"leftist" : "Hey incels all your needs are met bro, you have oxygen, food and water, stop complaining, you're good!"

"leftist" : "Hey incels all your needs are met bro, you have oxygen, food and water, stop complaining, you're good!"(USER'S OXYGEN, FOOD AND WATER WAS TAKEN AWAY FOR THIS POST)

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enjoy your anchor and ban, fag
this is really getting tiring

I'm not from r9k, and
"incel liberation will always have a home here on leftypol"
-leftypol mod

I don't get what the incels are complaining about. Watch some porn and make some platonic friends. That's you need to social interaction and any sexual frustration solved. Depriving others of their autonomy by demanding they have sex with you or must call you some magic pronoun you invented are despicable acts.

that being said the idea that sex is some sacred act that is so important as to be "withheld" from others because it violates you "personal autonomy" or some shit isn't an automatic unquestionable given. there are many examples of pre agricultural societies in which the concept of "consent" doesnt exist because sex is simply never withheld. it is freely given and taken and to withhold it is a social taboo in those societies and how they function.

of course these societies are fundamentally different from ours, in that they are basically egalitarian in all respects

also porn is shit dont watch porn just jack off

sex is important to human beings just as an inescapable biological imperative. the nature of how sex is exchanged in a given society is indicative of how that society as a whole functions, and likewise it probably affects society as well in some form of structure-superstructure relationship. it's really narrowminded to simply accept the dominant model of sexual relations as unqustionable because it makes you uncomfortable but freely criticize other aspects, like gender norms, because that is what is currently fashionable right now,

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If someone doesn't want to fuck, it's no question that it violates "personal autonomy", at least, in a society that conceives of such a thing existing.

it isnt really thing in an of itself, though. its a societal construct of a current society. that's why i put it in quotes.

I agree that it isn't a thing in and of it self. But of course, such societal constructs are how we relate to and understand ourselves, each other, and the world around us. That's why I too put it in quotes.

Alright dude then let me fuck your ass.

they're a way to do those things but they aren't inherent. there are different ways of relating to the world around us and to each other. and if you're going to bash the dominant ideology's societal constructs (gender norms, mental illness, means of actualization, etc), i don't see why you would stop at sexual relations.

2/10 I replied

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dont be rude. say please first

pussie wouldn't be some kind of status commodity because those wouldn't exist generally speaking
u'd just b a 'weirdo faggot' bb
however there would be proper psychiatric care available if you've genuinely fucked yourself up over this dumb shit for whatever reason

stop making these threads broski it's gettin tiresome

I'm not really stopping at sexual relations so much as slowing around "personal autonomy". Societal constructs largely (albeit not entirely) are the way relate to everything, it's just the contemporary take on such constructs that are subject to criticism. And hell, those who profit most from said dominant ideology are the ones who violate personal autonomy the most anyway.

but your idea of personal autonomy is a construct.
by personal autonomy im assuming we mean the idea of a "right" to your own body. which in its current form is basically a liberal understanding of "rights". you don't have a "right" to your own body or to anything.

Not only psychiatric care, but I figure communist society would create fewer individuals susceptible to inceldom in the first place. It seems to me to be a relatively new occurrence, most likely resulting from the absurd levels of commodity fetishism, online pseudo social interaction and increasing competitiveness. I am also interested to know about female incels, how many are out there, and their own take on it.

the "right" to be left alone or not be bothered or touched by another is a classical liberal value, probably the quintessential liberal value aside from private property as said by marx at some point iirc.

The proletariat cannot live on bread alone. Pussy is a human right. We will fight for it.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

I know my idea of personal autonomy is a construct, every idea is a construct. Nobody has rights to anything, everyone has a right to everything, I have a right to all, all have a right to none. None the less, society is going to come to a general agreement on who has a right to what, even if it ends up being entirely arbitrary.

I'm being flippant but really, you don't see anything disagreeable about a scenario like that? I'm assuming you're straight but if we lived in said social climate there would be onus upon you to get fucked by me.

i get that this is a joke but the way this issue is framed like its only a problem for dudes that cant get laid is missing the point. removing sex from its current place as idolized valuable commodity frees women from being things to be acquired to actual human beings on par with men.

also, women want to fuck too you know.sex isnt something that happens to women that they need to put up with

Fine, we'll do as the incels here want and make "access to pussy" an universal right.

Now put on this dress, bend over and let me pound your tender boypussy. Comrade Jamal is next btw. Also there's this 300 pound girl with downs who wants a round with you too. You aren't going to withhold sex from us like some liberal, are you?

sure it would, because i grew up and live in a culture where my booty "should" belong to me and also where homosexual behavior is both defined and stigmatized as less than "normal" behavior.

this doesnt mean that my view on this is "correct" it just means that it is the outcome of the world i grew up in, and the world i grew up in is misogynist, sexist, homophobic, and exploitative.

and anyway, if i wanted to i could then ask your wife, or hell your mom to fuck me, and they would not refuse either.

I disagree completely. I am a sexual sadist. If we follow the logic you propose then I get to string you up, whip you senseless and bugger you because my sexual desires need gratification at your expense. This is evidently unethical reasoning on your part.

Are you a sadist or are you just using it as an example. I don't judge tbh, unless you go out and rape people. You aren't a rapist, are you user?


I don't break any laws, despite how appealing it might be to do so.

I feel you, man.

the lines are blurry, but sex is one thing and violence is another.

i tihnk youre getting confused. theres a difference between having access to sex from other members of your community and just being able to do whatever you want with them.
alot of girls like sticking their fingers in my butt for whatever reason. i tell them to cut that out. they stop. we continue. life goes on


It's not a joke. I want a 100% egalitarian society. That includes sex.

Yes, it is certainly true that social norms are constructed. But in the case of this one, bodily autonomy, I can safely say most people support it due the above scenario being unappealing. Social values and rights are not totally arbitrary in that they are conceived of and enforced to create specific outcomes. Thus far you've attempted to muddy the waters but you haven't really made a case for why abandoning the idea of bodily autonomy would actually be a good one. Just that in the past such societies have existed (examples please, I can think of one, the piraha, but they also oppose any sort of coercion).

i wonder 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧who🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 was behind this

Incels are counterrevolutionary
i haven't had sex in years but im not a fuckin idiot incel, get over it

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I would laugh at you but its mean to laugh at autists

Hey user, I'll be coming over with some African comrades, so start lubing up your ass. If you don't let all of us have our way with you I'll be reporting you to the commissar for withholding sex and perpetuating inceldom.

If being subjected to anal sex meant I could have all the penetrative sex I want whenever I want, it is a fair trade.

I you plan on consistently namefagging with that name, i dont think its gonna go well for you

I've been using this trip for almost a year now. Welcome to Holla Forums, newfag. Which subreddit did you crawl out of?

I don't see you poking around every thread, I could understand a person not bumping into you. And I seriously hope you've only been name fagging for a year, and have just posted anonymously for longer, because 1 year is not enough to justify calling someone else a newfag.

Literally never heard of you. I've been around for a year, so i am fairly new, but i literally haven't seen your name once in all that time thank god

Socialism will end gold diggers being a thing and end porkies hoarding girls.