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>>430224136Thanks for the bread.

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Oh no no no no! The counter offensive has officially begun.

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>>430224285Aaaaaand they are dead...

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>>430224285Oh wow, nice fanfic map again.

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>>430224136we got here eventually

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>>430224467I fucking love this song

>>430224285Ruskies better make sure there is nothing left after this debacle. Last thing I want to see is ukrops running away and keeping all their new toys. It will be a stalemate for years.

>>430224285So, it's not probing attacks or a limited counter offensive, right ?I need your confirmation so if it fail you can't go back to the previous cope.

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Zaporozhye sector update, morning of June 11:From Archangel:>"Orekhovskoye direction, the enemy attempted to storm but was quickly repulsed and pulled back, now stands still, there are no movements, probably they are just accumulating strength and pulling up reserves.>Judging by the radio interceptions of the 47th and 82nd brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, everything is sad and there are many 200's [dead] with wounded whom they cannot evacuate because "the Russian artillery is strangling."

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>>430224285>Twitter counter offensyivGeolocation or gtfo. Also why is it so zoomed in

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>ACTIALI RUSIAN DESTROID THE DIM Let’s just ignore that ukies were shelling the dam and how many problems the flooding created for Russians

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>>430224523isn't this map from russian sources? it's also not like the wheatfields they took in this map are significant gains.

What was the comfiest war arc and why is it the fall of Mariupol? This battle has so much soul.

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>>430224018It's not pure aluminum.Bradley uses 2 alloys, 5083 on the front, hull roof and troop ramp and 7039 everywhere elseM2A2 onwards applies 25mm RHA over all that. M2A2 can (probably) stop 3UBR6 from the front at non-point blank ranges and 23mm from the sides at the same range.>inb4 extra massAlso updates the engine to avoid losing speed.

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Counter offensive has been launched.Now it'd going to get interesting. I'm here to harvest your cope

>>430224639It's Rybar. Pretty much the most constant map maker. He sometimes wait days to be sure about the infos he make.

>>430224639Yep, Rybar also says Berkhovka ks still ours. That's why shills are t talking about the Bakhmut counter encirclement operation anymore lmao

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>>430224632Do you think Prigozhin fucks that lady?

>>430223933no, she's a biological woman. but doesn't that say it all that a biological white woman is basically indistinguishable from a tranny? white women are so manly lol

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Fastest hand the East

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>>430224622Pride in literal sin.Burgerland is doomed

>>430224694Doesn't matter mate, only matters to the scrap metal merchants.

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>>430224732It's been a week since this disaster in vidrel kek. You sure it started yesterday faggot?

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>There was no breakthrough in any area. Lobkovoe and Levadnoe - gray area. >They tried to push from the direction of the Rabotino, albeit less intensively, raked, rolled back to the original ones.It's funny how shills started picking up steam only a few days after the offensive stalled out and lost their wunderwaffe.

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>>430224816She looks like that British mercenary, forgot his name

>>430224523Lol classic of genre

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>>430224816perfect physically

>fulfilled their function 100%AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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>>430224732>counter offensive has been launchedThis counterhruk has already been launched like six times according to you faggots. Then you go back to muh probing when it fucks up.


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It's so much worst than you can possibly imagine.Russia has MLRS that scatter anti-tank mines. Not only are they firing these between wave during. And not just in front, but behind as well. When Ukrainians turn to retreat, the have to cross fresh fields of anti-tank mines. They have similar losses going in as going out, and there's zero hope of any extractions.

>>430224863>Officially launch counter offensyiv(it actually started a week ago)>It stalls on day oneWhat did they mean by this

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>>430224671It deserves a painting and a Sabatonesque song.

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>>430224816>biological womanis there any other kinds?

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>>430224922The infantry survived for another probing, take that ziggers! The troop carriers? What about it?

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>>430224971You bought the wrong one then.

>>430224756i think nato generals have too much diversity and gender fluidity what is the point to fight near city in open area after it was lost, can somebody explain to methis is the behaviour of easiest difficulty AI

>>430224886Kaskad soldier said that was like 2 days ago The same days that ukies taken novodonetsk

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>>430225030I don't understand what I'm seeing in this video.

>>430224994Globohomo cannot literally and legally define what a woman is.

>>430224136/chsug/ what will we do? The Wehrmacht will encircle Kursk! /suhg/ is already celebrating!

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>>430224915she has a shitty waist/hip dips, non fertile hips, busted nipples, weird ai generated looking pussyi hate people who say this but you literally only like her because she looks like a little girl lolthe ideal female physique is picrel. aesthetic but could crank out 20 kids if/when needed

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>>430224922>fulfilled their function 100%So their entire function is to be a defenseless bunker and not a vehicle that carries troops into battle and provides battlefield support?

