly bad. Like, the writing style is fucking atrocious even by the low standards of airport thrillers. Last of Us is a big cinematic rollercoaster but for what it is it is well-written (without going into Part 2 and all the issues that one has.) It doesn't particularly use the medium to its fullest potential to tell said story and most of the beats were already in movies like 28 Days Later, the Dawn of the Dead remake and Children of Men. But it's still fine for what it is.It's more like if Predator (the original one from the 80s) was hailed by movie critics as the greatest example of the cinema. Like, Predator's pretty good and it has some of my favorite Arnie lines... but, really? Predator?! Like your medium has Lawrence of Arabia, 2001: A Space Odyssey, 8 1/2, Citizen Kane, Apocalypse Now.... and you chose Predator?


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>>640243258Because gaming expanded and even the dumbest uncultured uneducated swine got into it. A hobby becoming mainstream does nothing good to it.

>>640241582By being cute and funny? I agree, (((Kunzelman)))!

>>640241582Nope. Last of Us drama is manipulative starting with Sarah's death forcing most players to develop sympathy for Joel, paving the way to understand his point of view later onAlso, everyone likes it because it's very very accessible. everyone will get the themes and value of the story without turning on their brains.The reason why it's hailed as the peak of video games storytelling is because most video game stories are bad and the good ones are a bit complex and hard to dissect


>>640241582>Is it true?>Is this the peak of storytelling?No.

>>640243579No thanks, I'd rather play the Last of Us than hear Simon's constant whining and entry level philosophy at the end

Pretty sure these are the same journos who couldn't figure out how to jump over a box in cup head. I wouldn't pay attention to anything the say in relation to games.

>>640241582>another retarded journo mixes up plot with presentationI hate their "profession" with a burning passion.

>>640243691>entry level philosophyHe's literally a braindamaged normalfag

>>640243258>How the fuck did it get this bad?I'm honestly not sure. Normally, the review scene should fairly quickly divide into two levels - reviews-as-service (whose point is merely to anticipate what is going to be popular and what is not, without any ambitions or push for external values). You just give reviews and judgement based on what most people want to hear.But then there should be another layer to this, the actual criticism, whose job is to hold the medium to HIGHER than average standards, to incentivize innovation, improvement, and reward works that genuinely push the whole medium towards improvement.But somehow, gaming only developed the first level, and internally strangled the second. I suppose it may have something to do with the way major corpo's hold greater-than-average control over the industry by controlling both the medium itself, and platform necessary to view it. Which during Gen7 gave them unprecendented influence over the whole industry, including the journalism.Or it may be because games as a medium already emerged into post-modern world, and establishing this two-layer journalism is just harder under this philosophy.Or maybe it's the american legacy of puritanism strangling it.I am no sure. But I do know it's fucking terrible.

GTA IV has a better story, and is more of a game on top of that

>>640241582I will say this as someone who generally liked the first game: the average person is pretty dumb, and they like things that make them feel smart. But for that, you can't use actually smart things, because that would make them feel confused and stupid. Enter things like Last of Us, which isn't really smart or complex or original but due to media and advertising is seen as something smart and deep. Hence so many average people praise it, because it makes them feel smart.

>>640243576>Last of Us is a big cinematic rollercoaster but for what it is it is well-writtenLook, 99% of Last of Us is taken verbating from the Children of Men movie, but it's worse. It's dumbed down Children of Men with few chapters of dumbed down Road spliced in the middle. That is not good writing in my book.Literally the only single, sole piece of writing in the whole story that isn't garbage, is the final twist. Except that twist is almost scientifically designed to not fit videogames as a medium, so while I have to give points for having ONE original and somewhat interesting idea, I immediately have to take that prize away for it being used in the wrong medium.>>640243640>Nope. Last of Us drama is manipulative starting with Sarah's death forcing most players to develop sympathy for JoelThat is not manipulation.It's just very lazy writing.>>640243540>Nigger pathologic is arse and even worse than even tlou on every level.I understand that the game makes you feel insecure. But let me demonstrate how Pathologic 2 absolutely shits all over TLOU in a single example.Both games revolve around the themes of surrogate fatherhood, and the desire to protect what you love.Except in Pathologic 2, the children you are tasked to protect:They actually CAN DIE. If you fuck up - they will die. The GAMEPLAY of this game serves to communicate the theme. The gameplay makes you experience that responsibility. And god knows, keeping them alive is often an incredible pain. In TLOU, a game about protecting a vulnerable child, you never actually do anything to protect a vulnerable child.

