Or download it directly here >>>/pdfs/8557

So apparently games on Steam aren't selling as much as they used to, not that this should be a surprise to any of you faggots. What should surprise you, however, is that they're beginning to admit it if only in an offhanded fashion during a GDC presentation by some nobody.

Also notice the attempt to shill his little publishing brand founded by ex game journos. Nothing suspicious there at all friend. Here, have an archive of their site archive.is/pxSd6

Now I'm not posting this to dissect this guy's info or to even laugh at him and the morons who still bother with all the shit shoveled onto Steam lately, but figured more that this was something people wanted to see considering how quiet GDC was this year. I would, however, like to get as much info on these fuckers as possible since gamasutra isn't exactly the most reputable site and I'm not really seeing why a guy behind a clone of that one moderately popular dirt bike game from a few years back whose name I can't seem to remember.

Attached: GDC crap 3.png (1592x991 98.85 KB, 670.35K)

Other urls found in this thread:


Good luck with that, user.

Oh great, so he knows nothing about video games.

Only a game journalist could be that bad at statistics. I want to see the numbers when you exclude the obvious trash.


The obvious trash is still a large percentage of the market.

Also it seems I had a stroke there at the end but meant to say I find it suspicious that this faggot was able to do a presentation while actual contributors to gaming like Nolan Bushnell were banned.

OP is slightly less of a faggot today.

The thousands of mobileshit PC ports that were completely unknown even on phones, and only got 20 sales on Steam? Really?

Yeah, I don't know if you've opened Steam lately, but you have to wade through all that shit to find the stuff that isn't trash. Or you could listen to other people's recommendations, I guess. If you want to be a fag.
the real answer is to pirate everything like you should be doing anyway

Also a fourth screenshot apparently didn't come through because he actually tried to do that, pic related. I'm sure the cutoff point for what he considers to be a crap game is within shitting distance of the money his turd made.

Attached: GDC crap 4.png (767x480, 29.44K)

Yeah that's more like it, but I still assume what he considers trash is so far removed from what we consider trash, it may as well be on an alien planet.

That strikes me as extremely scientifically rigorous.

thank fuck for /vg/

Attached: 62e109826b1b22723c97d9351317b233540599676cc9900dd2226a04fe49863b.png (3222x1596, 752.76K)

Yids sure aren't good at math.


Attached: women do duckface numales do cuckface.jpg (1033x793, 118.09K)

Also did he actually fucking trademark "Old Normal" and "The New Normal" or is he just putting that shit there at random? Really comes off as a professional.

I probably shouldn't have to point this out either but it really bothers me how what many slides in that presentation are less informative than a niggertweet. I'd screenshot them all but fuck it. Just reading this gave me a headache and I have to take a shit.

I'll buy them if the devs are as cute as this Jew.
I want an Ashkenazi boy to fill up my Sephardic boypussy with his Anne frank seed.

Attached: fbe54547236450b694ea79e87592aa59fd785391c23caea3a4e69f0e541bdf28.jpg (720x960, 77.95K)

Keyword here is "in the first month".
I can't remember the last time I bought a game in the first month of its release.

Are you saying that reading these documents will cure me of constipation?

Attached: siridonotunderstand.jpg (300x300, 29.41K)

Get some fucking taste you faggot hebe.

You're going to have to warm me up then, I like my men masculine.

Normal means nothing when everything is shit.

Steam never should have opened the floodgates for all that indie trash

Sorry, don't fuck jews.

The trademark thing is the least unprofessional part of everything in those slides. Probably the worst part is formulating his professional slideshow sentences like a grade school playground conversation.

This is a pathetic soy-chugging numale with zero real world skills trying to convince a bunch of business professionals that he's "hip" and "with it," the TM is the least of his problems.

Your (((get))) says otherwise, Moloch.

Were I Moloch, why would I fuck over my chosen people? I am Mitra btw.

what did he mean by this?

Yandere sim will be an amazing game( I have funded it) and i am going to buy it when it releases in 2099


Attached: 54dcc7f616e7d1c33827b0dd4be33d13545806ce02b887f34658630fc.jpg (706x736, 132.14K)

Wait,you're complaining about the thread,while stating VG is superior,but still staying in the thread instead of going over there?
Are you Retarded?

Attached: jin ruh roh.jpg (540x338, 39.61K)

No, are you?

Eating a whole cup of soaked lentils helps.
Don't respond to derail goons.

Ah my bad,i shouldn't disparage those who have mental problems.

But average is used for mean, not median.

median isn't average.

Sure video games in here.

