Why do Japanese love iPhones so much, and why don't more Europeans have iPhones? Are they too poor to afford them?

Why do Japanese love iPhones so much, and why don't more Europeans have iPhones? Are they too poor to afford them?

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>>430218380>why don't more Europeans have iPhones?because they are poor like Africans.

>>430218380Europeans are just way smarter and now that iphones are overpriced. An

>>430218504Ans i say this as an amefican. Tey are just begter.

>>430218380Because despite the propaganda about asians being smart they're usually very thick and can't understand simple file structures.

Holla Forums here, all my emulators and stuff require androidi really, REALLY hate walled gardens

>>430218380Always use the opposite of what Indians are familiar with.

>>430218380having an iPhone is a diagnosis of being a retard that pays 3 times the prize for an inferior product.>I can't use USB>I need a 40€ special cable and software for that!

>>430218380Japanese appreciate experience, Germans utility, Poos are just poor as fuck so make do with whatever they can get.

>>430218380Bullshit. 99% of people I know have an iPhone. I never see Android here.

>>430218380More westernized = more iphone usage. 90% of white people I know use iphones.

>>430218714Everyone in Italy uses cheap Android crap. Even the few young people that still exist there.

>>430218898Among the younger generations iPhones have like over 70% marketshare. I think among college students 9/10 people have an iphone its crazy.

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>>430218644checked, based stroke user

>>430218380I prefer android, is not even about the money, the first smartphone I bought was as expensive as an iphone at the time, I like having more features and not getting cockblocked by the os. Moreover buying expensive phones is dumb now, when a 200$ is as good as a top of the line phone of 2 years ago


>>430218984but i joust bought a galaxy s23

>>430218380I have to use iphone at work and I hate it more than women.


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>>430219266lol why, what job forces you to use an iPhone as a work phone?

>>430219198So? It's still an Android phone.Now list the phones your closed ones (family, friends, zio, zia) , etc have. I've seen a lot of Xiaomi, Huawei and no name Androids there. The only people who had an iPhone were tourists and Italian expats visiting

>>430221239my brother is a huge normalfag and has an iphonemy parents of course have some old cheap ass galaxiesat the end of the day, i only care about the phone i use myself, which does the things i needed it to do. ps2 games run great on it, and some switch games as well

>>430218380Android took years before it got proper Japanese language support. And for a long time the kanji symbols it used were simplified chinese.

>>430218380Tim Cook: Smelly Curry niggers cannot afford our phones, we need more them to flood to west so they can.

>>430218380Pixel with GrapheneOS master race checking the fuck in. Feels good not being a googlenigger

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>>430218898Whereas the only people I know who use iphones are middle class leftists, and deanos.

>spend 1000 euros on a phone I will only use for whatsapp and replace in 3 years>spend 300 euros on a phone I will only use for whatsapp and replace in 3 yearssuch a difficult choice to make...

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>>430218380This is just a poverty index. Poor countries cannot afford iPhones. My ex-gf said the new iPhone purchases are required to show off that you are rich, which is why she always had the best iPhone (she wasn’t rich, but made some money, she came from a blue collar family, so had a chip on her shoulder).

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>>430218380Japan is big on style and trends. iPhone is trendy despite being being a middling device. Also the next biggest handset mfg is Samsung and they're Korean. 'nough said.

>>430221872thats just women being women

Japanese are even bigger goyslop consumers than Americans, I am surprised that so many people here idolize them.

>>430219047Zoomers apparently see iPhones as status symbols, probably because they can't drive and will never be able to afford to even rent a house.

>>430218380Conzoooooomers vs people chart>Inb4: I am gonnna conzooooooooooom

>>430221684What time does your local Paddy Power open?

>>430218772>Always use the opposite of what Indians are familiar with.But they're not familiar with anything, they're good at convincing greedy retard penny-stranglers that they are.

>>430218380Denmark and Australia have an even higher share. Denmark is in Europe, and also these 3 countries have nothing in common. I don’t have any theory as to what makes an iPhone vs Android country, but of course economy plays a role.

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>>430221872my latest android cost more than 1000€

>>430222079She said it is super embarrassing to make an insta selfie against a mirror with an iPhone that isn’t the latest and highest cost model.

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>>430218380>Why do Japanese love iPhones so muchA single business man in Japan that liked to take risks got an exclusive distribution for iphones before they were even released and it was largely the only model of smartphone you could buy for the first 5 years that any were available.Japanese cell phone brands were awfully slow to enter the smartphone market in that timeframe, and Japan is still protectionist enough that Korean and other foreign brands had a hard time getting a foothold in Japan until only recently.

>>430218380becuase japan likes hi-tech stuff.

>>430222692latest iPhone model (Pro iPhone 14 max) is 1400 euros.

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>>430218380Japanese own a flip phone for talking and keep an iPhone for the apps.

>>430218380>Nigerian mystery phones I want to know more

>>430222821but all my favourite apps are android exclusive

It's shame to have iPhone in eastern europe hehe

android is simpler to tinker with and there's a lot more stuff you can do with it iphone is for techlets

>>430222889You gotta make sacrifices to look cool and rich.

