What is the consensus on Holla Forums of the hippie movement? Are they not considered here as leftists...

What is the consensus on Holla Forums of the hippie movement? Are they not considered here as leftists? I don't browse here much but I never see them discussed.

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Not economic enough, more cultural, therefore not /ourfreinds/

Liberal cancer.

Very dangerous
Most flower people and they're attitudes toward power played right into the hands of those already in power. Just having everyone do lsdand be nice to each other wasn't going to actually change much of anything

Much to idealistic and doomed to fail

Why would drugged up pacifists be discussed here?

Originally they were, but they've been gone for at least 30 years.

Let be honest though, the worthwhile achievements of the 60's counter culture were the anti-war movement, their support for the civil rights struggle, and 2nd wave feminism. And that's where it ends, as after this they were harmlessly absorbed into the liberal establishment after that. Which is predictable, because their ideological base was always liberal, except for some isolated cases. Honestly, the best thing to come out of the 1960s was the Black Panther Party.


my inner conservative hates hippies with a passion

Much a, are we not for women's liberation? Sure it go coopted by liberalism, but I'd say that the entry of women into economic sectors that were previously denied to them is worthwhile, even in its distorted bourgeois form.

First wave, best wave, only wave. Everything else is liberal idpol and a mistake.

Fucking autocorrect, that was supposed to be nigga


Between their dogshit neopaganism and general idealism hippie types have next to 0 revolutionary potential, at least in my experience. I'd say send them to gulag but I doubt they'd be particularly useful there, either

The hippie movement represents something good, but in practice it was bad.

It represents something good because the American people finally snapped out of the culture of keeping your head down, blending in, and conforming and replaced it with a culture that celebrates individual expression and freedoms. It also represented the youth finally actively """"""""""resisting""""""""""" or at least not liking the political status quo.

The bad part comes in when you look at their actual praxis. Smoking weed and tripping on LSD is cool and rebellious but it doesn't end wars and it doesn't change the government. Their strategy was basically just "like… just be nice man" and that doesn't cut it.

Their failure as a movement is what lead to the baby boomers becoming jaded old fuck a who vote against their own interests with republicans all the time because the caricature of the left that was created in the 60's is what they still see the left as. Dead heads with no praxis who just like, want you to be nice….and stuff….. man.

A lot of them seem to have been basically utopian socialists to me.


Most hippies are liberals so will therefore go into the gulag. The ones that are actual leftists will be re-educated with showers and then can join.

my hatred of hippies was born after I spent some time in vermont

they are the absolute worst

Great GoogalyMoogly, that's exactly what happened.

Southern burger here.

When I was in college my roommate was an evangelical Christian who believed that the earth was 6000 years old and that evolution was a lie.

I showed him the spirit science series and we bonded over making fun of the ridiculous religious and scientific claims that are maid in the series.

Over time he shed his faith and now I have him reading Stalin.

Conservatives are honestly easier to convert to communism. Weather you agree with their beliefs or not, they at least have beliefs, and you can appeal to their broader sensibilities to get them to see the truth like freedom and democracy.

However, liberals don't believe in anything and instead go for the "we all have our own personal truth" cop out. If the only moral good you believe in is that violence is bad and that you shouldn't hurt people's feelings, then you have no hope.

This is why I believe that non-racist (and they are becoming increasingly rarer) conservatives are easier to convert than liberals.

Feminists fight for nothing in the first world. To liberate women of the third world, you must dismantle capitalism. You aren't a feminist if you are a capitalist.

The Soviet Union in effect was second wave feminist even though it never actually had second wave feminist movement.

The rights second wave feminists fought for (equal access to employment, abortion, right to divorce, protection against domestic violence, and access to childcare) were all guaranteed by the soviet constitution.

*insert lacanianism*

No, that's just extension of socialist feminist thought.

Pretty much my sentiment.
"Are you anti-capitalist?". "No? OK, I'm done listening."


