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News:>lots of snow down south: stuff.co.nz/timaru-herald/news/132290453/blanket-of-white-covers-most-of-south-canterbury-frost-and-fog-to-continue>ha! niggers stole nigger gear before the big nigger competition:stuff.co.nz/national/wellington/132290074/teachers-car-packed-with-students-kapa-haka-gear-stolen-days-before-competition>Theodore John Kaczynski passed away (press F):stuff.co.nz/world/300902557/theodore-ted-kaczynski-known-as-the-unabomber-has-died-in-federal-prisonfuck, idk there isn't really anything else. What did you have for dinner? I had a pie.

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I haven't cooked yet but I'm having Chicken fresh pasta with Korma saucekpmxga

>>430219084nice. I made too much food last week so I've still got rice and chicken curry in the freezer for this week.


>>430219203For a while I had 30 Sistema 1L containers and I would make a meat+sauce in my slow cooker and freeze 5 of them a couple times a weekWas very nice if I had hard work that day to have a selection of instant chicken curry and rice for free

RIP Mad Lad Ted. Weird way of getting shit done but the cunt was right

>>430219886Very based. that's basically what I do. Meal prep is the White man's way

>>430218908There's fuck all snow, media roasties are obsessed with snow because they think Disney movies are real.For dinner I had spiced chicken thighs (Pakas) and swede (stolen) and it was pretty fucking good d e s u

>>430220051g'day lad. what did you have for dinner

>>430220142it's the depressed single way of food prep kek

>Flip girl wasn't told not to relax around murrys, got the shit kicked out of her>When murrys attack immigrants all I can do is laugh, if I told that girl to avoid them she'd have gone ape shit on me so fuck her and fuck her bleeding slant eyesstuff.co.nz/national/crime/132290174/12yearold-beaten-up-outside-auckland-mcdonalds-left-covered-in-blood

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dirty old greens want to tax whitemen to pay for murry bludgersi had some chicken nibbles and chips in the dirty deep fryer

>>430220395Honestly OP you should have baked with this instead of a USA boomer. NZG represents NZ to pol AKA to people that matter

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>>430220395Women hardly ever learn from a beating so this event won't change her outlook on blacks.

>>430220438>They say anyone earning under $125,000 a year will pay less tax. That's 3.7 million New Zealanders getting a tax cut of between $16 and $26 per week.I don't have a problem with this

>>430220168Bacon, Rice, Veges, basic shit

>>430220553This will, it would have traumatised her. But if she relaxes again and cops another beating it will make a good news story

>>430220438the rich should be taxed more and there shouldn't be GST on fresh food.

>>430220395disgusting orks up in orkland. i hate murrys so much>>430220581dont believe those fucking devils, they want to destroy the backbone of NZ and thats farming, forestry and mining

>>430218908Hey losers. Got your lunch packed for tomorrow?Isn't it interesting that all the racists on nzpol are tradies?

>>430220438John Key, a wealthy Jew, doesn't like the wealth tax. So it's probably a good thing, even though it won't happen

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>>430218908im voting for whoever raises neetbux the highestkiss my ass wagies

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>>430220674there shouldnt be GST at all>>430220775Sir John Key was the best Prime Minister we had since Muldoon. Think BIG not like fags

>>430220760Out of the 10 or so regular posters we have like 8 electricians, a truck driver and a welder. And the truck driver only really does that because of his certain convictions makes him perfect for that field lmao

>>430220760My job has meaning (unlike yours). >>430220867Fair enough man. be a nigger to the system>>430220875I don't have a problem on GST being applied to goyslop or electronics shit

>>430220758Greens don't even know what they're doing, they're just being used, but the tax policy is an improvement. We're the hardest country in the world to afford anything, life is easier in fucking Venezuela or Nigeria

>>430220875Your post is pretty ironic since John Key raised the GST rate by 20%

>>430220963national have some nice looking tax cuts

>>430221033he raised it by 2.5%

>>430220867If you were good at anything you'd be doing cash jobs and still keeping your neetbux. If you're just sleeping in and gaming you're living the life the Semites pushed you into

>>430221161Yes, 12.5% to 15% is a 20% gain. Jews rely on financial illiteracy to perform their tricks

>>430221230I have a legit side job 1 day a week and I make under the $150 threshold and live with parents.I bank the same amount as your typical rentcuck wagie working just 1 day a week.

>>430221161from 0.125 to 0.150 is a roughly 20% difference closer to 18% if you look at it that way

>>430221381oh yeah, what do you do?

>>430221381You realize if you were any good at anything you could easily make $200 a day in cashies, so those 4 days could be another $800 either towards your future and/or hedonistic lifestyle

>>430221410I don't know where you got 18% from, 0.125 x 1.2 = 0.15And even 12.5% was fucking rape

>>430218908Haven't eaten yet, but it'll be one of those heat-and-eat pasta jobs because I spent the entire weekend painting Warhammer figures and now I can't be fucked making real food.>>430220395Saw this before. Feel for the girl, to be honest. But she'll learn from it.

>>430221429Call center work. but I have autism and can only handle working 1 day a week. I also have adhd and im part maori, I wear glasses and I have a bad back. I tick all the boxes ;)

>>430220438Its only aligning the tax system with the other countries, NZ has been soft on richos since 1984. No other party gives a shit about all the poverty and people in cars.

>>430221596yeah but im not a slave so I dont go on worksites buddy

>>430220775The wealth tax has such a high threshold nobody is gonna get fucked by it. It's a smokescreen for the tax hikes at every other level except extreme poverty.45% and you'll still have to wait 6 months to get told to fuck off by the specialists at the outpatients department because you've got the wrong skin colour.

