Chapo Trap House
So the past two free episodes have been pretty lukewarm tbh. The interview with Taibbi was ok but there were no big insights. Tim is not that interesting and as much as they shit on the Daily Show it seems to me they are falling it its routine.

Pretty tiring. What does Holla Forums think?

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cumtown is better for the haha's, for the other stuff idk chapo is cool i like it and everyone on there but shitting on journalist libs gets old and also what you said. i'm glad it exists though

Why should anyone stop

no one should ever stop EVER, but that doesn't mean it doesn't get tired. what makes it better is that he makes it so incredibly easy

They've been great imo. The Ben Shapiro novel is one of my favorite things so far. The only thing I don't like now is how every episode feels like a random group of people talking, I miss the consistency of having Felix, Matt and Will every episode.

It's also kind of weird how you want a political podcast to avoid mentioning the recently-elected president as his administration is issuing its first orders. What should they be talking about?

The Ben Shapiro bits are always highlights and about Trump is that they just gloat about him the same away over and over again, not even Felix's tirades don't sound as out there crazy as before.

And Amber.

Just listened to the new episode. fucking amazing

Katie Halper show is pretty gud if you want interviews with actual people who know their shit and proper discussion on organizing Socialism.

Another good Podcast to follow is From Alpha to Omega, though it's very academic, but focuses a lot of futurism and Socialist economics. Based Micheal Roberts is a very regular guest.

yeah where the fuck is amber


I really wish we could get longer Chapo episodes now that the're making over 40,000 a month. That's a lot for just recording 2 sometimes 3 hours of audio a week.

She's back she was just on the Cumtown that dropped tonight


I'll upload a few premiums if you tell me what you want

don't even know what i'm missing on that end but i heard the cthulhu episode was good so maybe that and a personal fav or two of yours i guess. that would be nice

dude can you upload the Brandon Wardell one? The guys in CumTown talked about how awful it was and it got me curious.

Okay might take a while due to shit internet

check back in a few days, i'm bout to rip em all and upload them

if the dry boys are real leftists they wont care

typical commie parasites with their free shit cool man

cthulhu was fun

never heard that ep, why is it considered bad?

wardell isnt funny, they just talk about wardell's fat friend who twitch streams

I have no idea how he has a job with MTV or whatever

This episode in-between was free as well.

The episode was about Mark Fisher, and they discussed his thoughts on idpol.

Premium Chapo!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg

What is the Discord url for the Chapo Discord server? Link doesn't work on any of their pages.

Also what's the worst Chapo episode?
worst ep:

Robby Soave, Brandell Wardell and the aborted Matt Walter episode are the top 3 worst.

That one is expired boy.


What the fuck is wrong with the brains of the "intellectual" right? This guy is so fucking autist it's crazy.

Yeah, I was looking forward to what Chapo would do with a guest as big as Tim (the episode where they watched a Dinesh D'souza movie with Bill Corbett was fucking brilliant) but the Ben Shapiro reading was the only good part of the episode. It was funny, but the first half was a pretty meh interview without a lot of humor or interesting questions/answers from Tim.

They came off as really nervous around Tim. The whole episode seemed really awkward.

I wish they would bring some actual leftists on to interview. It's been nothing but liberals lately.

i love chapo

all those things matt said about Trump are true too, sorry if this offends

HIGHLY RECOMMEND the chapo speakeasy eps

thank you buddy




Uploaded some more Chapo!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg

Did they ever release the full recording of them arguing with that weird alt-right guy? They played a few snippets at the end of one of their episodes but I could never find the unedited version.

This one?

Yeah that's the one. I was wrong about the Alt-Right aspect but it's just as big a shitshow as I was expecting.

Just you wait until they get Sargon or the gorilla mindset guy

Just thinking about that is already amazing.

Sorry if this is asking too much but could you upload the recording of their election live show?
It is the only premium episode want.

* I want
Fucking phone.

Brings me back

Tim Heidecker episode was weak. Looks like they themselves are tired of bashing trump, liberals and alt-right
They should have an episode about foreign politics, some new ground could be good to them.
And the world isn't all about trump. There's the French election, for example. The humor could be better if there's new things to talk about.

You're a god among men

Okay this link should work

If you want the actual audio file I can upload that but I figured the video would be better

If you want the actual audio file I can upload that

I feel like chapo would have been edgier and more interesting if Clinton had actually won the election in the burgerstan. majority of post election episodes have been daily show tier shit.

Alright hold on…

They basically all admitted that on their Nostalgia Trap interviews

yeah, I seem to remember them predicting it in that new yorker article about them too. sad, really, but I'm not really sure where else they can go with their current format given the Trump spectacle is all encompassing in politics right now.

id really like some more geopolitical stuff, more international guests. right now it's mostly been american liberal journalists and entertainers who are some of the most banal people on the planet, but i understand they're easy to get.

I think you would really enjoy Radio War Nerd. The Chapo boys get most their info on geopolitics from John Dolan and Mark Ames anyway. Here's their free shows

I love Matt so much

Okay I uploaded the election live show and a couple others!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg

Does anybody know where I can see the video of the election night event?

I already posted the youtube link

They need better guests. The Adam Curtis show was great and subsequent shows have not matched up to it.

You guys should let them know on twitter and patreon you want different guests or content focus. I like what they're doing now despite how exhausting the Trump shit is, but I'd definitely prefer more serious politics/geopolitics in the mix. They will likely make changes if you hit them up about it.

Yeah they'd probably appreciate whatever legit criticism you have. I think Felix's DMs are still open. I'm an absolute nobody on Twitter and I messaged Felix about MMA and he immediately gave me a polite response back. I wouldn't constantly bug him about shit but if you want to reach him that way it should be fine.

Might be a good idea to DM him the thread. Would be easier at least. Might not like the piracy though.

cheers user, i'll check it out

Hey comrades anyone uploaded their new premium episode?!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg

I literally labeled it "latest premium"

They endorsed the Democratic Socialists of America too, so…

Felix definitely seems to have an interest in geopolitics. Their second to last premium ep was him talking to a journalist whose specialty is writing about the intersection of geopolitics and MMA. I don't even know anything about MMA and I've never watched it myself, but the conversation was about Chechen and Russian nationalism and "proxy wars" being played out through sports. It was actually pretty good

Unthinkable. First they support PPG's imperialist adventure serving a pawn of the US in the middle east and now this.

Is this really good? I'm listening to it for the first time, the Red Scare episode, and they spent the first 5 minutes attacking some writer for using big words like "clandestinity"

Thanks a lot my man

opinion instantly disregarded.

Newest ep is really good. The stuff on Israel was p hilarious.

whatever you say buddy

why are tankies so stupid

lel top banter

Also does anyone here listen to OPC ( they're not as knowledgeable as Chapo but they're more left-wing

is this your podcast user

Nah, but I know they're very small still.

Yeah it was a riot but also revolting.

Did you guys even listen to the Tabletop Game Theory episodes? Shit was fucking brilliantly funny.

is the dude who said he was a zionist in highschool anti-israel/anti-zionism or not?

this rides on whether or not i enjoy this podcast

He called sharon a butcher, said israel did ethnic cleansing and called his zionist camp experience propaganda

What do you think?

Revolting how?

The crude indoctrination they did on the people that went there.

Is the podcast revolting or the Israeli propaganda. I may have misunderstood.

the israeli propaganda obviously… Why would i webm that if i hate Chapo.


Phil Greaves, get the fuck out and go back to sucking assad's dick

They just like to shit on hack writers like Micheal Weiss who write terrible shit in defense of Saudi Arabia, Ukrainian Gov. etc.

Maybe that was a bad episode to start with. Scroll down and try to find their episode about the IRA or Weathermen those were two of my favorites.

They're all bad episodes to start with

Some people in another thread were talking about getting Sargon of Akkad to go on Chapo Trap House so he could get BTFO. How's that coming?

Also, can we get Paul Joseph Watson to do the same thing? He's an annoying cunt who needs to get rekt.

Might as well post the full image.

I hope it is still going because i know Sargon's ego is too big to let him turn it down.

g-guys I was satirizing the average DSA-hating tankie

I deleted the thread in case any freelance fun police got wise, I'll be bringing it back up at some point.

Honestly, I don't know if that would happen. Sargon seems like the sort of dude who becomes the "by your logic, you've just proved my point" guy when debating, which are hard to BTFO because they will drop a thousand logic shit to dodge the debate

Felix's Twitter handle is "ByYourLogic" and Matt makes fun of logical fallacies all the time so I'd guess they'd just troll him until he melted down if it came to that. The big problem is I'd think any real debate would need some kind of moderator and preferably a live audience. Without that I'd just be an incredibly awkward podcast or YouTube shitshow.


Who gives a shit

Tankies, trots, leftcoms, anarkiddies. The scourge of the Left.

They just want a mass socialist organization in the US, one of them routinely jokes that once it gets big enough she can start a far-left splinter group.

I don't see it tbh
Everyone should, because the success of socialism depends on having a correct revolutionary program. Or, you know, we can forget the lessons of the past hundred and fifty years of history.

t. Dale Earnhardt

So did anyone DM Felix with criticism?

Tim is just too nice for the Chapo kind of humor. He makes them look mean-spirited when he's on the show with them tbh.

I don't think we'll get Sargon or PJW on, but hbbomberguy was talking to them on twitter so they might have an ep w/ him

if they have an episode just shitting on youtube logic pedants that could be fun and good

I can't for the life of me understand why someone would pay to listen to an hour of lulz-reference-anal-poop shit talking, this is worse than Stefan Molyneux.

Stop eating from the trashcan.

Good thing it's not that, then

It's a bunch of imaginary friends, like all vloggers.



They're not coming over to beat up sargon for you.

It's not real when I don't have a patreon.

what's your point


we are all your imaginary friends. you have been in a coma for the last 7 months. please wake up

I wish Matt would make a podcast based on his Drunk History episode, but preferably with a script and editing out the silence pauses.

also, new episode is on boys

That would be good since he is the historical materialism nerd. I think everyone would prefer it to his movie podcast with amber.

Why would they reck anybody? If they're pulled out of their carefully curated world of inter-referential memes that uses shibboleth in the place of arguments there is a chance they'll lose in debate.

This tbh.
It's an incestuous podcast, where the right hand jacks off the left one and so on

They've already debated a conservative and he certainly didn't win.

Robby Soave or Matt Walther? I guess it didn't really go well for either.

Ugh fuck, he's so unfunny. Pure reddit.

I'm really glad Chapo boys agree about the necessity of a left-wing gun culture.

Wtf I love chapo now

What's really fucking annoying though is you tell people all this crazy disingenious shit Israel and Zionists get up to and you just get called an "antisemitic conspiracy theorist".

Sargon ALWAYS gets destroyed in debates.

The problem is his followers are so fucking stupid they always claim he won and destroyed everyone with his "logic".

Listen to that one where he debates an actual sociologist academic and gets demolished in every conceivable way, yet all his fanboys and Reddit were like "See Sargon BTFO crazy SJW feminist"

tbh I've only seen a few of his videos but they were kinda funny

Are we still doing the petition to get Sargon on Chapo?

NO. Only Hardon of a Cuck fans want him on Chapo. They just want to expand his lame dying platform.

Gee, it's like dry eyes at Leland Palmer's wake.


hory shieet

Who the fuck is piss pig grandad


He came back from Syria?

He's still there

American YPG volunteer

Fucking rules



anarchists btfo


Literally the only thing I've wanted to hear from them since I found out about them (although the HyperNormalisation episode was pretty good).


excited to listen to this today


I'm 99% he was joking

Anyone know if that bit about masturbation being illegal was true? Might change my whole view on Rojava

HOLY FUCK! I just found out that Red Kahina = Molly Klein. Didn't know this before.

She's fucking nuts!

Twitter Tankies are living in an alternate reality, its the only thing that makes sense

Celibacy is definitely enforced I wouldn't be surprised if that includes masterbation.

