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>>640244778Zoomers can't meme.

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>>640244864Goes on for too longNot as funny

It sucks that Ryu was non existent in world tour like he's a side character

>>640244941it's more soul

>>640244946yeah I was surprised to see that juri, ryu and manon were side quests

>>640244778>wow, look at all these cool classes>chooses warrior

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>>640244864what the fuck is this cringe?

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>>640244846Ryu is into blondes with big boobs confirmed

>opponent knows how to jumpJPbros... our response??

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>>640244846Capcom keep teasing Sakura all the time while she isn't in the game...This makes me BIG sad. Just add Sakura, niggas...

I got to plat and I have 0 motivation to keep going, anyone else know this feel?

>>640244778literally me

>spend hours grinding on ranked>still feel like trash>go back to casual>tfw getting win streaks of 8-10is this what it feels to... git gud?

>>640244778That's new and crazy characters to test my years of experience against, as well as fucking around with a new kit of tools. That's the charm of playing a fighting game permanent character

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If you play Blanka you probably also do other terrible shit like molest children.

Which one of you christcucks is this?

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I've been maining Manon and it feels so dishonest. You get so much damage for so little effort. None of my wins feel earned.

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>got my first double KO in ranked>it was the final match of a 1-1 >doesn't let us do anotherfug

>>640245169>500 matches >3 blankasI am sure a lot of copies were sold thanks to Blanka inclusion in the game

>>640244941>>640245028hello newfags

characters you never rematch?for me it's mirror fights and ___ken

>>640245360Ive seen it beforeIts literally the same as OP but with more words

>>640245280You'll feel differently once you get out of the lower ranks and people stop freezing up like a deer in headlights.

>>640245280I'd trade the entire medal system just to get better buttons, actual combos and an actual drive rush.

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>>640245280>Watch Idom>Doesn't even bother going to 5 medals because how good other options are alreadyDamn man

>>640244778>"wow look at all these cool new characters">it's all ugly niggers and trannies

>>640245485>Actual combosWhat? You mean you don't like fishing for counterhits and potential anti-air trades with back HP in hopes of landing something that isn't QCF OD -> QCB MK?

>>640245489>>Doesn't even bother going to 5 medals because how good other options are alreadythat's not the reasonit's harder to get 5 medals when the opponent knows your mixups plus the whole point of medals is making them scared of you grabbing them, thus allowing you to do a smaller damage combo instead of the grab and vice versa.

Any clubs?

>>640245547Wrong thread, retard.

>>640245012>Wow look at how many interesting fantasy races this game has!Picks human.

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>>640245582Nigger actually play the game or watch him play he goes out of his way to not go to the hitgrab on combos that can because he doesn't need to, he only bothers on shit like perfect parries because you're getting no damage either way

>>640244778Yeah, because the new bundle of actions don't do what the old bundles do. They each have their strong points and weaknesses, and Ryu players have decided that, between his aesthetic and abilities, that's the guy they want to play.>>640245012I just hate magic.>>640245630I just hate the devs and their discount-Tolkien universe.

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>>640245280>try to jump out of her command grab after she does the 2 hit move that moves you towards her>she does the overhead instead and knocks me down right in front of her for God okiSo is this just a 50/50? Or am I missing something here?

>>640245651he literally explicitly said several times on his stream that's why he's not going for grabs 24/7 when people asked him whyas for the hitgrab, it's because manon gets better oki off other moves, for example her qcb medium kick depending on the range

>>640245682>>640245547lmao what a fucking retard

>>640245048I mean it stabbed his legs and he didn't lvl adp so he had low iframesWhat did he expect


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>>640244778>>640244846>>640244864>>640245012>>640245028I always play the cover characterI am LUKEdaGAWDfuck ryu +u gold

what can Cammy do that other characters can't? she's fast as fuck?

>>640245192You are sub 80iq for thinking that post is serious

>>640245846>>640245819what the fuck got deleted?

I wish this meme actually applied to 6. his fireball sucks and he's got all sorts of rushdown gimmicks now, if you try to play sf2 ryu you're going to get stomped.

>>640244946Ryu has never been central to SF's story. None of the main bosses are his personal nemesis.


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> play some SFIV>pick Ryu>he feels slower than a fucking rock>pick Ken>he feels completely normal, barely slower than other Kens

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>>640245891You mean the character that got absolutely blown the fuck out by a retired Ken and then sheltered himself on buckler shitty lot doing absolutely nothing while the true main character, john streets, beat JPs ass?

