We're better than this

We're better than this.

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>>640245182Meanwhile "men" pretend to be women to healslut ERP or do similar degeneracy. What gives?

nobody cares, get pregnant and leave

>>640245182women shouldn't be playing video games, it's not their hobby, it's our hobby, the hobby of men

I hate women.

>>640245182how the fuck those characters related?

>>640245182I've never had to disguise my gender. It's not even that hard, I just don't mention it and noone cares. I am better than this, women can't compete.

>>640245357less than 10% of this board's population are worthy of being called men

>>640245182the weak should fear the strong

>>640245182That's the fag who wrote this article btw.

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>>640245182>most gamers are women>most of them present as maleGamingIs Trans!

>>640245182>women disguise their gender online to avoid sexual harassment>pic shows 2 literal whores that use their image as a woman to get easy money from coomers and simpsbeyond clown

>>640245182my sister does this in mmos because she got harassed all the time. >>640245282prison gay.

>>640245483Man/woman will always mean "adult human male/female" and there's nothing you can do about it, troon.

>>640245357>the hobby of menVideo games are products, and video games have been marketed to men and women since the first home consoles. Video games are not yours secret dudes club you fucking loser.

>>640245558post a pic of your sister

>>640245182the article isn't wrong. i do harass every woman I come across

>>640245601's feet

>>640245182Harassing girls in vidya is pretty pathetic desu


>>640245182This reminds me of how sometimes male authors will give themselves a female pen-name in order to increase the likelihood that they will get published and have their book read. Just like with that, women being harassed while gaming does actually happen just not as much as those involved think they do.This creates a psychology where they would rather just not take the risk even if it is a pretty small difference in reality.>>640245363Marketing 101. They are all women that gamers recognize and therefore it brings attention to the article.

>>640245590cope all you want. you are an overweight, unemployed manchild that still lives in his parents basement. you are not a man, only the mockery of one

>>640245593cry more

This is all stemming from that shit article that 50% of pc gamers were women that used its own sources and was 99% bullshit.Its the never ending river of bullshit articles spanning from a single retardation point.

>>640245182I treat everybody as a dude. I.e. garbageIf they identify as a woman. I treat them the same. I.E. garbage.

>>640245647being a reddit cuck and coming to 4chan to white knight foids is what's pathetic.

>>640245690Cry more about your video games being for men when they're not. But of course you''d like doing things with just men wouldn't you?

>>640245558proof of that's cap

>>640245687You can practically taste the projection in this post. It's ok user, we're all losers here.


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>>640245741>This is all stemming from that shit article that 50% of pc gamersActually a shit load of OF/Chaturbate/etc girls are literal gamer girls, so Id think it's not that far off.

>>640245665come to think of it, a majority of books I see nowadays are written by women and have female leadsdo you think they are also obligated to write female MCs just to gain the system?

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>>640245182They all should just go FtM

>>640245759Lolz u mad

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>>640245687Pretty sure you're the only one coping with that projection. Might wanna check the url on your webpage before running that cock sucker anymore.

>>640245593Cry more girls didn't like video games and bullied boys who played them, now they reap what they sowed

>>640245741That's why I'm glad that this year has been so difficult for journalists and people in tech. Buzzfeed shutdown, Vice is dying, Kotaku's parent company is looking to sell, just a plethora of sites that are crashing and buring. On top of this, venture capitalists have become wary investors since the recession began. They are less likely to engage with these companies. It doesn't help that Youtubers are basically better at their job than they are. It may be a rage inducing article full of lies and deceit, but I know they are only going this wild because they are worried about future employment. If these writers don't demonstrate that they can bring in page views to advertisers... well, that's when the fat lady sings and their career is over. I would be writing utter nonsense myself if I were in their position.

>>640246010>muh projectionIs it difficult for you to understand that ridicule doesn't always mean the other is projecting? It's actually valid criticism. A real man would be raising a family and providing for them and himself, not playing a fucking video game or bitching about women playing them.

>>640245363They couldn't find 3 more female gamers so they went for the next best thing, fictional video game women

>>640246065Yes, girls have liked video games. Maybe you were just a dork about it. Growing up I knew girls that had playstation and nintendo systems.