Is the movie podcast completely dead? they haven't uploaded anything in a while. I think Chapo is doing an episode about Patriots Day so that should be good.

Fucking piss man.

This is why the west is the best place for socialism to rise. Socialism in the context of rojava and the stuff he describes (multiple wives, honor killings and so on) is colored by these old world traditions. Though it should be said, whatever rises in the west will probably still have to deal with prejudices about property and moral codes that exist here, but these kinds of old world social norms have much less hold over western ideology.

Also, think of him saying that the Kurds would call his cell phone capitalist. Maybe they had more of a reason for saying that than what he presented, but it sounds like some surface level reactionary bullshit against western culture and the products of global capitalism.

But I still think the YPG is the thing that should be supported. It's more revolutionary than ISIS or Syria, but it isn't perfect obviously.

It's fucking shit

listening to pisspiggranddad makes me ashamed of my fucking life

i was happy just to get a job for fuck sake


Stalinists will defend this.

to be fair, no fap was probably in place already

it's the middle east

Are we talking about Adam from Cum Town?

You're doing good too, comrade.

Yeah. Listen to the podcast. He goes into how they basically indoctrinated him including sex, but even with all the propaganda the disgusting nature of Israel was plain for him to see at the time and completely destroyed any Zionism inside him.


Yeah that freaked me out a bit. I assume it's a military shit so it's no biggie, but everything he's describing sounds weird and completely alien to any idea of Socialist a westerner would have.

But again, I assume it's just army conduct instead of political.

I laughed so hard at this.

Also, what kind of "detention" will he be subject to coming home? Are there any reports from the various other foreign YPG volunteers about being detained on their return?

He is from canada so i would not expect anything to happen to him.

he lives in california tho right?

That was a joke.

He's from the Bay area I think.

The asceticism he described sounds like a leftover from the PKK's ML days. Sounds like the to the "New Socialist Man" philosophy that was promoted in soviet countries. The self criticism sessions are old school soviet shit too.

So this is definitely top 3 Chapo episodes

it's up there with Year Zero and chapo speakeasy eps

He definitely lived in Toronto at one point. I know a guy who knew him through the Toronto punk scene.

when PPG says they've banned masturbation he likely means in military quarters as the YPG soldiers are in a quite unique situation of having tons of women fighting right next to them

YPG want to restrict any sexual shit between the male and female contingent for obvious reasons

it sounds strange but the YPG/J aint a normal army

that and i can see alot of social conservatism bleeding into the YPG from the incredibly sexualy repressed society they come from

He said that the honor killings and polygamy came before the revolution. those things don't exist now.

i assumed no fap was for the ypg specifically, not everyone in it.

because its an actually existing, incredibly poor society during a fucking war. of course it's not the same as utopian sci fi fantasies


I think he explains it well. Rojava is dirt poor, embargoed from the rest of the world, and they are fighting for their very survival.

Lel I can't wait for sexual politics to destroy left support for rojava

Great episode.

Also, what the fuck is a blankist?

Fantastic episode.

Basically, instead of mass politics and class warfare, Louis Auguste Blanqui suggested we should make socialism by having a core group of revolutionary conspirators organize a coup to take over the state and make socialism from the top down. Unlike things like the Vanguard Party (where the goal is to have a core group of educated middle class lead the proletariat in revolution), the proletariat basically play no role in Blanquism until well after the revolution.

Worth mentioning he joked on twitter that the unofficial designated fap time is guard duty.

The last few episodes with Tim Heidecker and the Cum Town guy were weak as fuck, but this and the journalist guy were solid episodes.

the last two episodes with shane bauer and pisspig grandad were fantastic.

Could you please explain who this is, i'm not too in tune with left twitter

Piss Pig is a petty bourgeois imperialist LARPer.

she knows that pisspig is a cia agent, and is trying to warn us

One of the few decent leftists on twitter that aren't just ultraliberals, along with people like Phil Greaves.

Kek I wish we had liberal ultras
Like, they're so liberal that they don't do anything, like leftcoms


This sentence is so awful, it killed at least ten men who shit themselves to death screaming for their lives


Thank God we have quality Soviet larpers doing the necessary work of calling everything a CIA psyop (unless it's a Russian state propaganda in which case it's proletarian struggle).

Like anarchists and other petty booj faux "Marxists" are any better. At least Greaves and others try to offer a Marxist analysis of the situation, rather than posting the latest spicy memes from tumblr and reddit.

Only Marxism Leninism can liberate the proletariat.

Same goes for dialectical analysts such as comrade Jason Unruhe.

You killed ten men.

Now you killed forty one.

That always seems to end with "the status quo is fine, don't do or support anything or else you're just feeding into the CIA/Israel psyops"

How, when they support authentic anti imperialist and socialist movements?


Literally Phil Greaves detected tbh


Sure, sure, just weird coincidence that the best way to support anti-imperialist and socialist movements is to support authoritarian religious conservatives like Russia.

I don't understand why there aren't more Blanquists, after years and years of bouncing between Socialist schools, after really having a big period of introspection and thought about how power works, I would say I'm like 70% Blanquist now.

The idea the working class is going to rise up is just naive bullshit at this point. The best way to bring about Socialism would be to place revolutionaries of positions of power like Government institutions and the media and then start pushing out Socialist rhetoric from a place of muh privilege and authority.

Imagine if Socialists got in charge of News Corp, we could probably envoke a fucking Commie revolution within a fucking month.

Literally insane idpoller and tankie.

Ross Wolfe on twitter tankies

Watch Molly Klein a.k.a. Red Kahina be a hysteric idpoller at Left Forum, interrupting Zizek several times

Blanquism is basically Leninism, so expect anarchists to whine.

No it's not. It has an element of vanguardism, but that's not the be all end all of Leninism.

shame he's an actual "imperialism is good" leftcom. his critique on other issues is pretty good at times.

a CIA plant

absolutely revisionist

zio-wahhabi merc clerks would be a kickass clerks sequel. Dante and Randal join ISIS

it's pretty obvious

Why is Will such a pussy?

Will is obviously the most liberal, felix is a shitposter, and matt is /ourguy/.

hey uhhh

What race is Amber


amber is proof race doesn't exist

He says he's coming back in 2 months


Wait so these guys are selling this trash? Even the TRSODIMITES weren't this bad

an annoying one

nah she's great

These people make 40000 a month? God damn sounds like capitalism is working fine for them

yeah tbh it would be good for them to use the money on something constructive

like spreading class consciousness?


There's a new premium episode out.

Would you consider uploading it?

Hello Phil


Okay I'm downloading it…

Uploaded the new premium!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg

Last fag i expected to find in a Chapo thread.

Thanks bud

Seems like a utopian and defeatist position honestly
Also the whole separation of powers thing

Sure, provided they don't turn into a bunch of Rachel Maddows and provided the shareholders didn't have anything to say about it
This position seems to require we break capitalist control before we can coopt the "capitalist state," presupposing revolution and merely begging the question

a four saying something not idiotic for once. well played my good sir

They're not making a living

Oh no? What are they doing?

Phil Greaves, pls leave


Proles should do it, not middle class posers

middle class is more successful proles dipshit

There are valid points to be made about commercialism and the "culture industry," but after a while you do need to choose between reach and theoretical depth/rigor.
If complaints about the content reduce to choice of intended audience, it's not so clear cut whether it's "profiteering" or "we just want to be entertaining and funny, and have fun doing it"

Plus le no ethical consumption under capitalism and how we all need to self-justify under this mode of production, in some way, and so on.

Still would be nice if they went more into Marxist analysis of current events, even a rudimentary one. There's a good opportunity to popularize that sort of thing and raise class consciousness

You disgrace his name.

I knew these Bookchin memes would attract those types eventually middle class

Not saying that guy isn't a moron but the "marxists don't believe in middle class" thing is a meme

Btw, any Chapo fan that has heard of Cum Town but hasn't gotten into it, I really recommend the Felix Biederman episode:

It's one of their best yet and the style is kinda similar to the more conversational Chapos.

Also, I'd really appreciate if some 🍀🍀🍀cum boy🍀🍀🍀 would pirate their premiums here.

which file is it?

Proles like the fabulously wealthy Molly Klein?

here you go comrade. not sure if this is up to date or what, i didn't upload these.

considering a lot of people i know don't have jobs, you're doing pretty well

also, crawling around for 8 hours and then mandatory nofap while being shot at isn't for everyone

thank you my man

There is totally a middle class, but Lenin was totally middle class within Russian society and so saying "Middle class shouldn't lead things" with a Lenin hat icon is mind numbing levels of lack of self awareness.


oh yeah that's true

Zizek is a bad boy with at least 86 Exazizeks of unbearable psued

But pseudointellectualism is measured in kilofoot-pounds per zizek mang



I don't really disagree, though, all that much. He's basically the edgy contrarian darling of the academic pseudo-left. He says good stuff occasionally

Idk about her. But I'm pretty sure Greaves is poor

How is Zizek a pseud? By your own admission you haven't even read any of his books. Shitting on thinkers you haven't read is exactly what a pseud would do.

Marky Mark Boston Strong



I've tried to listen to CT a few time, I just can't stand Stav

it's like you want to be in the wrong side of history

derails another thread. well done hoochie.

Where are they getting all this money?


The multimillionaire heiress is the one starting the podcast.

I managed to survive two years in med I think I can safely say I'm not a psued. But people who worship Zizek are,

Do not name tripfags. Jesus Christ.


Zizek spends 24/7 reading and writing books. The man literally has a room that's exclusively intended to store all of his books and is filled to the top with them. Your 2 years of med are a joke compared to that.

Well, I guess the differences is one has material impact on the working class. The other is a self mastrabatory library.

Zizek has influenced more change in the minds of people and inspired them to become active leftists than you could hope to achieve in your lifetime. And me. And probably everyone here. Your ego is insufferable tbh

He's a salami publisher that shitposts in book form

Different careers, different paths. Not everyone is made out to be a psued who gets more than he should on college tour lectures.

While I'm working to help the fucking suicidal among the impoverished and the homeless to whatever ability I can.


What pissed me more off is the people who dressed as ypg and shot up a bunch of civilians and some human rights council blamed the YPG, and when they figured out it wasn't, blamed them for not preventing it

You can't make that shit up

fucking psueds

As opposed to post grad, in which I'm sure you are.

Who could have possibly seen this coming?

Ironic that the trot is saying that

Not really, no.

It sucks that a lot of leftists think Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, ACLU etc. are just liberal do-gooders when in reality they are funded and ran by right-wingers who view labor organizing and socialism as being anti-freedom or whatever.

ACLU gets money from Peter Thiel and fights for the rights of Nazis and Klansmen but when it comes to labor unions they're pro "right to work".

I think it was Amnesty which bragged about sabotaging the first peace deal in Columbia and said rebels need to face criminal charges.

It's Human Rights Watch which falsely accused YPG of ethnic cleansing but sheds tears everytime a Salafist is killed.

Sometimes these groups do some valuable work but leftists should remember they're not exactly on our side.

Isn't there a human rights episode made by chapo trap house?
I think it's about Colombia or some other south america country. The guest talks a bit about the human rights role on this, i think.

Found it.

It's a good ep.

So it's just a coincidence one of them is the son of a KBG turncoat?


That's his Grandpa

Will's great-great grandfather was a Russian Jewish revolutionary

*Should have been one just one great

Still need an answer on this one



Anarchists will whine about fucking anything

prove it

half-white, half-Asian (Korean??)

It was Human Rights Watch who sabotaged the peace deal. Amnesty is much more reasonable.

more like cuck rights watch and cucks international

She said she's just Scots-irish but yeah her face is uhh… Unique.

not american, what the hell is the difference between irish, scotish and scots irish?

Just varifying degrees of alcoholism and proneness to crack cocaine

is amber asian

Is this a common opinion here?

