Why is every zoomer obsessed with being a "content creator"...

why is every zoomer obsessed with being a "content creator"? it's like they all think they can eceleb their way out of being incels by streaming call of duty or some shit. that's literally no way to plan your life. meanwhile companies like youtube and twitch are convincing zoomers that they can be rich and famous by streaming on their sites. the collapse is here.

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>>430218266Because if you work an actual job you make $13/hr, but if you have an audience, retards will give you $100 to read their name

>>430218345I have donated to a streamer exactly one time, and it was to play "the boys are back in town" on the window of life (houston crackhead alley) stream while the cops were shooing off the crackheads. The female cop did a little dance to it, pretty cute. Hope she's dead.

she's a 6

>>430218968She's a 3, you disgusting simp.

>>430218266because its getting money with very little effort

>>430218780BASED, I miss that stream and I believe it was in Austin, not Houston

>>430219130Ah shit yeah my bad, it was austin

>>430219042>>430218968wrong, she's an 6/10 with an SMV of 10/10, she can command an army of simps to kill for her. Stupid ass boomer

Here Destiny cuck made her cry on stream.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw3WnSP8MxA

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>>430219211she uses lighting and makeup to hide the pock marks on her face. probably a filter too.

>>430219232i dont know anything about the twitch streaming scene but i'm so curious now. is this supposed to be legitimate and not scripted at all? is this a live stream? who watches this while being old enough to have money?what the actual fuck is this days of our lives bullshit entertainment? LMAO the skinny cuck that goes "dont listen to him!".for society's sake i hope this isnt genuine and they are pulling off some fake ass edrama show for horny losers>inb4 forgot your memeflag

>>430218266Same is happening world wideGrown up men playing videogaymes and women showing up their bodies for attention.They think that they are making some difference but in reality they are one of the hundreds of gayming/unboxing channels out there and no one cares about them

>>430219830>what the actual fuck is this days of our lives bullshit entertainment? LMAO the skinny cuck that goes "dont listen to him!".>>for society's sake i hope this isnt genuine and they are pulling off some fake ass edrama show for horny losersIt is genuine and a syndrome of "NOTHING TO STRIVE FOR".Young men are so over the top luxurious in their lives, even if they cry in bed about not getting laid bla bla bla, that they have nothing to strive for anymore. No survival kicks, no motivation to get that bread.There's just silent acceptance and consumption of anything on the internet. A pure consumer. We wouldn't have this if there was an actual ambition in the world.On the other hand, who cares what people do for entertainment. But then again, this is what your offspring will watch so...

only cause they don’t know about them 1099 taxes, kek. gonna be funny when they are ass rammed with that 15k bill from the irs.only street prostitutes working for cash are tax exempt.

>>430219830I thought it was you people that were behind the twich. Anyway, if this is not another trick then:> is this supposed to be legitimate and not scripted at all?90% of the time it is not scripted (streamers sometimes do scripted drama when they are losing popularity)> is this a live stream?yes>who watches this while being old enough to have money?Oww, that Rabi's wise words of truth hurst so much. It is true that if you are old enough to kaem moeny you should not waste time and money on streamers but.All sort of dumb poeple watches it and even kids watches it and they use their parents credit cards to give money to streamers>what the actual fuck is this days of our lives bullshit entertainment? Woah, you as one of *them* are not initiated into this??? Okay... So to explain simple how this new form of entertainment works it basically creates this *parasocial relationship* with loser and the charismatic streamer. The loser keeps on donating to streamer to keep his attention. It is like softcore ch*turbate.>for society's sake i hope this isnt genuine and they are pulling off some fake ass edrama show for horny losersWhat? I hope you wanted to destroy white goys? Does it effect your poeple too?

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When times are tough grifts become more attractive. Young people see the world shrinking around them as the jewish noose tightens so they play video games or whore out and then try to incorporate that into their profession as they see their favorite ecelebs buying mansions.

It's called a 'boom'. A shitton of boomers and Gen Xers entered the real estate game at the same time in the early 00s too. Don't blame the tech for what the industry leads the market to do. Read between the lines

>>430218266I want to see her put things in her butthole tho

>>430218266Boomers sat in front of their TVs, zoomers sit in front of their cameras.

