>American: Japan deserved the nu-ACK

>American: Japan deserved the nu-ACK

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>>430219956Niggers aren't Americans. Hell, they don't consider themselves to be one. Otherwise, based Japan. Hope you roped the nigger from the lamppost.


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what am i looking at

>>430220045Stfu demon

This guy is weak and dysgenic and not even a proper nigger (he's a Somali ape), we should send you a few real hood niggers and then see what you beta fucks do. Japcels are punching this guy because this is literally their only possible target, you have no alphas in Japan. There are only pussy Jap men.

>>430220171>shitskins defending niggersYep. Subhumans gonna subhuman things.

>>430219956post the vid, i want to see annoying niggers getting choked.

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>>430219956Also aree you yayoi or jomon op?>>430220171Lol this guys a native nigger not a redskinned native

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>>430220113Fourth time an american got attacked for saying Japan deserved the nukes, and needs more.twitter.com/bakusai_com/status/1667725908348911616

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>>430220171You're literally brown. Shut the fuck up.

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>>430220205>there are only pus-ACK(Aussie anglo getting beheaded like the honary jew he is)

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>>430220318Had to post a Jap from about 4 gens ago who is almost certainly dead now, thanks for proving my point

>>430220296Imagine if Americans had half the balls of these japs. It's amazing to me these niggers go around all over this country disrespecting people and never do you see them get choked the fuck out. Good on the Japs.

>>430219956Fuck off nip, you’re second rate. You’ve never developed anything on your own, besides shitty cartoons and cheap plastic toys. You’re lucky we don’t nuke you a third time for being such bitches.

>>430219956the worse nuke America did was niggers.

>>430220405No foreskinForegen.org

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saw some japs on twitter calling him a nigger lol

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>>430220296basedfucking kill him next time

>>430219956he's somalian

>>430220113ip2 kino

>>430220296Fourth time *this* American got attacked, not *an* American.Ozu was your only good filmmaker btw, Kurosawa sucks

>>430220113Somali nigger with US citizenship who vlogs in Asian countries goes to Japan.Harassed a random stranger on a train with Hiroshima/Nagasaki shit talk, a Gook American stepped in told him to fuck off, that went viral. He did a half-assed apology and continued to be a menace, talked more shit about nukes, pretended it wasn't a big deal. Japs have started to attack him on the streets, a group went to the place he stays with another foreign faggot trouble maker, he continued to talk shit.The Japanese police have arrested and questioned him, Japanese intelligence agents rolled up on him in unmarked vans to question him. He's continued to talk shit and make jokes.More random Japs are stream sniping him and attacking him. Won't belong before the yakuza give him a visit.

>>430219956Is he still there or did he flee to south korea ?

>>430220602Fuck man I forgot that name. The one stream where he goes to the matress store picks up the owners phone says nigger to the caller then pepper sprays the owner yelling at him.kino farm

>>430220666He's pressing his luck and is currently still in Japan despite the law and citizens pressuring him to leave. He thinks he'll be seen as a hero in other Asian countries that don't like Japan but a nigger is a nigger is a nigger in those countries.

>>430220213Enough with the jamon shit. Its not real. Actual Caucasians were genocided from the island a long time ago.

>>430220544I don’t want to betray my race but holy shit

This nigga is fucking around in Japan for a month now. How is he still not arrested and deported yet? Looks like the Yakuza is taking care of him.


>>430220296Wheres his Jew handler to talk that Yakuza out of attacking his pet?

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>>430220296based japanese bvll teaching that zoomali some manners

>>430220937This, a deportation would have been for his own good, nigger's getting concrete shoes for sure and there wont be an investigation

>>430220643He was also playing loud sounds on the train the other day. Including ero anime around high school girls.

>>430220937They have him on their radar but as far as I've seen they're not deporting him or they're letting him off too easy. But yeah the Yakuza are fucking real he's playing around like it's a joke. His Somali buddies elsewhere are gassing him up, that faggot Jew he's friends with named Vexxed is fanning the flames. The best outcome is both of them get found in pieces somewhere in a Japanese forest.

>>430219956>>430220296Da fuq timmokoura gon do?

Bracku kira!>behead ALL niggers!

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>>430220467What the fuck are talking about? You dick obsessed degenerate nimrod, we’re talking about the fucking shitty nips with their failed bid for pacific supremacy and pow abuse.


