What do Leftists have against me practicing Islam?

What do Leftists have against me practicing Islam?
Assuming if I follow the religion with respects to personal development rather than the political side. It seems like a lot of tankies are out to fuck me over.

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I don't have anything against you practicing it. But I'm not really much of a tankie either.

All gods are wrong.

Are you a qt Arab girl?

What's with the victim complex Muslims have?

I'm against all religion. Don't take it personally.

I don't mind.

We just had this discussion not too long ago

Why do you insist in having a shitshow again with the nu-atheists here?

There is literally nothing wrong with religion

I would take a Christian or Muslim comrade any day over the actively anti-theist fedoralords who seek to poison the well

Religion is cancer.

I should be able to use my body however I should.
Fuck off stupid indoctrinated fucktard.

same as certain brands of Christianity (especially American style evangelicals) I imagine, or any number of other spiritual and social movements.

a narrative of shared victimhood and persecution helps with the cohesion of the group - it can motivate people to be generous with the ingroup and shun contact with the outgroup. Moreover, having a shared "enemy" that is deemed as persecuting you can motivate the members of the group to set aside personal conflicts in favour of hating the external enemy.

religions can be worse though because it can have a faith component that equates persecution with piety - basically the more persecuted you are, the more genuine your faith must be so it can become something of a status symbol to the point that people begin seeking it out.

If you want religion go see >>>/liberty/

because they're not real leftists, OP, only western petty-borgeoise who appropiated socialist symbols for their own ideological masturbation

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Preach liberation theology. 'nuff said.

religion is retarded

Literally nothing if you confine it to saying your prayers, fasting, etc. on your own time and for yourself. The moment you try to tell kiddos that they need to be muzzies or they'll end up getting raped forever by satan, then you need to be institutionalized.


Except the millennia of oppression

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Islam is an ideology, not merely a religion.

It's very obvious that the Muslim or Muslims here want to join ranks with the socialist movement but are conflicted with how anti-
religion people are here. People are just telling them to fuck off.

Kind of like socialists and the bourgeois, regardless of reason.

Highly idealistic, comrade

Oh look, it's this thread again

Despite what I think of religions in general, I wouldn't aim to ban them or anything, perhaps even push some reforms through left-leaning religious leaders to make them more acceptive or something. It really doesn't matter overall since religion will most likely be abandoned in the end, and attempting to remove it earlier will result in leftism getting seen as an intolerant movement and might trigger a religious reaction which would be hijacked by the counterrevolution.

I don't really give a shit what spooks you chant about so long as you keep it to yourself

holy shit no one cares about what brand of magic sky man you believe in so long as you aren't beheading dudes.


because religion is a tool of the bourgeoisie, and the enemy of scientific socialism. if you are religious, you cannot be a socialist.

that's pure liberalism

religion hangs in the cultural air like poison and keeps reactionary attitudes around indefinitely

the abrahamic religions especially are sexist, violent and oppressive bullshit

I don't. I mean, I think it's a bit silly, but if it makes you happy you should do it.
I'm about as far from a tankie as you can get though.

Anti-religious folks are chauvinists who wish to obliterate all culture, while assuming their own culture (that they do not recognize as a culture) as the blank-slate.

keep telling yourself that and all of the proles.
EZLN, Rojava, etc.

Not this thread again.

There is nothing wrong with destroying bourgeois culture and replacing it with socialist one.



ideology isn't culture, and culture is a spook

What do you mean? Islam is insaparable from its political site, it is in part effectively a political idoelogy.

You come across as very distrustful and even more dishonest in denying this reality.

More reason to fuck you over.

Literally impossible. The Quran exposes a political ideology and a system of governance and statebuilding.
Fuck off with your Taqiyya bullshit.

It was marx who said it, you should read his works sometimes user.

Not OP, but I'm more of cultural Muslim as in I go to the mosque once in a while for the social aspect. What do think about that?

Pretty much this.

One of the five pillars of Islam is literally a tax based on accumulated wealth. Completely irreconcilable with socialism.

Are denying the five pillars, OP? Well, how can you still call yourself a Muslim then? And why do you keep being apologetic about other Muslims who are more strict about their faith while claiming that you are not as bad as them?

