Amazon's new workplace perk, "The Spheres", will officially open on Monday

Where were you when Amazon made a useless bunch of energy sucking cyber testicles for HR reasons

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The workers are stored in the balls

We’re definitely not being colonized by lizard aliens from the Sirius star system that’s the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard

I hate Amazombies so much.


40,000 plants huh….it would be a shame if some employee just accidentally lit his cigarette…and they became great balls of fire…

Meanwhile amazon delivery drivers are forced to pee in bottles and live on food stamps.

inb4 boogaloos spray graffiti and break windows

Look at the plants though

Stare at the plants

Contemplate the plants and talk about HR.

Love our plants

Field testing for the post climate collapse human resource habitation zones

finally somebody made a scuplture of me balls, me very veigny balls :)

And I hadn't even seen this bit yet

So you can say that, the balls are fertile?

quite fertile they seem, if all goes well I´m sure you´ll be seeing them in your town soon enough, Amazon having money to burn

Tired: A boot stomping on a face for the rest of eternity
Inspired: Childhood's End, but dumber

I seriously doubt that, this shit isn't the actual drones doing all the real work, it's for the pampered technotwat psychos building the systems of oppression.

I'm real sure that the fulfilment centre workers will be allowed to bring their dogs into work soon too, you know, if they can squeeze in the time to play with them in between 90 second turnaround times on orders.

this is a fucking fire hazard

Shouldn't Deidre be complaining instead?
Though Hive are the canon enemies of the Believers

At least the fire would be contained quickly lol

Give me the spheres daddy Bezos

Holy fuck I just noticed they're veined too. Look at it.

I doubt it, she's pretty okay with crazy experiments with the lives of human beings too, so long as they involve plants, which this one does too incidentally

the only good leader would be a mixture of Domai and Lal, with a dash of Skye, Roze, and Zakharov

the fuck that about?

It was more about blanketing Planet in cities
Holla Forums AC match when?

The workers are stored in the balls

We'd finally go full circle with this meme

Based Sheng-Ji Yang.

If only there was a faction that combined aspects of the Cybernetic Consciousness, Spartan Federation, University of Planet and the Human Hive.
That would basically be my ideology.

What if they got something wrong and being a cybernetic demigod actually was a pit of human suffering. Like they accidentally didn't know of a single part of the brain for whatever reason, and they all become one, but it like. Sucks real fucking bad. Like everyone is screaming.

Don't worry yourself worker, your productivity is down by 2.3%, the nest is a cozy warm place in the tropical to rest a while and recover your spirit, in the shade of the carnivorous plants…

I'm interested, especially if we voice chat and/or roleplay along acting as our respective character ideologies

Of course you would say that.


Jeff Bezos is our Yang but he's capitalist and he fucking sucks. Or is that Elon Musk. Or is that Peter Thiel

Who knows at this point they're all psychopaths who probably want a technological singularity for all the wrong reasons for mostly their own benefit. Or at least they're stupid enough to believe it

If you want to understand how the Silicon Valley leaders think about the world then IMO you need look no further than Macron; yes he's a banker/politician not a developer but then again most of them are money men too, and he's a technocrat elitist in the same way and unlike most of the Valley set he's forced to sometimes interact with ordinary people, and is dumb enough to say way too much of how he really feels due to arrogance, talking about his Napoleonic, Jupiterian shit. In short, they dream themselves our masters.

God AC is so fucking good

Or, to put it more simply, the Silicon Valley cartel are nothing more than the petty despots with delusions of grandeur and enlightenment that have haunted mankind for millenia, but these ones are potentially capable of actually developing the means to enslave mankind in totality, in mind and in body, for all time.

You think late capitalism is dystopic now? We're just getting warmed up.

where did technocratic elitism go so wrong?
in the 1960s it was all "white heat of the scientific revolution!" followed by going off and doing stuff like abolishing hanging without regard for what the public thought because it was good for them, it was some kind of genuine positive and enthusing vision.

now what have we got? a mixture of defence and deference to the status quo, and arrogant engineers. i dare go further, more opinionated: a sense of opposition to all that is good in man, and a sense of dedication to bringing out all that is bad in him. in the old days, they thought you could engineer a community by creating streets in the sky in fancy tower blocks, they wanted to bring out that desirable human behaviour. now we engineer a digital community as a vacuum on the wallets of the vacuous.