>>430221700To be fair those pastas are pretty nice kek. Show us a figure m8

>>430221759All right fren I'm sorry for picking on you a bit, but you were kind of asking for it

>>430221878I haven't finished any, but might take a WIP pic. I'm pretty shite at it, but I find them therapeutic to paint.

>>430221828You'd have a meltdown on my site and probably poop yourself lmao

>>430220891im a truck driver because im a sperg and it suits perfectly not having to talk to people all day when im driving.didnt win my fight by the way, he won by ref decision. was close though

>>430221759Legit autism? fuck man I feel for you. I know a fella who's high functioning but you can just tell he's a bit "off". Really good fella (real smart too), just off

>>430218908ANON INVENTED RAYCISS INSTAGRAM>>430216735>>430216735

>>430221956All right wait until they're done. We don't get enough hobby posting on pol even though hobbies are exclusively for the white man

>>430222077fuck off glow niggerbot

>>430221762TOP and the murry party do and have reasonable tax policies.It kind of says something when retards and the insane in fringe parties come up with more sensible stuff than our essentially 2 party system

>>430221849>the top 1% of the population now owns 16% of the country's wealth – the richest 5% owns 38% – while half the population, including beneficiaries and pensioners, earn less than $24,000

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>>430222123he's shilling his own social media

>>430222234God I wish boomers and women understood economics kek. And I'm not even that clued up on them, accountant bro must fucking hate watching any financial shit on the news

>>430222077anyway, there are already plenty of "our guy" fediverse instances. poast, baest, nobody has the dot biz, nicecrew, mugicha and lots others. >>430222252I'm on a few of the above instances and this fella for sure got bullied off poast and is probably a glownigger

>>430222337They don't like to get into it because those who pay the bills, advertisers, don't like them talking about it., and they have to be able to afford nice coats, handbags and travel

>>430222385glowniggers are wasting time on us, they need to be hustling on fighting China and Wagner.A Chinese sub could be heading to the Chatham's right now to drop off a team of Wagner shock troopers and they're worrying about anons correctly saying racist shit online lmao. Chatham's was on Wagner's map of places to take

>>430220958I have 3 degrees. I do what is meaningful for me.

>>430221700>I spent the entire weekend painting Warhammer figures

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>>430222672>(((degrees))) nobody cares that you have 3 degrees in women's study, murry history, and tranny history, faggot. kill yourself, homo before I drive down to Wellington and smash you over the head with a shovel. not a joke either

No, I don't think I will donate. I remember what you did to baby Will, and how you thought it was funny.

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>>430222725it's a shame that games workshop is so fucking gay

>>430222487Even if they did, it would be beyond their level of understanding anyway

>>430222841Holy fuck how did you know what my degrees were in? Are you one of those clairvoyant women?

>>430222725based and patient pilled

>>430222234Minimum wage is $47k a year, so you have to be a real fucking leech on society to be on $24k.

>>430221983>>430222071>they dont know about holding the right cardsNGMI

>>430221923i was lying. see? it works. you get sympathizers

>>430222725You're much better at it than I am! I've got shaky hands and the paint is always too thick. I'm hoping to get better with practice. I bought that Leviathan set on Saturday, so when it ships I figure I've got 72 figures to grind out some skill with.

So who would win if Wagner tried to take the Chathams?The guys on the right look a lot better to my untrained eye lmao

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>>430223311Only a low % of people actually work

>>430223311Half of NZ are leeches according to you

>>430223462>the paint is always too thickThin ur paints

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>>430223598There are 2 kinds of people, those who headbutt life and then walk over it if it tries to stop them from achieving their goals, and the other kind.

>>430220867Greens have come out with universal benefit Imagine if they won a majority and all the schizo fucks in here will be eftposing their $400 a week back to the government just on their principles, you'll do that right guys?

>>430220438A wealth tax will be a judge boost for accountants and lawyers as the rich move to get around it while the average Joe who has worked to get some assets of his own gets fucked

>>430224160and boomers/murrys/under 18's/house wives/disgusting diseased people

>>430218908Who is sending death threats to VJM?

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>>430224190Check their tax policy. National wants normies to panic but it looks good here. Why should we pay more taxes so rich people can pay lower rates after $130k lmao. Also they were on lower rates before hitting $130k so I'm guessing people worse off would be those earning like $200k or more

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>>430220395More likely to be Islanders than Maoris desu

>>430224763Is it you?

>>430220875>Sir John Key was the best Prime Minister we had since MuldoonThis is a natsoc board, we don't praise Jews here

>>430224817I don't differentiate between them myself, but I'm guessing maccas is more of a murry slop. If it was KFC it would definitely be boongas

>>430224798Because the lazy pricks already pay negative or very little effective tax due to the amount of gibbs they receive

>>430224763Who is vjm and why should I care?

>>430224950Unironically I think we've only had 1 decent PM, who cares about the average person and is aware of the JQ.And it's fucking Chippy lmao. I'm not even joking.Chippy must have a 24/7 migraine dealing with retards in Labour and the media and getting all his reports on the country falling to pieces and murrys running riot

>>430225040Pretty much the white man is the only one who is tax positive, apart from diversity hires who are being carried by white men anyway

>>430225098He's someone who sold out to the enemies of the right by publishing a guide on how to infiltrate obscure right wing internet culture, and now complains that insane lefties and kikes want to cancel him.And he comes to NZG to shill himself every now and then.But at least he does actual face-showing speeches online

>>430224798Normal guys think National are the party for them, they're not. Half the country is on $24,000 or less and to National, they should pay more $200k and above are like a hundred people, and that's enough for Nicola Willis' fiscal hole

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