Because I like her. She's funny and has a cute laughter. She's like a female Stavros.

that's what I assume


She seems autistic

Every single one of them seem autistic. Nick, Stavros, Adam, Matt, Will, Felix.

I think people have been hating on white Brooklynites wrongly. They're not hipster gentrifiers, only autistic.

what if we are all autistic and the spergs are the normal ones?

Who needs creck cocaine, when yev got harrowin?

huffing paint/gasoline or go home you fucking scrub

what the fuck are you on about

They don't seem autistic at all. You might be for not picking up social cues and thinking everything you don't like is autism



he looks so happy :3

No user they're all autistic, and you're autistic too for not identifying this. Autists don't see autism in others, I know because I studied this.

It's a symptom of autism to not go out much, identify too many things as odd and discomforting, and having a pained reaction to them

Literally nobody is acting autistic but you right now. Not everything you don't like is autism.

I have huffed lacquer thinner too and it gives you a weird but fun high
I only did it twice because it melts my fucking brains

what if the real autism is the friends you didn't make along the way

These people with an enormous amount of friends are autists.

Me though, I'm a total chad, 6'5, a bear of a man, I've studied autism all my life. These smug snarky New Yorkers cannot get a decent point across to them. They're all autistic. I'm not autistic.

I hate fucking family court.

You're a simpleton.

First, you can tell they're autistic because of the shape of their noses and the ratio between ears and head.

In fact everything I don't like is really autism, is says here in the research.

Fool me once, shame on me.

Don't fool me again.

For a group of people who like a podcast that literally comes from Irony twitter you people suck at identifying irony, my god.

Or maybe I suck at doing irony, and now I'm wondering if this is an autistic trait.

I mean, you were indistinguishable from an autistic twitter tankie who has "anti irony left" in their description. That's a talent I suppose.

what if the real irony is the just pretending to be retarded we did along the way

Really? Like they literally can't distinguish neurotypicals from other autists?
I'm ASD and feel like it's pretty easy for me to pick up on whether or not people are subconsciously transmitting and receiving these sekrit magic signals just by observing them

I mean if you've got some journal articles that can clarify go ahead


100 people asked her on curiouscat

>there are posters on this board RIGHT NOW who shill 24/7 for Pisspig/Chapo/Rojava

Why would you want your soldiers to be completely sex-starved without any means of release and therefore potentially distracted?

Irish are from Ireland, Scots are from Scotland, Scots-Irish are Scots who colonized what is today Northern Ireland, aka the part of Ireland which remains part of the United Kingdom.

Explain yourself faget










I guess the LeftCom flag derailed too much from his intended means of trolling by distracting everyone with the absurdity of a LeftCom telling people to "contribute"?

I'm an actual leftcom and do shit. I also don't have an issue with Chapo, pisspig, or the YPG. Leftcom flag is just used for shitposting now.

new episode is up

They're talking about Sargon and leftypol's campaign lmao.

same comrade. leftcom is pretty misunderstood i think and the shitposters who meme and use the flag have really fucked it up

holy shit they're talking about leftypol? have they done that before?

they didn't mention leftypol by name but they talked about internet people telling them to do an episdoe on dipshits like sargon

oh, well what timestamp?

around 55 min in

Not Holla Forums by name, but Will said some people kept pressing him to attack Sargon, which I assume is us


The latest episodes haven't been great apart from the Call of Cthulhu stuff.

Like they said, it's too hard to satire Trump because the Republicans are just full retards. Honestly they should be doing more interviews.

bumping this glorious thread

I'll upload the new premium after I get done listening…

oh thank you bby

Uploaded the ep. labeled the " The Appropriators"!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg

Thanks fam. You're the hero we need.

chapo trap house is gay af tbh

upload premium cumtown videos

me too tbh

Honestly, one of the better episodes. Shits on idpol hard.

The cumtown eps are linked somewhere in this thread upthere.

yeah although the recent one with just the three of them was probably one of the best in recent memory

Newest episode is dope as fuck, leftypol would love it.

It's literally an entire episode tearing apart college idpol.

I… I've been waiting for this day.

these are all pretty shite, and Ive sat through meme harris podcasts

New premium episode is very good. Matt's point about cultural commodification vs. cultural appropriation was really interesting and something I hadn't heard before.

I just finished listening to the episodes there were on the megaupload and I should have commented on them as I listened them

I don't remember what episode was this but who is Sam Kriss and why doesn't he like Zizek? he says Zizek is a conservative

Also on the pizzagate episode they mentioned that some DNC memeber had an sculpture that was posed like a Jeffrey dahmer victim, pic related are said sculpture and the Dahmer victim that inspired it.

yeah, john podesta had that

what a fucking creep. someone post his paintings

Sam Kriss and Zizek had a little intellectual spat a while. Like Zizek, Sam Kriss is also a Lacanian. For Kriss Zizek is not communist enough.

Are there more leftist podcasts like chapo?

Holla Forums aproved podcast masterlist (I'm not sure if this is the one user mentioned) (Unsure about this too)

Adding a bit more "serious" podcasts:

Here's the link to the podcast. There's a bunch of free ones on there. Highly recommend it.

I listened to a few episodes of Novara. They seemed real worried about offending people like they'd say sorry for saying "Insane" or "crazy" like it was some kind of terrible slur. I finally dropped it because the stupid brit host said "lets be honest the FBI lost Hillary the election" among other bad takes. Some of the guests were okay but I hated the hosts.

Other than Novara I listen to 3/4 of the podcasts you listed and they're all pretty good for the most part.

I might just upload some War Nerd episodes since I'm already doing that with Chapo. My worry is that people that people who aren't used to Ames and Dolan will listen to them bitch about hack journalists or shitty hotels for 20 minutes and think "wtf is this shit" and turn it off before the real stuff starts.

These fuckers need to read more. I'm listening to episode 72 and it's like the second or third time I see them completely choke when asked to recommend books.

They seem smart and well-informed, Matt and Amber in particular, but it would be nice if they'd cover all the bases.

although there are still many traces of liberalism, I really enjoy media theorist Rushkoff's podcast called Team Human. It's a bit of a meta-podcast since it's mostly about technology and the media. Highly recommended for Situationists and other leftists media theorists or people that like Adam Curtis. Every episode begins with a monologue by Rushkoff dissecting the current spectacle.

Based Zizek making people absolutely SEETHING.

The ride never ends.

I joined yesterday so I consider myself partially responsible for that and therefore entitled to a pair of Amber's more intimate feet pics.


mmm yes
so hot

Wtf is this her? She sounds very cute

How did a bunch of commies get the #1 patreon wtf

She may look weird, but she's absolutely fuckable

People really wanted non-idpol funny leftist content obviously. The future is bright.

Being backed by the FBI has it's perks.

Will Menaker is actually Mulder



That's a pretty damn good list

have you listened to chapo?

I might be in the minority here but I like Stav's laughter.

The latest episode was on alt-right and chan culture. Dope shit.

CPT comes off as stock-standard Brooklynite nu-males that can't decide whether the flyovers deserve sympathy or mockery

Also that jew fuck really needs to stop assuming that being Jewish gives him an insight into every and any branch of Christianity ("JESUS WAS JEWISH, SO LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR RELIGION")

where's mah boi zero squared podcast ?


Both Will and Felix are Jews so I don't really know who you're talking about.

But yeah much of the left hasn't decided what they think of flyovers and Christians. One minute they say they're oppressed and alienated then another they're all rednecks and reactionaries.

On Chapo they make fun of the concept of a cultural bubble but when most of your friends are all educated left-wing atheist New Yorkers you may be living in one.

Holla Forums has its head up its ass again.

You can be reactionary and oppressed at the same time. Being working class doesn't mean that you automatically develop class consciousness.

You can have sympathy for a struggling person, and still think they have shit taste. People are complex and multi-dimensional. This is retarded absolutist thinking.

Everyone on Holla Forums looks like a hispanic numale stop with this

Can anyone tell me, what's the episode where they read the column by the Catholic guy who hears 'fuck' on an airplane?

Holla Forums gets absolutely BTFO on the new episode.

Also, Angela's accent is hot.

I hope Kill All Normies gets pirated soon.
the author sounded like she tought there was any drop of goodness left on the averange channer

a special White trash race.

did she talk about leftypol
should we inform her about it

nah it was a look at the alt-right particularly its origins and how its cannibalizing itself

universal world-baby

wow that new episode was good

Oh shit will this spark the Sam Hyde vs Chapo Saga?


Sam would look like a fucking fool on Chapo and he knows it, which is why he'll never go on. Matt and Felix would run circles around him and all he'd be able to do is meme and do that stupid loud laugh he does.

Well yeah, but when Trump's actions are the order of the day, and given who he is, it's fucking hard to come up with better material. We live in a farce.

Why haven't they had Zizek on yet? I mean, Zizek did Douglas Lain's podcast that like 10 people listen to, so it's not like CTH doesn't have the clout to get a guest like Zizek.

reminder that ironycels stole all of their humor from old twitter and frog twitter/wyrd right twitter and that CTH is for pseuds and people who think a show collecting hunreds of thousands in donations isn't profiting off of others misery. Lastly the 3/4 jewish thing is off putting.

Are they really white trash? I know Will comes from a good family but what about the others?

How long do you think he stared at his keyboard, trying to come up something along the lines of "socialists making money, lol" without sounding stupid but realising that he couldn't?

He was even afraid of going to Cum Town for some reason. People on the Right are so concerned with debate culture that they're always afraid of an ambush.

They're probably saving some major interviews for periods of slow news I guess.

You sound like a 16 year old who is lurking a board for the first time and is really concerned about what is the oldfag and the newfag way to behave

Pretty sure they hate Zizek. That was the impression I had.

Zizek had a bad falling out with the left for the sort of transphobic and accelerationist shit he said.

I think they're all mostly ambivalent towards him. Plus they have common enemies in Phil Greaves and Molly Klein.

Can someone post the new episode


not having the dollop

Will was in the last Cum Town everybody.

What would even be the point of having Zizek. He will just ramble on about refugees, Starbucks and god dying on the cross like he always does and you can get that from any of his lectures or interviews. His real best work is in his books and writings anyway.

Looking for this as well

That Angela girl they had on the last episode was great, I wonder if they can get more people like her on.

matt called himself a failson's failson
felix was lower mid-class i think
amber was hooser white-trash
wills grand dad was a bolshevik i think
im not even sure virgil is a real person outside of the internet

How many y'all want a homoerotic relationship with a male best friend who will eventually murder you?

According to Molly Klein and Phil Greaves, Will's grandpa was deep State and he carries the hereditary deep state genetics. Lmao

my man here laughing

my man here laughing because he WANTS it

cumtown is the proletariate to chapo's vanguard

Let's be frank, Will's family does have a bit of a weird story.


They're scared to touch him with a pole right now.

This is the same kind of logic that most UFOlogists fucking use


They make 600k a year, Jesus Christ.

pretty funny video with felix and virgil

maybe they'll go over RedKahina's Playboy Network inheritance in about twelve years.

Split 6 ways (although I'm sure it's not an even split) and living NYC, so it's not like they're rich.

Matt is probably doing pretty good though with low cost of living in Ohio and his wife's income.

I don't think this is valid to say he's afraid. Sam Hyde did a lot of really inflammatory stuff in hostile environments and has been assaulted over it irl. He is not interested in debate because he is not interested in laying out an ideology. He has never endorsed the alt right explicitly and has always pretended to be unaware of it. He really hates weird Twitter but for him his misanthropy came first and runs deeper than politics.

I think he is still afraid not because of debate but because his shock routine is completely gimped by both Chapo and Cum town

I'm not even implying anything m6

They qualify for Trumps tax break. And yes they are rich on 100k a year, don't care where you live, if you are single income.

I think they do pretty well m8. I'm not american but Brooklyn is one of the cheaper places in NY right?

Well, yeah they make more than I'll ever see in a year, but I was just pointing out that it's not like they're overnight millionaires. I just hate the whole "leftists should ever make more than a poverty income" bullshit.