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>>430220171four carne asada extra limesrapido or no tip!!

He is also very short.

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>>430221291Le epic yakuza are selling drugs, prostituting women, and helping illegal immigrants into Japan. Why do you boomer fags always idolize organized criminals? You do it with the guido greaseballs too. You always say shit like le Italian mobsters wouldn’t le put up with all of this liberalism even though it was the greaseball organized criminals who are partly for responsible for every US city being run by corrupt shitlib greaseballs

>>430220937He has a Jew protecting him. But the Yakuza will soon catch the Jew and rip his Jew-rat teeth out of his skull and cram him into an oil drum.

The rat faced faggot with him supposedly bragged about raping under aged girls an giving them alcohol. Whatever comes to the nigger needs to come to him too. Scumbags like this make foreigners in Japan look bad.

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>>430220852Fuck your race gook, you’ve bowed before you will again at our will.

>>430221525>>430221445Talm bout timmokoura? y’all ain’t finna do a god damn thing

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>>430221525ahahahaha just pick him up and toss him around ahahahah the little freak

>>430221573The yakuza will find the Jew and work out a deal where they will smuggle Africans into Japan in exchange for Soros money

>>430220318>>430220104why do they look like niggers did east gooks mimic whites like jews do

>>430221553Boomers gonna boomer things.Their brains were damaged by DMT and lead.That's why they were so willing to completely abandon their children for the sake of money.

>>430221590I hope they both end up deported/dead. Especially the Somalian Nigger.

>>430221525Lmao gooks are short imagine how short this fucking manlet is. Prob 5'5

>>430221553The guidos aren't part of a homogenized country.You have some Yakuza groups that aren't in to the things you listed. You have hardcore nationalist Yakuza that don't like foreigners or do business with them. The one that import niggers to boost their clubs and other shit keep theirs on short leashes. It's not a good idea to stir shit in foreign lands on your lonesome.

>>430221164he disappears, USA will make it a huge dealyou will see

>>430221573talm bout timmokuyin? y’all ain’t finna do shit but pleasure marines, comfort boy

>>430220296mega based10000 lives for the Emperor

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>>430221418Someone missed their foreskin

>>430220296excellentmake an example out of this subhuman somalinigger

In one video he brags about how in Thailand they don't get angry, that's because he's probably in the shitty party district where the people will take shit from foreigners to make some baht but even there if you go to far they'll have you fucking dead in a ditch. Would be hilarious if he crossed an angry ladyboy who slits his throat for being a funny man.

>>430221901Italian organized criminals in Italy proper also smuggle in African rapefugees dumb faggot. Organized criminals are bad for society and they make their money doing bad for society. They are not political movements. They are degenerate scumbags who will do heinous shit to make money including destroy their own country and neighborhoods. If they get into drug dealing and loan snarling, they will also do human smuggling.

>>430221717They invaded the Phillipines so they are tan as fuck in these pictures.Tan real easily.

>>430221992Another commie fucked around and found out…

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>>430220296this all proofs one thing and one thing only>westernized men are doomed because nobody can beat him hard enough to break a manlets nose

>>430222153If that's the story you want to make up to sound like you're worldly go head. Fucking little bitch boy. You've probably never been outside your city never mind visit another country to know what the fuck you're talking about.

>>430220296>>430222110I’m curious why USA would target the only two prefectures that has jesuit institutions. Was it a favour to make up for the war crime firebombing of Tokyo?

>>430220171I'm convinced Mex-flag nigger apologists are actual niggers.

unit 731

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>>430222335>didn't address his main point>nothing but insultsYep, you are either a braindead retard or a kike.

>>430221758>DMTFucking retard

>>430220852then why are you in japan.and why does this somali nigger even have the money to travel

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>>430222018Your mother should have loosened her sphincter.

>>430219956That fool isn't American. He's from some African shithole.

>>430222445You and your boyfriend can fuck off.

>>430222413It didn’t happen, but it willMacarthur didn’t merge 731 with ft detrick either, but he willtime to chop some logs

>>430219956>thinks blacks have opinions about ww2

>>430222226no their facial structure look like abbo / polinesian or smth

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>>430219956I've seen posts of this somalian ape here a few times. I'd not be surprised if:- these reactions are staged- or before filming, some people have been provoked by his beahviour (that we didn't see on vid)This type of videos are food for jewish journalism and serve a certain purpouse. If more shitskins get attacked in Japan, it's most probably staged, so that press & liberal/pro-immigration groups can start their slow but effective march towards changing Japan's attitude for immigration. Hope I'm wrong.

