Arm the teachers

When are American leftists going to embrace the idea of arming teachers? School shootings are going to keep happening no matter what measures are taken, and teachers are essentially the first line of defense in shooting situations. If we could arm and train the teachers, we'd not only be making schools into harder targets for mass shooters. We'd be arming and training one of the most unionized AND most under appreciated workforces in America. There's shortsighted rightwing support for this idea, and if the left can get in on the ground floor of support it could be used to grow leftist gun clubs instead.

Arm the union thugs. Arm the teachers

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ok, but lots of teachers in the USA are ultra-reactionary classcucks and would probably just start gunning down black students

I’d like one of you pro-AR for kids retards to explain why teachers shouldn’t be armed. Don’t all proles need to be armed?

This is genuinely a good idea.
They wouldn't gun down black students if all the students were armed as well. They'd get shot before they could finish a full classroom.

Well easy, just give guns to the students too, surviving high school will be good preparation for living in the dystopian hellscape of America 2040.

Congrats, you made school killings more evenly distributed and normalized.

Do you also think that if everyone suddenly had all their bills paid for and wealth distributed to them, they'd stop doing anything entirely and society would just collapse? Less guns in populace = artificial scarcity = capitalism and shit.

Finally I've seen the ultimate bastardisation of dialectics.

The ancaps are right, just legalise recreational nuclear weapons so America can be put out of its misery


Teachers are far less reactionary than the average American… which isn't saying much, but it's there. But that's where the teacher's union comes in. Arming the teachers, necessarily, means arming the union - and armed unions are THE key to rebuilding union power in the United States. Rebuild union power and those ultra-reactionary classcucks either get woke or get out. Organization is key, but this presents an incredible opportunity.
1. Rebuilding union power.
2. Spreading class consciousness.
3. Build membership for leftist gun clubs.
4. Capture the hearts and minds of America's children.
5. Decrease mass shootings
Yeah, there's possible pitfalls, but this is a serious organizing opportunity that the left is passing up for muh morals


Arming teachers ain't changing shit. If a kid walks into a classroom and starts shooting, teachers aren't going to shoot fast enough, due to the amount of shock a situation like that creates.

It takes some serious military training to get a regular non-sociopathic human to actually shoot another person even if in danger. And even if they actually pull their guns out, a high school full of teenagers panicking their way to the exit will make it almost impossible to spot the shooter and kill him without accidentally shooting another student.


Pretty much every American high school already has a few armed, on-duty police offices patrolling the halls every day now. Bluntly, I'd rather the teachers be armed than have a cop patrol.

If the government made it obligatory for teachers to have military training in order to be hired they would most likely be ultra-conservative and not the liberal pro-union teachers.

recipe for disaster

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lmfao, leftypol really is where the fucking neckbeard rejects of Holla Forums crawl off to after getting their asses hammered by irrefutable facts.

Are you guys being ironic or are you actually serious.

I'm all for arming unions, but arming school teachers seems…wrong. It's bad enough that kids are shooting each other, but you want to give one of the most underpaid and under represented members of western society a firearm and in addition have them teach children?

inb4 morality is a spook.

Oh no, we'll lose the liberal union members! What are we going to do without them educating our children?!

Fuck off, liberal.

Morality is a spook!

Wipe this meme off the face of the earth

Yep, kids get thrown to the ground and cuffed regularly by pigs.

This happens bi-monthly in the working-class schools.

They won't remain underpaid and under represented for very long once we give all of them guns. That's, in fact, the entire point.

Point. Serious paramilitary training funded and organized by the union, then.

Conservatives ARE liberals, faggot. Get fucked.

Will never happen.

They say the same about communism, too.

American cops have shot young black kids before because they felt "threatened". American cops could shoot a guy in a wheelchair tomorrow and i wouldn't be surprised. They're capable of anything.

That would be better, but it is only happening is hsit really hits the fan

So you want there to be no teachers then fuckwit? Suck my dick, choke on it

American Unions are by-and-large anti-communist, anti-militant, and even anti-strike-action. Sure, there's IWW and UE, but they're irrelevant outside of New England and Chicago.

What? You know that isn't what i said. I said i agree that teachers should be armed, and i also suggested teachers should be leftist.

Yes you fucking neoliberal

There aren't even 10% enough leftists to replace the teachers in America even in this fantasy of yours, why even bring it up?

Which is why we use a wedge-issue like school shootings to win them over. Once you introduce the guns, introducing the idea of armed protest and getting them involved in lefty gun groups isn't that much of a stretch. From there, class consciousness awakens.

No shit things won't just fall into place on their own. Why are you fucks so hell bent on not organizing?


You might have a poit, but think about it from the shooters perspective. Sure, you got Ms. Adams that failed you, and that bully Susan, but the next class knows there is a shooting. In your (addled) mind, you don't really know how likely it is you will get shot. Students usually aren't evacuated, they are usually hidden in the back of a room or a closet with the lights off. The teacher could basically "camp" the door and blow the kid away. Of course, they probably wouldn't, but do you really think the average school shooter is risk tolerant? This is a person whose idea of retribution/punishment comes from an overwhelming advantage and culminates in a guaranteed death or capture. I don't know, I can really see the value in teachers having guns.

Sensitive redditor, go collect more upboats.