I knew I was gonna have to kick my own ass for not saying "average, median, and mean".

but average is mean not median

Awesome, so his entire research depends on him arbitrarily deciding which games he thinks will sell or not. Way to be objective! Your history at CuckTaco and Gaymomfootrub are really showing!

no that's Mordheim

Fuck off retard.


ur mom.

Clearly you don't know how statistics work. Medians can be the average if it suits the purpose of your math. Much like the rest of statistics.

This is why we shouldn't take refugees.

This place is refugee central, you would know.

"average" and "mean" are the same, the sum divided by the number of components.
"median" is a completely different thing, it's just the one thing in the middle of the scale. It's like if you arranged 100 people by height, median would be guy #50.

That's how (((statistics))) work. Not statistics.

Yes, I'm aware of that.

I'm aware of that, too. The guy we're talking about is practicing (((statistics))) like many others in his field. It's commonplace and has been for decades.

Kikes doing it constantly isn't an excuse to go "oh well it's commonplace so let them be." Always stand up and challenge misinformation. You won't convince the jackass spouting it, but you may convince other people who might have listened to him if you didn't speak up. That's why we argue about games on here. "Your favorite game is shit" isn't trying to convince the OP that his favorite game is shit, his mind can't be changed. It's attempting to sway others not to play his favorite game if they see the thread in passing.

The developers of Morrowind are far more likeable.

I'm one of these retards that will continue to use steam and half my library is full of trash that I don't even remember getting. The average moron won't even play half the shit they get. Either from a bundle, giveaway or it being dirt cheap you suddenly end up with a lot more games.

Attached: 1466564630231.png (256x256, 136.02K)

You're preaching to the choir, man.

They don't want to exclude obvious trash because that is their bread and butter.

I hope you realize some day that this is the ideal scenario for trash developers. You say it like it's a bad thing, but this is what they want. They don't care if you play it, they got some money from you. They got a sale. It doesn't matter that it was garbage and you never played it, they got their sales numbers which they can wave in front of a publisher to get money to make another garbage game.

Attached: steam.jpg (637x412, 74.58K)

I've got the same problem but with pirated shit. All hard drives must be full, even if they're half a terabyte and its on a nogames console.

That last link proves his point though. Half of earnings came from 100 hames.

Games god I am retarded

How much of that is actually from games and not stupid shit like Counter Strike cosmetics I wonder.

Are hams kosher?

Well at least in recent years my dumb purchasing's decreased to a minimum. I think a lot of people are now focusing on 1 or 2 games and sort of ignore everything else. For me I've just been going through my bottomless backlog and been emulating things like Rune Factory for the first time.

I have the same issue with both. I downloaded a bunch of Popcap games out of nostalgia but I have yet to install them. I think I have over 100 gb worth of installed games that I just don't play.

Mmmmn… steamed hames.

Steam is saturated, just like Google Play. There's a game for everything, and there's probably at least 5 different shitty versions of it on Steam.

Not to mention people got used to Steam. Years ago people would buy shit tons of shitty games because they were 20% off. People have learned now that Steam sales are bullshit that will get you 50% off of a game you'll never even play.

I think the guys study has a ton of flaws, but it's foolish to think you can chug out shitty indie games and make good money on steam. That ship has already sailed. But listening to him whine about being too late to a market is a solid sign he doesn't understand the first thing about capitalism.

Get out.

I miss when steam had flash sales and generally sales for appealing/good games,all those gifs and webms of 80 or 90 percent aren't on good games,they're on garbage or something everybody already owns.

Aurora Borealis?

Don't like hot Haimes?

Attached: photo of justin bieber.jpg (214x317, 18.01K)

Devs have to put effort to make games. It's like entertainment requires certain amount of effort to be enjoyable. It's like retarded Hollywood logic.

You DO know we have PDF support, right?

Steam died when they got rid of limited time sales because it was UNFAAAAAIIIIIW to people who couldn't access the store within that time frame. You know, despite the steam app on smartphones having all the same store functionality as the desktop or browser version, and the fact every person with a wallet in every first world country has a smartphone on their person every minute of the day.

Attached: people who are too stupid to take advantage of flash sales and ruined it for the rest of us.jpg (273x300, 17.7K)

muh dick

And by that you mean shit games aren't selling because Steam is oversaturated with them. Good games, even niche ones, still make a profit.

This was just the chosen excuse used so they could shekel their users harder and you know it, why dignify a dishonest pretense by repeating it?

I tried and got an error message.

Steam was never alive.

Name some please.

Steam can email you when shit you want is on sale, what possible excuse can they have?
Things I want to play are never on sale when I want to play them.

Ken Rolston was such a boss motherfucker among weirdos.

Well now it works. Maybe you can't post pdfs and images at the same time?