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>doesn't waste time on rankedBased Chillest player ever

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>>640245935You're not missing out on anything, newfag.

>>640244656Fuck yeah, let's goBosch feels like a shoe-in for a DLC character>>640244913I doubt it'll be all brand new charactersIt'll be a mix.

>>640245983TELL ME NOW OR I'LL LOOP YOUR ASS WITH manon owo

>>640245991>Bosch feels like a shoe-in for a DLC characteranon...bosch dies at the end of WT

>>640245950Ryu has 1f links in his BnBs don't recommend picking him1 frame links were good

>>640245981It's the oppositeBy playing casual, they get to beast more consistently on people far below their skill levelTrust me, half the monsters in this game play Ranked, but the other half hang out in casuals and eat up minnows for fun

>>640245707>I just hate magic.Why?

>>640246024He'll live

>>640245707Thank you for letting us know Knuckles

>>640246048I'm perpetually playing battle hub because the region lock is fucking bullshit.Would've refunded if I could.

Why does lily's face look like a retarded baby in actual gameplay

>>640246048>the other half hang out in casuals and eat up minnows for funis this based or cringe?

What's the Ryu of street fighter 6?

>>640246025>1 frame links were goodnah, at any level of play they were relevant towards people plinked and turned them into 2 framers.

>>640245918Fast as fuck, mixups, safe, full screen punishes, good combos, good buttons, absolutely ridiculous burn out pressure.She's the char with the most tournament wins right now, you fags don't get to downplay her anymore.

>>640246112qrd on this region lock thing? no idea there was one

>>640244778Based and Daigopilled

>>640245517there aint a single tranny in this tranny game though. thats 2 less trannies than SFV. however SFV also released with 0 trannies. lets hope they keep the not tranny to tranny ratio low..

>>640246171not him but doesn't change the fact that SF usually has the ugliest and blandest roster

>>640244946He's not even a side character user. Side characters are still relevant to the story. Ryu is background fodder.

>>640246024god damnitThough, I'm sure JP has a regeneration machine or some shitOr maybe the DLC seasons will build up to some new story developments with some new group coming in and reviving dead fighters so we can get Bison eventually>>640246121It just is. There's always people who'd rather make a smurf account so they can basically play Single-player mode, Starring: You!SF just gives people a space to do that without having to make new accounts becauase they hit master with all the characters already

>be a shitter but decent at combos>friend is a lot better than me but is lazy as fuck when it comes to combos and will rely on the most basic BnB>consistently beats me, even if I try to switch up my approaches randomly, he just somehow predicts what I'm going to do next and counters it each timehowhow does he do thisis this just natural talent or am I missing something


>>640246049It detracts from the setting by removing focus from material elements.>"X rock exists in limited quantities in our region, but traders are forbidden by our neighbors from moving it here, and the border is strictly enforced.">"L0L I teleport it here. Pay me 500g pls.">"L0L the emperor makes a giant fucking magical barrier that detects the movement of rocks and prevents teleportation">"L0L I make an amulet that lets me teleport through the emperor's barrier and smuggle rocks"And so on. I would've preferred something about smugglers operating under the guise of moving incense.

>>640246224fundamentals matter more than combo knowledge, user

>>640246224He has the gene you don't. Sorry dude.

>>640246167Basically there's an aggressive proximity algorithm on the matchmaking which seems to be flawed.For some people it will only give you people that have 20-50 ping regardless of what parameters you look for.For others it defaults to only giving them people in their same area.So depending on your live and your rank this will absolutely butt fuck your chances of finding matches and often give you the exact same guys over and over again, even people like brian_f are already bitching about it.This is also something that will get much worse with time as the population goes down.

>>640246224He's conditioned you.Let me put it this way: if I hit somebody with a low sweep 3 times in a row, unless I REALLY don't respect my opponent's intelligence, I'm going to assume they're going to either start crouch-blocking or jump.AT that point, I'm going to either do a grab or an anti-air, depending on what change-up I'm expecting.The basic thing is to figure out which mix-up he keeps expecting and start conditioning him back.It could also just be luck that he guesses how you'll respond, or maybe personal knowledge of you

>>640246281What combos do is make it so you die in 5 hits instead of 10.If you don't have the fundamentals to hit those 5 hits, the combos are absolutely useless and the 10 hit player will win because he simply finds more chances than you.