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>>430222485>1pbtid>didn't even try to explain why I am wrongBraindead retard. >>430222539kike

>>430220205Somalia is four times poorer than Haiti.

>>430222499Her tits are way too big and makes her proportions look awkward

>>430222335Read this dumb asstime.com/4134503/mafia-millions-migrants/Guido wop criminal gangs are helping to facilitate the nigger rapefugees into their own country and Europe at large because they’re degenerate criminals Here’s a story from 90s documenting yakuza involvement in smuggling aliens into Japanlatimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1997-03-01-mn-33667-story.htmlNow shut the fuck up criminal dicksucker. There’s a reason Mussolini went after the mobsters, and it’s not because they’re cool nationalist fascists who love their countries Go back to watching joe Pesci movies you boomer faggot

>>430222545youtu.be/ptVKbN27_4gunit 731

>>430221871Gooks are the vietnamese.Nips are the japanese.Get your racial slurs right!

>>430222624Elbows too sharp 3/10

>>4302226930030 7/10

>>430222585Seems like he openly said it was staged, the guy who attacked him is a friend or something. Since he is now faking attacks it is past time he is deported, however the government there must really keep niggers around to wreck their society.

>>430220544I saw some japs telling him to write his name in kanji as 染鞠 and pursue a career in JAV.

>>430222633>Here’s a story from 90s documenting yakuza involvement in smuggling aliens into JapanThanks, I'll have to read it. Pretty sad if they did.

>>430219956lol. Japan did deserve to be nuked tho fr fr no cap

>>430222609JFC I started the >1pbtid memeand retards like you who use it wrong need to be roped. It isn't for people who disagree with you, it's for OPs. And the DMT thing is so self evidently wrong I shouldn't need to explain it.

>>430222657What’s he saying? I’m at the airport on my phone

>>430222624>Her tits are way too bigextremely gay post

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>>430222790Didn't know that, yeah, that should've been another option. Keeping these views is money after all. Fingers croseed for kicking him out. Thanks user

>>430222822Aww so sad the criminals turned out to be criminals and not my friend. I thought the mafia cared about me :(

>>430222868Those tits just don’t match her body.

>>430222852“I have returned.”

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>>430220296Japan kun good job. Now kill this fucking nigger

>>430222843>JFC I started the >1pbtid meme>and retards like you who use it wrong need to be ropedNice try, kike. I know that your people love lying and twisting the truth.>DMT thing is so self evidently wrong I shouldn't need to explain it.You are so full of shit that the sewer itself swells out of the manhole.

>>430219956Isn't his name something like SomaliJim tho?

Tokyo Revengers show up to your house and demand an apology for Hiroshima & Nagasaki and their boss wants to rape you...what do you do?

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>>430222970Actually, you're right

>>430222633>La Times>Sonni Efron>reading kike propaganda No thanks nigger

>>430220296Based beyond belief. The honor of the Japanese people will be restored. Never bow to America again.

>>430223006Thoughts on this? >>430222364I have been wondering about it for awhile

>>430220296this guy talked shit thinking japan wasnt filled with Yakuza. Oh my god dude, you pissed off th entire city.

>>430223097No idea but unit 731 has been on my mind.

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>>430220296Huh if only you guys fought this hard in '45

>>430222570I think some of them are just fillipinos workers/civilians just watching them execute this guy.Japs are the ones with the uniform shirts and neckflap hats.>picture of fillipino soliders

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>>430223209We had to use the nukes because they were fighting too hard.

Americans not welcomed in US. Your shitskin not welcomed in Japan, America.

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>>430223058Search the archives for the name "Sage All Shills."DMT is an extremely rare drug and was even more rare in the boomer years. It also is not addictive and has no lasting effects. It can't even be abused because the effects only really work once every 1-3 days. And it only lasts 5-10 minutes. Very few boomers have ever had access to it. See how you switched to kike? That is also for Jews, not just people you don't like. Are you a fucking teenager or what?