Opus Magnum, Hollow Knight, Ruiner, Cuphead, Darkwood to just name a few.

Why this thread exist?

Yeah, but on AVERAGE they dont.

Oh, okay then.

No fucking clue what was going on with "Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning" though.

Attached: 54dcc7f616e7d1c33827b0dd4be33d13545806ce02b887f34658630fcdbb92484.jpg (530x424, 187.46K)

Yeah, but the average includes asset flipping garbage and RPG maker shovelware nobody ever buys.

It was supposed to be an MMORPG until they changed it to single player midway through development.

At least i can still get some steam games cheap from third party key sites,better then their garbage deals at least,i also have to do this most of the time if i want to gift to a friend in a different region because of their gift fuckery
"You want to hold a gift until later? FUCK YOU"
"Your friend is in a country where it's cheaper? FUCK YOU"

Attached: carlsphilosophy.jpg (720x405, 17.1K)

No, it's more like a giant hoard of talent-less hipsters saw a lot of people making good games and lots of money, and then jumped on it thinking they'd all make the same amount of money.

The hipster hoard has arrived on Steam, and they can't understand why they can't make money like people did in 2013.

Missing from the graph are 2016's games (4207)

And 2017 had over 7600

2013, a little over 500 games were released on Steam.

No shit you can't make money on steam like you used to. Maybe if the hipster dumbfucks didn't spend all their time trying to over-saturate the game developer market by wanting to bring in more and more game developers, we wouldn't be this far out of fucking control.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1703x952, 430.16K)

this is actually pretty interesting information that frames some of the propaganda about PC gaming in a more realistic light. Indie developers don't do better.

In case anyone was wondering, Gone Home and Depression quest were released in 2013. That was the tipping point it seems.

P R O G N O S I S : S O Y

Attached: 48b1f3dbf3a9964a1fdb00cb03c6f8220fa636c72dbbcefbc6b4d8d133594b5f.png (205x255, 10.46K)

Wasn't a Steam gaming crash predicted by the guy who runs Steam DB predicted two years ago? I can remember how games sold worse and worse and he was already seeing the writing on the wall. Also the indiescene as we fought it back in 2014 doesn't exist anymore. The Hipsters have lopped its head off to make gaming gay.

Every additional year that piece of vaporware doesn't get released I laugh a bit harder.
It amazes me that he still has any kind of audience, but I guess normalfags are known for their low standards.

Attached: BenedictArnoldDev .png (1209x484, 280.25K)

When it releases and it's shit, reddit will defend it by saying that you aren't supposed to take such a game seriously, like with Goat simulator. Mark my words.

I will never get over the irony

I'm so indescribably happy our current /agdg/ guys aren't as stupid as this cat.

Attached: 0df10c240b04ac4b66dabd4b4ac33c264288aa2496de72030bcb1391d8f7bf89.jpg (237x213, 10.08K)

If you anons weren't aware, Steam takes 25-30% of every game sold. On average. You can sometimes negotiate better rates.

Funny thing is that this cheaper than what a brick and mortar place like Gamestop or Walmart would charge. I think they get 35%.

t. gamedev user

Attached: 1383003431787.png (800x600, 150.25K)

Ah yes. Here we have the guy. There was also a link to a good article about the coming crash. Looks like it is now here. Here's the article in question. We knew it was going to happen for over 2 years by now.

Thank you Captain Obvious!

I knew there was hope for 2018

Holy fuck I don't remember him being that much of a faggot

My best part about that thread that you don't really get from the screencap is that all the replies were smug anime girls and anons telling him that he was going to fail.

Attached: Gantlaughing.gif (256x192, 64.74K)

It's really not so much a crash as it is the indie bubble bursting because the market is filled to the top with low quality trash no one is buying. The big publishers and their developers won't go anywhere, smaller and indie devs that made a name for themselves will still turn a profit.

nigger, we're talking about a guy who started mining half/v/ and full/v/ for ideas to make a game to do two things:
>redeem himself in the face of half/v/, who hated him so much they bullied him off the site twice
we exaggerate a lot on here, but i think i can honestly say he's the biggest faggot i've ever personally interacted with in all my years on the internet

Retail rates can also be negotiated but good luck with that unless you're self publishing and also have a good track record.

Basically. I could imagine Steam lowering their take if you did something like shill their hardware or VR or some shit. Places like Gamestop and Best Buy usually ask/demand for bonuses exclusive to customers who buy the game from them if you want different terms. (Preorder shit.)

I have to agree. Indie game market is saturated, and everywhere you go, you see tons of shitty indie games. They are even flooding Nintendo eShop. The bubble is going to burst. This isn't just a Steam thing, it's an indie game thing. And the whole indie scene is going to start bleeding developers here pretty quickly.