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>>430218380new whiteness chart just dropped

>>430218380I started using Android phones because iPhones wouldn't let me use emulators. Control freak bastards.However, they aren't much better aside from that.

>>430218380The days of Apple being objectively superior across the board have long been over. They ended arguably with the end of the iPhone 4s lifecycle, or after the 7 if you want to be generous. With no massive quality advantage on either side and also with NPCs being what they are, the current market shares are probably more a reflection of what deals the telco providers in the different countries had made to promote different brands at different points in time, plus the inertia from that.

>>430223052>It's shame to have iPhone in eastern europe hehePlease Sir give me your phone to make a quick call my 5 year old is in the hospital 500 kilometers away

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>>430221847>replacing phone after 3 yearsMy Samsung is 5 years old and still good

>>430218380They worship Steve Jobs allegedly. They're also old as fuck on average. Lack of work life balance means they can't tinker with Linux or Android.

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>>430222366they also don't have any technical requirements for their phone besides "can run apps"

>>430223081Steve named his daughter.. Eve. Like the douche.

>>430223081but i'm actually poor as fuck. i will keep on paying this phone every month for years to come.also i have no social media to brag online, i just really wanted a good phone to play ps2 games on it

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>>430218380>Are they too poor to afford them?yes, most europeans are poor as fuck.

>>430223455you can play ps2 games on android now??how hot does it get

Guys with the way android keeps going what's the point? It just keeps getting worse and worse.

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>>430223464>yes, most europeans are poor as fuck.and thats a good thing

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>>430223510runs great, does not get hot, but you need a powerful phonelook up aethersx2

>>430218380Is there a real apple and android alternative? E.g. from what I read dumphones, like CAT, and new Nokie versions of older devices have a social media filled OS, which freezes all the time and not usable from what I heard. People outright hate them in the review, because not truly dumbphone what people wanted, and not offers the new conveniences in high quality either, so not useful for anyone. I just want a phone where I don't accidentally connect to data or some shit and waste my money. Literally just to phone and nothing else even be avaible on it. Don't want any cameras on it, as in if it have any I don't want the phone.

>>430218430Unironically this.Europeans are poor as fuck.

>>430221585>uses g/memeOS>thinks he's immune to the glowingOh do fuck off, you're impressing no one.

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>>43021838090% if iphone users i know are insufferable npcs. Their identity revolves around iphones, they are hostile to android users and they have the urge to not leave you alone about the fucking phone.It also doesn't offer anything interesting.Literally a limited, uniform npc phone for amurican conzoomers. Even if it was decent tech which it isnt, the miserable cunts using it make me not want anyHaving Apple in Europe makes no sense other than being some posh muttified refard who wants attention

>>430218430this. my only dream is to have an iphone

I only respect people who don't use smartphones

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>>430222821>maxAre you a girl?

>>430224362Yes but all their money goes on taxes and cheese

>>430218380iphones are overpriced consumer garbage for faggots and niggers that don't know what computers are or how they work.

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>>430221847>so poor that a few hundred euros extra over 3 years is significant to you kek

>>430224099I was having this discussion what a friend of mine, and he was asking why I use android. "because I want to watch youtube with adblock and sponsor block, because I enjoy the larger variation of programs from alt stores, because samsung has better hardware and more advanced features than apple" and his response was "but your text message bubbles are green." These people use apple because they think its some super special club.

>>430224470The wealth per adult is after taxes, sir...>>430224578iPhones just werk, you don't need more

>>430218380We don’t want products from American companies in Europe.

>>430224578The only thing I don't like about iphones is that it's almost impossible to pirate shit. Heck even anime pirate streaming sites won't let you change the video quality on iOS. Also webm don't work on iOS, at least if you're using safari.

>>430224714>t. soulless swampjew tax haven

>>430224220Man if I only could afford one but I can barely feed myself

>>430218380The japs love iphones because they are tech illiterate. They don't even own computers, and use fax machines at the office.

My Chinese phone I bought for 200e 2 years ago has same processor power like iPhone 14 pro kek

>>430218380iPhones are nigger tier bullshit.They're so fucking niggery even niggers barely use them.But to play devil's advocate, the OS is more polished, and the Apple apps ecoshitystem works well.It's the perfect phone for a people like the Japanese who seem to enjoy tedium and things being the way they are just because they are the way they are.

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>>430218380Where I live every other piece of scum is buying iphones or is following the americans braindead trend of upgrading to a newer version every goddamn year on fucking installments

>>430224788Is there a browser where webms do work? I always had to resort to downloading shit and opening it with vlc.

>>430218380iphones are for retards, anime has rotted their brains

>>430224973>Is there a browser where webms do work? I always had to resort to downloading shit and opening it with vlc.Supposedly the chrome browser works, but sometimes the video won't play if there is audio or it just bugs out. It's fine for pol where there is no audio on webm, but on gif don't expect it to work 100% of the time.