Spitballing ideas

ITT: spitball/brainstorm what you think is good praxis and then others can tell what they think about it.

I've been thinking about housing corporations owned by trade unions, since the state has shifted away from social housing. Do you think it would work?

I see your housing corporations owned by trade unions, and raise you a tenants' union/housing cooperative duel-power alliance. The tenants' union job is to fight slum lords, resist gentrification, and ensure collective bargaining rights for all renters. The housing cooperative scoops up properties that are abandoned by landlords that can not endure the assault from the tenants' union. They would work together on a city-by-city basis, eventually expropriating all the landlords and rolling all housing together under the cooperative banner.

Not sure myself of this, but still interested in what you guys think, but I've been recently watching Narcos, and in this show (for a quite important amount of time, at least in the poorer areas of Colombia) Escobar is seen as a left wing type character, since constantly gave out money to the poor and built houses for them. Also, keep in mind all the cocaine they produced (as far as I'm aware) was sold in the US, not in his own country. So, is this a good revolutionary praxis? It's not like most poor americans could even afford buying snow, so what do you think?

Selling coke and heroin means you're in direct competition with CIA on the drug market. It's great praxis.

Nice, perhaps this should be attempted again in the recent future

Preeeetty sure a big reason the US wants to wreck NK is that they produce large amounts of opium.

They do? Wow, I would've never imagined they did

don't they have afghanistan for that?

That's the point. I'm not saying the USA needs the North Korean poppy fields, they just want to remove a competitor.

not sure how much of a joke this is, but i actually sell heroin and i don't think it's good praxis whatsoever… cocaine i could see, because it's a drug that rich bougies on Wall St buy, but the people who buy junk from me are poor, and all their money goes to it. it's predatory and smacks of capitalist exploitation. and yet i do it every damn day anyway because i'm poor too, and i need the money to support my own fucking habit.

Well, the dope you're selling probably comes from the CIA. I was mostly talking about stuff like FARC that handle production too.

this already exists
and no, it's not going to solve shit

but my points still stand even if you're producing it yourself, don't they? it's exploitative. the people who are addicted to heroin are addicted because they are trying desperately to resolve the misery and alienation they experience bc of capitalism, and by selling them heroin you are directly taking advantage of that alienation in an exploitative, capitalist way. you use their alienation as a means to push commodities onto them by claiming they will fix it, classic capitalism - not good praxis, whether or not it competes with CIA.

Well, you do have a point. But it's coke we are talking about here. It's a whole different story to heroin

Here's a thought: Why not stop banning people for wrongthink and facilitate proper discussion and cooperation between leftists?

The thread about the former US army soldier saw many deleted effortposts and completely unwarranted bans, and earlier today some mod lost her shit when one comrade revealed he served in a western military. If I didn't know any better, I'd say we're being subverted by COINTELPRO.

We actually start becoming more politically reactionary to become more appealing to Gen Z in order to out compete the Alt-right.

Gen Z isn't reactionary. That's just a meme.

Give up our principles to attract morons, smart move "leftist"

Eat shit. They will fall in line or fall dead.


tentants' unions are pretty weak, aren't they?
wish they were stronger

It's February. Fighting season in the Northern Hemisphere is coming up, by which I mean when it's warm enough to stay outside and occupy shit and march. Occupy Wall Street started in September which was retarded since it got too cold after like a month and a half. I think we should have a big year.

It's funny I talk to people about politics all the time and everyone is fucking down that wealth inequality is gay and all that jazz. Similarly everyone hates social justice but that's fine because that's just the recuperated politics commodified by capital. So no problem, we're against that too.

This is for America: we need to have a strong line of hating both parties. This Chomsky-esque line of voting for Democrats has to stop dead in it's tracks. I know I'm preaching to the choir here.

In addition, we should do internationalist organization. We should organize groups and put out writings, and be able to collaborate across national boundaries to come up with joint statements. Class consciousness must be internationalist, there are no national classes.

To confront IDpol we just need to emphasize that breaking things up into disciplines and topics is arbitrary- economics is politics is military is society is religion. Not sure if I'm talking heresy here but the fact is that all parts of life are inextricable- if you think economy is so different from religion, for example, think of the faith you need in the stock market, that your shipment will get there, that your higher ups won't just screw you over (they will).

In this way we basically affirm everyone's right to make their personal political, but we introduce accountability by saying that whatever leeway you give yourself must be generalizable to others as well. I.E. we don't hate incels but there's no more sympathy for incels than there is for black people and vice-versa. This is to recognize that use value is in the eye of the beholder since it relies on political goals which it's not our place to correct. If someone wants white people to exist as long as possible, that's fine. It's just that that interest is wrapped up in global communism, just like justice for black people or world peace are.

So in sum I would say we need demonstrations. I'm sick of seeing idiots on the news talking about capitalist set piece after capitalist set piece. We need to go out and have a message which is basically "fuck all politicians. we demand a decent future. everyone is in principle okay but you better be ready to let go of what prevents others from having a decent life." Basically bare bones shit that doesn't pick any unnecessary fights or insist that we're edgy and cool because we're better than X. We're better than nobody, we're just the embodiment of the spirit of the age.

I honestly think if we get something started now it has a good chance to go all the way. I always thought Occupy should have made demands of the people instead of the state. Fuck the state.

They're a newish idea and in the past were bogged down by consumer activism. That's changing, but it's slow going. Just recently the LA tenants union (with the support of the Democrat Cops of America) just scored a win in Boyle Heights, which is hopefully a sign of things to come.

Agree. I'm sure many lurkers who are maybe even liberal are interested in becoming more leftist.

Even if they are massively wrong, closeminded, whatever, it's helpful to try to educate. Wouldn't harm anyone here.

whoever started propagating the idea that 19 year old shitposters are what got Trump has clearly never met a single fucking boomer

make an American Apoci party. when shit kicks off, put on pants twice as large as your waist and run into the Rocky mountains with your SKS.


I've had an idea brewing for a while.
AntiFa is devoted to the destruction and containment of violent, far right, radical ideas. But what if there was a group which did similar things to fight not a fringe group, but the current establishment? A group whose objective would be to fight the ruling class indoctrination we get daily? They would counter protest politicians and expose their puppets. They would attack them if possible. This group may also engage in advertising for leftist ideas. This may be through social media or hacktivism: maybe hacking a popular liberal website to display a PDF of a section of Das Capital for SuccDems. Another option would certainly be in a revolutionary period: but actual attacks upon media organizations to stop them from operating in propogandating the public.

Just a thought…

I like this praxis, but I think we should stay strictly legal until we reach a critical point at which point we would move to a violent phase.

Actually we are, and Marx was controlled opposition.