Don't you realize how shady and dishonest you sound?

I'm certainly in favouring of obliterating all religion

you condone muslim ideology. dunno what the "social aspect" of worship is for you, but you do condone if not support reactionary idealist ideology.

I think that this is just as bad as people who attend meetings of their local fascist party 'for social reasons'.

I actual have more respect for people who participate in political organisations and cults because they are committed to their cause, however abhorrent it might be but to me personally the blind or apologetic tag-alongs are more disgusting.

To meet with people I know. It's called a "community". I also enjoy the religious poetry sessions from time to time. Recently watched the Superbowl with all my peeps at the mosque.

I'm curious if this would be your response to a Christian as well

you cannot meet with people you know by you know, meeting up for coffee or going out for lunch?

ok i guess? you don't have to adhere to a specific ideology to enjoy poetry

again you don't have to be a muslim to watch the superbowl with a bunch of muslims

Of course. Why shouldn't it be? Did you forget the numerous times when the churches were actively collaborating with fascists?

well ye, why would you assume otherwise? you must be american, you reek of liberalism

Don't ever take imageboards seriously.

fuck off back to tumblr.

If the rad-left goes anywhere, it will include religious freedom with a secular government

Alright I'll think this over then

I've seen our guy threads with Jesus, it doesn't hurt to ask

Don't trust spineless people that act apologetic about patriarchal, imperialist and reactionary iron age dooms day cults.

Name one thing he did wrong

It's funny to see half the people in his thread decrying religion as "patriarchal". I guess it's true what they say about feminism and tankies.

"Tankies" have no problem with your personal beliefs, you just wont be able to become a party member as your ideology is incompatible with it.

We do however go after religious agitators and agents. You can't plausibly deny their existence. If you do, there only reason can be that you're covering for them.
That's all.

if a religion promotes man as dominant over woman, and the master of society as well as the household then yes, it is patriarchal. That's actually the definition of patriarchy

all socialists are feminists. just not bourg ones

Assuming you mean "bourgeoise feminism" and "MLs", and that they're saying it's incompatible, then yes, it's true.

Why can't people just stop being religious?

Read Marx.

serves as escapism and alleviates the alienation capitalism imposes on all of us

Who gives a shit? The ppl here will never be fucking relevant especially with their "destroy all religion shit".

I have. I've been an atheist all my life, well before I read him.

Just don't get people can believe in that shit

I get that but idk, I'd rather just play vidya or fap or something

so is fucking art, music, video games and fucking everything in capitalism. Even their own ideology stems from liberalism. Marxists should know that their the fucking heirs of philosiphical liberalism.

in secular first world countries (where most of these ppl are from) what is truly fucking escapist is all the anime, porn, video games, drugs, junk food etc, which blinds you and makes you live in your own world.

and you expect me to think that these fatasses will have any discipline and lead a revolution?

fucking kek

i think you meant to respond to me

no it's not, it's a tool the bourgeoisie use.

again not true. there is mainstream art/music/vidya etc that is of course influenced by the ruling class ideology, but to say that all music composed in the 21st century is ideologically neoliberal for example is simple not true. same goes for art, and even vidya in some smaller extent

i agree, although there are a few anime that don't promote japanese conservative autism

again i agree

again, i agree. even though vidya and generally recreational activities like sports/art/literature aren't inherently capitalist neoliberalism. Even in perfect end stage communism people would still do shit for recreation.

some drugs can be used safely for recreation too, some can even provide deep psychological insight in some cases. Again, the fact that capitalists use drugs to keep the proletariat docile doesn't make drugs inherently bad. Junk food on the other hand is a product, a direct result of the food industry's attempt to create an addictive commodity and I cannot see it existing in a socialist country. I'm not referring to restaurants, but to mcdonalds type businesses.

Contrast all these things to religion, and you can clearly see that even though they do serve as escapism for some people in some countries, they are inherently not a form of escapism. Religion on the other hand, is either the result of direct indoctrination, a product of societal alienation or a means of escapism. Since the mainstream acceptance of the scientific method, religion has lost any other substance it might have had in previous times. It no longer serves as anything other than political and psychological powerplay and manipulation