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▶Prev: >>430216399▶Day: 473 - Daily battlefield assessment:isw.pub/UkraineConflictUpdatesISW▶Latest>Certain counter-offensive and defensive actions are taking place in Ukraine -Zelensky>Series of explosions reported near Tokmak>In some areas of Bakhmut, the Ukrainian Armed Forces managed to advance up to 1.2 km over the last day>Lobkove, Zaporizhzhia oblast liberated>Reports that the first russian defence line in Zaporizhzhia oblast got breached by AFU, clashes in Zaporizhzhia and South Bakhmut>Nova Kakhovka dam was blown up in Kherson>Novaya Tavolzhanka under the control of the RDK>Explosions reported in Mariupol, Melitopol, Kharkiv. Explosions reported in Krasnodar, Russia>EU parliament approves €500 million fund for ammo to Ukraine>Second incursion was launched across the Russian border, near Shebekino, Belgorod Oblast>Norway will provide Ukraine with a five-year aid program (military, humanitarian and civilian support) with a total volume of approximately 6.5 billion euros>US announced a new $300 million security package for Ukraine. It includes munitions for Patriots, more Avenger air-defense systems, Stingers, AIM-7 and Zuni missiles, ammo for HIMARS, artillery, tanks, and more>We are against strikes on the Russian Federation, but it is up to Ukraine to decide , - the coordinator of the National Security Council of the White House.▶Telegramrentry.org/telosinthttps://t.me/ukr_pics▶INTELhttps://t.me/DeepStateENhttps://odin.tradoc.army.mil/WEG (equipment explorer)oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-equipment.html (RU)oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-ukrainian.html (UA)twitter.com/KofmanMichael▶MAPShttps://deepstatemap.live/enhttps://liveuamap.com/enhttps://militaryland.net/maps/operational-sectors

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Goodwill gesture status?

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>>430220913As a centrist I think we should hang every zigger.

Jesus ziggers just give up you're losing 1k of your best daily

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As a fellow reasonable white American person (may the Gosh bless this country), I would like to express a level-headed, well-thought and well-researched opinion that losses are to be expected and actually are the best thing since sliced bread in a nutshell

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New video of Azov 3rd Assault Brigade pushing back towards Bakhmut. Dead zigger at the endfiles.catbox.moe/0gxed2.MP4

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This was an emergency bake>NEW BAKER NEEDEDThis was an emergency bake>NEW BAKER NEEDEDThis was an emergency bake>NEW BAKER NEEDEDThis was an emergency bake>NEW BAKER NEEDEDThis was an emergency bake>NEW BAKER NEEDEDThis was an emergency bake>NEW BAKER NEEDEDThis was an emergency bake>NEW BAKER NEEDEDThis was an emergency bake>NEW BAKER NEEDEDThis was an emergency bake>NEW BAKER NEEDEDThis was an emergency bake>NEW BAKER NEEDEDThis was an emergency bake>NEW BAKER NEEDEDPigunrelated

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>>430220979Based moderate

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Good morning

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Is Orthobro larp still popular among puccia shills in burgerland?

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>>430220995>flagturn on your vpn.

Reminder that territorial losses are to be expected

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>>430221101Kinda based ngl

>>430221101>maga>le hecking nazis badit's amazing how fast they turned into commies

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Why is /chug/ filled with pedos?>>430220439>>430220462>>430220486>>430220521>>430220845>>430220864>>430220908>>430220931

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im playing video games today

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>>430221101Trump will get Tatarsky treatment>pigrelated

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>>430221194Who else would support russia? It's obviously social outcasts, pedos, niggers, spics and other thirdworlders

>>430221194Because its arab hours

>>430221194They are thirdies and social outcasts. Sometimes both.

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>>430221194They are told to ignore bad news

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>>430221194non whites and third worlders haven't been civilized yet

>>430221101wtf I support Ukraine now.