I personally think postmodernism has a lot to answer for, it's essentially the ultimate form of capitalist philosophy, there is no good or bad, there's only the self. I'd say the decay started when the moneychangers started to catch on to what the ultimately good-hearted scientists were saying, and got the idea they could use computers and logic-designed systems to make more money and control people, to make even more money. Then they bought up the whole of the media and before you knew it the little kids and teens smart with figures and logic that might have grown up dreaming of going to the stars in a better world grew up thinking of getting rich and showing everyone else who was boss. So they grew up and the computer programmers and the financial systems analysts and the statistical economists eventually became indistinguishable until we end up where we are now, with the smart having nothing greater to aim for than working for a big prestigious firm where they can bring their dogs to work, or some stupid shit.

Can we address for a second how well written Miriam as a character is. She's a total reactionary fundie completely infatuated with the idea of constructing an authoritarian theocracy, yet it is due to this goal and her devout belief to a God that causes her to be the one who questions the implications of rampant technological advancement and the expansion of such technology and AI into realms we had barely even begun contemplate. Everyone else is too busy building new technology "because we can" that they don't bother to even think over the consequences of what those technologies might entail. They become too obsessed in constructing what is essentially their own gods that they themselves fail to see the god they are constructing. The only character that is able to observe this from an outside perspective is the one who ALREADY has their god "on hand" and so, despite her hypocrisy, is able to point out the irony of man enslaving himself to lesser being of his own creation. The writing feels genuine because it makes sense that the antiquated outsider to this realm of technological advancement would be able to look from a perspective not afforded to those within it. Tbh, while canon Miriam is actually more of the story conscience if anything and somewhat less of a dick, the Miriam you encounter is equally as fitting and poetic.

If ethnic nationalism is okay for the Japanese, why is it bad for whites?

nice assumption you got there kiddo

too bad the smashies only care about nazi rallies cuz I'd love to see these things in shambles

Why would Japan do otherwise?

Stop it

What did you mean by this venerable cartoon-poster?

Why would the Japanese people choose to abandon their ethnic nationalism? There seems to be no advantage to them, but major risks. I was wondering what reason you think they would change.

what ethnic nationalism user? your assumption is entirely undefined and unsupported. pls explain.

What advantage does it give them beyond ensuring their ruling elite maintain their exploitative position. What did Obama actually do for black people? Just because someone shares some similar superficial traits with you does not make them trustworthy. There isn't some kind of ethereal link between arbitrary defined groups. You could go down a slippery slope to say who is more Japanese, you could base it how much Jomon they have in them. What matters is material condition, the bourgeoisie of all colors relies on an underclass of people, people of any ethnicity or race.


given it's a greenhouse and thus wet as shit…

really not the big risk you guys are making it out to be.

There's zero reason for them to remain in capitalism and with the abolishment of capitalism comes the eventual decline of nationalism. There's a breaking point, and Japan is rapidly approaching it.

Not trying to defend the whole "ethnic nationalism" thing but their birth rate is just slightly below Germany's.

Which is also why Germany imported millions of migrants to feed their industrial base. Its not really a fucking mystery
There's evidence that a baby boom in the developed countries will actually occur but it will not effect anything in the near-future:


That isn't good for a capitalist country which doesn't take in a sizable immigrant workforce. Germany can easily rely on EU labor and other outside sources, Japan has no such surplus labor army lying around.

Imagine being this oblivious

Imagine if they spent all that fucking money installing air conditioning in their "fulfillment centers."

Imagine if they stopped smuggling in illegal immigrants for slave labor (Republicans) and guaranteed voting blocks (Democrats) to work outside the existing laws of the land and subverting the health regulations of OSHA with horrible working conditions.

Where have I heard this story before?

Ethnic nationalism was sure great for all those Japanese that died in China and the Pacific.
Or all those Japanese workers that were incinerated, while the Zaibatsu heirs grew richer and richer.
Or the millions of salarymen and women whose whole lifes consist of working, getting home late in the evening, getting up, working, repeat.
Or all those elderly who are forced to work because otherwise they starve.
Fucking BASED right?