I'd be very uncomfortable with it to be honest.

who's this qt?

That's a drawing, not a real person


Nah. Listen to his Nostalgia Trap interview.

Uncomfortable if you were making that kind of money or uncomfortable with them making that kind of money?

I really don't really care care how much Chapo makes. I listen to Chapo for entertainment, not for revolutionary ideas or ideological purity.

Uncomfortable if I had their platform and was taking 100k in donations.

lmao 45k in a month bitching about capitalism, capitalizing on their sad audience. fuck them

You probably should, because there's no way a non-fed can make $45k per socialist audio podcast

lol go home phil your drunk

They aren't capitalizing off people who voluntarily donate to them

Do you know how Capital works.

Read Marx again, then re read it, then again. I doubt you'll get the message on even a sixth read.

I don't understand is this just you subconsciously agreeing with the meme that you can't earn or have money if you're a socialist?

They are just entertainers then, not genuine leftists. And if you disagree I'd like to know what makes them "leftist" in your view since it can't their leftist ideology (because they don't have any aside from vague anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist sentiments due to not reading theory).

Good advice for anyone, maybe the Chapo boys should do some of that too. They certainly can afford the time more than most.

I'm not staying poor just because you misunderstand who is and is not a Capitalist.

You fucking believe in champagne socialism when Engels and Marx were fucking well off and so was Lenin, go be a blow hard somewhere else

oh boy ancaps are out pretending to be marxists…

I'm an ancap for explaining Patreon

I'm not accusing them of being Capitalist, I'm accusing them of not having a coherent ideology. Engels, Marx, and Lenin did. Fucking ridiculous that you would even compare them to some uneducated guys with a podcast.

So sad how people can think like this. Some leftists will never move past their AdBusters phase, unfortunately.

Who's comparing? No one said Felix is supposed to be a new Lenin lmao.

If you want theorists look for them, they're not claiming to be social economists.

Molly, you are an heiress.

I a recent episode, one of them I'm not sure who called himself a marxist. I don't understand how they can make that claim when they have never demonstrated even a basic understanding of marxist theory in the episodes I've listened to and will readily admit and ironically mock themselves for not knowing their shit.

Matt would run circles around you on theory.

Really? Can you explain what makes you believe that? I'm genuinely curious what sort of educational background these guys have because it's not clear from the podcast.

Felix has said time and again that the only things he knows about is Metal Gear, MMA and political Islam.

Matt and Amber are the only ones I would say are Marxist.

Who fucking cares? You do know you don't need to have a fucking read list of books to call yourself a collectivist or a marxist

That's the point

Amber and Matt are Marxists, Felix, Will and Virgil seem to be left-wing without adhering to any particular theory or platform.

Amber has tons of writings online and was known as a writer way before she joined Chapo, Matt is obviously a history dork and touches on Marxist historiography in the episode where he discusses Willich. He also brought up Adorno a couple of times.

Of course, it's mostly a comedy podcast with the intent of mocking and attacking conservatives, liberals, phony pundits, etc. There's absolutely no reason for them to even discuss Marxism in depth. Also, you sound like the sort of idiot who thinks that demonstrating knowledge of marxist theory means dropping "bourgeois" in every sentence.

Matt cites Marxist theory all the time and does so drunk. He knows a lot of history. He was in grad school, but I don't know what for. I wouldn't go to him as an expert Marxist and I'm sure he would never call himself an expert, but he seems to know a lot more than most people who call themselves socialists.

I mean, I'm sure they read more than this user has. His problem is that they don't fit with his idea of what a "Marxist" is supposed to be, i.e. LARPing as a soviet commissar

My god, what a gift to unite every shitty trend of leftist thought against them they have

I've listened to the recent episode about Capitalist Realism and Matt and Amber didn't come across that knowledgeable but could be they were just keeping it simple for their audience. I found Amber's posts on the Baffler, I will have to read them later.

Where did you get the impression that is my idea of what a "Marxist" is supposed to be? I don't even care if they are Marxist necessarily, they can be libertarians or anarchists for all I care, I just want to understand what their actual positions are.

Oh, please do! I've been reading Ames' and Dolan's work for a while now but only recently started listening to Radio War Nerd and so far I'm enjoying it a lot.

And we replied to you, now stop sperging out about how they don't "seem knowledgeable on ___" like anyone cares

There's a torrent for War Nerd on TPB, I think it includes most episodes so far

Speaking of other podcasts, anyone else really wish they could get into pic related but think Parsons is a bit clueless and out of touch on everything? The interviews with the Chapo guys are painful at certain moments.

I've only listened to Nostalgia Trap once and that was the Freddie deBoer episode. I thought it was alright, not super entertaining though.

Kimiko Ross from Dresden Kodak, her comic is shit and her creator is the biggest douchenuzzle in the known universe
First pic will show you the TREMENDOUS lack of self awareness the creator Aaron Diaz has. The second fick is a sexy pinup for you

has anyone posted todays episode?


famrade.. episode?

pls someone upload the new eppy

The little spoiler on her nipples made me giggle more than it should have.

fucc intellectual property

I see where you're coming from, but they do acknowledge the absurdity of their ridiculously high salary


Yeah but that's relative to NYC. Rent is still 3k a month.

So despite all the "i'm so poor" thing Nick Mullen still had to make over 40k a year?

God everything is a lie

He's New York "poor".

Just look at this shitbag


Somebody already uploaded it elsewhere but I've added Basketball Snob!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg

thank you, i have your archive bookmarked

When Cum Town first started Mullen was living in a Chinatwon slum. If you listen to the show, he's been super poor most of his life. Only recently has the Patreon given the cum boys much success.

thx bro

Mullen and Felix are going to unionize the racism factory.

I'm only 15 minutes in but man, they are fucking mad on this episode. Best Felix rant since the post election episode.

Matt is live on Periscope right now

Where do you fall on the spectrum?

Fuck this. Otis is king.

wait… i don't know that feel!!

zizek has never been transphobic if you actually fucking listen to what he says

mad mad mad so fucking mad hahahaha delicious

Its not a drawing, Diaz has erotomania and Kimiko is modelled after a girl Diaz is obsessed with. People has pointed out Kimiko maybe modeled after Ashley Burch (First pic) but Diaz claims he has never met her. Personally I think she's modeled after an unknown girl.

Amber and Sam Kriss did a podcast of their own

Well, it's better than Chapo's first episode and it's definitely better than Frost/Christman.

Cum Town is the true home of dialectical materialism in the 21st century. Everything else is pure ideology.

Oh well, anudda wan to the list

fuck off

So I've just downloaded all the episodes of War Nerd. Because my Internet is shit it may take a while but I should have them all uploaded by tonight or tomorrow…


what about the podcast called "delete your account" what do y'all's folks think about it?

wasnt there this weird lady on Twittre called "amber eeeeeee" or something like that? well now because of memes i imagine "AMBER REEEEEEEE"

the hosts are insufferable which is a shame because some of their guests are cool

wtf I love Kriss now

Delete Your Account is great if you're interested in the work that goes into organizing.

Is the bottom real or satire?

Surely satire. Mao was not white.

Eh, there's something eerie about her face, but I wouldn't call her ugly.

Can anybody upload the latest premium Cum Town?

I'm always surprised at what a great taste Will has.

anyone have the new cumtown premium

i thought trapo chap house was some sort of podcast about trans people and drug lords and the more i learned about it the more i got disappointed.

There was no El Chapo and there were no traps :(

New Cum Town on the mediafire

Starts strong but then devolves into making fun of people's names for almost 30 minutes. Regret wasting my time listening to that. And it's not like the name "Johnathan Stack" is that funny honestly.

any update on this comrade??

Brendan's impressions of the rest of the Chapo crew was golden.
His Felix and Will were great.
I was disappointed he didn't bring up elevators and gaming for Virgil.

Yeah I thought it was initially a bunch of American drug dealers/former drug dealers who had gained class consciousness.
Never bothered listening because of this.

A bunch of cunts agreeing with each other and calling members of the outgroup dumb.

Zero value.

scathing critique my man

Patreon won't let me download episode 5 and 6 which is a shame because Dolan has a great story abount Saudi Arabia. I'll get back to uploading shit.

Can somebody tell me what is Virgil's deal?

He doesn't even seem like a real person. I tried to look him up on Facebook and he only has a page under this name for his fans, bit I don't know what his fans are fans of. Is he known for something other than Chapo and just being a Twitter guy in general?

I also noticed he has more followers than the other Chapo boys so I'm curious.

I've also seen several pictures and one video footage of him, and somehow I still don't know what he looks like.

It's obviously not his real name. I've met him IRL at a party, he's a 5"4 sperglord asian dude. I asked him if he really thinks Zizek is racist given he's a commie, he denied it and got really defensive, walked away without answering the question. I think he said his real name isJack but not sure.

The new episode is labeled "Napoleonic Rules"!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg

If you want to watch the movie they're talking about here's a torrent

He does Karl diggler with Felix, and he is a journo I believe.

I think the reason he has more followers is Karl diggler, and I'm p sure Felix would have more if his original account want banned.

Virgil is NOT a journalist. He just tweeted literally hundreds of times a day since Twitter was born. He was one of those original "weird twitterers" (before it was called weird Twitter) who lurked FYAD but was intimidated to post there, crawled up his own butthole about the new and subversive things they were doing with Twitter, got embarrassed by it, and now has permanent "irony" induced brain damage that only allows him to think in 140 character quips, references and memes. He's extremely dependent on the Twitter ecosystem and he's hyper-self aware of saying anything that breaks with the norms of that crowd.


you rule brotendo

He'll yea brother. I appreciate u

Were you at the Reds need Green party too?

Yeah it's not like they could actually discuss ideas, that'd be too much to expect.

I just went on twitter and bunch of socdems and soc jus tankies are mad at Mullen? Lol why?

TBH will's constant stuttering does my head in.
And why is matt always shouting from some bathroom?

Some woke nerd just found out he's "racist" and made a callout post and now people are literally arguing whether or not its excellent to do african guy voice lmao

wokeness was a mistake

New episode with… Sebastian Gorka?

just about to post this

Pretty good episode over all

can anyone pls upload the new cum town premium in solidarity with our comrade nick mullen

thanks friend

Frost/Christman is actually awesome

can someone link me the exact mix of el chapo that chapo use for their intro pls?

DJ Smokey - Salute 2 El Chapo pt 1.

I'm on mobile so I can't link.

thank you comrade

It actually isn't user

I don't frequent twitter so maybe someone could elucidate on this.. Is like, the Todd Hitler side of Twitter leftist shitposterss who hate the dsa for been cosmopolitan liberals or like, ironic leftists from frog twitter?

*being, whoops

Jesus, I've never listened to cumtown before, but how can anyone stand that guy who constantly laughs like a simpering dipshit?

SRS tho, what is this podcast even about? I don't understand, they've been talking about nothing for like 10 minutes so far

I honestly feel that without his laugh it would be just another boring comedian podcast that seems dry and sad

A lot of the stuff he laughs at is funny, but doesn't it bug you when he laughs so hard at stuff that isn't? I want to grab him by the ears and shake him tbh

It's a podcast about cum

They've talked a lot about dicks, but they haven't said anything about cum so far

Thanks fam appreciate it

Listen to the last premium, everybody.

I think it might be legit the worst fucking thing they've ever done. It beats the Wardell episodes by a wide margin.

actually it is

upload it pls

why is it so bad?

I'm curious.

Uploaded the new Garfield episode!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg

It's kinda a disappointing episode imo. The guest @leyawn seems kinda shy and I barely noticed he was there. In the beginning they talk about Felix's beef with some shitty rapper and at the end they have another​ Caleb reading series but the majority of the episode is about the controversy surrounding Garfield's gender that Virgil started. No real discussion about politics. It's funny at times but certainly not one of the better episodes.

I wish they would have brought Nick Mullen back on just to piss everybody off.

