Important meta thread PLS NO BAN

I'm from 4r9k and when I came to this website a year ago people were bitching about how leftypol was cringy as fuck. I came to this board expecting the worst… and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this board is actually fascinating. minimal shitposting, and indepth discussion of marxist philosophy.

Further more I don't see leftypol raiding other boards like furfags and ponyfags did back on cuckchan back in 2010/11. Soooooo what's the deal, what did yall do to piss people off so goddanm much?

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Simple, because we're not reactionaries.

While you're here:
^^^Absolute beginner material^^^

More Marx and Engels:

Our very existence triggers the fuck out of many folks because we tend to not wallow in morality and traditionalist spooks. We offer actual, concrete solutions that are grounded in economics (which shape the "feels" people care about!) rather than doing rain-dances and fighting some spooky eternal struggle.

The SJW menace is completely threadbare, and Holla Forums needed a new boogeyman to blame shortcomings they couldn't pin on CTR shills
We're also technically feminists since most of us don't have incel hang-ups or view women as breeding stock, which is wrongthink on most image boards these days

anyway welcome to Holla Forums, remember to google bookchin

Also check out this editorial on (American) conservatism by Daniel DeLeon.

Simple. Newfags think all channers must be right wing and enthusiastic participants in le anonymouses personal army . We're not.

I don't even know what "4r9k" is (and that's as far I read your OP), but I intuit already we'd better off having you banned.

Banning curious inquirers is a really super way to help imageboards and political movements flourish.

4/pol/ redditors blame us for everything over there for some reason.

Don't you know about how we're all a bunch of SJWs who want to use CULTURAL MARXISM to commit anuddah shoah and kill 100 gorillion small business owners?

Just because we're not reactionaries doesn't mean we're feminists, at least not in the contemporary SJW bourgeois feminist sense.

It was originally Holla Forums 2.0 but then m00t killed it, and when he brought it back later it somehow turned into the incel board

Our board requires people to read and nothing scares Holla Forums like books

This sense is so warped beyond the original, egalitarian definition of the term it deserves to be confronted and rejected everywhere it turns up

Because people hate being proven wrong.

Fixed that for you bud.

Nothing, we're the bogeyman of 4chan now for no reason other than Holla Forums blaming anything they don't like on us. They've entirely dropped previous bogeymen like JIDF, reddit and ctr in favor of Holla Forums. You can search a 4chan archive for posts including leftypol and you'll see tens of thousands of mentions, for reasons that have little to nothing to do with us.



Being a communist tends to piss off pretty much everyone

We're the real Egalitarians.

Because we're leftists, and for the majority of imagebord users, Left= Democrats=SJW= feminazi

And we're existing within a far right's safe space.
That alone is enough to generate unending butthurt about our existence.

Are you serious?

I, too, am from 4r9k.

Spoke the truth

-Reddit is full of SJW trotskyists who don't like chans so they don't like us. They actually attempted to raid the board a few times with idpol nonsense (usually an-fem posters insisting gender differences don't exist) and when no one cared they got angry and left back to their torture chamber.
-Most chans have been infected by Holla Forums and they throw a tempertantrum when someone tries about talking about anything other than the jews or their lack of white girlfriends. They can't even have simple conversations about working out or children's cartoons without somehow relating it back to a nazi jerkoff.

text is destroying that pic. Even that circle is not neccesary


I would say the very opposite, because socjus is, to an entirely too high degree, the current face of American liberalism. It used to be a LARPing fad, but the infestation has gone out of control.

Fuck off

Call me a feminist, thank you very much.

If you're from /r9k/ maybe try reading this:

Incel liberation will always have a home here on Holla Forums

Such a badass line

You see, Bolsheviks while Lenin was still alive were sort of the last sane men in Russia. The right was fighting for proto-fascism, or restoring serfdom, of absolute monarchy and all kinds of other shit. The "left" were opportunists who talked socialism nonstop, but did everything in their power to hand the State to Russia's diminutive and retrograde bourgeoisie. The left, which initially was vastly outnumbered by the "left", was the only one actually putting their proverbial capital where their mouth was and actually working towards socialism.

As far as internet slapfights go, the right is, well, the right, the "left" is a segment of liberals, with SJWs being the worst offenders, and the left is us plus a handful of other sites that managed to keep socjus out.

What cartoon is this again?

Well I'm glad to have you here, OP!

Rockos Modern life. You should watch it, its great. I hear they're coming out with a new reboot that looks good as well.

I use to watch that show as a kid, I just couldn't remember the name

Not him. That claim stands in stark contrast with what I see

Don't play with my heartstrings now user
But they are

Oh man. This is gonna be awesome.,

I want all anime girls to burn in hell

Thank you d00d, I am so glad to find this. At least one person is taking it seriously and not merely dismissing it as "affliction of the privileged." I would see that privilege shit all over the place before. Honestly though, if it would have been taken seriously before, the political and social shitshow we are in ight now would not have happened.

fuck off spurdoposter, you're by far the worst poster on here

Great article. I might add that organizing IRL has also helped me a ton with my interpersonal problems, on one hand since the need for agitation and convincing people pretty much forces you to break those barriers, and on the other hand because you meet so many great and supportive people while organizing. So my shoutout to OP is that: find a local group and become militant.

We stand up to Porky.

Rightists ban anyone that doesnt agree with them. Because of this we have grown to the 2nd or 3rd largest board on the whole site.

im gonna need some of the bottom panel on a daily basis for the kek

I honestly smile every time I see this because I put so little effort into it but it's my most proliferated image.

Ironic, considering it's now a dying board due to BO being a cunt.

It was dying before then. It suffers from /lit/ syndrome, posters don't read, readers don't post.


People come here for shit posting and news. There are tons of other sites for complex discussions of leftist theory out there. By banning all fun BO is attempting to turn Holla Forums into abother revleft (thus why it is slowly dying.)

the origins of Marxism and the Not Socialist movement are one and the same.
look at history. not re-written history. look at real history. every country was robbed by socialism. it's not because the ideals are bad, it's because they co-opt the movement and the bank cartel/war-profiteers litterally robbed all of europe. they use same tactics. it's not that your ideas are bad, it's whose co-opting the movement. look at blm. fem. islam. all of them. co-opted. families destroyed. jobs gone. pay down. think think think. anti-religion. anti-usury. don't stop short of the goal. they play both sides, banks do. this board is underdeveloped.

Communism to Holla Forums = Liberalism = Leftism = SJWs = Feminists = Black characters in video games

Marxism was developed in the 19th century, as a Hegelian philosophy with a new materialist basis.
Nazism was developed in the 20th century, largely on the Italian model of fascism.
The few, mainly aesthetic and occasionally tactical, similarities between the two, such as mass movements and industrial action, were appropriated from the labor movement.
You are retarded, and need to kill yourself or lurk more.

The political analysis of a 15 year old

"I'm actually fifteen and a half"

Imagine being such a retard you believe this.