Considering the indie term has become a useless monicker that only works as a red flag this isn't exactly a bad thing.

I think it has more to do with the fact big names can demand concessions because they know Steam will make a shitload of money regardless of what they cut is, and it will help them maintain their defacto monopoly.

Now, if only Steam could do the smart thing and clean up the store from all the low effort garbage it has accumulate over the years maybe things would return to some semblance of sanity.

The few good games that come out still sell just as much, it's because steam is flooded with babbies first gamemaker trash because there is no quality control, what a dishonest bunch of garbage from these yids

It's a combination of things, user. There's no denying that being a major publisher with a yuge game (like GTAV or something) can probably negotiate better terms; especially if they expect to have a long profitability tail with DLC, MTX, and that shit.

Like all business, everyone wants to get everything and give nothing; it's adversarial as fuck.

This, plus the 30% take, is one of the major reasons that places like EA, Blizz, and Ubi have their own storefronts.

Unrelated to this thread, but I'm super sad that Vivendi stopped their hostile takeover bid for Ubisoft. What pussies.

Attached: 1378823763065.jpg (1920x1200, 484.27K)

steam died when valve became kikes, user, and valve has been kikes since around 2014, arguably much earlier even

You must not have been alive before Activision was purchased by Vivendi, then.

Attached: fda610d430296e62d7aef3f79f98c0ab7a052cdb60bed3d615ee2d57130de2f4.gif (176x276, 487.77K)

M8, ATVI bought themselves back explicitly because they knew Vivendi would eventually mismanage them into bankruptcy.

Never read words so true. Holla Forums is one of the most casual shitholes on the internet besides reddit and neogaf.

Hi Yandev.


Attached: 6f97370d1d909a125ee93729481b35fa1d9c64639dd0f483dfd5fce404ca67a9.png (1008x959, 831.89K)

Some special kind of stupid there

dīvide et imperā

amen, as fucked as people are for being suckered into "renting" digital games, things weren't THIS bad

I cannot stand it when people conduct themselves this way. What does it achieve aside from infantilizing themselves?

Don't forget that Steam handles distribution all by itself. With retail, you still have to print the disks, ship them, and Gamestop takes its share on top of that.

That's one of the reasons Steam really caught on - they might take 30%, but you still save cash because you don't need to physically manfacture as many disks / boxes / whatever.

At least look at the bullshit you're uploading before you shit up the board.
More shovelware gets shoved on Steam because Valve just lets everybody dump their 3-hour programming project onto the platform and because of that the average sales go down.
Amazing conspiracy you've uncovered, retard.

Indicating they're not attempting to project any sort of dominance and thus not get yelled at by the scary girls.

But "the games" are selling just as well as they always have, now you just have some additional garbage that is pulling the average down, but that average has no real meaning for anything, since steam doesn't care if they are selling 1000 games with 10 sales, or 10 games with 1000 sales each.

Speaking of steam, are there any tools out there that essentially unjews your steam library? Something that removes the need for whatever steam dll's and whatnot so you can just play your games without steam?

Attached: gaBEN.jpg (760x257, 42.38K)

Download the game's cracks.

I mean I figured, but was hoping for way that had a lower chance of getting computer herpes.

It's not like steam isn't mini crypto on you anyway.

Steam allowing all this trash on killed any indie games markets that existed. It went from separate markets where you could compete to having to have a big enough budget to allow for marketing and corrupt journalist pay-offs. What a shitfest.

God I hate that fucking kike.

It's a simple fact that you can't trust ugly motherfuckers. As soon as they get attention from somewhere more desirable, they'll turn traitor. You should only trust game devs that stay in shape. Self confidence is a potent panacea to limp dicked behaviour. A fit dev will never turn his back on you.

Kind of shame we haven't had a longstanding working archive for those prior years.

At this point, I'd be surprised if anything ever comes out. He clearly can't manage the project, as the game has grown considerably in size, scope, and complexity. His updates have also slowed.

Which is a shame because I fucking love yandere characters.

Attached: 766911eace1e15d0bfbaf1bc40c867f31193f9c24799bb77eeca64c0eb7b3a1b.jpg (625x468, 66.09K)

Yeah, he's acting like a girl who got cheated on and is rubbing it in her ex's face that she has a new man.

Yeah, was only hoping I could just free my legit copies of games from when I used to actually buy from steam.

Attached: hitman flawless tactic.webm (640x360, 5.05M)


How is it fujoshi?

It fucking is, you faggot in denyal.

Is that last bit actually in it or are you still just mad at the dev for being a fag?

something tells me you're the fujoshit if you're coming up with degeneracy like that

No, but it's just generic Fujoshit yandere power fantasy erotic fanfiction writing.

