This is a seven eleven in poland

notice anything?

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>>430222501European Union improvements.This will strengthen your country, don't worry.This is so sad the ukraine can't benefit from it yet.

>>430222501Looks like a good place to meet some doctors or engineers.

Imagine being a nigger rapefugee, finally getting your application accepted, and finding out you're going to fucking poland of all places.

That's a 7/11?

>>430222501Lmao is has begunAll you smug slavic shits always laughing and mocking us for our faggots and niggers. Reality has finally caught up with you.Enjoy the ride. You're currently where we were in 2000. You'd be amazed what Poland will look like in 20 years.

>>430223154Poland, Estonia, Czech, Slovenia etc are not bad places anymore.

>>430223168>You'd be amazed what Poland will look like in 20 years.I was kinda hoping things would be better in 20 years, but ok...

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>>430222501Those niggers were imported to Poland by Russia (through Belarus border)

>>430223159it's not really a real-real 7/11 but our equivalent of it. actually that particular one is 6/11 (amurika rekt)>>430223168poland has always been a multicultural country of immigrants

>>430223400Assuming you're being honest and not just a shill, you and your people need to pull your heads out of your collective arse.

>>430222880yes ukraine will benefit. once they win the war or whatever land of them remains we will share them some of those engineers and doctors to rebuild their country. this will be all done with the help of the EU so nothing really can go wrong here.

>>430223254Everyone picks on the brown "Bolt" food couriers on bike.I´ve witnessed several occasions of them getting their delivery bags stolen by kids in busy intersections and infront of BK.It mostly happens during dark winters though, because the couriers can´t chase them on a bike and they also can´t leave their bike and run after them (bike would also get stolen)

>>430223480>wrecked by 6/11So it's closed one day of the week?

>>430222501>notice anything?Yes the pollocks messed up the 24/7 and wrote 6/23.(off by an hour) ps. Europe writes it backwards like when they date things, day/month/year

>>430223741oh I wait thought 7/11 implies that it's open at 7am till 11pm

>>430222501What's the address? I want to see it on google maps.

>>430222501Ironically those Africans are probably more civilised and high IQ than the average p*le

>>430223400How do they import them in France for information ?

>>430223758>muttard logic

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>>430222501Meanwhile, Polish universities are trying to find a best way how to get more girls in STEM

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>>430222501>seven eleven>Europe What’s that using the metric system?

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>>430222501Ya, this nigger needs to pull up his pants.

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When i was young i didn't see a black person till i was 13 years old. I did however had a Race mixed (afro polish) friend in middle school. Nowadays there is no day where i dont see a black or indian person on the street. It's wonderful and a sign that we are finally becoming western.

>>430223616but ukies are already white niggers and they already flooded your country and live on money from your taxes.

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>>430223741he's lying, it's open from 10 am to 6 pm on sundays

>>430223926I agree we have it backwards. But the pollocks missed a couple of digits on 6/23.... 24/7 implies it's open for business 24 hours a day 7 days a week. pollock 7/1 is only open 23 hours 6 days a week

they're probably just students and they're going to leave once they graduate. niggers have nothing to look for here.

>>430223960Things can change fast. The first real life nigger I've seen was on a high school field trip to Seattle. I'm not joking. But I'm a bit of an old fag, so we see them here now too. At least our niggers don't seem to be quite as bad as the quintessential American nigger.


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>>430223943The blonde is German not polish

>>430224125Only a wife and free EU citizenship

>>430224157yuppic related was previous symbol but they got rid of it for some reason

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>>430223960The "conservative" government is importing shitskins like there's no tomorrow. Niggers, pajeets and churka already became a visible minority in bigger cities.

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>>430223926>Caring about days over seasonsFucking idiocy.

Who gives a fuck? Poland literally wants thisThey beg to become mutts just for a dollar, polish people have no self worth

>>430224343Who else will support all the boomer pension and health costs?

>>430222501Why are they loitering there?