Don't you think that most school shooters are depressed and/or suicidal? I don't think they care about kill counts as so much they just want to go out with a bang. Most of them end by killing them selfs anyway. You're literally just threating a suicidal dude.

the absolute state of the left

the absolute state of Holla Forumsyps

all the better. reactionary teachers gunning down black students makes great headlines. its deluxe acceleration as it polarizes the nation and alienates the rightwing further

is it really trolling when i'm just repeating what has already been said over and over in this thread, but in greentext?

Yup. Back to Holla Forums with ye, pathetic little man.

I am a teacher. Damn straight I want a gun.

No, I don't. They might be depressed or suicidal sometiems, but Ive never seen evidence that most are.
Then why shoot up their school? They could shoot a police station, a mall, a theatre, etc… Plenty of bang to be had in easier places. Yet they don't, and I would agree, I don't think the goal is a kill count. I think a kill count may be a necessary part of a plan for some, but I don't think it is a goal in and of itself.
I think that a school shooter is, first and foremost, angry. What about sadness makes someone want to kill another? They are so sad about their lack of friends, their lack of meaning, purpose, that they wish to kill their fellow students? Perhaps they are sad, but that isn't why they shoot their classmates. They are angry at them. They hate them for being cruel, for not being them, for… It is unimportant. They have an opportunity to terrify and destroy the objects of their hatred. They take it, that's what I see.
They are avoiding punishment. They don't want jail time, so they kill themselves.
Threatening a shooter, someone with a goal of killing. This is different from threatening a suicidal person. The suicidal person isn't living anymore, so they don't care, but a shooter is committed to the shooting. They have one final goal before they take their exit. They don't want to get shot by some teacher; they want to shoot students unmolested. My thoughts, I have too many of them.

Holy shit I knew you commies were delusional but Hot Damn

can't you just buy one like everyone else?


Is that even a real quote, though?
Maybe he was talking about Poland or something, but Hitler has always been a shit-tier anti-gun-control argument. He literally loosened gun control for most of Germany, encouraged gun ownership, and was already sterilizing Jews years before he even restricted their (and communists') access to guns. His only moves towards gun control were against people who he was already officially an enemy to.

I don't trust teachers with guns - not in a position where they are in authority. This is the primary function of primary school teachers - a lot of them are genuine fucking idiots who would refuse to teach evolution at all if their job didn't depend on it. I didn't say most - but there's a fair chunk of teachers whose only qualification to teach anything is coming straight from the textbook, and who even then will pepper their classes with their own personal misinformation.

Teachers should absolutely have guns - they should be armed to fight the state. But this is a stupid, NRA-tier solution to school shootings, and reinforces arbitrary authority in school settings. Ultimately, it also means there will be more guns in schools and thusly more opportunity for some kind of gun violence to occur even if it offers some deterrent to mass shootings. The reason for this "guns to solve gun violence" stuff is simple - sell more guns.

Atlanta has surpassed Chicago in murder since Georgia got its "guns everywhere" law. And honestly, I was surprised - I didn't expect it to change so much, so this is a tad bit worse than I'd ever imagined. And maybe it's unrelated - I've never seen anyone else note this "coincidence." But if they really had it in mind to make our campuses and our city safer, they certainly failed.

But I think the union should militarize, sure.

You conveniently forgot the


At least try harder than this, man.

Don't know, this just feels like a recipe for disaster.

Dont you have a school to shoot up there, little buddy?

I don't think you'd like it here tbh, there's no Holla Forumsesque coddling you'd be used to.


That's not fair, I've met many spergs who would never do something like this.

Teachers should receive military and arms training before getting an AR.

This goes for the students as well


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How's about we just place all of the boons in the nice, clean, luxury top of the line zoos instead?

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Who the fuck cares where you're from?

Sounds like prison.

Read/listen to Fredric Jameson's American Utopia!

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Shouldn't carry guns in classrooms due to the likely hood of some child related disaster
They should own guns tho.


If my teachers had guns my class would have been dead 5 times over. Giving guns to people who are under alot of stress and suffer tons of disrespect from both their bosses and the people they are supposed to be teaching seems like a recipe for disaster. If Canadian school is anything like American school arming teachers is gonna result in alot more suicides and mass shootings.

Underrated post

sound off like you've got a pair soldier

t. not American

Teachers are heavily unionized in America, most aren’t fully classpilled but they lean left substantially.

t. definitely not from Holla Forums
What next, soyboy?

Guess what? Give guns to people who suffer tons of disrespect from their bosses, and their bosses will start respecting them. Or else.


propaganda? i guess

Teachers are a lot farther left than your avrege American.

You're boring, go shoot up a school.

Do you remember what school was like? In the words of jim jefferies:

Wait now that I think about it that might not be a terrible idea.

Darwinism in fast forward ftw

good one.


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anybody else think this is hot?
pic related

This is the worst fucking solution I've ever heard of.

Home school the children. Problem solved.

You're full of shit

What about the teachers' feelings on this? People don't become teachers because they want to get into a fire fight, people become teachers because they want to fucking teach. Can you imagine your sweet 70 year old English teacher from middle school using a gun or even wanting to? You make teachers get military training and use weapons, you'll see teachers quitting en masse. And not to mention a lot of teachers are social liberals who want much stronger gun control. Honestly the idea of arming the teachers is so absurd, only someone who doesn't remember what it's like to be in primary or secondary school could advocate it.


Inb4 teachers start gunning down students


that sounds extremely good

Literally already happened I'm sure. I know they killed someone with aspergers, someone having a seizure, someone deaf, etc.