>>430221003>Dead zigger at the endThat's what I like to hear.

>>430221194FSB likes to keep a CP friendly environment so that when the time comes, they have kompromat on every ID'ed western zigger to do their bidding for all eternity.

anything happened overnight?

>>430221194>Why is /chug/ filled with pedos?Do you know how on 2ch (russian 4chan, except its unironically controlled by FSB for a long time now) russian glowies bait people into downloading CP, and then blackmail said people into doing their bidding (mostly online shilling) absolutely for free?Now you know why chug is so pedophilic

>>430221101Dumbass children are starting to drink vodka in the cribs, do you think it's easy to sell organs with alcohol poisoning? Most our buyers are dog food factories.


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>>430221101WTF I'm riden with Ukraine now!

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>>430221194idk we like tomboys here

>>430221194because being mentally challenged and brown goes hand in hand with being a commie and/or pedo

>Russian shills threatening the war will spread to other euro countriesSeeing Russia's incompetence in Ukraine, that sounds like threatening with suicide by cops


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>>430221267These guys don't really support Trump, they think he's subverted by the joos while using his catchphrase to market themselves to us.

>>430221701there are no limits to zigger delusion

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The shills have gotten more hysterical in the past 24 hoursThey're not even reposting the Leopard picture anymore :^(

>>430221701i remember some of them saying that russia will destroy poland easily, and that was a year after this war started

>>430221743Is that Naruto on the right?

>>430221755They really acted like some blown up Bradley's and Leopards meant that everything changed and Monke would be throwing shit in Zelinskyy's home by the end of the summer.

>>430221755I know, right

>>430221755Theyre probably being taught a lesson with gay rape for their terrible shilling.

>>430221755seven times the shill budget, and it shows

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>>430221755I asked lakhtas to post pics of puccians posing next to their war trophy to be sure the leopard was gone but they didn't

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>>430220967no goodwill until you gib banan >>430221423probably some slight gains and lots of artillery pounding the shit out of eachother on both sides. chuggies will come spam the second something good happens for them

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>>430221609There's a notable difference in the amount of degeneracy between pedophilia and tomboyism

>>430221423Train derailed in Russia.

>>430221701Russians have trapped themselves in a dream world where they're smarter, stronger and more prosperous than they actually are. There's no waking up for them.

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>>430221975no banan for you until you reach odesa mein monke

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>>430221904it posts the leopard jpg or it gets the broom handle again

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Good morning also TZD

>>430221461They aren't even denying it >>430221825>>430221709>>430221674

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>>430220979I appreciate this well balanced proposition that satisfies all interested parties.t. neutral observer

>>430222129>why are they calling us pedos>posts lolis and dead children gore

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>>430222213eternal bolschevik projection

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>>430221743>our 3 day special military operation turned into a 4 year war>winning!

i made a post in a thread about western tanks and went to sleepwake up to 4 seething vatniks accusing me for knowing nothing about military vehicles even though i serve in an armored brigade for years nowand was probably the only one in that thread that ever drove a tankfun

>>430222355people who know what they're talking about are the biggest enemies of russia shills

>>430222129>lolicon websitemoot hated 'em too.

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>>430222355What did you say?


TZDAzov is super. Azov is based

>>430222415>>430222355Its almost as if russians universally hate truth in any form or smth

>>430221194How do you think they recruit them?By blackmailing them for posting CP. Simple AF.

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>>430222355Leak documents to war thunder as proof like every real tanker does.

>>430222492in fact, the truth hates them

>>430222429>What did you say?The hobbits the hobbits the hobbits the hobbitsTo Isengard, to Isengard

>>430221101>i-i-it's a dem plant!it's over for maga isn't it

>>430222044The Odesa catacombs... Their true secret... He will take it at any cost ....

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What was his final thought, /uhg?> Am I actually going to be held responsible for trying to make money by being a part of a barbaric invasion???