Attached: cat in a sock.jpg (480x640, 37.84K)

comon dumas. I made one for you though.

Attached: You Have Autism.webm (720x404, 3.46M)

Thanks my man.

So you're calling other people a faggot because you've read enough faggot literature to recognize your favorite scenarios. Got it.

I haven't read it per-se, I'm just stating a stereotype. You shouldn't jump at conclusions, user.

Attached: Yugi summons the SubWay.webm (640x360, 1.96M)

A true yandere would kill her little brother if he ever got between her and her boy



That doesn't even make fucking sense. Stop trying too hard.

t. Baited cuck.

That's the point. Shit games are greenlighted every day and bringing down the average. They shouldn't even be considered in the actual game market as most can't even hope to qualify as an indie title, let alone AA, or triple A.

Attached: Fiona.JPG (715x609, 29.95K)

To everyone who is whining about using the median rather than the mean, I'm going to try to justify this. Things that are sold generally follow an exponential, or fractal, distribution of some sort. This means that there are many games that don't sell shit and a few that make millions. You may have noticed that incomes are generally reported as the median, as they follow the same properties. You also see this when looking at most populous cities in a country: there is generally ONE big city, a gap in city populations, four or five that are half that size, another gap, then twenty or so that are a quarter that size, etc. Due to the megasellers (the Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffets of Steam games), the mean is skewed upwards and is not really indicative of the results that an "average" person can expect (where average is defined as some individual chosen at random). As such, the median is used instead.

This is what happens when you have no quality controls and allow the market to get oversaturated.

The worst part is the basic idea of trying to figure out an effective mechanism for estimating sales before release is actually a solid idea, but this retard's going to poison that well with the unique combination of incompetence and malice only seen in the progressive game journo.

Attached: 1453610736422.png (482x542, 54.75K)

There's a steamfly article linked upthread that's covers it much more rigorously.

Everything you need to know about Yandev can be summed up in these words:

Steam is just approaching the Appstore - a million worthless garbage apps with sub-1% that are worth your time. It's basically a platform for people to vomit out, say, ten games and hope that one even vaguely gets any sort of good press - one small-scale hit could pay for a hundred flops. we'll know it hits rock bottom when one popular game comes out and hundreds of clones spring up and bring us back to what happened in the 80s

It's already there, they're just not in genres Holla Forums plays.

So it's literally nothing




Attached: smol (1).jpg (370x394, 28.3K)

What game was he making I never payed any attention to that stuff.

Attached: 95b0359b3369b488710b9bbe5b9d0a415cb0256fb7d65c053137a6a444fdd93b.jpg (600x600, 21.21K)

Is this stupid British slang or something?

What happened to Tinybuild? Did they get infected too? I remember when There's No Time To Explain was just a short concept game released on Newgrounds.

I think it's a speech quirk translated into text without respecting grammar. It should be
As though he decided to reconsider his choice of words while saying the sentence, which obviously isn't the case, because it's a written sentence.

I buy quite a few games, but only after pirating them. The issue is always the fact that these faggots simply don’t make good games. They then complain that there’s no “formula” for a good game. Here’s a simple one, focus on gameplay, balancing the difficulty, and replay value.

Attached: cheese grater.png (568x653, 238.66K)

Th…They're 24.

W…Would you, Holla Forums?

The mean and the median are different forms of averaging. "Average" is just an abstract ideal that you try to find through figures like the mean and the median.

Attached: DT.jpg (652x960, 85.58K)

We've still got a resident redditer that spergs out at least once a thread.

Of course I would.

Attached: 1397575506488.jpg (944x1200, 348.92K)


For a second there I thought that was Manly Tears.

Attached: fact.jpg (207x253, 16.9K)

He's fucked either way. The concept should've been left to the Japs to make. It pisses me off too since I also like yandere, though it feels bad to, don't put it in crazy and all that.

It's not that naughty, it's like when something is described as a "Good Thing" but a stronger way to do it.

If they actually make a decent game they can strike big for how much is put into making it. Like Terraria. That sold millions.

That's basically what AAA is like these days, with endless remakes/reboots/remasters and they even Frankenstein bits of existing games into other games. It bites certain smaller devs too though, like look at any Tamsoft game.

Attached: You gonna get yandere'd.png (800x600, 629.51K)

this means war, mate


Really activates my almonds.

Life is suffering and I wish pain on all humanity.

Yeah, but the alternative to that is Nintendo's heavy handed moderation approach back during the NES era (and afterwards). Then again, it was justified on their part to avoid the fate of Atari and the American market.