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>>430223154>and finding out you're going to fucking poland of all placesThey get free housing, support from NGOs, tonnes of FREE pussy(Polish women worship foreigners with dark skin) and starting next year 200 euro per child they claim to have, even if it lives abroad.Poland is over.The main cities are swarming with Africans, Hindus and Pakistanis.


>>430222501imagine living in the mansion just above lmao

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>>430224282>>430224318Neat it's the same in Bulgarian, though for the most part our languages are mutually unintelligible.

>>430223960It’s the same here in East German, it’s over. Pre 2015 I’ve almost never seen browns, now it’s pretty common when I go out

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God I fucking hate doctors, scientists and engineers.

>>430224422They're niggers. They loiter wherever they are.

>>430222501This pic is from warsaw and it's degenerate city

>>430224557The worst thing is it's never Asian women or Latinas, always some low tier brown male refugees.I also know a young Chinese girl with IT studies diploma and art degree that applied for Visaa to Europe and has been denied three times already....

>>430222501Fine by me. I prefer black brothers over hohols.

>>430224192Nope. That's definitely Polish phenotype.

>>430224684>This pic is from warsaw and it's degenerate citySame thing in Wrocław or Poznan really.Wroclaw has Hindus and Africans every 3rd minute on the street and people celebrate their presence like idols.

>>430223943It's over

I moved back from UK after 9 years to Poland and Poland is globohomo now.Streets full of Hindus, Africans and Pakistanis working in Uber, Bolt, IT, Uber Eat etc.Evert street in city centrye has kebab or hindu cafe.Clubs swarmed by African and Arab "students".PiS taking 120,000 muslim immigrants per yearHindu immigration raising by 500% since a decade.Also the inflation rises prices to absurd levels and Polish media and politics are cringe.To be honest I am thinking about going back to UK.Both countries are globohomo but UK has better salaries and more fun things to do

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>>430224478Do they really get free white pussy?

>>430224774>people celebrate their presence like idols.

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>>430222501>7-11 is a Japanese company.That is some slavshit knock off, and I thought slavniggers only came in white.

>>430224400If we didn't squander half of our yearly budget on useless tripe we wouldn't have this problem to begin with. No one cares that it causes wage stagnation, housing and rent prices to skyrocket or crime to increase. All political parties support it too; socialists, libertarians, conservatives, communists, liberals, everyone. There is no political party which actually represents the average working and middle class guy here. There are parties championing the cause of women, faggots, Ukrainians, big business, trash living on gibs, you name it, but the main demographic, the main tax base doesn't have any representation at all. Pic related is still true. However, instead of a peasant carrying clergymen and aristocrats on his back it's the working and middle class men carrying women, faggots and politicians instead.

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>>430225035if I wrote żabka you would be deeply confused and disoriented. I wanted to localize the message of the thread

>>430222501What am I supposed to notice? There's a store and polish people, I have been looking at this image for a few minutes and fail to see anything out of order. Is it the 23/7 sign or the sausages?

>>430222501As an amrican, I am against NATO, I want it dissolved. I want putin replaced because he is a jew and a jew lover, a fake christian, same with biden, obama has to be imprisoned. But I want russia rewarded for fighting jew zelensky in ukraine. Zelensky is a kike and a faggot.

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>>430224478Damn. Even we aren't THAT cucked.

>>430224983Most poles are slavniggers so no white pussy. I went to Poland to visit Auschwitz and spent some in Krakow, if I were to guess from people alone I couldn't have been able tell the difference from Moscow. The slavic traits are intense.

>>430225227I just wanted to highlight how orderly and clean the streets are, even in downtown warsaw. unfortunately racists have hijacked the thread for their own hateful reasons

>PolandIts not even a real country lol, this shithole died 200 years ago

>>430224400>niggers have a net positive effect on tax revenueStop trolling.

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>>430222501>notice anything?The 'Z' has a funny dot over it.

>>430222501holy kekpoles on this board making fun of germans for importing doctors and engineers and now gobohomo got to them toowe are all in this together

Why do they even migrate?,they only loiter wherever they are anyway.

>>430222501What's wrong?

Polish government is based, the people are an embarrassment

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