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Portable stands have appeared in Switzerland to vote for the refusal to import russian oil t.me/ukrnastup/80552

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>>430222515I knew there was something fishy behind the "stop bombing dombass children" mantra

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>>430221101You guys still remember the KINO conservapedia articles about this war, right?

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>>430222492Truth is russophobic.Better use Russian truth (lies).

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found the kot btw.. it was in their living room all along.... so all is cool I guessyoutu.be/oZnExecGmaQ?t=1854

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>>430222882We had a name for this. El Dorado.


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>>430222705Probably WTF!

wtf reddit told me Holla Forums was full of racist nazis supporting voldomort russia but they are all nafo lanklets like me BASED!!!!

>>430222954El Banano

>>430222705>drive a lada>get turned in a ladaHow ironic.

>>430222798The hato mulatto does spark some controversy, as it should be when it comes to art.

>>430222832i want to cum on her eyebrows if you know what i mean

>>430222882Next OP please :DDD

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>>430223045I have genuine respect for that character, as I have genuine character for Stepan, precisely for that reason


>>430223008Imagine all the possible disgusting groups and communities, both real and made up. Yet Russia always comes off looking even more disgusting than them. How does Russia do it?


>>430221129Why would Japan not take Karafuto?

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>>430222920>Better use Russian truth (lies).Aka "vranyo" (a lie that is not expected to be believed, but rather the one used as a way to assert dominance in the mind of the liar)

Ukraine gained height advantage on the southern front (east flank)

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Reminder to all ruskies to fill in interesting info on RAF bases and critical infra that can be hit by partisanswikimapia.org

>>430223008>buckbroken by the ghost of reddit and nafoits over

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>>430223225>>430223226OY BLYAAAABOT BROKE

>>430223103I like it too, some anons just take life too seroius. I'm not an nauthor btw.

What are the pros and cons of joining the French Foreign Legion?

>>430223225The retards shilling is so low effort they can’t even remember euromaiden happened in 2013 not 2014


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>>430223289Enjoying second degree isa good life skill, they will learn from the experience

>>430223276life got harder after weibo incident

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>>430223069Im not catching your drift user, please be more specific.

>>430223314Pros: killing brown peopleCons: you become a French citizen

>>430223314> pros and consthe losses are to be expected

>>430223089this og meme man, it's just something about that makes you piss your pants in laugher

>>430223314The con is it full of niggers the pro is you can get algerian citizenship when youre done.

>>430223408>the losses are to be expectedCorrect>picrelated

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>>430223225Aaah Uncyclopedia, good times of killing time.

>>430222922love watching this guy, typical bland mechanical german until he throws in a joke out of nowhere with the same deadpan face

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>>430223479aahahahahahhahahaha fucking srsly ?

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>>430221101based ukraine

>>430223479Nature really is on the Ukrainians side.

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>>430223479I read he was screaming for daddy to save him lol

wtf is this counteroffensive? it's an offensive jokean utter jokeI want my tax money backfucking cringelord losers

>>430223479My god russians are insane!Kill every russian, even the unborn ones still in the wombs of their whore mothers.

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>>430220913need the source for the "famous" quote>“One of the most stunning victories in modern history on the part of the Russian Army”it's for the bookhelp highly appreciated, since I failed to find anything. who, when and where said this?

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>>430223486Conservapedia. It's unfiltered kino.

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>>430223479I fucking love sharks.

>>430223314Pros : You join france, the west by extentionYou can join under a pseudonym and are not reecquired to disclose your real name.If need be, you'll be given a new identityYou get trained at killing peopleService deosn't last that longCon :You have to be in top shape, requirement are highIt is actually hard. Training is difficult.9000 soldiers at all time, meaning they only take the cream of the cropYour life expectancy is low during operation; You will be made into shock trooper.

>>430223597Want more welfare for yourself huh mehmed?