Some people see socialists, others liberals or fascists.
All I see are Americans.

Their not even trying anymore.


Forgot mp4

Jeff Bezos is apparently renovating his mansion too. Honestly there are lots of opportunities to physically remove this faggot but no one is taking them. Really makes you think.


it's a fucking GREENHOUSE
it's like 20% WATER

You do know plants are not fire resistant right?

lol what movie is this?

Not a movie. The X Files

Ethnic nationalism is not good for anyone.
It would be far better if we were all mixed, and were completely replaceable. Then the giant multinational corporations could advertise and sell the same things to everyone, there would be no need to cater to a particular culture. It would save a ton of money. Individualism is a disease, only globalism can save humanity, and globalism will only be complete when there are no cultures, no countries, just one corporation which owns the world and controls it all.

they are when they're green and wet?

A promo of the x files just finished playing the moment your post appeared.

Also that was suprisingly low budget, i dont remeber that episide.

Stable birth/death rate is the ideal state to be in. It is the outcome of having a safe, developed and healthy society.
It is a well established sociological formula.
If a country is poor, disease ridden, unstable, then births increase to counter likely infant mortality and other factors.
The opposite is true for stable places where infant mortality is very low.
Japan has almost no crime, has excellent infrastructure and medicine.
The idea of "requiring" an ever expanding population to infinity, only makes sense to the most deranged and greed filled capitalists, who seek to maximise their profits by treating the world as their ponzi scheme.
For anyone else it should be immediately ludicrous and clearly unsustainable.


The left sees Japan: 'Oh, a successful and society with its own culture and identity. This can't be! It would add so much more to humanity if the world was an interchangeable mass!'

a society so successful a retarded american vlogger can reliably find a dead body within an hour

It’s a capitalist nightmare. It’s only moderately more humane than similar capitalist nightmares in Asia but really only because it’s an older developed nation, not because it’s more humane



Because in order for the Japanese to not have an economy destroying demographic crisis they have to import immigrants into their country because capitalism has alienated them to such an extent that most Japanese people either don't want to breed at all or simply don't have time to meet anyone.

See: herbivore men.

All of human existence is suffering in one form or another.
The goal is the minimise the screaming.

A semi-collective consciousness (a collective consciousness that allows for the members to maintain some degree of individuality) is indeed one way to that.
I don't claim that it will stop the screaming entirely -as nothing will-, but it is the best that we can hope for.

There is literally nothing wrong with the Cybernetic Consciousness, Spartan Federation, University of Planet or the Human Hive.
They are all great factions with noble goals and ideologies.
Aspects of all of their ideologies are simply present in my own.

Very good answer.

He is literally not.
Don't use horrid American butcherings of terminology.

Because it's most dangerous to the Japanese.

Has anyone ever done a contemporary critique of the X-files?

What is the fuckkng point of this?

Oh I guess forest fires are not a thing.

Literally HR. It's only because of HR. And optics Amazon wants as a futuristic company heralding opportunity. It's a bargaining chip to the consumer, and for employees, just a giant trap of HR balls.

the workers are the sperm of capital, without them you cannot impregnate the egg of MoP to create the embryo of value

The first 3 to 4 seasons (everything after is particularly crap, save for one or two), go deep enough (not to deep to get off network television and get canceled) into how the post Cold War government operates and the atrocities comitted to get an upper hand.

Even if it means dealing with an invasive force that really wants to end mankind. The bourgeois and the highest in Government sell themselves to save their life while the rest of mankind is effectively going to be wiped off the face of the Earth. They knew it since 1947, and it shaped how the Cold War unfolded, with the West being the more victorious in planning not to stop whatever was going to happen, but to bargain with the devil so to speak to make sure they got a safe seat. Think, posadism, only it's capitalism that wins and there's an army of cloned slaves.

I don't know the exact political message, but the first 3 seasons at least, nail a consistent thread of realism that an audience would agree "yeah the wealthiest and those with most power would probably bargain with Aliens to save their ass while everyone else died"

forest fires happen during draughts

I saw these things in person a few weeks ago and they're ugly as fuck. In isolation on a mountain top they might be cool, but they're surrounded by a bunch of skyscrapers and big buildings. Why cover a building in glass if you don't get a view of anything other than some cement boxes?
It might be cool if it was supposed to just be a big terrarium, but it's largely closed off to the public so the average goy doesn't even get to appreciate it. It's just an ugly building, that's looks out of place, that doesn't have any good views, that serves no use to the public or Amazon.