Garfield's gender is p fucking important dude. One of the defining arguments of our time.

With an episode named "garfield" I expected them to discuss Will Menakers' cameo on Sex Survey Results

Garfield gender absolutists mad.


That dude's twitter pisses me off
Bring Back Mullen

i don't really go to chapo for real discussions about politics if i wanted that i'd listen to this is hell or something

can you post the other caleb episodes?

Yeah I'll find then

That was an all time great episode. Chapo doesn't always have to be political. That fucking Foxtrot altright bit.

Is Garfield shia or sunni?

Imagine permanently looking like a four-year old at their aunt's second wedding.

Shia, mother fucker. Mondays are oppressive, so they are sunni, which is why Garfield hates them.

Cum Town would be so much funnier if Stav and Adam had personalities instead of just agreeing with whatever Nick says

Stav and Adam are great, but whenever Nick tries to steer the conversation they cave to him. He is the true alpha of the Cum Boys. It is hard to break the natural order.

For a first time listener (me) what's there best episode?


Sadly I don't have a timestamp but I saw a screencap of a Will Menaker on the movie.
Its a four hours long movie, I'm not up to that challenge
But supposedly that wasn't our Will, it was a soundalike

The Adam Curtis episode.

okay thanks.
is there somewhere i can dl chapo as mp3 so i can listen while i drive?
any more goat episodes?

The ten crackle commandments episode is one of the funniest things I've ever experienced

found it

what the FUCK

One prole more for revolution.

he'll yeah volcel representation

new episode on soundcloud

Has a new premium Cum Town come out recently?

this one from yesterday

Well, I listened to them for the first time. Would be perfect if it wasn't for the main guy doing a fake wheezy laugh and stuttering in response to the other guys. Felix is awesome though.

That was me. I didn't want to use my real name on the sex survey and I had just listened to an ep of Chapo so it just seemed perfect at the time.

But are you a volcel irl?

Hell no, not enough willpower.

Watch, he ends up in one of those ISIS propaganda videos getting chased by 10 year olds with pistols.

Can't wait for him saying something ironic right before being burning up :)

that would be true martyrdom

When I daydream about Rojava I imagine what witticism I should say in the ISIS propaganda video just before I'm tortured/murdered


"this is good to me actually"
*head falls off shoulders*

On the one hand it would be funny as fuck

On the other hand my family and friends would think I was retarded to spout twitter jokes as my last words

I would happily be murdered by Stalinist if it meant I got a chance to say
"so much for the tolerant left" jsut before the guilloutine hit me

I'd obviously say a fucking @Dril tweet but….which dril tweet would I say?

On the subject of last words

imagine my stupid trap ass getting decapitated by ISIS while I scream "THIS WHOLE THING SMACKS OF GENDER" or something

this one sums up rojava oh my god


new cumtown

holy shit

Fun show, but they're still a bit too hung up on liberal dogma. The "secret" Walther episode is instructive; they totally sperged out when confronted with someone truly a-liberal, while the weirdo christian remained cool as ice.

New episode THIS IS CHAPO!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg

Thanks, you are based.

I got much faster internet so I'll try again to upload War Nerd Episodes. If someone can remind what number the Caleb episodes are I'll upload the other two.

premmium Calebs are:
Episode 91 - The Lasange Code feat. @Leyawn (3/17/17)
Episode 64 - Candyman IV: Curse Of Caleb (12/8/16)
Episode 49 - Caleb (10/12/16)

and just so you don't toil in vain, remember there's a War Nerd torrent with the first 70 episodes out there

Thanks. Do you have a link to the War Merd torrent?

I still think Menaker was pretty level headed for most of it. Felix and Matt flipped the fuck out though quickly.

Added the Caleb episodes!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg

Here's the latest War Nerd!1gQChBrQ!EKl-nedt6IOlTaqd-1lB8g

jah bless

If you get as much pussy as he does, nothing fazes you anymore.

omg this episode was a blast.

300 as the aut-right Birth of A Nation? makes sense

So I just heared the newest episode about 300.
The topic about spartans had been bothering me recently, specially because the innocent idea some people I met have about them but this episode nailed my feelings and gave me more reasons to be concerned yet I feel good because my concerns were validated, is such an odd feeling but so good.

Isn't Felix the biggest pussy-getter of the three though?

Where the hell can I find this?

These were pretty great thanks

I always get disappointed when I see this thread bumped and it isn't someone uploading a new premium Chapo or Cum Town.

Definitely informative, though that guy was obviously spooked as all hell

If you'll allow me to engage in Spectacle for a moment, I'm so mad that Zack Snyder is going to be let anywhere near Aquaman with the new JL movie, since Atlantis is basically a mix of every classically Western thing, being simultaneously Romans, Medieval knights and Vikings. But what's important is that it's treated as a heavily flawed and reactionary society that's rigidly stratified addled by blood-and-soil ideology, and Aquaman's job as king is basically to steer Atlantis away from that.

Snyder is looking at that society and just seeing a chance to do Sparta again and will probably have Momoa act like the very people Aquaman usually has to fight against, like the people who say he shouldn't be allowed to rule because of his mixed race.

Stop being a freeloader, user.
Man fuck no.

Web series? Matt is moving to NYC, so they'll all be together.


Fuck Aquaman's pr! This movie needs to fail harder than all others before!

New episode

Holy shit scott adams is so fucking dumb

I honestly think this is a proper return to form

'Queen tankie Molly Klein — a fabulously rich heiress who grew up next to the Toscanini mansion on Wave Hill, daughter of the dude who invented PlayboyTV — routinely smears anyone who crosses her as “racist,” including the young black DSA member, Douglas Williams.'

This is beyond parody. Hope she appreciates the Irony.

I'm so autistically angry at how chaotic and disorganized the War Nerd's Patreon page is

Tbf the guy is probably used to people being bewildered by his christian weirdo beliefs, it took Amber to bait out a response.


She is constantly doxxing leftists on Twitter while shitposting in her mansion. I unironically want to see Molly Klein murdered.

missed this when it was live

chapo boys live comment on a dystopian Steven Seagal libertarian movie

love that boy

So if 300 is the founding movie of the aut right Hamilton is the founding of the idpol liberals?

hamilton is a little late to be idpol lib's founding play. I know the washington libs view the west wing as their founding show though.

Now that is an interesting topic, what's liberal's funding movie?

my candidate

Not a movie, it's Stewart era Daily Show.

I would say The West WIng and the Daily Show are tied for being modern liberalisms founding show.

Are you kidding? 300 episode was fucking hilarious

All of the most recent episodes have been great. The Garfield episode is a classic in my opinion. It doesn't always have to be political.

garf is shia

But I mean, idpol liberals, you know the tumblr crowd with made up genders.

The Foxtrot family is alt-right

i don't understand the op, but is this an e-celeb thread? mods?

kind of and the mods already set it to cyclical. im p sure its pkay with them

This thread predates the e-celeb thread significantly and is used to share well-appreciated content and discussion. Untwist your panties

Question for thread: do you guys know which are the Rod Drehercore episodes? I'm a bit of a fan. And if any of them are premium, where to find them?

there is amega with the premium episodes ITT

Episode 10

Comrades, friends, trash, can you help me with something? I regularly read Rod Dreher for raw entertainment value and the odd insightful thought, and I'd like to know what all the Drehercore episodes are, and where to find the premium ones if there are any. Thanks in advance!

The episodes labeled Basketball Snob and Elfquest have what you need.!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg

I also updated the War Nerd Dump!1gQChBrQ!EKl-nedt6IOlTaqd-1lB8g

Carl what are you doing here

thanks dudes

sorry for doublepost, recycling kinda messes with firefox on my lubuntu machine

new cumtown was hilarious

Wildly good new Cum Town and Chapo.

famos, new premium episode is out. upload pls ;__;

Its in there labeled Hillbilly Smellegy!1gQChBrQ!EKl-nedt6IOlTaqd-1lB8g

Whoops wrong link!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg



I'll fuckin marry you tbh

how'd you guys like the new ep i thought it was pretty good

The redneck one? I feel I have something to say about it but can't articulate it

as someone who lives in a rural hell world, they hit the nail right on the head.

holy shit that reading series

Probably my favorite reading series so far other than the Caleb saga.

the caleb saga is one hell of a ride

It's a forced meme show made by a New Republic staff member in an attempt to ape the right's edgy podcasts. Of course it's going to be shit.

Absolutely everything you said is wrong. They aren't even edgy.

Good episode. Though they are sometimes grasping at finding something to criticize - like they feel they can't grant a conservative any points, ever.

When is the next premium episode coming out? Tomorrow?


New primo ep bois. The dude running the mega repo should upload it so I don't have to.

The new one is labeled Chapocare!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg

Kinda surprised health care is a premium episode

that was probably one of their best episodes. no idea why they made it premium

Can I post this in a twitter reply to the chapo account, I dont want this to be shutdown, but I dont want poor people to pay these millionaires 5 bucks

It's split between 6 people there not millionaires

anyone who has more than 1000 buckos in the bank is a millionaire in my book

once again anarchists are bad at theory :)

Do you guys know any podcast that can help me understand the situation in the middle east and US foreign policy? I'm a non-burger so I usually don't focus on this stuff.

War Nerd.!1gQChBrQ!EKl-nedt6IOlTaqd-1lB8g

paying for anything health related is the american way

nah this guest was annoying as fuck.

War Nerd is good, Unauthorized Disclosure is good

War Nerd interview with Rania Khalek is best

Chapo just unlocked a premium episode.

Felix training for revolution

Donations are the same as acquiring capital, because you see, Capital means just being rich.

By the way my name is Andrew Chu and I don't understand what selling out means.

I hope I get to serve with Major Gen. Lt. Biederman on the incoming revolutionary war

I'm proud at how much valor he's stolen.

That David Hayter episode of Scumbag was a slog, even though it's still cool they were able to land him.
I certainly wasn't expecting him to be a hard socialist, but he really has swallowed the liberal ideology whole, like he doesn't really get what the games he's worked on convey.

Zitron is porky.

those clusters tho

BO go on cum town

The unlocked ep was p solid. As a dude working in healthcare who bills for his services, all that shit about facilities finding the optimal CPT code for monetary trepanning was 100% accurate

Also Faust is literally goofy

Not a podcast but this blog is really informative.

People who have used Twitter for longer than a few months, is there any way to see a person's most popular/liked/RT'd tweets of all time?

New episode about the Syria strikes.

It is kind of irritating how the games journalism equivalent of the "revolving door" is P.R. even though I still kinda like Alex Navarro in spite of the hate he gets.

Are they going to make one about climate change sometime? Also, this came at the perfect time TBH.

What's Alex Navarro's connection with Chapo and why does he get hate? I've heard him mention Chapo and he's always posting in the same twittersphere as them.
I started following Giant Bomb a lot more because they don't seem to fall into either side of the gaming idpol and actually talk about games. I like the Beastcast guys a lot more than the Bombcast.

For some reason I want one of the Chapo boys, or one of the Drunken Peasants one either of their respective podcasts just for possible radicalization.

Unfortunately it doesn't show the top tweet unless you cough up the bux

Some of the hate he gets is purely political, the fact that he is more openly left than the rest of the GB crew, and occasionally makes it part of his guiding principle for the takes he makes. So a bunch of halfchan people got mad at him for swaying for Palmer Luckey to be "mess of the year" rather than No Man's sky.
There are some things outside of that that are more of an argument, that he talks about his depression too often, or that he favors the American indie scene too much, for example making Firewatch the Best Story winner over Zero Time Dilemma.
I've got depression myself so maybe him talking about it runs off easier than someone else, the main thing I've noticed is that he's easily ticked off by things that disrupt the usual game-company-to-media pipeline: I think both the Joel McHale appearance on the game awards and the official sonic the hedgehog account had a vital antagonism to the established relationship between game companies and the media which carries out their message, even if they necessitate this swaggering overconfidence in how it's presented. Alex has seethed about both.

halfway through and this is the best episode for a good few months already

He's a Grey Wolf and DSA member. He's been at some of the live shows.