Kherson watermelons are fubarfiles.catbox.moe/sc3guf.mp4

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>>430223479God hates moscals as they are subhumans.Subhumans are demons who worship Satan. Humans must exterminate all subhumans.

>>430223479Karma do be a bitch


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>>430223479And they say Druid Country is just a meme

>>430223623This Zalensky guy sounds based.

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>>430223661this is a war crime

>>430223314Pros>You will learn to swear in PolishCons>You will learn to swear in Polishyoutu.be/8gTp6s5RJ1k

>>430223643>You have to be in top shape, requirement are highWhat sort of shape? I am better than the average American but that is not saying much I suppose.

>>430223015>ladaouff... ye old communist box as we used to call them here... but did you know we even briefly had a car even shittier than a lada or yugo.. theiy are all just fiats right?we had this car called troll.. it was the worst car ever made, thankfully it didn't last longthankfully I've never seen one.. is worse than lada trabant or any of those types of cars

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>>430223225>>430223226I fixed thatyoutu.be/4mppAFu3dqw?list=RDEMDaSUSUVu68QDj2nSmWsorA

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>>430223623Putin confirmed true friend of Israel.

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>>430223479There's fucking no way that's real

Motherfuckers destroyed the watermelon farm.

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>>430223619I have your first book, but not the 2nd one. Any link?Also if you managed to make a paperback, that is incredible. Sadly I will be of no help since I have no clue about the answer you seek.

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>>430223515Yeah. Especially since the comment-field misses that it is a joke and gets upset.

>>430220994Ziggers be like "our defense is so strong, gazillion divisions, regiments, speznaz brigades and mobiks outnumber nazis by a large margin"Ukies be like"It is a target-rich environment. Our precision artillery can kill more ziggers because there is so many of them."

>>430221220When I bought an Xbox it came with this and Halo

>>430223744You're basically asking to join the space marines. legion-recrute.com/en/physical-conditions

>>430223479Russians did a satanic ritual and sacrificed him so they could disable all those Bradleys

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>>430222882It's the song of this invasion.Ukraine-o, Ukraine-oLeopards come and me wan' go homeUkraine, Uh-Ukraine, Uh-Ukraine, Uh-Ukraine, Uh-Ukraine Uh-Ukraine-oh Leopards come and me wan' go homeMonke all night on a drink of cumLeopards come and me wan' go homeStack banan till de morning comeLeopards come and me wan' go homeCome, Mister Monke, tally me bananLeopards come and me wan' go homeCome, Mister Monke, tally me bananaLeopards come and me wan' go homeWater high, six foot, eight foot bunchLeopards come and me wan' go homeWater high, eight foot, ten foot bunchLeopards come and me wan' go homeUkraine-o, Ukraine-oLeopards come and me wan' go homeUkraine, Uh-Ukraine, Uh-Ukraine, Uh-Ukraine, Uh-Ukraine Uh-Ukraine-oh Leopards come and me wan' go home

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>>430223015you used to have ladas here too btwso when I got 18.. I got this really really shitty old mitsubitsi colt... but you had this extremely old guy in my perish driving around in a ladait was a mr bean situation.. you know know mr bean and his rival with that 3 wheeled car lolgod I hated that car...hehehe


>>430223479xoxols sent a bio shark, wtf

>>430223821Vol I:libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=F4F26A747B49C405D611B73BD201C507Vol II:libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=3A5BF790492661045A2AE18D313FD6E6alternative link for vol II:zlibrary.to/pdfs/liber-exitii-latter-days-of-the-western-civilization-vol-iivol III is coming out somewhere in August, hopefully

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>>430223857>Healthy BMI>Swim the length of the average pool and backIs this that famous French humour?

From July 1, all volunteers in the Russian Federation will be required to sign contracts with the Russian Federation.

>>430223764you can clearly see that the putin propaganda is for americans, it's got all the buzzwords that right wing americans love

>>430223965You'll be competing for one of the 1600 available offices user.