>>640246135and yet here (you) are

>>640246198No gurls did not play playstation or nintendo

>>640245629I didn't always harass them, but women have become so fucking uppity and annoying in the past 5 years that now I immediately shit on them and try to get them to leave when I hear them

>>640245182based, gatekeep them off anything

>>640246238>no uSaw that one coming. >>640246240Yeah.

>>640245909Why would you go and out yourself as a retard just like that?

>>640245182tits or gtfo

how is women getting shittalked any different from dudebros talking shit with each othereven if you're white, heterosexual, young, fit, rich and a native English speaker the other people playing will find something to try and troll or belittle you in a competitive environment

>>640245961obligated? no.They're self inserting user.

I don't even know if the people here being misogynistic are actually serious.>>640245182Regardless, I can understand why such a precaution should be done. I mean just look up and down from this reply and you can see why.

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>>640246273You saw that coming after he already said it, godammn nostradamus over here

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>>640246273Congratulations on not being blind, maybe go practice what you preach on mongolian basket singing forums you fucking retard.

>>640246356Because it's fine when men get belittled, but God forbid anything even remotely troublesome happens to a woman even once in her life

>>640246289I see it in other things to, you think that with the popularity with streamers no one bought a PC? Even girls?>>640246402That's not what that means.

>>640245515It's always a faggot>>640245518pic

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>>640246356This. It's just women having thin skin as usual. Bunch of pussies.

>>640246356If you can't tell the difference between>lol you pussy faggot I'm going to rape your assholeand>You fucking cunt I'm going to find you and cut open your vaginaThen you have autism

>>640246443Yeah, ridicule me because I called you out. Everything I said was legitimate and it it hit a nerve that bad then I'm right. Trying to attach masculinity to playing a fucking toy. Video games are literal toys, and those men and the man that you apparently think you are aren't playing with toys.

>>640246356Because for whatever reason women hate to be reminded they are women, even if they're right. So they come down a level because they get baited, lose due to inexperience in being mean, and whine about it elsewhere. YOU DUMB FEMALES STOP TAKING THE BAIT

>>640246503Do you really have to be an asshole to people on a video game? Is it just because you can get away with it vs irl?

>>640246510One is gay and psychopathic and the other is just psychopathic.

>>640246510yeah one is targeting a woman, the other a man in an online environmentboth of which you handle in the exact same way, you mute/ignore the person, talk shit back to them or humiliate them ingame (provided its a competitive environment)youre actually the one whos an aspergers supermutant if you think women should be put on a pedestal in these scenariosif you want to LARP about being a white knight at least try and say that everyone should be nicer in these environments, not that women shouldnt be targetedfucking retard lol

>>640245182Weird how those women are people who actually made a fortune off being treated as special because they play videogames. Now they don't want special treatment?

>>640246462Is this nigra fo reel?

>>640246360I meant male writers who write female main characters.

>>640246392Yes, all women should be beaten at least all of the time, my wife included, but she's more tolerable than most and knows her place.

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>>640246503Why can't you just be polite even if you are a racist sexist asshole?

Bold choice to use a picture of a woman who is literally a prostitute.

>>640246705Why should he? If something or something can be harmed by the truth, It should be.

>>640246705why can't you just be polite in spite of me being a racist sexist asshole?

Current year manufactured drama isn't about women anymore, it's about "women." It's cute how desperate they are to turn back the spotlight on them though.

>>640246565Nigger, I'm not even the user you were originally talking to. >Video games are literal toys100% true, but please do enlighten us as to why you're here then

>>640246682>treats women like shit for no reason on a video game, keeps them from enjoying themselves>says that the person has aspergersPeople with Aspergers aren't anti-social faggots like your.

>>640246565No, you're getting ridiculed for calling someone out while being fucking wrong. I literally cant believe you had your finger up your ass since the fucking 80s and didnt notice that once games became personal instead of arcade style, girls dropped them in mass because it stopped being a social gathering outside of the house.

>>640245182lol, never seen it happen. No matter if I played WoW, CS or Doto, the moment a girl used a headset others were bending over backwards for muh lady every single time. I had groups failing piss easy dungeons because muh lady played a healer and didn't fucking heal the others refused to kick her.

