Drunkposting but serious question:

drunkposting but serious question:

what will you guys do to leftist tendencies that disagree with you if you have a successful revolution?

and if another tendency leads a revolution, what will you do? ☭TANKIE☭s, would you join a trot revolution? anarchists, would you join a ☭TANKIE☭ party?

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leave these dated, failed 'tendencies' behind, and anyone who sticks to them is a LARPer

read zizek

I'm drunk too.
Of course. But so far, every single revolution has been Marxist-Leninist, so yeah. I actually don't hate Trots as much as Leftcoms, at least Trots don't pull off this "not real socialism" bullshit. I wish Leftcoms would just restrict themselves to academic Marx readings and don't comment on political affairs. I actually liked Michael Heinrich's introduction to capital, but why the need to lash out against Marxism-Leninism?!

Most anarchists I've met wouldn't, but Holla Forums has a bunch of cool anarchists so they probably would.

This is literally the biggest problem with Holla Forums and modern day leftism in general
There are multiple incompatible schools of thought, without improper guidance we'll fuck up

Define dated.
There's your problem.

That's what would happen if there was a Holla Forums, left twitter or left reddit revolution, but in reality there's usually just a Marxist-Leninist party leading the revolution, with a few smaller factions either cooperating or getting completely crushed.

Revolutions are not done by political "tendencies" alone, to think history in terms of them is the most idealistic reductionism. Socialist revolution is to be done by the workers, organized in organs of dual power.

Here's an example of Soviet proletarian democracy in action, a personal account by John Reed, who visited Russia during the revolutionary process. Essentially, the soviets elect their own representatives and these could very well not be the "leading force" of the process (the Bolsheviks). The text in fact even mentions soviets of bourgeois representation: marxists.org/archive/reed/1918/soviets.htm


Posadism is the shining light forward


I'll write a book about it then turn in my allies to the reactionary government.

I have always defended Orwell’s decision here. The stance Stalin took in the Spanish civil war cost the Republicans their victory and by extension put a bullet in Orwell’s neck. He was only getting even when he gave the British that list of soviet sympathizers. It was egoist as hell and I support it.

The assumes that it would be impossible for the various parties to agree to divide the planet between them and field test their varying ideas.

most "leftists" would suffer the same fate as any other social democrat.

lock them out of parliament, same as always.

kore wa



Try reading a history book instead of Homage to Kekalonia


You can't just ignore different opinions among Socialists (in this context lol), these will have to be dealt with whether or not we call them tendencies.

Probably laugh at them a lot? It really depends. I could see Coups, assasinations, etc…
I would support it, but I don't think it would work. The kind of autism that attracts legit Anarchists just doesn't work, and the same goes for most other tendencies. I guess the goal would be too revolution 2.0 them if they werent socialists, but they would probably be close enough it wouldn't matter, and people actually being correct would most likely succeed in influencing people that were already Socialists.

Proletarians will be the ones to organically develop the revolution's distinct ideological character in accordance to their material conditions. The role of communists are to instill and forment that revolutionary political nature to the trade union consciousness of proles and until class consciousness starts rising, no one can claim to be a vanguard.


fpbp. Corey you need to go to bed.

Nothing except vote against some policies in the worker's council. Ancoms can sit in their cozy bush communes and ☭TANKIE☭s can have their lovely asthetics, leftcoms can read and trots can help export the revolution. We CAN all work together.
I am above sectarianism. I will support any attempt at socialism, socdem or ☭TANKIE☭.
t. le friendly egoist

Kill them all
Just kidding
If I am part of the largest movement I automatically have the ability and democratic right to enact my view on society, if other groups are significant they obviously also get a voice because power to the workers, not the leaders. I would not kill them and encourage left unity, allowing all opinions to be voiced and none to be dismissed as "evil". The economic power of the rich would obviously be suppressed and removed, which should remove the power of reactionaries to destroy what we have created.

Geography does not align with political orientation. You would need to displace most humans on earth, and non-worldwide leftism is against the spirit of leftism.