>>430221000Not my problem

>>430223956Thank you, much appreciated.

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>>430223857is the french legion cannon fodder?

>counteroffensive:stuck>xepcoн: drownedyebalo status hohols?

AHAHAHAHAHARUSSIAN STATE PROPAGANDA SEETHES ABOUT BUDANOV'S CATstreamable.com/mwo0t3(catbox down, had to use streamable)

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>>430223623>Vladimir Alexandrovich ZelenskyWow, such courage. Is translating his name an act of war against Ukraine ??

>>430224055always welcome, hope you find something interesting! how's copper life treatin' you?

>>430224012Makes sense. Any recommendations?

>>430224081Yes. High grade fodder. The foreign legion is the dog we unleash when we want something gone.

>>430223755Looks like "we have sl300 at home" moment

>>430223015paid about the wreckege price for it I thinkbut you know you have to start somewhere

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>>430224104I hope you’re keeping up with your swimming training

>>430224131pretty based though, get some value out of those tards

>>430224131Ukraine should do same with their legion. Add citizenship after X amount of combat time served.

whats the latest from the front?are pidor bloggers giving updates?

>>430224139I am no car expert user, but this car was so shit so it went out of production with onceyou'd rather have a fucking lada or trabant


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>>430223479top kek I knew he was a zigger that got righteously ACKed by nature

>>430224130Honestly, I can't recommend to join the legion for starter. Unless you are very impovrished or really want a military career and can't have one in the US. The foreign legion is really a blunt weapon we use on hard targets.If you really want to join, read their website carefully, they have their recommendations and advices for volonteers

>>430224205they are saying Lobkove in under our control and not a gray zone anymore

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>>430224280>Lobkove in under our control

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>>430220913Some interesting reading material:publication.pravo.gov.ru/document/0001202305310067?index=1

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>>43022331432 year old boomer herei joined the french foreign legion like 10 years ago right after i finished my service in the norwegian army. i was in for 1 month then i just got allowed to quit. it wasnt really for me and everyone was a brown shitskin speaking gibberish languages. they gave me a couple of houndred euros and a letter saying i got discharged from the french foreign legion lol,


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>>430222429that western tanks have better mobility thanks to a better reverse speed and neutral steering, something even WW2 tanks have and soviet tanks don't

>>430224326Oh shit for real.Russia just keeps marching into civil war


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>>430223479no fucking way, kek

Attached: 1681145939267317.gif (298x224, 1.64M)

>>430224404>and soviet tanks don't

Attached: 1685644037247483.png (800x600, 228.54K)

we also had this shit attemt of an electricxal car when I was kid...... oh is even worse than the troll....what the hell.. are they still making tem? these guys went bankrupt in the 90ies... is dogshit

Attached: 1468392.jpg (960x496, 83.03K)

>>430224418FSB meme

>>430224376>32 year old>boomer You probably look old af if you tried to join the legion at 22 lmao


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>>430224122Eeeeh, just returned from prolonged 24h shift, with corpse, thieves, and brawling gypsies. The usual I guess. Also I have completed my university studies (bachelor degree) and I will do master degree at autumn.Otherwise, going almost daily innawoods to get /fit/, gearing up (guns, ammo, knives, better gear etc.), and avoiding Kraut/pol/ due being fed up with Bernd. You know the reasons, so no need to spam my fee fees here.tl;dr - I am still the same judge.

>>430224500How'd you work that one out in your head you mong lel

>>430224111what the fuck is this

Attached: Snímek obrazovky 2023-06-11 102137.png (327x310, 126.22K)

>>430224111Also wtf is that fish woman, lovecraft was right to be paranoid


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no maxpro?