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>>640246224>plat>mirror match>do basic 4-5 button combos>opponent does nothing but fancy shit burning the entire drive meter>win anywaynot sure how to feel about this

>>640244778in fighting games you always need to lab a handful of the main characters so you don't waste too much time learning the game.Ryu, Zangief and guile are my go to character in every street fighter

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The "button leniency" makes this shit unplayable

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>>640246395bitch ass mootmeant for>>640246224

>>640246331is this a bug or something done on purpose?

>>640246024>>640246223Honestly despite the fact they straight up show his corpse, i feel like he didn't really die, he has an unique model, the strongest superboss in the game uses his moves and he has a club banner, not to mention Luke doesn't mention him in the post credits scene

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>>640245075All the better to charge for her as DLCAt some point the well of "make Ryu/Akuma more edgy" justifications will dry up and we'll get Violent Ken, stubbed my toe dan and suburnt Sakura

>>640246224you are probably not being as random as you think. Jumping in with different buttons in mostly just jumping in, characters also usually have one option that kills multiple of yoursJust learn the neutral and your characters main tools and you are half way there, after that you can focus on optimizing your opportunities

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>>640246224>he won without drive rush

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>>640246404>plat>absolutely shit on someone at round start>win first round>second round, same thing>they land a hit and they go into a double drive cancel combo into super>as soon as I wake up they start eating shit againit's wild how much people such at fundamentals but put all their time into learning combos

>>640246389>mfw throwing someone three times in a rowI feel so gross when I get away with that shit but it's hilarious.

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>>640246221>He's not even a side character user. Side characters are still relevant to the story. Ryu is background fodder.Nigga all the trainers are background fodder.Literally not a single one of them is relevant in any way.Luke's as relevant as chun or juri.

>>640246471>>640246024They better not waste a DLC slot on this "literal who" of a character. Nobody gives a fuck about """""Bosch""""" and there are far too many other characters that need to get in before we start considering "cardboard box head guy #5874"


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>>640246680this, his name is literally a pun on fucking 'box'

>>640246680They will probably add a newcomer every season.So expect something like this + newcomer, I expect future seasons to have more than 4 since they get a huge injection of cash and it's understandable to only have 4 after the budget of the current game.

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>>640246680Why the fuck are you typing "like" "A" Kengan "character". Did "that man" get to "You".

I hope urien gets innot only because he's my favorite character, but also because I just really wanna see what kind of interactions he'd have in world tour mode.

>>640246625I'm a shitter gold and I still find people that spam the shit out of DIs and I just farm DI counters off of them. Like why are you still throwing that shit out when I countered it like 3-4 times in the previous rounds? I'm clearly ready for it. At least with constant jump ins, you might get caught with a anti air but it's usually pretty mild damage compared to the crumble getting DI countered gets you.

>>640245048Anti air for 50% lmao

>>640244778I'll pick other characters when they come up with one that is as fun, as solid, and as effective as ryuhe's the dark souls of sf characters

>>640246471I'm going to laugh so hard at the "but he's dead!" niggers when Bison gets in.

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>>640246870Him and gill being both on SFV kinda fuck up their chances.However Gill is a LOT more likely since he's the boss and is heavily tied to future story lines, which hurts urien chances

>>640246625it's not that surprising, practicing combos on a dummie is much easier than devising a training regimen with bot recording and live matches.

>>640246968you fuckers don't learnit's gonna be season 7 and you're still gonna be waiting

>>640246870I doubt they're going to add DLC fighters to World Tour.

this game is super boring to spectate. that rivals twitch shit was only fun when snakeeyez was playing

>>640245485I don't really care about combos but her normals need something. Fucking Ken gets + on block HK Dragonlash and most characters have like one or two + on block normals but Manon gets absolutely nothing. Plus she has flat out no way of dealing with people in her face outside of like spamming lights. And yes she needs a real drive rush.

>>640247056They've already confirmed it

>>640246614Am I weird for not liking drive rush as a combo tool? Eats up like 3 bars and adds damage scaling, feels that's very expensive. I could see it being useful if you're getting close to finish someone off I suppose.I do use drive rush from parry because that's very strong but canceling into drive rush seems incredibly risky in the long term.

>>640246870It'd be funny if he starts mellowing out as you bond with himGill's SFV story already showed Urien is ripe for some form of growth

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