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>>640241582>"The Road" minus nuance, substituted with fags

My daughterwife

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>>640241898better late than never

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>>640244736add the one where she's wearing that Lil Slut cap

>>640241582Story is irrelevant in an interactive medium

>>640241582Nope, this is.

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>>640241582Just post the porn

>>640245129>Story is irrelevant in an interactive mediumHow did you come to that conclusion exactly?


>>640241582Uh, no

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>>640241582>Cameron Kunzelman>"Americanized form of German Kunzmann: from a short form of the personal name Konrad (see Kunz ). Jewish (Ashkenazic): nickname from Yiddish kunts 'trick feat' + man (German Mann) 'man'."

>>640241582If you ignore the medium it's in, it's perfectly serviceable as a sy-fy original zombie flick. But as a video game it's one of shining examples on how not to do it. Good storytelling in games is supposed to blend gameplay as part of the story, not just be an afterthought. Having Ellie be invisible to enemies defeats the entire point of the story being told as an escort quest. If you want a game that actually sticks to a similar premise through gameplay you have RE4.

is this the thread?

>>640244223I didn't say it was 'good writing,' I said it was well-written for what it is. It's why I bought up Predator in comparison. For a dumb 80s Arnold Schwarzenegger movie where Arnie fights a space alien it's way better and more well-written/directed than it has any right to be. But it's still a dumb 80s movie where Arnold takes off his shirt, covers himself head-to-toe in mud and then has a fist fight with a big guy in an alien costume. You were comparing it to Dan Brown novels, which are really quite awful by the standards of... well basic fucking English. The dude mixes metaphors, badly, every other sentence. They're truly rubbish bits of work no matter how you look at them. I don't like Last of Us that much and I don't really defend it all that much but comparing them to Dan Brown's work is a step too far.

>>640244736Guys, this isn't funny anymore. Please stop sexualizing Sarah, my niece is around her age now and I really don't need your sickening fetish shoved down my throat anymore.


what exactly did tlou do that other games did not? there's absolutely nothing fresh about it. even fucking telltale walking dead was better story wise and it came out before.

>>640241932Yes. And because it's made big money, and promoting the game is cross promotion to the TV series.

>>640245338Claiming the Kain series have good story is just as much of a Reddit opinion as claming TLOU has a good story.

>>640243047>Imagine if any other medium worked like this.They do though, you used movies as an example but have you ever heard of "Oscar Bait" and I'm also sure book have the same kind of elitist navel gazing shit. Entertainment media has ALWAYS had an issue with sucking off artsy fartsy shit that's normalfag friendly the kind of shit that "elevates the medium"

>>640245553hot child

>>640243047You say this when movies like Schindler's list are considered some of the best movies of all time and are untouched by criticism. The movie scene is EXACTLY the same, only difference is that there's a lot more movies out there so it's not as noticeable.


Why does TLOU get so much praise? It's not a bad game but feels like everyone is just collectively jerking it off because they're told to.

>>640243576Even Predator is a bad example for what you're trying to say, The Last of Us vs true classic games are more akin to comparing a modern Oscar Bait movie to an actual groundbreaking piece of cinema. Like it's good but it's not that good and it doesn't do anything particularly revolutionary or even interesting but it checks all the boxes to be "good" for normalfags

>>640241582I haven't played this shit but I liked the story in halo reach, thats my favorite. fuck you sony

>>640245456>I said it was well-written for what it is.I understood that, I just disagree with that assesment. TLOU is what I like to call "smart genre fiction". It's relatively modern subclass of fiction that uses genre tropes and elements, but still uses them in service of a more "classically" inclined narrative. For an instance in TLOU, while game features zombies, the story is firmly centred on purely human, real-world core subjects. Paternal failures, (in)capacity to let go of your personal failures, and search for redemption. That does push it into a different category than your example, Predator, which is firmly and happily pure genre fiction.The issue is that TLOU isn't well written by the standards of it's own subclass. We already have seen "smart genre fiction", the two works this game desperately rips off (Children of Men movie and Road) are perfect illustrations. But compared to them, TLOU is pretty fucking bad. It's not trying to be dumb action flick like Predator, or over-the-top exploitation movie like Mad Max. It's trying to be up there with The Road, the Chicago Abyss, the Watchman.And yet it can't even fucking reach the point of Children of Men, which the weakest of the works I mentioned. TLOU has zero respect for it's audience. It sells itself as a "smart" genre fiction but assumes the audience are retards. Which is just frankly despicable, not to mention lazy. >You were comparing it to Dan Brown novels, which are really quite awful by the standards of... well basic fucking English.Ok, I used Brown mostly because I assumed that brining up authors like Coelho because I assumed nobody would know him here.