>>430224972But I am the hungaryian. Also thoughts on the video?

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>>430225077Unironically, Ukrainians did much better when they were Ukrainian trained. That will no doubt by a very important topic of discussion for NATO nations in postmortem. Canadian and UK training in particular will be under the spotlight no doubt.

>>430224639Rybar makes maps like one day late because he keeps confirming everything. It's more trustworthy than any peremoga-starved CIA nigger NAFO hrukrainain tranny r/ughloid source claiming advances like these.

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>>430224972You know Lauren Southern got divorced, I hear she likes brown Asians. Maybe you should drop this shit, become a father who stepped up instead.


Good morning sirsProoobing status?

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>>430224922Some soldiers survived, but they no longer have armored vehicles to protect themselves

>>430225168>insect >womanlet>"ideal female"

>>430225203>measuring advances horizontallycan't wait until they start measuring their advances towards the north

>>430224694Ok you were speaking about the add on plating. Aluminum for armored vehicle has always been shit, not even speaking the pyrotechnical aspect. Plus, it let pass any armor piercing ammo pretty easily. I've done research for personnal armor protection, aluminum had lot of thing for it, but armor piercing ammo made it pretty useless for this purpose.For these who what the difference is.>researchgate.net/figure/Rear-surface-of-two-inch-plates-of-5083-7039-and-2139-after-impact-with-a-20mm-FSP_fig4_292393974

>>430224922Yeah, this is totally not because NAFO threatened to drop support if we don't stop getting their taxpayer money blown the fuck up and captured aye.

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>>430224838>goyslop and land whaleNation of gourmet when ?

>>430225203>>430224285One map says Novodonetsk is our and the other doesn't. Which Twitter cope map should we pick ukiesissies?

>>430225290you're literally a homosexual if you aren't attracted to that image, like an actual faggot lolthis retarded nigga likes little boys LMAO

>>430224941Well, AT mine has trigger pressure something like 250kgso they could hoof it back without vehicles relatively safely

>>430225255>if it wasn't documented it didn't happenAstounding level of coooping.

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Vremyevsky bulge- post- hohol night raid footage>Vremyevsky bulge- post- hohol night raid footageVremyevsky bulge- post- hohol night raid footage>Vremyevsky bulge- post- hohol night raid footageVremyevsky bulge- post- hohol night raid footage>Vremyevsky bulge- post- hohol night raid footaget.me/dva_majors/17521

>>430225299It keeps happening.>>430225343Just keep bvckbreaking CIAniggers. Run them over.

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>>430225315>Ok you were speaking about the add on platingNo, I was speaking about both.The only russian IFV in service that has similar protection is the BMP-3 with an add-on kit.

>>430224941Plop plop plop plop )))

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>>430225197Tories are disgusting filth.Also you're not the Hungarian he's at least clever in his verbal Insults

UK intelligence: Kakhovka Dam collapse disrupts water supply to Crimea and southern Kherson Oblast.>The collapse of the Kakhovka Dam on 06 June 2023 has almost certainly severely disrupted the occupied Crimean Peninsula’s primary source of fresh water, the North Crimean Canal (NCC).>The NCC draws water from the Kakhovka Reservoir, from an inlet higher than the bed of the reservoir. The water level in the reservoir had likely dropped below the level of the inlet by 09 June 2023 and water will soon stop flowing to Crimea.>This will reduce the availability of fresh water in southern Kherson Oblast and northern Crimea. However, the Russian authorities will likely meet the immediate water requirements of the population using reservoirs, water rationing, drilling new wells, and delivering bottled water from Russia. Concurrently, communities on both the Russian and Ukrainian-controlled sides of the flooded Dnipro are facing a sanitation crisis with limited access to safe water, and an increased risk of water-borne diseases.twitter.com/DefenceHQ/status/1667768172907229188

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None of you will ever admit that British Storm Shadows are basically destroying vital vatnik structures and headquarters on a daily basis.

>>430224816>she is realNice.

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>>430225371and here comes the desperate defensive copestop getting fooled by pictures of women onlinetry meeting one in real life

>>430225198i think so alsounless zog wants ukrainians just to die lol, so russia will conquer country full of roasties and criples

>>430225070She enslaved herself for free.

>>430225413I didnt insult you bong, I merely stated what you are )))

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>>430225473A dead vatnik just flew over ny house!

>>430225383>Media is too big

>>430225372> relatively safe

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>>430225371Don't want to fuck bugmenSimple asPicrel or bust

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