>>430220140>It is genuinewell fuck this is some military grade blackpill. entertainment is going to be watching people hanging out and being dramatic and nerdy.i dont know what's sadder - wasting lots of time watching this shit or throwing money at it.>mfw video games are so shit nowdays twitch turned into this abomination

>>430218266Teenagers of the 90's wanted to make movies or made techno or rap in their basements to be like NIN or Eminem. Life imitates art.

>>430220652>it basically creates this *parasocial relationship* with loser and the charismatic streamer.yea but can't i spent the last 10 minutes looking for highlights of some of these twitch streamers and they are all dead fucking boring lmao. i would kinda understand if someone was watching a professional player of a game he enjoys and decides to throw a few bucks. but this? lmao there should be a worldwide campaign to nuke twitch hq

>>430218345That's like saying becoming a rapper or a football player makes you a millionaire. Only the top percent makes it. Same thing for streaming or whatever, it's nothing new, really.>>430221311This and checked.

>>430218345>>430218266my son you can work minimum wage busting burgers or some thing else,or make minimum wage for 4-8 hours a day with a viewership of 60-100 people a month.

>>430218266If you have had enough of tik tok sluts make sure to join rayciss instagram>>430216735>>430216735

>>430218780i have that gif somewhere. not on my ipad though

>>430218266>would you rather work at a job and get paid $10-20 per houror>talk into a microphone while playing videogames or showing off your body and get paid $100-1000 per hour society HAS collapsed. kids all want to become youtube stars instead of astronauts

>>430218266>whyI just want more money. An honest high paying job does not pay enough, if im being honest.

>>430218968you get no puss lmao

>>430221633no way you are a real Jew, you use some vpn right.If you are real one then, do you know about 'vtubers' ? The thing is, in todays word beta males instead of amrrying 35 year old hags, are decing to watch and donate to streamers to pretend to be their friend or - in case of v tubers - their waifu (waifu is something like fictional animated girlfriend who can interact with you in real time)

>>430219830>who watches this while being old enough to have money?you don't have to be that old to have money. i have quite a few streamers playing while i work. it seems like most of the donations come from like guys that work at a grocery store or some low-level job. it's sort of depressing to see guys giving away a significant portion of their money to streamers but i guess they're just losers doing loser things. you can watch streams for free and dorks want to give away their money so some streamer mentions their name.

>>430221856Ha, i thought i remembered someone turning it into a gif. I miss those comfy threads

You don't make any meaningful money at a regular job outside a select few professions, business ownership and political parasitism.Not enough to buy a home, at the very least. And if you can't buy a home, why even bother?Jewtubing is relatively easy to get into and can be lucrative if your videos become popular, but yeah, now it's pretty saturated and hard to get into.

>>430221896Why would anyone want to try and become and astronaut when they know that space is fake and gay?

>>430222028>but i guess they're just losers doing loser thingsThe reality is we are not all equal. We are not all of equal value to our families or to society. Some people really are built to serve. Others are built to flaunt like a peacock. Its that simple. Very few are built to think, lead and solve problems.

>>430221795>or make minimum wage for 4-8 hours a day with a viewership of 60-100 people a month.as far as i understand it just having one twitch viewer puts you in the top 1% of twitch streamers. if you could get 60-100 viewers that would be an incredible feat and you'd still be making mcdonalds-level pay.

>>430222453yes user but get 30 people and make McDonald wage will playing games seems better than actual MacDonald.

When I was a kid it was understood if you wanted to be rich or famous you had to be talented in some way. I noticed all of my cousins friends either stream video games or do stupid reaction videos to someone else's content. The girls in his class think they will be the next Charli D'Amelio or some other instathot. Literally nobody is working towards something that requires work but gets them more success. None of them are even good at what they do. These tiktoks dances are so low effort and lame.

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>>430218266>>430221715Cause women are slaves to clout and winner takes allIn feminist land you either take your chances make it and live like a king or you dieOfc society will collapse because it cannot function on clout, slowly but surely you will either be replaced by foreign authoritarian cultures that have no patience for feminism or you will collapse and be irrelevant

>>430222554>yes user but get 30 people and make McDonald wage will playing games seems better than actual MacDonald.working fast food should be for kids. it's not a shameful job but it does teach you processes and deadlines WHEN YOU ARE A KID. my point is that you shouldn't aspire to that level of pay.