300 episode is work of art

Yeah I liked that episode a lot. My only criticism is I think they underestimate how malevolent the motivations of US foreign policy elites are. Still the stuff they say about the media shaping public opinion and the whole "when you have a hammer everything looks like a nail" aspect of having such a giant military is spot on.

The end of ep 10 has some funny Dreher-kicking

holy shit the Aaron Sorkin School of Anime Screen Writing fucking owns

He's Canadian, what the hell did you expect?

Uploaded new shit!1gQChBrQ!EKl-nedt6IOlTaqd-1lB8g!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg

I labeled the latest Chapo Friedland Trap House.

The latest war Nerd is in there but i'll warn you half the episode is about literature. They shit on Joseph Conrad and recommend Naipul and Kapuściński. They conclude in Syria that the SAA probably did carry out the gas attack but it was probably the act of a local commander and not the Lion of Damascus.

Alex is just boring as fuck.

Do you have #17/#37?

Yeah I'll upload it

shes fingolian

if marx were around today he would listen to cum town and write an essay "on the Chapo Question"


now i can listen to chapo without funding the US intelligence apparatus, you dun did a solid mah nig

interested in the adam one in particular, them IS-ra-He-lis, wew, thats a bunch ill tell ya

hmmm the plot thickens

is that a p-90 lul what a fucking mall ninja thats hilarious I bet its a solid indicator of how he fights, fucking yuppie gaymer boy I am of laff

love you man

Adam on Chapo almost makes up for Cum Town being late.

I'm getting sick of this shit tbh. Someone tell that 30 year old to stop acting too cool/jaded to care about his podcast and apply himself

Felix was something else in that last episode

Adam retelling the lyft story and Felix's Andy Ancap were the best parts. hilarious

Oh hell ya
Just realized the next episode is #100

Holy shit that fucking black mirror bit

that elevator bit

Felix absolutely killed it.

he killed on the zionazi ep, thanks again upload user, listened to it yesterday, what a damning portrayal of those nutbags, I think adam is my favorite gayboy-lipped kike

chapo once again being their usual western liberal selves, first they blamed that retarded raid on the dahnald when it was long in planning beforehand, second of all amber shutting down felix when he started talking about the fact that killary was going to happily arm all the banderista fucktards in Ukraine

fyi you can get the premo eps of cumtown on the cumreddit, someone is always uploading them along with any cumboy features on other shows its a decent resource, stav was on some gay ass pod recently that costs 3 dorra

also you know he cant do that bruh, its a balancing act

if you want some non western-liberal info that isnt constantly fellatiating the kurds(Im pro kurd for the most part but the bias is obvious among lefties) definitely check out Ryan Dawson, Newsbud, Fortruss/sputnik/rt crowd, all those sources will lead you to other sources that are semi-legit and arent permeated with western interventionist propaganda

I think we listened to different episodes tbh. I remember the Syria strike episode to be basically 60/40 liberal reaction bashing/trump bashing

I mean the first(?) adam episode, mega user has it as "zionist summer camp", its a bit older was pretty much right after the dahnald win

ill check out the other one tonight for sure, someone needs to do an analysis of chapo point by point, the good and the bad and the ugly. Im probably not qualified

Yeah I mean it's definitely light on theory and frequently have weak arguments for some of their positions (though I think Matt is better than the rest on this regard, and in person definitely holds his own the best on policy/history details when it comes to serious convo).

Personally I'm going to say their indispensable because of their ability to normalize disdain for the Democratic Party and popularize searches for alternate solutions to the current system. In the future when hopefully they aren't unique in this regard I'd be happy to critique them more heavily on their weaker points

You're parroting Sean Spicer talking points. That specific raid wasn't planned months before. The Pentagon proposed a general plan to the Obama administration that would expand the scope of operations in Yemen (including raids). Obama decided to leave that decision to the incoming administration. Trump owns the raid.

What the fuck does that have to do with the blog I posted? The dude isn't in favor of intervention.

Does anyone have episode 99

fuck sorry that was meant for this guy:

theyre definitely unique right now there is no denying that, time will tell I guess

Who /hype/ for whatever pic related is

Looks like a bracket tournament of shitty political personalities.

I guess not


I don't see it in the list what's it called

Friedland Trap House
For future reference you can always sort by "date created" on the right side to see which one is the latest addition

ya just noticed that, but thanks for pointing it out

Also does anyone else on here use the subreddit


holy shit how have i just seen this?

must be awfully soul-shattering to not even have a paying job nowadays, to have got yourself and your friends blacklisted, and to see people who aren't even trying that hard to get fucking paid

i guess not being a lame nazi shitbag would help

Also seconding The Dollop. Two lefty (legit left, not just liberal Hollywood) comedians reading lesser-known historical accounts of American history. I've been listening to them for a few years now, so it was a pleasant surprise that there a couple of Dollop/CTH crossover pods coming up

They did a live show at Harvard. This is their bracket for worst person to come out of haaaavaaad.

I remember the election night show was filmed and was released to subscribers but someone posted the Vimeo link here. If any of you kindly anons want to do that again (*if* it was filmed, dunno) that would be much appreciated hint hint

can you include the free episodes too?

They're all on soundcloud though

pretty sure that was weev lel hes was worried his nazi buddies would…not approve of him going on a cum podcast

Yeah, the video they mentioned in one of their episodes really made me feel bad for him tbh

yeah but then i need to hack into soundcloud to download them to listen while i drive. that's not fair.

Here you go fam ;)


No problem. You aren't dumb btw, there's no links to the rss feed anywhere on soundcloud. The rss feeds exist mostly for podcasting apps to use, not many people know about them tbh

I dont really find hyde funny but he has a few weird ass rants on his yt channel that are decent in the sense that you end up thinking about them later and just kinda shaking your head

oh and the one about having basic computer skills thats pretty legit, and the fucking ted talk

hes an overhyped mildly offputting faggot but a few of his things were unique enough to be something, show was pretty fucking meh imo except for the 15sec of Jews Rock!

he probably could have become an actual comic eventually, he should have done more stand up and bombed more to git gud

also i love that you fucking sheltered retards call him a nazi, hes obviously a cliche wigger or at least he was until this thing started

you fucking niggers need to stop throwing the N word around willy-nilly

holy shit hes losing his goddamned mind
i think its an improvement but he looks like shit

He really is tho. Here's him calling Tim Heidecker and sperging out:

Bumping this thread tbh

back in january or so nick hyped up possibly having sam on, but it didn't work out

on the earlier eps they talked about having him on, too, and he wrote something on the internet that was like "i'd like to, but we can't do it because too much drama" or something

what if we all pitched in and yelled "sam go on chapo/cumtown?"

We still haven't gotten the midweek Cum Town. Did Mullen actually kill himself?

friederlander was just on chapo so probably not

maybe it was recorded before his death

what if you record dozens of podcasts trashing your mate, and then your mate kills himself

what if you could edit and manipulate old audio of your deceased podcast mate to keep your show going

what if you could write text and have a program read it on his voice

what if you commit suicide and a computer uses your 33k tweets to create an algorithm version of you

you are in a coma, you just need to WAKE UP

t. charlie brooker

I completely understand transphobia, because I also don't know how to interact with people who have mental disorders.

Yeah man, I tried to understand a lot of these "comedians" who are coming out as conservatives and shit, but they're all pretty dumb. I can think of 1 who actually does stand-up, and his shit sucks. Conservative are just dumb and unfunny people.

I can see him on CumTown, but there's no way he'd ever go on Chapo.


A lot of them did stand-up for a relly long time and now think that the recent comedy c ulture has made stand-up pretty much not funny, and they're right. You have on one end people whos whole bit is "you know, I just think it's its funny that women make 70 cents ont eh dollar compared to men. I don't know, that's just funny to me. And we say women are sluts but men are studs. What's t he deal with that?" and the other end is racist non-jokes like "I was stuck in an elevator with a person o f x race and i was horrified by how dirty and backwards their people are"

New Sperm City is on mediafire boys

In one of the episode, I think a premium one, they were shitting on Zizek a little bit on trans stuff. Are they idpolyps?

I don't remember this but even if this were true it just sounds like they run afoul of your particular choice of idpol

but seriously post ep if you wanna discuss it

I seem to remember that was sam kriss who hates zizek with a passion for some reason

Duh, haven't you noticed? They go for black jokes when it comes to class issues, but when it is idpol, they get legitimately angry, especially that one with the low-t voice.

100th episode

i was at this, it was pretty fun. some fucking weirdo got offended at their "shit analysis" of Obama's drone campaign, and he was all huffy and kept trying to interrupt. dude looked like a total shitlib who just showed up to get offended at shit they said.
good show though, it was pretty funny to be there live.

Do you actually go to harvard or just going to see the show

i just went to see the show, but i go to school in the area


why do you ask?

like what?


The whole uber for ubermenschen episode was a good example.

yeah, its nb. it manages to be a bit of an enclave from the more annoying parts of reddit.

Matt=Amber >> Felix > Will >>>>> Virgil

Brenden is the greatest of all

i actually agree with this.


Matt > Felix > Will > Amber > Virgil here

But after listening to Diggcast, Frost/Christman, Scumbag and so on I'm starting to think Will might be the mvp. He's really good at giving direction and structure to the conversation, and without it all of them just seem to waste their potential.

Felix >…> the rest

Gonna have to agree with this

100th episode a shit


Yeah. They should've limited the whole evil Harvard graduates thing for about 45 minutes and done a different thing in later half.

There's an episode without will - it was shit.
There's an episode without matt - it was great (admittedly the guest was good)

Nobody's favorite is the straight man, but they're important to give structure

This is pretty much it, Will is the backbone of the show. I don't find him as funny as the rest (excepting the reading series) but without him the show would IMO go to shit.

Harvard episode was pretty fun but I wish there was video so we could see all the pictures that everyone was laughing at. Also, Zuckerberg beating Bloomberg was fucking bullshit.

This is extremely correct.

I honestly wish Matt and Amber would just take up a whole episode to explain Marxism to Will and Felix, they could cover some basic theory, talk about the historical background of the Revolutions of 1848 and the Paris Commune, talk about the First International, go into the Russian Revolution, cover some basic Leninism, Felix could shitpost irl, and Will would ask insightful questions. It'd make a good pod.

When is Frost/Christman coming back? It was the shit. Also, what's Scumbag?

I would say Brenden>Matt=Amber=Felix but otherwise you are correct

Scumbag is Felix's other podcast that he does with Ed Zitron, some rich piece of shit who pays irony twitter people to be his friend.

New Alex Jones ep when?

Ask them to do something like that. More explicit Marxism could only be a good thing for the podcast.

Why is Felix friends with this guy? He seems like the exact type of successwin dipshits they make fun on constantly on Chapo?

Someone already brought this up on Will's curiouscat

That would be awesome. Even though they talk about Socialism pretty frequently most of their audience is definitely Berniecrats and pissed off Liberals who are definitely scared of Marx, if not completely petrified, and let's not even get into Lenin, but talking about Marx and actually delving into theory and economics now and again could do a lot to actually sway these people to the Left.

They should have Slavoj Zizek on.

I also want to know this.

I think Ed's trying to make fun of the success win guys but yeah I don't really like him either. He knows a bit about marketing and the tech industry but when it comes to politics he always says something like "well I'm a moderate". How the fuck are you a moderate if you agree with everything Felix says? That other guy Jesse Farrar sucks too.

They had that episode with David Hayter and it was really disappointing to learn Hayter was basically just an Obama/Clinton Democrat. Anyway during that conversation with Hayter, Ed mentioned he was worried that Teresa May mentioned God in a speech. Is Britain really so secular that it's some frighting and newsworthy event when a politician mentions God? Aren't the Tories full of religious conservatives and many Labour members part of Christians on the Left?