>>430223139I hope he gets the Junko Furuta treatment.>>430223182We need more logs for the sawmill

>have to wait until a skinny midget nigger has his back turned and is distracted before attackingTypical of a cowardly slope, just like Pearl Harbor


>>430223278Sounds like quitter talk to me, roaches can survive nukes why not bugs

>>430223091Kike propaganda is thinking organized crime syndicates are cool because you watched Goodfellas you fucking boomer fuck. There is nothing nationalistic about organizations who basically prostitute their young women, engage in loan sharking, selling drugs, and extorting their community. This is the opposite of nationalism. These are psychopaths who would rape your mother. The Yakuza are in the business of contraband, and contraband includes illegal aliens. Sorry to break your Hollywood poisoned delusional brain that worships the noble degenerate criminals. Maybe you can join the Aryan brotherhood, get some swastika tattoos and be le epic nationalist while you sell members of your own race methamphetamine

>>430220643>Japs have started to attack him on the streets, a group went to the place he stays with another foreign faggot trouble maker, he continued to talk shit.>The Japanese police have arrested and questioned him, Japanese intelligence agents rolled up on him in unmarked vans to question him.Based beyond belief. Is this the power of a ethnically homogenous society?

>>430221590Typical Jew rat face and his pet monkeynigger. It's true they make westerners look bad, and as usual that's their goal.

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>>430222843In todays news, the same black inventor of internal combustion, just admits to creating the 1pbtid meme!>also niggers smell from 3 miles away!

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>>430223302That's China


>>430223689>>430219956>goes to korea/japan for tourism>spends his days chudposting on 4chanlmao

>>430223766Oh, so now I'm black. Just search the archives like I said you fucking retard.

>>430223309>DMT is an extremely rare drug>LSD is a rare drugFucking kek. >It also is not addictive and has no lasting effectsLess addicting than heroin, sure, but no addictive effects? Nice try. >Very few boomers have ever had access to itBoomers used to brag that they tried DMT more often than young people. That was in the 90s. There are next to no stats about how many boomers used drugs/DMT. So, I used my life experiences with boomers in my life to arrive at the consequences that DMT is one of the main factors that damaged boomers' brains.You forget that the majority of boomers rebelled against their parents and fell with hippie groups, which are full of drugs. >>430223343Cope with what? The fact that niggers aren't consider themselves to be Americans and don't act like one? You don't know what you are talking about.

>>430220205Theres no real hoods in the uk faggot. You have social benefits system lmao english slums are paradise even compared to othe european slums letalone american slums.

>>430223667>Based beyond belief. Is this the power of a ethnically homogenous society?despite the fact that Japan has been under ZOG occupation since 1945: yes.

>>430223073Why is that guy stripping for him?

>>430223073>what do you do?

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>>430221525Imagine being shorter than 5'3" lmao.He should stand next to beetljuice.

>>430219956niggers have gotten too big for their britches thanks to jewish hollywood and affiliated record labels. it's funny to see the genuine fear in his eyes every time he gets confronted.

>>430224150vp9 tactical 9mm striker fired2 rounds for center mass1 round for the head

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>>430220296y'all think this is a race thing but I know a Japaneesee and this was purely beacuse he's not wearing a mask, they're super paranoid about covid still, and even some elderly japanese people are being bashed to death by woke Jap kids brainwashed by Pfizer

>>430224051HAHAHAHA...Do you think LSD and DMT are the same thing? WTF? How old are you, seriously? I have never met a boomer who's even heard of fucking DMT, and I used to make the fucking stuff. You just outted yourself dude. And why didn't you search the archive? Probably because your 14 and don't know how.

>>430220631They’re both good you dumb contrarian.

>>430223302Sad to watch

>>430220205>we should send you a few real hood niggers and then see what you beta fucks do.So you're not sending your best is what you're saying.

>>430223302Nobody there is "American" like our niggers would send their niglets yo asia


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>>430220982kikes are fucking disgusting.


>>430223073Display the toob I made and introduce the firearm for the first time to the Japanese.

>>430224143Makes nigger look like a massive bitch if hes turning down a 1v1 against an unarmed crossdresser

>>430224290please tell me this is a b8

>>430225340>crossdresserIt's an anime character

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>>430219956>>430220104>>430220318Based Japan

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>>430222513Your dick appears to be missing some skin, my good man.