Do you honestly trust the people at Valve not to inject their personal politics into the vetting process for games?

Thanks for reminding me. Anybody got the cs undergrad meme with his code?

Attached: cs_undergrad_14.png (1515x663, 116.07K)

Only reaffirms that GDC is just the usual indiedev suspects circlejerking their indiedev friends in the guise of caring about the industry. Shocking.

Attached: 9d358a032abeb964c5ef075a1e22729d53b0cb325385475419c26d40afaf67ef.jpg (450x646, 54.56K)

there's dozens of these on agdg but we try to be nice

Attached: image.png (828x801, 149.38K)

Makes sense to me, all devs are fatties or skeletons. You can't be betrayed by something that doesn't exist.

Gabe turned Steam into newgrounds and is surprised the games sell like absolute shit.

It's time to give a boot to all those indieshitters, borderline porn rpg maker games or any other game that looks like the author spent less than a month on it's development

Attached: 1522010810766.jpg (1920x1080, 270.77K)

It would be funny to see half of san francisco be out of the job oversnight and have to try to organize a new distribution platform.

Chris Avellone is a bara and he has yet to betray us.

He still updates this? Even after the nips were passing him by with their own yandere game?

Sure sure, whatever you say "lost girl"

Attached: Eyah.webm (1280x720, 436.34K)

No, it was because of the refund policy. They would have way too many people refunding if they bought a game only to find it was on flash sale a day or so later.

Good luck getting the refund before the flash sale ends, fuckface.
Don't they still count it as a legitimate use if the price decreases to request a refund?

You fucked my shit right up.

Attached: hahah.webm (456x648, 721.2K)

It's ponderous how many shills are even on scurvy sites these days, there's a difference between saying, "Thanks!" to an uploader and washing a game's balls for itself.

This. Joined steam some years ago after a friend tricked me into buying a steam-required game from a physical shop.
Seemed alright for the mostpart, but lately it has become a lot worse.
Front page is just constant barrage of shit, and moderation has increased to stupidity.
Games used to be a private thing you did alone or with friends, now they are controlling what you say in chat, what you say/do in games, and which games you can see/buy.

Steam dying would be a good thing.
Pirate games, it is the best way.
gog is a nice concept but they massively overcharge for digital downloads of ancient abandonware games.

Can we kill anyone who gives this fear grimace.

I want them, the whole set.
Imagine them crawling all over you, their pussies a handspan from their tits. Endless delights.

My fucking sides Anons.

Attached: confused cat.jpg (718x532, 58.78K)

Thank greenlight.

plenty of great games don't get massive success from the 600 gorillion PC gamers that supposedly exist.

I think so, they are either beyond salvation or on the cusp of becoming another sort of ignorant NPC.

Actually, seriously think about the irony here.

As opposed to those publishers that only work with robots.

Attached: e83cf4937fed8ae29917f1acab97ffcd5463cb45ca04f4ff6d81ea40014de2d9.png (405x412, 319.09K)

More like imagine your stomach in her face, instead of being able to kiss and cuddle her. Those stubby legs are no good for locking either.

My first exposure to Steam was thanks to Half-Life 2. On dial-up. Thank god for the target21 crack. That was probably a great way to learn to steer clear of any game dependent on online and now I only play games that I have assurance of keeping, official or not.

No but most do. Unfortunately life isn't always fair.

That's when we'll get the crash that needs to happen. Thankfully I have little reason to care if it burns to the ground since there's enough great games to last a lifetime.

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Get out

Nice job, faggot. Why don't you just start handing out invitations to vorefags now?

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Why bother? They won't breed.

Actually, that's a smart idea. While they are busy hacking each other to bits, you can fuck off as far away from them as geographically possible.

What could that possibly achieve? They'd just hunt you down anyway. The genre savvy thing to do is embrace the insanity and tame them.

What the fuck are you talking about? I'm saying that during CSitMP that's where she'll be staring.


Back to 4tropes faggot.

The term existed before that shithole came into being.

benis, NO!

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And yet you still learned it there.

Why are you so upset about yandere harems that you'd strawman this dumbly?

It looks like that girl is shoving a railroad spike into that guy's mouth and out the top of his head


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I'm surprised more competent people haven't already started making a clone of his "game". They know the market is already there, all they need is make something with more content, which, considering the pace cuckdev is going at, isn't all that difficult.

It isn't. It's literally a meme game.


So? Normalfags will still buy it. God knows they've thrown money at worse shit.

Steams profit is increasing year by year. Gaben will not run out of hamburgers anytime soon.
Try not to be retarded.

Got a link?

Read the thread you fucking retard. Steam might be making money hand over fist but the platform is becoming much less lucrative for the actual developers.