All of this was co-opted by neoliberal govermentality though.
I'm not saying it's bad, I just find it amusing that it was nominally anticapitalist movements that ultimately shaped the contemporary capitalist subject.

First wave feminism was the most bourgeoisie wave of feminism. You realize a lot of first wave feminists wanted to limit the vote to higher class women, and many were for imperialism.

Third wave is the best wave and here's why, because it's about all women opposing hierarchy and capitalism.

Is it true most hippies voted for Reagan?

Third-wave literally gave birth to "intersectionality", you dolt.

First-wave has the Socialist International establish the International Women's Day.

Intersectionality fights racial and gender hierarchy which have been put in place by capitalists to divide and conquer the workers you dolt.

Then why do capitalists adore them so?


acid burnouts

Capitalists will use anything to profit, even if the product they sell appears to have a non-capitalist message. For instance, there was a mass produced antifa jacket that was sold at a store for 600$.

Capitalists don't love feminism, they love the feminist market. Black Panther, Wonder Woman, the female Ghostbusters don't do anything to advance the feminist cause or black rights. They merely convince middle and upper class people that a difference is being made.

Black people's rights and women's rights are best addressed under socialism. This is proven by Cuba having perhaps the best rights for trans-people in the world, and the USA and other capitalist nations (Israel, South Africa) abusing the rights of minorities and only having better rights for women than theocratic nations.

idpol isn't something that should be denounced. Poor urban blacks and single mothers suffer horribly under capitalism.

Furthermore, a lot of idpollers are pro-socialism.

Idpol is cancer. Idpollers are cancer. And you should know better after Occupy Wallstreet.

Occupy Wall Street was cancer, and many marxists attended. Does that make Marxism cancer?

Did the Negro Hut of Uncle Tom merely convince the middle and upper class that difference is being made regarding the view of black slaves as having humanity, or did the book itself spread this notion?

I really don't understand how the act of something being sold, of a profit being made of it, renders the thing itself ideologically void or merely soothing at best.

Occupy wallstreet was co-opted by liberals and all that come along with them. It started off good but then devolved into shit.

It wasn't cancer until intersectionalists showed up and proceeded to shit on everything with watered down cries of "Fight the patriarchy" or "Fight racism"

Ironically if the Holla Forums and FBI conspiracy that it was sponsored by the USSR was true it would have been much better.

What of 'Nam?

If there libs, they get the bullet, if they are C O M R A D E S, they can take a shower

second wave radfems were the best and the least liberal fight me

I tend to attract "hippy"-type women so I don't necessary mind them. Also they were an anomaly since most boomers actually supported American imperialism during the 60s.

How do you do it user? I'm jealous.

Ex conservative here. What conservatives get right is how fake liberals are. They are sick of how hypocritical most are. They know something is up but can't explain it. To this day, I still hate liberals the most.

We learned that peace and "talking it out" doesnt work.

That's because liberals are hipster conservatives. The positions of liberals are entirely dictated by opposing conservatives. Up to and including LARPing as communists.

P.S. Conservatives are still liberals, nub.

I actually like hippies (and beats). There are a few problems, though - first, they were commodified/turned into a bullshit trend pretty quickly. So a lot of "hippies" were completely bogus, and there was kind of a deliberate shift from leftist politics to drugs and woo.

Secondly, the new left as a whole had the negative impact of leaving behind this perpetual fixation on social issues over everything else. I suspect part of this may have been a result of the sabotage, but part of it was also encouraged by, I assume, the actual "new left." And by the '70s there were all these new left movements that were just total ideological segmented trash. This has had a serious lasting impact.

That said, there were various pros to it - the anarchist/socialist ideology of actually political hippies was not bad. They started a lot of communes, which was (and is) extremely good - as well as a positive DIY approach. Many of their social goals were achieved, and in America at the time their positions were still pretty radical. They also (along with beats) marked kind of a shift in how America sees its government - though that was more an LBJ/post-Kennedy assassination thing.

And the music kicked ass, obviously.

The drugs were cool to


all feminism is the most bourgeoisie wave of feminism