Pinkpill me on Mao. Was he as terrible as liberals say? Was he a hero, a tyrant, or some shade of grey?

Pinkpill me on Mao. Was he as terrible as liberals say? Was he a hero, a tyrant, or some shade of grey?

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Leftists are divided when it comes to theoretical arguments about Mao, MZT and MLM but nobody has done more for China than him.

he was good except when he had autism and killed all the sparrows

Or when he forced the peasants to melt their tools.

Source is literally the US government.

If we ignore the sparrows and "dude backyard smelting lmao" then he wasn't too bad.

For anybody interested, here is an in-depth analysis of Mao's supposed kill count. If you ever thought they were dishonest about the deaths in the "Holodomor", watch how the sources they used for Mao's 100 trillion are bordering on make-believe:

Sino Soviet Split was pants on head retarded.

Which team are you on, Holla Forums?

He was good and inspired MLM which is also good.

Well I was reading some of his works on marxist library and they kept having to add footnotes whenever he references a work of Lenin because none of the works actually existed. The dude just made shit up and attributed it to Lenin. From that alone Mao is a dumbass.


you should all be ashamed of yourself

Would have remained the face of anti-imperialism, if only he didn't turn out to be a terrible ruler, also an imperialist.

Meanwhile in the US they were busy turning the Florida Everglades into a parking lot and creating burning rivers. Ecology was in its infancy at that point. NO one understood how that shit worked. It's completely unfair to attack Mao over the sparrow issue.

Mao Maoism and the P.R.C has always been trash

Mao was right that the government of the USSR was full of right-deviationists but the split was unnecessary and Mao himself ended up moving to the right even of the revisionist Soviets when it came to his idiotic foreign policy ("Three Worlds Theory", fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan, normalizing relations with right-wing governments).
Also does black mean they maintained relations with both?

Only maoist I ever met was fucking nuts and tried to kill me. Sort of ruined my first impression of maoism. I know that's not fair, but it's been hard to approach that ideology with an open mind since then. I'm tempted to say the worst thing about maoism is maoist.

Story time?

had no idea Unruhe's landlord posted here

Mao was fine until 1956 then became a class traitor and Machiavellian dipshit.

I'm so sorry that you met my brother Jason.

Wow. I remember learning in school tht the stars represented China's ethnic groups. What was Mao's rationale for keeping the national bourgeoisie?

Yeah, he was my first room mate. He was also a Chinese immigrant on a visa and about 7 years older than me. We met through work, and at the time he seemed stable enough. I was 19 and living out of my car, which is a whole another story, and needed a place to stay. He was renting a house from a landlord, and told me there was a room available. I didn't have to sign a lease or anything, so I thought why the hell not. The arrangement was mutually beneficial, until he started dating a girl that moved into the same home. Overtime, he became increasingly paranoid that she was cheating on him because we went to see a movie together. Keep in mind, I knew her before he did, and I never really thought she was that attractive. We were just friends.

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The Virgin Walk vs the Chad walk?

How did you know he was maoist and not dengist?

He had a lot of things that he'd recommend by Mao that I never had time to read, and he called himself a Maoist. I guess he could have been a Dengist, I just never heard him mention it.

I'm sorry that you went through that. But hey Maoism wasn't a thing until the 80s long after Mao's death, so you can still like him without clinging to his ideology.

welp i'm convinced.. too bad about him hope he stays out of society

He was simultaneously incredibly smart and profoundly retarded.

Team USSR, no compromise with America!

Mao was a great guerilla leader, but as a ruler he was less than stellar, and socialism in China didn't long survive him. The cultural revolution was a mistake, backing Pol Pot was a mistake, etc.


That's just mlm plenty of people called themselves maoists before that

PubMed isn't "literally the US government"

Are you sure your not thinking about the Original Chinese republic flag?

It was a terrible idea that anyone with half a brain would have laughed at. You can't use the excuse that ecology was a new field because countries have tried similar schemes in the past and they always backfire.

Rule of thumb:

The bigger the death count they try to pin on you the bigger of a hero you are.


Could just be a translation issue.

Mao was probably mentally ill and a lot of policies he took unironically probably killed a ton of people, not 50 million but undeniably a lot, but you know, he put in the effort, he succeeded (in his time at least), and he inspired people, for this all his mistakes can be ignored entirely and he is to be considered a more "shade of white" than shade of grey.

This might seem like a condescending shitpost but it isn't, I unironically believe this.

This, most of the mistakes in management under democratic centralism are forgivable, some of them inevitable, most of them teething issues with a brand new system that was showing to be extremely effective in eradicating poverty regardless of major fuck ups here and there, the splitting and betrayal however is inexcusable. If the USSR hadn't betrayed the anarchists and they had gone ahead with ideas to allow anarchist experiments, as well as not got cunty with the chinks and actually had a little solidarity, probably we would have had global communism by now.

Yeh bro, straight up ignore the single biggest contradiction/tension within the working class itself, I mean its not like these groups are historically at odds, and this had played out over thousands of years or anything, nah best just pretend the proletariat are one big homogenous mass because they don't own property…..but wait, some peasants DO own smallhold property? Oh.. the general nature of how their labour under capitalism is exploited is slightly different to the way an urban factory workers is, therein lying the tension between the two..well shit.

damn son some people are just fucking nuts, its when you said this

it really stood out to me, reminds me of a bunch of people i know,i've noticed with people like this they are basically all incredibly stuck up but in really weird ways, like they will pick up on random shit like this no normal person would even perceive or mention, and then make out like its the end of the fucking world or something, like they don't have real reasons to be angry, or more to direct their anger at you, so they just invent something totally spurious. Had a couple exes that did this, its actually kind of fascinating, he is probably mentally ill though, my last ex did this and she was diagnosed, the one before that did the same and she was undiagnosed but way crazier than the diagnosed one so

He's completely right. What a great quote. IMO Mao's brilliant quotations make up for all his failures.

Mao was shit and his "dialectics" were shit.


Did he try to kill him too?

mao was ite