That would either be hilarious or an utter disaster.

Yeah, the David Hayter episode was the first episode I tried to listen to, because I wanted to hear an unfiltered Felix nerd out about Metal Gear without Matt and Will reigning him in, but it was too cringy and I had to stop about half way through. Between Zitron's brainlet-tier political opinions and Hayter regurgitating MSNBC talking points it was tough to keep interested. I obviously have no problem with Felix having lame basic af Liberal normie friends, but it seems like a waste of his talent, who's this podcast even for?

Judging from Zizek's recent appearance on Doug Lain's Zero Squared podcast, I'd place my money on utter disaster. Zizek is a great theorist, and an even greater orator, but he's absolutely terrible at actually talking to people, he has a tendency to talk "at" people instead of "to" people, he also seems to suffer from a nearly pathological need to disagree with whoever he's talking to, even if it makes him contradict with himself, it's simultaneously his biggest charm and his biggest neuroses.

Also, any of you Gray Wolves listen to Zero Squared? They've had Amber on twice, good shit. I want to see Doug Lain on Chapo tbh

He's from rhizzone where people hate Zizek more than they do most Nazis.

Yeah, I get the distinct impression Zizek is something of a pedant sometimes.
That said, in hindsight of the election, his notion that electing Trump would help get leftism back into gear was sort of right.

Rhizzone as in the internet forum? Is this another weird Something Awful connection? Is every fucking Leftist on twitter from SA and FYAD? Or am I completely autistic and is this completely unrelated?

I was afraid to admit it for a long time, especially because people were being literally beheaded for saying it, and people were calling Zizek a literal Fascist and Nazi, but he was right tbh, and it's been obvious that he's been right since at least February. Trump's election, and the undeniability of Hilary's failure's, as well as the failures of the Obama administration in general, and the degree to which the DNC despises and is disgusted by actual Left politics, are some of the best things to happen to the Left in a long time.

Ya don't say?

The only format that works with Zizek is one where questions are asked and he gets to talk for about half an hour. Would only work on Chapo if they had only two people max who almost don't talk (Will and maybe Matt; Felix is wasted on silence).

Also, is Something Awful still a thing? Is it really how all the Chapo Boys first met? How did it end up being ground zero for the OG Vulgar Left?

The Chapo boys met on Twitter and through street fight radio. Felix posted on MMA forums and maybe SA. A lot of the people in the Chapo orbit certainly posted SA or Rhizzone but I don't think Matt, Will or Amber ever did.

I know Rhizone is a Deleuze reference, but what's the internal culture of the forum like? Are they all theoryfags? Tankies? Badiouians? I'm just curious because I've never been there and want to know where they're coming from with the Zizek hate.

I've only been to Rhizzone once so I couldn't really tell you about it.

Sam Kriss was one of the shows guests and is also a lacanian Marxist. It's Sam that has beef with Zizek.

I think Rhizzone is more tankie than anything but I wouldn't say all it's members are.

Actually, Sam Kriss's essays on Zizek on his website are pretty good critiques coming from a more traditional Lacanian/Marxist perspective, it's just that the initial post made it seem like most people on Rhizzone hate Zizek
I assume that they dislike Zizek for the same reasons, for not being a particularly faithful Marxist, and being more of a PoMo provocateur then anything else. I like Zizek, but it's undeniable that's he's afraid to actually be a Marxist, or to say things a Marxist would say, and even when he does it's always prefaced with a million caveats about how he "thinks this, but actually doesn't, because Marxism is naive, but actually it's not", it's fucking tiresome tbh. But yeah, I still think Marxists have more to learn from reading Zizek then resisting him, even if he is kind of a shitty Marxist.

I want Based Kriss to redpill the Chapo Boys on Mao, Lacan, and Badiou.

New episode out

Requesting piracy, repeat, requesting piracy

Piracy please, heroic mega uploader.

Weird, I'm a patron but the new episode doesn't seem to be up for me. I just listened to the teaser though.

I don't see anything

I think they saw the teaser and assumed it was already up on Patreon.

Yup, I just assumed the teaser was a way of displaying their dominance over non patrons

Cucked by chapo again damn it


If Professor Wolff went on Chapo I'd cum

What if they got the Wolfman on Cum Town?

I actually used to assume that too before I became a patron kek

I don't understand why people like Wolff so much. He's a shitty Marxist. Really only like that he's pushing liberals left.

I agree, ""market"" socialism is pretty shit-tier, but he's valuable specifically because he's good at talking to Liberals, same goes for Harvey (who I also kind of dislike because he rejects LTV). Either way, it's the best we're gonna get comrade, and I welcome more open unabashed Marxism on the show, even if it's slightly bastardized.

You probably want him to repeat all the shit he says in his lectures too amirite?


eerily spot on

We need to demolish that fucking thing


New Greywolf episode out on the West Wing.


I swear blanquism is the dominate current of the American left.

awwww yeah famrade

New premium episode is out fams

Tonight's Cum Town better be fucking good after skipping a week.

I uploaded the new episodes. Sorry for being late this time.!1gQChBrQ!EKl-nedt6IOlTaqd-1lB8g!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg

Are Mullen and Amber fucking? Felix moved out, but those two still live together. Amber is always in the background of Cum Town episodes.

Amber makes such bad points sometimes

this might surprise you but people don't really give a shit about facts and data

Yeah that was a really bad way of phrasing it but the point stands that you will never be "objectively correct" when it comes to political consensus so framing yourself as such is naive wankery

This is your brain on liberalism wonkish Vox cancer

That is the thing we need most, you dumbass

If just 10% of liberals become communists, we become a hugely important political faction

I feel like we should have a sequel where they go over the newsroom

That really suprises me user. It might be just as surprising to you, but they don't care a lot about morality and good vs evil either

Havent listened to the episode yet but the article is fun

So 300 is the movie for the aut right
The west wing is the series for liberals
What do we have?

Battlestar Galactica had some posadism vibes.


I almost unironically became an anarchist due to "Snowpiercer". As for socialism, Ken Loach stuff? Mr Robot is trying and failing. Nothign I can immediatly point out

I recently wrote an essay on cinema and its impact on the ideas of urbanism. The most interesting era is that of Shanghai in the 30s. Two of the three major film studios were unrironically managed by communists. This lead to a lot of Marxist cinema. Often the main character would be a young rural woman who moved into the city and has to prostitute herself to survive the hard conditions of urban capitalism. So the main populist cultural propaganda tools are essentially advocating for Maoism, and 10 years later Mao has the power. Very interesting case study in how art can smash society and not merely imitate it.

Ernst Tählmann is the German marxist movie I think

what do they care about then?

make me wait again and i'll slit your throat

rude and uncool

I actually took a class in Chinese cinema and we watched so many of those early films. I can't remember any of their names now though

A combination of appealing them to their self-interest, giving a vision of a better future, and establishing an enemy/scapegoat.

Basically socialist/soc-dem economics with an anti-establishment framing of politics as the people vs. the elite.

who said anything about morality and good vs evil? you tell people a story, you give them a vision of the future in which they're happier than they are now, you tickle their feels and they'll run to the voting booth.

Holy fuck that new Cum Town tho

Amber did in the quote that started this conversation you fucking dimwit. Stop trying to make points if you can't keep track of an argument for two fucking posts

Their own material self-interest and something to provide an outlet for personal anxieties and insecurities, both of which will require facts to convince people

West wing


Even if she did, it doesn't change the point: data and facts won't do shit

got a timestamp for that? I don't remember her saying it. I presume you're talking about the newest episode, west wing?

can some xir here redbull me on the must-hear premium episodes?

Don't try to save face by asking me to re-listen to an 1-hour podcast so I can come up with a timestamp for you. Just apologize like a good boy and you're forgiven

That would be the good part, the bad part would be Adam trying to sound smart and talk to Wolff as if they're men of similar ilk

all war nerd eps streaming

The Caleb saga

what're some good episodes to start with?

Does anybody have Amber's curiouscat? I remember seeing a link to it back in December. We should try to get her or Matt to go on a more overtly radical leftist podcast like Discourse Collective to further redpill a lot of their SocDem audience.

Seems dead, what a shame. I know she's not on twitter either. Podcast crossovers seem like the easiest way to get the Sandernista portion of their fanbase to move further left but there's only like 2 podcasts like that I can think of- DC and DeleteYourAccount.

Does anyone else think this general should be deleted and merged into a new one just called Lefty Podcast General or something? That way we could have a constant flow of new updates and episodes almost daily in one thread instead of just focusing on Chapo. I mean it's great and all but I think there should be a designated thread specifically for all podcasts, not just Chapo and Crew.

yeah I'd be good with this. it would help clean up the catalogue, too, because people who want to discuss other podcasts just create threads

Is anybody here a MDE/Sam Hyde fan?

I ask this because WIll, Felix, Nick, Adam and Stav have all said they enjoy his shit, and I'm genuinely puzzled because I think he's Steven Crowder-tier

Which one of Chapo are the new ones? Did you get those other two as well?


I think Amber should be below Felix even if she's less lefty. Virgil should be equal to or above Will because he's really funny and does good work

all are below brendan

haha that would be lit

Maybe have them review this article?

Here's a bunch of reddit philosophy nerds shitting on it. When its Vox and Marx you just know it will be shit

when its vox and anything you know it will be shit


That feels like it was written in 5 minutes. Keeps saying that Marx got things "wrong", but doesn't really expand on anything nor it cites any critic beyond a random quote from Camus…

Take it to /leftytrash/

Anyone else think there's too many Chapos on in any episode? Personally I think it would be better if it was 2 (max 3) at a time plus a guest.

Alternatively they could just have longer episodes so everyone can talk

Will always shuts down Felix's MGS analogies and shit, öet the podcast breathe man

What's the chance of getting Jimmy Dore on Chapo?

dunno, does he have an interesting story to tell?

2bh it's matt who i always notice speaking over everyon else.

They've talked about him/MDE a few times now
I think even Nick and Stav are curious where it all went wrong

I think the consensus is "had good shit (like 2070 paradigm) once, now is a weird reactionary faggot"

still think having a centralized lefty pod discussion and one not exclusive to Chapo would be good

it'd still be 99% cth

Another article that would be funny if read by Chapo:

he's funny until you realize that he really is the resentful dumbass persona he portrays.

Someone DM Will this one


When is Dore finally going to make the jump over to leftism?

Felix and everyone already roasted it on Twitter.

Ross Douthat is at it again folks

Huh don't you think you could use your WORDS instead of PICTURES!?

If you look closely there are WORDS on the PICTURE


this is the correct opinion to have

thank you for doing this I literally love you

Fuck. You should be able to press view full article unless you already read 10 other NYT articles.

Bascically he says we should make prison more like slavery and bring back firing squads, flogging etc.

try making an archived version


I kind of agree with that last part, only in that I want to minimize the number of humans we put into cages.
But focusing on the sentencing and punishment misses the point–people who could be effectively punished with public spectacles like flogging or stocks aren't likely to be violent offenders in the first place. So instead of focusing on the punishment, focus on the laws that criminalize their behavior.




holy shit

Well it's out now

it's out famrades

listened to both recent eps today

Matt ranting about the Juicero was nice

also that EDM song is something else

Gotta listen to it now!


That and Juicero were the only ggood bits.
The guest was boring as fuck.

I started listening to the Hell of a Way to Die podcast yesterday, going back through old episodes. It's good… it's 3 lefty former military dudes shooting the shit about foreign policy and conflict news and telling war stories.

Chapo is friends with them and help promote their stuff. Matt and Felix have been on, but their eps are only for subscribers. Anyway, I just wanted to say that one of the reasons CTH is good is because they recommend other good stuff

Matt on a roll.

yeah rob didnt really seem on their irony level

Requesting new War Nerd pls

Here fam!1gQChBrQ!EKl-nedt6IOlTaqd-1lB8g

You the man dawg

Would I be able to get episode 17 of Chapo?