>>640245182Fucking losers. Men takes more abuse in game then these fuckers ever will and some even gets killed in real life but "Bohooo muh feeling because I'm a women...". Fucking losers.

>>640246705can you explain how being a racist sexist asshole is worse than being a toxic cunt without looking like a goblin on a soapbox>>640246814>calls the person an autist for not differentiating between different types of online harassment>no user, youre the aspie because womentwitter-tier neurodiversity at its finest

>Mar 15, 2022

>>640246705Because they use it to compensate with their own problems, a big one is issues with women. So they project outwards onto women and people that think their behavior is really retarded and gay. There's literally posts in here by apparent "men" gatekeeping women from playing with their toys. That's the lamest shit to me.

>>640245665If you played a female avatar in early WoW you had others gift you Gold if you just asked them, and back then it was actually rare and not something you could go swimming in.

>>640246825Not what I saw when I was a kid. >>640246913Yes.

>>640246962>There's literally posts in here by apparent "men" gatekeeping women from playing with their toys. That's the lamest shit to me.Women are wired differently to men and do not appreciate things the same way men do. Video games were good when they were made by men to a 90% male audience and as both those things have changed vidya has gotten worse.

>>640247021You weren't even alive then faggot, otherwise you wouldnt have said anything in the first place

>>640247048>Women are wired differently to men and do not appreciate things the same way men do.Shut up with that stupid shit, stop being so fucking pretentious over a toy.

can the redditors here explain why we should treat women differently in competitive online games compared to men

>>640245558As it should be cause women ruin everything they touch.

>>640245182It's only because the vast majority of them play the popular games only. Like a lot of girls will play games like Valorant or CoD, which is also filled with a lot of horny teenagers and such that are the kind to be horny and angry all the time. The one time I ever heard a girl playing Rising Storm 2, nobody gave a shit. It didn't even register for most of the lobby, and the only thing I heard on the matter was talking later with a friend and the convo going something like>man, I dunno what it is, but the pitch of chick's voices is just annoying over a mic sometimes>yeah I kinda get that; usually felt that way playing CS:GOand it's because 99% of the people playing are just washed out goobers that only care about their vietnam war game and go pew pew pew pew. Taking the time to even acknowledge a woman is time better spent yelling about how GI should go home or how you're gonna make Uncle Ho' your bitch.Either that, or the hatred for women has reached a point where it's looped back around and one's concluded that even that's giving them special attention based on their boobies. It's advanced women hatred that you only get by playing games like Barotrauma, Power Bomberman, or Ricochet

>>640245182They do it on 4chan too.

>>640245182Correct. We're better than women.

>>640247061I was not, but in the late 90's-early 00's girls did have them, and maybe even before but I doubt you would know that.

>>640247108man bad, woman goodt. twitter and reddit pro

>>640247106Do you "people" even like videogames?


>>640247108The only thing being asked is not to harass them and/or treat them like shit. Is that not something legitimate to ask?

>>640245741They have to try really hard to make one lie stick so they can build the rest of their lies on top of it.

>>640247181>girls did have themYou are intentionally being the same kind of dipshit who would get mad at some eskimo for saying that the north pole didnt have black people for most of human history

>>640247108>equal drafting in video games good>equal drafting in real life bad

>>640247193What do you mean by that?

>>640247106You say a lot of angry words but can't actually disprove me.

>>640247286Good answer, now fuck off

>>640247241>>640246962>>640246565I seriously do wonder if people like this are just being usual 4chan contrarians or if we're really full of simps who are this pathetic

>>640247270>You are intentionally being the same kind of dipshit who would get mad at some eskimo for saying that the north pole didnt have black people for most of human historyLmao, what?

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>>640245590i think that user means this board is for sissies. and fags, like (you)

>>640247241yeah, because the rhetoric should be about not harass anyone regardless of gender or racemaking it about women specifically is a sign youre out of touch with reality, as players talk shit about each other even when its just all white heterosexual English speaking dudebros in a lobby

>>640245629Based>>640247180Double based

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