Good socialist parties in the US still active

Socialist Equality Party
Party for socialism and liberation

Any others good ones i have miss ?

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Peace and Freedom Party seems okay

Poor IWW, had so much potential…

all three are deeply flawed or shitty

no one within 100 miles, put me in some skype discussion, immediately ask me to start a local branch and host a reading group for their new anti-war essay published on WSWS.

after that I went to the IMT, and they immediately started trying to shove the most edgy/controversial/contentious ☭TANKIE☭ literature into the reading group. Like, good for you, you're a Marxist-Leninist, but advertising your group as "Interested in Socialism? attend our reading groups to learn more" and beginning those reading groups with "Left Wing Communism: an infantile disorder" is just retarded. but worse, they couldn't meet consistently, and they were full of really unattractive men.

Tried Redneck revolt too, but they demanded I provide the references of 5 socialists that I'm not romantically involved with to establish my credibility. Nigger, I don't even know 5 socialists, let alone five friends.

why weren't you requesting beginner friendly material then? if you did, what was their reaction?
and what does it matter if you're attracted to them?

It doesn't matter if they're not attractive, it mattered that all of them were hideously unattractive. quite frankly why should I spend my free time around people that literally look subhuman.
and I did request better material, but they started demanding IMT dues which I was reluctant to pay when they couldn't tell me when the meetings were happening. they skipped one, then replaced on meeting by going on saturday to some guys house to watch a movie about Franz Fannon. Then I talked to one of them about the over a dozen US military bases in Syria, and he literally blocked all communication with after what I thought was an extremely mild disagreement.

Thoughts on Avakian's RCP?

Really a Cult Party

now I'm interested
give me the juicy details

like the mongrel meme, but one was underweight with long blonde hair, another had a disgusting pseudo-trotsky mustache. one was like literally 5 feet tall and fat with a pube beard. all of them were literally dressed in rags. Like clothes falling apart, BDU jackets covered in pins. they all stunk of tobacco.

I went to a book store that host them and they seem nice, willing to talk to anybody about bob and any other communist leader.I did not see that much bob worship and they seem to want left unity to fight against Trump.As well like the PSL they had young people my age and people in their 60s, with only afew in the middle.

What? Why?

Helps keep the FBI out.

to prove I'm not an infiltrator.

This is what happens when you let THE BUMMERY take over

PSL are CryptoTrots
APL is better

I'm not a fan of the personality cult either, but do you have any legitimate criticism of their platform though?

United States Pirate Party has some Left-Libertarians in it

RCP are disgustingly liberal pieces of shit. They literally defended the head of the fucking FBI when Trump fired him. They believe impeaching Trump will bring any sort of change. Don't be fooled by people deriding them as a ☭TANKIE☭ personality cult. They are the definition of red liberals. Really weak on anti imperialism too. Even the huge majority of Trot groups are less liberal and more anti imperialist than the RCP.

Here's them telling followers to PROTEST in FAVOR of the DIRECTOR OF THE FBI:

United States Open Source Party would be easy to take over but it's almost too transparent.


Anyone got experience with the SLP?

That's literally the worst possible demographic lineup. What could possibly be more repellent to mid-career people who actually have jobs?

Why is this such a thing among the left? Haven't they noticed normal people don't do this?

Don't forget it's the US even the old have to keep paying just to live life half comfortably.

I'll be moving back to the US soon. The PSL seems up my alley because they're ML, but do they have presence on the east coast, particularly in NJ? When I lived in the US it seemed like most of the left groups in the NY area were Trots or the RCP.

Obviously the old in parties don't need to work if they have so much free time. The youth in the parties are just there as a phase, and only serve the popular conception that it's just youthful naiveté. They're both literally destroying any chance socialism has to take off with the average person just due to demographics.

Fucking this. I knew since I was a teenager that the American leftist scene has literally nothing going on. I'm 30 now, and I'm glad I didn't waste my youth in some hopeless party during the age of obama.

