Black Feminist revisionism

Did she just advocate historical revisionism? Can someone explain to me why this is okay from the anarchist perspective?

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90% of history needs to be revised, it doesn't matter your tendency.

Actually give a summary plz.

1. She advocates a form of relativistic, Black feminist anarchism.
2. Her theoretical background is with the Panthers and the Zapatistas, and she “doesn’t read white dudes” because she thinks they’re superfluous.
3. She criticizes Marxism because Marx didn’t adequately focus on the racial component of capitalism. (I disagree, but whatevs.)
4. Her systems involves a rejection of objectivity and an emphasis on individualized, lived experiences forming the basis of a horizontal community structure.
5. This process requires historical revisionism a “useful historical revisionism” which would include highlighting racialized capitalist elements and the exclusion of Black women from Black nationalism.

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This may sound really bad, but i have never encountered a black leftist who wasn't like this. They are all obsessed with identity and "individualized, lived experiences" (anecdotes) and are generally some of the most bigoted people you will ever meet.

I really wish it didn't have to be this way because I love black chicks but if they are left wing at all they are like this moron.

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Pure and absolute garbage even tho I'm not a Marxist everyone knows revisionism is bad.

maybe things would be different if the mainstream left didn't completely disregard their experiences and needs cause it's dominated by white dudes

the non-mainstream left will continue to dismiss them because theyre liberals and their feels are irrelevant to our cause

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The left caters to the needs of minorities almost exclusively. Have you ever been to an American leftist org in real life? It's all they talk about.

Police brutality is an issue that disproportionately affects black people and the left talks about it constantly.

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What black people need is to no longer make up the bottom rung of capitalist society by throwing off capitalism all together and destroying it to make an egalitarian and Democratic society. Any black person isnt focused on that EXCLUSIVELY is their own worst enemy, not "leftist white dudes."

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Hold on, what the fuck does that actually mean? I'm not going to watch it either way so do us all a favor and explain what she means precisely. Is it a "there's no such thing as truth" meme relativism that people somehow get duped into believing or is it more nuanced than that? What exactly is "black feminist" anarchism as opposed to other forms of anarchism?
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This seems to be a very common notion, is there any merit to it? Obviously capitalism is not bound by race, but is there anything this critique focuses on that Marxism overlooks?
This is again a case of semantics, what does she mean by "objectivity"? I'm guessing the rejection of some "objective" method of analysis in favor of whatever that amorphous thing she's proposing.
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7/10 got me interested OP, this is intriguing in the same way that electric universe theory is intriguing.


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I had no ideal black women didn't need healthcare or living wages



This is… a not half bad explanation of how I feel right now.

That’s sort of what I was starting the thread for. I wanted to see if there were any anarchists here, feminist or Black maybe, who could elaborate on these points and make them not look like horse shit to me.

I can answer a couple based on what she said, I think. Black anarchism, to her, is this idea she has that Black people originally developed anarchist tendencies long before Proudhon. They believed in horizontally structured societies based on mutual aid, and therefore acknowledgement of Proudhon’s influence is unnecessary. The Black feminist part seems to be more of this Black-consciousness stuff, with notions that women of colour specifically driving to build their own societies centred around lived experiences is somehow more meaningful or something.

My objection to her point that Marxism doesn’t account for race is such: she may be correct that Marx doesn’t have an entire book, say, dedicated to discussing race specifically (not that she would know; she refuses to read him), but to say Marxism inadequately accounts for the racial element is silly. Any Marxist worth their salt could tell you that capitalism developed through a slave economy and that therefore the historical oppression of Black people became an integral part of the system.

I’m not entirely sure what she means about rejecting objectivity, but that’s one of the main things I was hoping to discuss. My interpretation is that she rejects objectivity as an analytical framework, aaaaand I don’t like that. So if anyone else knows what she means and if she means something different, I would like to know.

It sounds like she should read Kropotkin

"Black people", she better be very fucking specific here. In Africa? Which region? In the colonies? As slaves or as freemen?
This stinks of typical burger racialism due to being rootless amalgamations of immigrants. Still, if what she says is true, to whichever group it applies, there should be a real historical focus and an observation of the material conditions, but alas, she is an anarkiddie and thus an idealist.
then there is really no point to speculate on the meaning of some idealistic nonsense borne out of ignorance


I think he meant during colonial occupation, not just the Americas.

I think, in her view, Class is just another form of identity politics.

He’s a white dude, so she won’t. Plus, she said something about his materialist interpretation being exclusionary to the “embodied knowledge” of people of colour in anarchism or something.

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