Yeah, but matt doesn't talk that much, and he usually says interesting shit.

I uploaded the new episode. It's named decision desk la france!Aw5kQbKb!UhsV5S9BW4lbDaIbpztRXg

Okay It should be in there now


That sounds awesome. I'll check it out.

I hope more people listen to it and we can maybe start discussing it ITT?
it's in the chaposphere, like cum town

You truly are the Alexey Stakhanov of Holla Forums
Instead of coal mining its pirating. Btw that's a pretty dank reference right?

I also highly recommend Hell of a Way to Die. The left is going to need to attract some veterans if were ever going to have a revolution or gain mass support. You see twitter tankies act like every soldier is a fascist thug when in reality most are broke kids who who needed money, healthcare and an education.

The one thing about the show that bothers me is that Adrian for whatever reason sympathies Ukrainian nationalists. On one of the premiums he interviews a former Swedish neo-nazi fighting for the Azov battalion and considers him a friend. I think he also collaborated with Micheal Weiss on some Ukraine stuff. I like Adrian but I don't get why he decides to shill for Ukraine. Obviously it's not like Russia and the separatists are innocent either but cmon man.

I get being nationalistic for Ukraine over Russia, Ukraine has been raped so many times by Russia. I recently wrote a paper on the Makhnovishina, I feel sad for Ukraine

But talking to Sweish nazis is disgusting if you aint critical. Not good propaganda at all

I'm actually incredibly lazy but thanks for the praise. I do try to upload chapo as soon as it comes out but sometimes I fall asleep or whatever and I'm a few hours late.

I can promise you no one is gonna slit your throat comrade

I'm still thinking of her boobs

I understand wanting to a free and independent Ukraine, I'd love to see that too. My real criticism is that he tends to downplay the far-right element. When minorities in Ukraine are under threat by fascist thugs and a good deal of National Guardsmen happen to be Nazis, as leftist you can't ignore it.

To be fair I don't subscribe so I haven't heard the full interview yet so I don't know if he challenged him on some points but when Francis was on Street fight he said Adrian considered their Swedish guest a friend so I'd guess not.

I wasn't really too worried about it.

I haven't heard that particular episode either, and I'm still going through past (free) eps, but I did hear the other two make reference to Adrian interviewing/chasing down Ukrainian Nazis. I took it as him simply wanting to cover all sides of the conflict… but like I said, I just started listening yesterday.

You're right about this>>1614131
I kind of believe that's the underlying sentiment behind the podcast. That and to lend leftist voices and examination to an institution traditionally viewed as exclusively right-wing.

I haven't had time to listen to this ep yet, but I'm looking forward to it:

you can be friendly with a neo-nazi-ish person without agreeing with them on much or it could be irony? I dunno have literally not listened to a single episode, but it sounds fun!

I had a course called "intro to Ukraine" or something like that, the lecturer was Ukrainian himself so everything should be taken with a grain of salt, but the impression I got from the course and folllowing media about Ukraine is that the literal nazi stuff is overplayed, sure Poroshenko and his ilk are corrupt and such but nazis or fascists are nowhere near power, as Ukraine is multi ethnic and lingual any "fascistoid" political movement is sort of counter to the idea of Ukraine. In the start of the war neo-nazi/far right militias played a significant role at the very start of the war, as in many wars where the central government is weak.

Had a convo with the guy about Holodomor, I questioned him about it after class, I could notice the "genocide" claim he was making feeling pretty thin but I didnt push too hard as he had family in Ukraine at that time, he was clearly upset with me questioning his narrative (I was respectful).

Clearly horrible crimes have been committed against Ukraine, you could even say that some of the pillaging of 1921 was genocidal, its just sad that the tragic history of a proud people becomes subject of geo-politics.

I wouldnt mind letting them call Holodomor a genocide unless it justified hate against Russia and hate against communism, as well as obviously cheapening the term. Anyhow its important to remember that there are actual human being who died in Ukraine due to poor Soviet management before you ridicule the pain of their relatives. But its a hard line to walk between respecting Ukrainians and letting them spout capitalist propaganda.

How do you solve this riddle?

Who is this semen demon

nice porn but you need to spoiler it


I believe he does but the Russians think he's CIA and won't talk to him. The Ukrainians were more willing to open up and somewhere along the way he started sympathizing with their struggle.

The guy he interviewed claims to be an ex-nazi but the fact he's in the Azov Battalion which was infamous for the far-right sympathies of it's members makes the "ex" part a little suspicious to me.

Thanks comrade, love you


If we can get like a 21st century Smedley Butler I'll cum buckets.

pretty good episode

Thank you so much my fellow brommunist

i wonder if felix posts here

New vid from Election Night:

this is very good


I hope everyone has actually seen the video of the show too


It's a vimeo link IIRC, it was available to subscribers

I don't have it anymore… someone else will have to post it

... is this you? creep


Requesting episode 64 of Chapo por favor

He's to the midwest what PPG is to the middle east

Already in there. It should be labeled Candyman or Caleb.

Eventually I'll number all the episodes.

I don't think they were referring to the US govt there, more the average liberal normie moron who thinks the US govt should do something because of the horror we've seen unfolding in Syria but can't even think what something should mean besides "bomb more".
But yeah, that was a great episode - the hour flew by.
Alex Pareene was a really good guest.

I'm gonna shill for a couple other podcasts.

The latest Behind the News is great. They talked about the french elections. In the second half they had a girl from Georgia critique liberal feminism and talk about how the leaders of her country are trying to turn in into a free market libertarian paradise.

Jacobin Radio just had a good interview with Tariq Ali about Lenin and y'all should give it a listen.

Why the fuck does he look like Sexual Jumanji's brother?



I learned about chapo from Trump winning though

let me be VERY clear…. Big Boss is NOT an anarcho-communist!!!

You just made me realise that you can pirate premmium episodes by sharing the link that comes with them on Patreon.

yeah watching their anxiety about not being able to ridicule Democrats that night is weird
who would've guessed libs would lose their minds so entirely in the following months

felix's french accent made this ep almost unlistenable

it felt like matt was the only guy speaking from a position of knowledge on that ep, they should have gotten an "expert" for this one + adomian

agreed, that accent got pretty rough

Latest episode of Whale Vomit was really good, it's like Chapo but if everyone involved knew theory besides just Matt and Amber. Also, I know that's not the most flattering picture, but the fact that people think Amber is unattractive very deeply offends me on a near spiritual level tbqh

Really? I kind of liked it, all the stuff about arguing with your shirt off and having an extreme oedipal complex made me kek pretty hard. Also, French Diggler is worth it as a concept even if it did fall flat (which I don't think it necessarily did, but to each their comrade).

That could describe a lot of eps tbh tho fam.

I remember him once talking about stumbling on a thread on a chan where anons were posting pics of him in "appreciation" of him and talking about how much they wanted to punish his ass with their cocks. idk if that was Holla Forums, but that might be a sign that he peruses imageboards. Or a friend just linked it to him.

I know Felix is there more for the comic value but he's 10 times funnier when he actually knows the subject being discussed. When he's out of place his interjections are not funny, only obnoxious.

I just love hearing Virgil react to Carl.

Anyone else always finds themselves in arguments and conversations about issues and topics discussed in one of the episodes, but unable to recall specific points, events, names and arguments?

Despite being mostly a comedy podcast they do make some good points and invite some really smart people, I wish I could retain more of their stuff so I could use it.

New Chapo

New Radio War Nerd out.

They talk about the current situation in Macedonia with a guest then have another interview a Icelandic Pirate Party MP.!1gQChBrQ!EKl-nedt6IOlTaqd-1lB8g

posting link for others, since I had some trouble finding it

Jesus Christ. I don't know who the fuck told Will he's good at voices and impressions and so on, but that person deserves to be shot for what he's unleashed

yeah they are good. their "is it art?? segments are typically pretty solid

yeah, but typically in the orthodox marxist sense. he was flexing some knowledge about socialism in france post-60s, so i think this was a case of a difference in the knowledge of the subject and not just the ability to apply theory

i think the ideas/bits he does are quite okay/solid, the accent is what is grating. unless you're as good as adomian at accents, you shouldn't do an accent for the entirety of an episode out of sheer respect for the listener

Yeah. Felix and Matt are the only ones who can do any voices and they're still no James Adomian. The only Will voice I thought was alright is when he did the woke sports radio bit.

Pretty good. That part about banning kids made me think of 'schoolag'.

Chapo has frankly been shit for a while now. Only good episodes they've done since basically that 4chan/alt-right analysis one was the West Wing episode and the teenage Zionisim brainwashing episode.

They really need to get good guests back on the show like Scahill and Madar and Curtis and stuff. The show is basically becoming too much "This week in weird twitter"

The 300 episode and the one where adam got stuck in a lyft with some shitlib were good as hell.

It seemed for a while they consistently had informative guests. Lately it's mostly been comedy episodes ft. James Adomian and random weird twitter celebs.

It's still been pretty funny but I feel like they could have 3 or 4 separate podcasts. One for book/movie review, another where they have an informative guest and one that's just their style of comedy. I wouldn't think that's too much to ask for since they're currently getting paid about $60,000 dollars a month to talk into a microphone for an hour or two a week and shitpost on twitter all day. You have shows like Street Fight which are doing 3 episodes a week and regulary do live shows, make a zine and they're not making really any money off of it at this point.

that's how the show has always been
the string of good guests was an aberration

Tbh, I actually prefer comfy episodes where it's just the boyz (and Amber) and no guests

Amber looks different in every picture. I'm a big fan of her work but I probably have a clearer mental image of Stav's dick than Amber's face.

the one with scahill (about yemen iirc) was probably their best one, but the recent one with alex pareene was based too.
but i take your point about the poor strike rate.

Somebody please upload the new Cum Town I'm bored


Bjork doesn't have any Asian in her either

What tv show is Mullen writing for?

War Nerd is nearly a perfect lefty podcast

Agreed. Mark and John are so based it hurts. Zero Squared is up there too.

It's actually pretty fucking obvious Bjork's mom cucked her dad with some azn.

Yeah, I wish more anons on this board listened to Zero Squared and Alpha 2 Omega.

just finished listening to all the Hell of a Way eps. gonna try this next

It's Greenlandish genes, closest country to Iceland

I reaaallly like them, but what are their politics? For the most part they seem like some social-democratic/ left-libertarian people

What are those two? Anything to do with radio war nerd?

No, not related to the War Nerd or Chapo, although Amber has been on Zero Squared a couple of times. Zero Squared is a podcast for the Zero Books publishing house, they do lots of random books on theory and Leftist politics, kind of like Verso. It's hosted by a Zizekian Marxist named Doug Lain, he hates idpol, fully supports Libertarian Marxism and the vulgar Left, is a reformed anarkiddie who has finally read Marx, and he's very Based. I've always felt he'd be a great guest on Chapo and don't know why they haven't had him on yet.

Link to episodes with Amber:

Episode with Zizek:

Episode with Mark Fisher:

Recent episode with C. Derick Varn on Dauve's When Insurrections Die:

Basically, if you like Chapo but wish they talked about theory and philosophy more often, it's for you.

I'm also curious about this.

Btw, I've always felt that if more people on this board were aware of people like Doug Lain, C. Derick Varn, and Tom O'Brien they would undoubtably be /ourguys/, I honestly sometimes feel they're some of the last Leftists who have any sense. For anons who feel trapped between anarkiddies and tankies, for Anarchists who actually read Marx, and Marxists who understand that Marxism is inherently anti-authoritarian and anti-statist, they're 100% /ourguys/. Also, does anyone have the version of this pic where the tankie has a little pin of Mao instead of just a hammer and sickle? I saw it once but didn't have the foresight to save it.

what's the best war nerd episode to start with?

I enjoy Chapo, but the irony is tiring at times. I much prefer street fight radio, those guys seem really earnest

Sounds like they had Kapitalism101 in their intro. Did they get Brandon one too?