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>>430223479oh so this is what the shark meme is about

>>430224404You don't need neutral steering with enough power, and you don't need a fast reverse speed when the enemy is in front of you


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>>430224558OK.best of luck to you


>>430224263It sounds naive of me, but I really could use the credentials of the FFL to launch me in a career in other fields.>>430224376I dont plan to make a career of it. As well according to what I am reading on the internet the nationalities of the volunteers varies wildly from year to year. I imagine most are Eastern European or Syrian now. Either way, I enjoy learning foreign languages, if Im to be coy.

>>430224607>>430224589>what the fuck is thisA russian

>>430223479Way too funny to be true.


>>430223479Instant karma, just add water

>>430223623Will mad Poland ever stop harassing Ruski Myr ?They cannot stop.

>>430224464i love my 4 reverse gears on the namer and 5 on the merkava >>430222523i rather not go to jaili can access schematics but i don't think the ones i have access to have any detail on the armor

>>430224691It's a plan, but why would you not join the US army instead? You'd be treated far better than in the ex-colonies

>>430224674To you as well, keep your family safe.

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>>430224743Sorry forgot pic

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>>430223623>shares with adolf hitler the distinction as TIME magazine Person of the Yearthis wiki must be a joke

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>>430224754>Why would you not join the US army instead?FFL is better respected internationally, at least in my eyes. That and I want better practice with my French, though that is more of a personal pleasure.

What's the status on Kherson and when will the water start to drain?Will we see more tactical shark attacks?

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>>430224560Most that join the legion do it because they need a new country and identity, usually some serious shit.I see absolutely no reason why a 22 danish guy would join the legion. This isn't the kind of thing you do because you failed your university exam.

Faggot rain messes up everything again


From an underground channel, a crypto post just now:"5" emoji and "house" emoji

>>430224026apparently they've been recruiting 10-30k a month to various PMC groups and "volunteer" regiments. it's getting out of hand. strelkov wasn't sure about the numbers, since they apparently double count - mobik can contract to pmc or something

>>430224669a really common tactic is to sit on a slope, expose the least you can to shoot, fire, and reverse into coveryou can't do that with an eastern tankthat mobility mattersand of course backing off into civer without exposing your assalso neutral steer reduces your turn radius and time so obviously that's mobility

>>4302249035 villages?

>>430224881lol ok faggot

>>430224860Then I wish you good luck and much courage, not wanting to discourage you from serving France

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What did he accidentally show here? Didn't see before it was deleted quick.

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>>430224955MayhapsWould be very surprised if its 5 oblasts

Imagine being peaceful shark. Just swimming around and doing shark stuff. Suddenly you notice Russian invading your waters.It was purely defensive counter attack imo.

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>>430224955it's a secret ;)

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>>430225016maybe there's a village that's called something similar

>>430225031did you know it was T-I-G-E-R shark?

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>>430224867>kherson statusno food, no work, no electricity, no drink water, hohol world

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>>430224992Kaskad is a name for russian recon groups i think

>>430225031>you come in MY house

>>430225130Hopefully Ukraine got it before deleted

>>430225114>tf>tpkekYou guys have a sense of humor, I'll give you that

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>>430225114Eбaть ты вoин Pycи нaхyй


>>430224884>rainfall in Zaporizhzhia and Kharkiv until Fridaynow that is unfortunate

>>430224992Kaskad is a DNR separatist unit. Rybar said they retreated from some villages near Vuhledar recently


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The Russo-Ukrainian war? You mean the war of NATO aggression.

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>>430224589>what the fuck is thisthats a zigger female

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>>430225114ægi's helmet is what that stave is calledone of the ones we got documented spooky northern icelandic stuff, you are supossed to have on your forehead though.. I forget how it goesgreenland was supposed to be even spookier than them, but they rip

>>430225386shhhh don't tell hoholistanis the truth, they are too retarded to grasp it

What is this? All I could get it on telegram channels that prigozhin confirmed its real

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>>430225114>no food, no work, no electricity, no drink water, hohol world

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>>430224111There's no saving this country

>>430225386believable, I believe this

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