What are some good militias in the midwest? I plan to start up trade school in fall and for spring and summer I have nothing to do. I'll probably be buying a ar 15 off my uncle and I would like to find a militia or even a leftist shooting group. If not guess I'll be shooting with the boomers at my range

i think the RCP is mainly a cult, which tries to recruit from liberals, vampire-like, through setting up front groups and piggybacking on whatever cause is fashionable with liberals at that moment.

RCP was handing out their newsletter at fucking michael moore rallies.

yeah they always do that shit. the recruiter will be some middle-aged woman wearing baggy street clothes who looks like she hasn't slept in days. reminds me of scientology.

my only encounter with them was during protests against an anti-abortion bill. suddenly a mysterious RCP front group no one had heard of called "stop patriarchy" (sound familiar?) popped up and started creating facebook pages and such to "organize" it. same deal as "refuse fascism." they were kindly asked to leave.

point being to steer donations and recruits into the RCP. they also use a bizarre and painfully awkward mixture of civil rights-era terminology with (what they think is) black slang and all-caps. like "yo! it's time for us to FIGHT back and OVERTHROW this hizzy which is NOTHING less than FEMALE ENSLAVEMENT!"

Nice try FBI

I'm getting involved with the SA (Socialist Action Party) and they're pretty good so far. I'm not a trot, but theyre a pretty solid group - small but with a good community and direction imo. It's a cool scene comradely fellows

gettin real sp00ky aren't we?


Isnt the SEP ran by a literal bourgeois pig?

u have to do a job interview to join the PSL

are all centralist parties like this?

anybody have any idea which party has the largest membership in the USA? Democratic Cops of America is not a party

Is the APL still alive?

But the IMT are Trotskyists not ☭TANKIE☭s?

It's inconvenient and a major turn-off for many people who would potentially join, so I think it's stupid from that angle, but it does make some sense given that the major goal the PSL is working towards right now is to build up the strength of the party. I don't think PSL is going to be the vanguard, but they see themselves as the vanguard, and the vanguard isn't supposed to be all-inclusive.

Parties have to hold standards if they want to build a vanguard and not just a shitty club. That said, PSL doesn't have very high standards anyway, and it is nowhere close to what is needed for a vanguard.

u need a mass party though, u cant just have an opportunist vanguard in a political arena with virtually no organization of the working class. they are then relying on the revolutionary spontaneity of the working class like some sort of crypto-infantalist. Russian revolution was enabled by strong workers movements and an organized proletariat.

No you don't, a party is inherently exclusive. The vanguard party must work closely with and support the masses while maintaining its forward politics.

That's an oxymoron. The purpose of a vanguard party is that it is not susceptible to opportunism and maintains a strict political line.

The vanguard party doesn't bow down to spontaneity, that's the whole point of a vanguard: it maintains a strict, communist political line regardless of how popular it is, regardless of whether workers are spontaneously supporting it. Your "mass party," is the party that bows down to spontaneity, because by definition a mass party can't exist unless it has the support of the masses!

Read Lenin.

These guys are a pretty good party. Wish they’d open up a chapter in a state with a population grater than one million.

Speaking as someone who has been involved in communist politics for literally my entire life, I can tell you that the american left is deeply broken: wrought with sectarianism and FBI infiltration. I would recommend that no one join any of the parties mentioned in this thread, except maybe the IWW. Everything parties do is counterproductive. Just get a job at a union shop and try to involve yourself in your union. Advocate gun culture and working class values of solidarity and mutual aid in your social life. If you see direct action projects popping up that don't tie themselves into any particular tendency, then involve yourself. Organize one yourself if you have the means to do so.

Here is a good example of what I'm talking about:

Why the fuck is the left so obsessed with gate keeping? I don't understand how you can claim to want to build a popular movement but then give people a million hoops to jump through to get involved.

This is total bullshit leftist groups have always and will always have a large part of their membership made up of youth. This includes "serious" organization, In 1907 75% of the Bolshevik party membership was under the age of 29.