>>430221795>>430222453>>430222554I don't think you you guys have it all calculated right. Do you even thought about the taxes?Most of the streamers that stream as a job really are just spoiled rich kids that leech of their parents. Streaming alone is not enough to make a living wage.You need an editor, you need graphic artist for your channel, you need discord/twatter cuck and you need a guy that will do your taxes

>>430222453Yeah what pisses me off is having hundreds orllif not thousands of government and civilian employees and cultists who have access to my personal life like some fucking reality show and i get zero dollars out of it. An audience that shows up to a concert without paying deserves to be treated like shit especially when they should be charged with human rights violations among other things. Is it too much to ask to make it worth my while by... oh i dont know.. like fucking paying me or something? Contrary to popular opinion I have more than earned my diva status. All it took was realizing the situation im in without going insane cracking under the pressure. Oh yeah life goes on. There was a pandemic. My country is in shit condition and nuclear war is always a possibility. Dont forget the vaccine and genetic experimentation threatening the entire species. Don't mind me though. I just want a few shekels for my inconvenience.

>>430218266Anything to avoid getting a "real" job.

>>430222903they do most that shit for free if they like you retard.

>>430222903I've noticed the streamers who do make some money are speedrunners who hold world records. They spend 8-10 hours a day playing the same video game all the time. Even then it's only the 1% of those speedrunners who actually make anything.

Being poor must be hell on earth.

>>430220055But some are making good money this way, so others want to try and get rich on vidya as well

>>430223086That honestly sounds awful. There is a video of some video game streamer breaking down on stream saying how he hates his life.

>>430222747I believe it's more akin to a ponzi scheme, where only the top of the pyramid gets to actually make profits from the ones at the bottom. For the top streamers to make profit, they need the 99% below them to struggle and fail. And those 99% stay in the system because it's their only hope to get out of their wage cage. Like I said it's nothing new, sports and music already function like that.

>>430218780>......>Hope she's dead.Lmao

>>430218266>why is every zoomer obsessed with being a "content creator"I don't think they want to be content creators anymore, they want to be "influencers".

>>430219830Hey. MSM always says that Euphoria on HBO/Max is "based on a hit series" in your country, but there seems to be no trace of the original. Can you link it? Have you seen the original? Is there a tr@nny in it like the US version?

>>430223035okay, I admit it, it is true for some streamers. Like most of vtuber streamers have some simps (like Naynners for example) that do all the stuff for them for free. I don't think Asmongold's editors do it for free thoguht.>>430223086And these steamers usually just wait for their boomer parents to die to sell their second house and leech of off it while keep streaming.

>>430218780>Pretty cute >Hope she is deadBoy that escalated quickly.

>>430223126funny you say that,,, I just thought that Hell is when you are poor...

>>430218266>why is every zoomer obsessed with being a "content creator"?beacuse it beats waging away for Vile Shekelsteinovitz

>>430223242Its funny because we are so far away. Probably devestating at ground zerobthough lol


>>430221715>That's like saying becoming a rapper or a football player makes you a millionaireYou say that like it'd be common knowledge, but every single black guy I've met under 30 has a SoundCloud and is actively looking for a record deal

>>430223570At this point id accept payment from the rap community in the form of appologies

>>430223570And that's why the system is so strong. Most people still believe in it. They still believe that they can become one of the chosen few.

>>430218266it pays better than 9-5 and gives you more free time pretty simple

>>430223231>I believe it's more akin to a ponzi scheme,i wouldn't call it a ponzi scheme but it's only a few streamers that are pulling in millions. however, those streamers are probably streaming for 12+ hours per day. the average zoomer thinks they can turn their cam and stream for a few hours and reach that level of success.

>>430223231The thing is everything is a pyramid shaped butThe women prefer clout over usefulness to society In the patriarchy being a doctor engineer architect diplomat ect made you almost a celebrity, even as a wagie if you were a hard worker you had cloutImagine now spending 8 years in college as a incel or have some woman you are not attracted to while some bad-mid musician/influencer/dj ect has an entourage of hot girlsWhat will your son aspire to be?

>>430223731>and gives you more free time pretty simpleLol. I bet you are one of those faggots jealous of celebrities. Not me. My beef is i am not a celebrity. I dont disagree with them earning it. The successful ones were merely paid fairly compared to what they went through. Well here i am. I went through shit. Where's my money??

>>430223231I don't wanna be that guy, but, a Ponzi scheme is when you continuously take on more investors to pay off previous promised distributions, a pyramid scheme is where you recruit others for a business opportunity with an upfront fee and receive money in a daisy chain of further recruitments. They are illegal because they require fraud to work, not because of the structure itself.