>>640241582I never played or watched it

>>640243258The thing is, the situation has never been good in the first place.Gaming "journalism" started as an extended arm of publishers' marketing departments and it has never improved since then.Gaming "journalists" and reviewers don't study literature or arts in depth, they're midwits who think "hey, I grew up with this so I'm an expert". Now combine that with the inferiority complex still connected with video games as a medium and you get the drivel in the OP.In short:>But mooooom, this is a serious thing, this game is for big boys, it's art!

>>640246026You can't impregnate prepubescent children. Don't they teach you this in school?

>>640246080>TLOU has zero respect for it's audience. It sells itself as a "smart" genre fiction but assumes the audience are retards. Which is just frankly despicable, not to mention lazy.Let's be honest here were they wrong to assume that

>>640243258Game Journos are cast off rejects of regular journofags, they have even less taste and integrity but they want all the glitz and glamour

>>640245272people trying to rationalize that tweet is always funny

>>640246154>You can't impregnate prepubescent children.Not with that attitude.

>>640245779>They do though, you used movies as an example but have you ever heard of "Oscar Bait"Well Oscar has been a complete fucking joke for many decades now. It's literally the VGA of gaming industry. If you actually want to mention critical acclaim and be taken seriously in the movie-snob world, it's not going to be oscar, it's going to be shit like Cannes or Karlovy Vary or something.>had an issue with sucking off artsy fartsy shit that's normalfag friendly the kind of shit that "elevates the medium"I'm sorry but in the cinema, Tarkovsky's work didn't go unnoticed. Again: Oscar is a joke. But even Oscar, as hilarious as it is, occassionally appreciated works like say, Kolya, even if it was driven by political rather than trully critical judgment.

>>640246127Throw in the fact that as a medium it's also a dumping ground for a lot of shit tier Journalism School rejects and C students and you got a nightmare of an industry

>>64024615412 is not prepubescent, puberty starts at 8-10

>>640242080out of ten

>> long as you ignore that it took heavy ''insprations''' for The Road, Children of Men, 28 days later and more

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>>640245272>show tweet without any comment or edits>misrepresentation lelnext you're going to claim their blacklist was due to inquiries regarding Nintendos HR practices and work culture rather than the emulation articles or leaks

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>>640241582lol, no

>>640241909>>640242237It can still be the thread

>>640246336>But even Oscar, as hilarious as it is, occassionally appreciated works like say, Kolya, even if it was driven by political rather than trully critical judgment.Yeah that's always been an issue with video games media mostly because it's like >>640246127said, it's always been a form of advertising and not actual appreciation no matter what the fart huffers insist

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>>640246703>Yeah that's always been an issue with video games mediaI'm aware of that, though I would clarify that this was the practice of major market areas, such as US, not necessarily the whole world.Where I grew up, gaming journalism was actually suprisingly clever, born out of enthusiasts and usually pretty intellectual people, and the idea that games are more than toys to be solid was very present.But yes, on most markets this was an issue. Though I do believe the real problem came a bit later. Gen7 was the era when things went to an absolute extreme, thanks to both the Gen7 corporate environment, AND the fact that gaming jounralism was going through the PAINFUL transformation from print to electronic media.Still - I'm not entirely sure if the problem can be only rationalized away as it being because the journalism was so strongly tied to corporate interest enforcement. It's absolutely a big part of it, but I wonder if other wider issues aren't at play too. That was more-or-less my point. That something (and what you mention is absolutely a major part of that "something") went horribly wrong compared to most other media. And it's depressing as fuck.Because it tangibly harms the industry. Even if you don't like Pathologic 2, you at least have to admit that the Mind Map mechanic was absolutely brilliant, and could be used to massively improve even AAA tier RPG's. Even if you don't have the patience for Miasmata, you can't deny that the triangulation system was brilliant and that the idea to actually create mechanic out of hiking would have elevated dozens of Walking Sims if anyone bothered to pay attention.One of the functions of the journalism should be the ability to recognize good ideas that would otherwise fly under the radar. And that is the most fundamental failure of gaming journalism: It does not do that AT ALL.

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>>640246413>puberty starts at 8-10lol maybe with chemicals in the water otherwise that's not true

>>640247113in minecraft, right?