Trump & Trudeau to form Liberal Feminist cross-border initiative for 'Women Business Leaders'

I wonder what Holla Forums will think about their Daddy teaming up with Cancuck Trudeau to break the glass ceiling :^) :^) :^)

Wtf, I love Drumpf now!


pure bourgeouis feminism

Now this is leftist politics I can support!

100% pure undistilled bourgeois third wave feminism.

This is why we need communism.

Ivanka tier garbage

The thing is Trump is going to rape the Canadian economy with corporate tax and energy production, Trudeau goes in talking about how to make rich cunts even richer.

God i hate that bitch, she's the epitome of the usless tramp who has no value on her own.


Whoa, mate, slow down there, you're talking about future first female PotUS.

Liberalism never left the U.S., it is alive and well, just under a different party

of all the ways i expected Trump to cuck his followers, becoming a feminist is not what i expected.

feminism made trump possible, in the same way it created rape culture, they wrecked the moral fiber that used to uphold society.

I wonder what would happen if he converted to islam.
Kek is God of chaos after all

B-but Trump is not a feminist…..he is just pretending to be one to outsmart da joos you cucks

I wouldn't know how to react

What the fuck is even going on in there?
I realize Holla Forums is batshit crazy but how do you even get anything done or even just have a discussion in such a clusterfuck?

Holla Forums is basically a civil war now.

When do we recruit?

It'd probably be very easy at this point, but i think they can do it themselves naturally.
i don't have the pic saved but some oldfag has a post that goes around that predicted all of this.

Will Holla Forums finally fuck off and die after this?
Will i be able to walk into Holla Forums and talk about a game without Holla Forumstards derailing and/or shoving their political stances into every single fucking thread ever?
What will it take for Holla Forums to finally fuck off from every board that isn't Holla Forums?

Thats the hope. i came to Holla Forums after /monster/ became a Holla Forums echo chamber. also i think in the future we will WANT Holla Forums to be on boards if the prediction comes true. They are probably going to become anti-right wing after this.

Welcome aboard, comrade

Ha, I've been here for a while. Definitely not a newfag to leftist politics. Pretty much been a commie my entire life.

I hope that wasn't the implication you got from my post. It's just that I welcome any sign of a growing Holla Forums.

Ah, ok.
Thank you then, I'm glad to be part of a community that can enjoy catgirls and revolution at the same time.


"T-Trump isn't a n-neoliberal you s-silly communists!"

So… future first female Drumpf :'^)