Why would Gabe care as long as he's making money?

These stats are almost entirely due to mobile shitgames being ported to steam for pennies.

Because the bubble is about to pop.

The "developers" you are talking about here are the indie cucks that shit out walking simulators like Tacoma or Sunshie, and the asset flippers that shit out a dozen games recycling the same garbage they bought on the Unity asset store. They aren't making money because their games are shit and no one wants them, so they whine like the subhumans they are instead of making a good game.

If Age of Decadence, niche as it is, can make enough money to justify the developer to start making a new game these fucking clowns have no excuse.

And? He's still going to make money. He's been doing it for over a decade. If I were him, I'd have been saving up my earnings so I wouldn't have to give a shit about market conditions.

no, they don't. Most don't.

The indie bubble is about to burst. Big publishers and successful smaller developers aren't going anywhere.

Two new games, there was that dungeon crawler as well. Granted I don't think The New World will be that good, I dislike the whole continual community-developer interaction thing that it has going on with codex, it strikes me as a sign of a lack of commitment to an idea.

Exactly, suddenly you're going to see the indie clique jump into a new field, probably try to become political talking heads or something.

Nah, VD is pretty clear about what kind of game he wants to make, always has been. AoD is a pretty impressive achievement for someone's first vidya project, and the New World looks to be even more ambitious.

I honestly don't care what they decide to shit up next so long as they are finally gone. Not like there's many other mediums they can go fuck up since they've infested every possible aspect of Western culture and made it worse.

Reminder that Dlsite takes a non-negotiable flat 50%

i wonder what kind of extreme low effort game i can shit out to goyfarm steam for a few hundred a month

I like my faggots dead.

That reminds me, aren't those same fags making Necromunda now?

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Cuck-Dev Cuck-Dev!!
You never fooled me!
Your game is shit, and should be free

Are we sure that is even female?

No but we shall purge it, just because we can.

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I hope they don't fuck up the new Mechanicus game. The intro was pretty well voiced and written, they seem to have a competent Black Library writer for the script so the only thing left for them not to fuck up is the gameplay. I would be more than satisfied if it was on the level of NuXCOM.

It's amazing how much abuse people will put up with because the premise is everything they ever wanted.

How the fuck does that make sense?

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With that game at least there's a bunch of alternatives so it's not really them getting starry eyed so much as it them being entry level faggots who weren't even around when Spore and Fable taught everyone a valuable lesson.

A new what now?
Did you mean Quisitor Martyr?

Nope. New turn-based game where you lead your magos and his troops looking for ancient technology.

Also, about a hour long interview with some gameplay.

activision was super greedy since the 90s anyway, if anything it's gotten worse in recent years.

Remember his name and the name of his shitty company.
Boycott and attack them at every chance.


Stay mad, soyboy.

Killing them is the right thing to do.
All problems on the industry can only be fixed by first killing those open-mouthed soyboys.

Because they should never be allowed to exist.

It is their fault and their problem. Not the consumers'.


But it's based on a turn based tabletop game.

consumers aren't absent from the equation, but it's mostly people like valve, nvidia, etc. fault. They're the ones who constantly parade around how great PC gaming is, how big it is, and how much money you can make.

the fanboys, consumers in this case, are part of the equation, acting like valve is 100%. We've all seen it.

Turn based is legit.

It doesn't really make much of a difference though, now that Tencent bought Vivendi's shares. Same kikery will happen, just from a different megacorp.

I have to admit, this does look pretty cool.
Looking foreward to it.

A store that's saturated with shit is bad for everybody, stop pretending it's just some asset flippers or pretentious indie boogeymen getting fucked and crying about it. It wasn't that long ago that you could browse the catalog of Steam's new releases completely raw and decide for yourself what games could interest you. Nowadays it's so packed it's become virtually impossible to do so, small developers once again have to spend money they don't have on marketing because there's zero visibility, and people miss out on games because they never knew they existed. There's also the issue of getting burned one too many times buying trash, making consumers less likely to try new things. Even piracy is affected by this tidal wave of shit, with hidden gems never getting releases, unseeded torrents and the unfeasibility of trying most games by yourself.

Nah, hop in an oven if you want heat you kike.

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You're implying people here will put in the effort to see the project through to completion. Remember Anton & Coolpecker?

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Why oh why does this man choose to present himself the way that he does? What could drive a man to such madness?

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I've got it: "NoMoreIndians"

A publishing label built around working with actual people.

Post modernism's one hell of a drug.

He uses both you dipshits.

One game sells 1 000 000 copies, 50 other games sell anywhere between 1 000 and 25 000. Average sales figure is 32 000 copies. Median is 13 000 copies.