This is such a fucking waste in resources. That's unheard of here. People would do a mass revolt if they did that shit here

I don't know if there are even enough resources in Greenland to build one of these ugly ass things

I think that's what they're getting at. The their material conditions are things you can use that aren't retarded and wasteful

really? rich people waste other people's money all the time. it's not anything new.

How’s it wasting heat if it uses waste heat anyways

epig bread

It says 'partly' ie probably 1%.

Just want to shout out this effortpost that got buried by pol, I've always felt the disconnect between Miriam in lore and in game was striking and it's sad she's the only person to think 'but SHOULD we build it', but this is a great analysis. Alpha Centauri is truly a great narrative.

I'm not 100% opposed to 'transcendence' based on the circumstances but clearly Yang and Santiago should be nowhere near it, even Zakharov is questionable, and Aki, you don't really find out enough about but I'm not real interested in giving up my individuality. I kinda like the merge with planet ending but irl I'm sure I'd have my issues with that too, it's portrayed quite nicely in the game though.

It's not a good answer, Yang is a nutjob, of course humans are biological computers but that doesn't mean we should treat them like machines. I was just pointing out how Yang has already got suffering covered.

Technocrat has a lot of different meanings to different people, but fundamentally Macron's delusions of grandeur seem to spring from the same place as yours, even if their conclusions are a bit different.

read pynchon

It is tragic that very little like it has come out since.

Based Yang is a Legalist and as such has a much better understanding of both the innate aspects of humanity that affect state governance and how to properly control such aspects then any other character in the game.
Santiago understands that everything in a society flows from its military; While never outright stated, I do picture the Spartan Federation as a true stratocracy.
Simply put, both Yang and Santiago have fundamentality the right idea; Their ideologies are just incomplete.

You don't seem to have a very good understanding of the Cybernetic Consciousness.
They are not to Borg, they are not simply some total collective consciousness that utterly strips all all individuality from its members.
Aki for example is clearly an antonymous actor, she is simply connected to the greater consciousness.

I have to disagree.
Yang simply manages humans in the way that humans are best managed by the state.
Yang himself is not only quite sane, but the fluff portrays him as utterly incorruptible.

Well no, 'Technocrat' has one very specific meaning; Just as 'Communist' or 'Capitalist' does.
Filthy American porkies have done their best to pollute the term since the 40s, back when the size of Technocracy Inc had porky the most scared he had been since 1917.
The modern, popular 'definition' of 'Technocrat' and 'Technocracy' is little more then the result of filthy American porkies from decades past that wanted to associate an ideology they feared with something that the masses are inherently distrustful of.

Oh please do elaborate.
I love nothing more then internet socialists attempting to psychoanalyse me.
I would love to hear what 'delusions of grandeur' you think I possess, especially in comparison to a power and money hungry neo-liberal that is a literal monarch.

Uh, because plants need light?

The most dangerous game…

It's nice to see other technocrats around.

I have been here since the start, friendo.

Also, the term 'Technocrat' is a term that I have slowly been moving away from.
'Stratocrat' is a term less polluted by Americans and I think more appropriate given the scope and form of my ideological contributions to Technocracy.

I'm a ☭TANKIE☭ but my smashie senses are being triggered as fuck looking at these. If you smashed em right, you could rain shards of glass on dozens of petty booj Amazon freaks, and the repairs would cost a shitload as well.

Like some c4 with sticky stuff on it? Throw them as far as you can on top and detonate?

Nice try FBI. Anyway, these days throwing explosives around would be embarrassingly primitive. Someone could just rig a quadrotor drone to drop explosives from a great height, it'd be very hard to trace if done right. Groups in the Syrian war have been doing this.

Why not full assimilation into the overmind?

It is simply unnecessary and limiting.
Maintaining some degree of individuality allows for flexibility and the ability to maintain the essential human character.

Let's not forget this crap