In other words, average is fucking useless at best and malevolently misleading at worst.

Yes, consumers ARE absent from the equation.
ANY seller must treat it's consumers as kings.
We demand, they obey.
Whenever that treat is broken, we ruin everything for them, even if we don't have the right to, because we can.

And people getting burned out of buying is increasing rapidly. And once you get burned, you abandon ship completely, and never buy again.

"NoMoreShitskins" would be better.

No it didn't, "trope" is a purely grammatical term referring to nonliteral use of a word, having nothing to do with recurring patterns, and you won't find one single dictionary definition stating otherwise prior to the site's popularity in the 2000s.

TV Tropes itself readily admitted this soon after going online, keeping the term as part of its choice to create amusing neologisms for everything rather than figuring out what the proper terms for patterns it had identified were, and only making up terms when it made something new. This all got wallpapered over when a wave of pretentious nofun faggotry called SPOON came into being on what had been an almost wholly unmoderated site, seized all the new mod positions, and purged all traces of lightheartedness.
t. -pre-crash troper

Got any more stories of how it used to be?

Yeah, I'd love to hear more. Who goes and adds articles for every little obscure web-comic and flash game in existence?

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You kidding? Dwarf Fortress, Minecraft, DayZ, PUBG, the entire state of the Roguelike genre.

If it helps, the guy who runs it now is someone who makes games for a living. He got butthurt when Yahtzhee gave a bad review for one of his games and he threatened to remove Zero punctuation from the site.

It was interesting, because it had all the mechanical characteristics of a shithole like early 4chan (totally hands off administration, no hotpockets, totally unsecured pseudonymous "accounts" without even the password protection of a trip, zero content standards, no permanent history, etc.), but without the shittingdicknipples that usually result. The site's community was unironically one of the nicest (if a bit dumb, probably due to low age) I can remember, and the niceness was completely organic. There were things like an "ultimate troll page" that pulled zero punches, yet people didn't get butthurt about it, there were jokes and banter mixed into lists in every page, but none of the arguments ever got angry, just amusingly autistic.

If I had to describe it succinctly, it felt like if ED was made by normalfags.

The downfall came in stages. IMHO the first stage was the breaking of soft taboos against things like (seriously) expletives or porn that had existed to then, as newfags started arriving too fast for acculturation. The userbase had always had a large fanficcer component, but there had been an understanding that everyone would try to be classy. Incidentally, this would result in an accretion of filth that came back to bite the site through its Google AdWords advertising, forcing a massive purge that was also used to justify yet more totally unnecessary censorship, but that was years down the road.

After that, was the forum coming back and causing mods. The forum had existed before, and been shut down due to hacks, but when it came back for good, it was ultimately what lead to the recruiting of moderators. That isn't to say the forum was inherently bad, but it was the first part of the site to get modded, and even if they started exercising a light hand, all the first batch of mod recruits were the biggest dicksuckers on the forum, and the first posters to get posts/threads deleted, and eventually banned, were almost invariably the highest quality posters on the forum, and the shiteaters that repeatedly provoked them were always treated as victims by the mods.

The beginning of the end was when the forum gained formal control over the rest of the site, particularly the "Trope Repair Shop" subforum and its "Crowners" system, which consisted near entirely of squeaky wheel busybodies that would repeatedly push the same unpopular idea, in the face of rejection after rejection, until their lucky day when enough of their opponents weren't present to object, and it suddenly became irreversible law. These people were the ones who pushed for the first mods on the wiki, the first editlocks on the wiki, the first forced renames/moves on the wiki, and the first page deletions on the wiki.

The point of no return was the great negativity purge, which was done through phases of segregation. First everything "opinionated" was split into its own namespace of the wiki (YMMV), then everything "negative" (Darth Wiki), then the removal of real life examples because of "sensitivity", then full "example section-ectomies" to create "example-less" pages for "sensitive" tropes (probably the most ironic being when the page for "Jump the Shark" had its examples purged, since that very trope was inherited from an entire website by the same name, which had suffered a similar downfall shortly before most of its members moved on to found TV Tropes), then those entire namespaces were deleted in one fell swoop, and finally the "new normal" of outright random mass deletions in the main namespace was instituted. At the same time, the forum was reorganized, with the Holla Forums-like "On Topic" subforum having massive numbers of harsh rules imposed on it, and the Holla Forums-like "IJBM" subforum simply being deleted, accompanied by a massive deletion of the forum's years-long archive history for "performance reasons".

That was about when I fucked off.

He's the same guy who always ran it, I think it's just that his soul wore down, and the abuse routinely practiced by his mods gradually rubbed off on him.

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