What the hell happened to DCCMFCP?

What the hell happened to DCCMFCP? It used to have decent content, then it went downhill very fast. I read somewhere that some tankies edged their way into moderator positions, purged everyone else who actually contributed anything halfway funny, and that's why it's frequently just reposts from the more shit parts of leftbook.

Who were these entryists? Why hasn't anyone named them?

Allegedly the proper Holla Forums page is now facebook.com/DCMNSP/?fref=ts or something?

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Why does it no longer have "for commie proles?" Fucking revisionists.

If I remember correctly, the original owner purged people who didn't read a book/read Max Stirner only/weren't communist. The remainders were Leninists, Leftcoms and other Marxists who were literate. The owner got angry over Stirner posting so that is why the above action occurred.

The purged admins included Schnitz and Pierre Trudank. Later there was entire thread about it on Holla Forums and the owner was defending his decision.

The remaining admins focused on making memes more based around theory as the page was a valuable propaganda tool in the owner's eyes. They also like most other meme pages repost OC from Holla Forums.

DCMNSP is a split, all of the old admins are admins but only a couple post from what I've heard.

One of the admins (of the original page) here.

After coming to the decision to purge a few of the admins, we were afraid there might be some repercussions like this, but our statistical growth in likes and post reach has only increased.

There were never and never will be any tankies on the page. Even though we've always been multi-tendency, non-ironic tankies are basically not on board.

The one who started the motion to kick off a few of the admins deemed undiscplined, unfunny and uncooperative was actually the admin who started the page on behalf of Holla Forums. There was never any infiltration. The justification for this was that all of their unfunny shitposts, if they ended up being necessary for the page, could all be automated with a booru to facebook scheduling script that would remove any and all need for a few admins who basically did nothing but that anyways. I saw all of this build up as an admin who was, at the time, at best 2 or 3 months into the fold of the page.

It's also not like we just one day decided they should go. Many attempts were made at discussing strategy and a more constructive approach at admining, but they all went unheard or were even scoffed at (while back then they were all friendly).

Ultimately, since we had a different backup page (the one now no longer titled "for commie proles 2" but "for non-sectarian proles"), we split off to see if they felt like doing something there, and they did.

The leading and first guy to get purged made it clear he wasn't a communist (called himself a "libertarian market socialist"). This explains the name of his new page, but not necessarily his purge (I remind you, we're still multi-tendency, and even currently have a marksoc admin).

Only the first one is correct. It completely beats me if you like Stirner or aren't a communist; what matters to me is a somewhat disciplined effort at doing something useful with the page and with the congregation of admins to further a subversive agenda on Facebook and its class unconscious normies. Simply brainlessly reposting images from the booru and denying any positive requests to do more while pretending you're indispensable is a joke, and it's a joke that, if it turns out is necessary, can be automated with ease.

Incorrect. We only have two Leninists, not a single left communist and while the relative majority is Marxist the rest is either anarchist or non-affiliated libertarian/market socialist. We even have on board one of the cunts probably responsible for the Bookchin shitposting around here: a communalist.


If anyone wants to know more just ask.

Marxists eternally butthurt at Bookchin. I love it.

Weird question maybe, but do you have any trans mods?There seem to be a lot fewer people spamming the page calling it transphobic recently…

We're more than fine with him. Unlike the one shilling on Holla Forums by mindlessly spamming material, the communalist we have provides us with very interesting and challenging discourse. Great to have around, as is all well-intentioned critique for that matter!

We have one. They're actually the one responsible for a lot of the posts critical of modern transgender discourse as well as very much sanctions the rest of it made by the other admins.

Whether or not we're accused of being transphobes or not seems pretty irrelevant. These people are always going to play victim and are incapable of dealing with critique. We've already been getting targeted by left-liberal mob groups like "sounds liberal but ok" that mass report and flag for zucc deletion. We've barely managed to avoid repercussions of this by unpublishing and laying down low for a while a few times.

Honestly haven't seen this, though people love to accuse anyone talking about bookchin of doing it.

lel who cares

is the trans person a leninist?

No. As far as I'm aware they have no real outward political ideology like Leninism or anarchism (at least not shared with us or the page) and they simply dabble in Marxian economics, structuralism and some psychoanalysis.

Do you have any police informants or cops helping run the page? Because we have the perfect candidate from a certain subtropical Australian city, if you don't mind working with someone who is only pretending to be a leftist for the state. :')

Epic meme. Upvoted.

They posted my OC Erdogan comic so I like them.

Gay admin got mad that me and Pierre stirner posted on Halloween and decided to purge me, Pierre and some others. Now the memes are shit and Pierre and said other admins are making good content on his own accord

And I'm still here shitposting

Where you and the crew post them?

Admin of new and improved fb page here.

lel, you grew 250 likes this past week. and your weekly post count has dropped by more than half since we left. Even then, you're the only one still posting.

Yes, that totally describes the people who produce half the content and wanted to run the page in the spirit of leftypol. Also, considering the sheer amount of unfunny bordiga forcing you guys pushed through, I doubt you have much room to talk. (for those who don't know, they were the ones who started that meme)

and guess what, your page is falling apart now

Wrong. You guys were just pissy I wouldn't read lenin.

Then how come you're so bad at it?!

I actually feel condescended to that they said it was probably one of them forcing Bookchin. No shit, all the unfunny forced shit comes from them.
Pretty funny how they've realized they don't need anyone to make OC because everyone will still make OC and post it here, eventually ending up on the booru anyway.

Gibe link

Anyway, not to be simply a negation of what was, here is what I'm trying to do with the page.

Two main things.

One, becoming a propaganda outlet for the community of leftypol, exposing our memes to a wider audience and exporting an anti-idpol leftist culture.

Two, using these memes to increase the audience to the point that I can post more theory and organizing. In particular I've been promoting democracy at work shit.

Right now, I'm currently reading From Bakunin to Lacan, which I feel has some promising lessons for the modern left. I plan on making a post about it on the fedbook page and leftypol when I'm done. citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=


Pierre still routinely begs to be added back into the fold. When we tell him to fuck off he comes back again after a few weeks.

Mostly relative because we first lost around 200 over angering that SJW group I mentioned (facebook.com/groups/SLBOK/).

I'm still happy, all things considered, because the most important part of a page remained untouched (improved, even): reach.

We did it for a while, but the ones to start Bordiga forcing were the ultras on reddit (r/ultraleft) after they beefed with the r/socialism and r/fulltriggeredism tankies. All we did was add more fuel to the fire.

Don't think so, I'm afraid. :-/

We were sad you wouldn't read anything.

We've found that it doesn't do anything unless you take the Marxist Memes or Sassy Socialist Memes route; invest in week plans with paid reach while spamming. This is the only reason Marxist Memes exploded from being a 5k page to 150k+ today: by paying for it. Since we're not going to spend money on a meme page, we've found, through talking with big non-political memes page admins like Do Androids Dream of Electric Memes? and Orange Memes (RIP) that the best method for organic growth is spaced out posts with lots of concentrated reach from each one. This means that, as we thought, spamming was never lucrative for a non-paid approach outside of early like fetching in page infancy (

actually, my mistake, it was actually 90.

And that number of reach should be the norm for a page of your size, even on the lower end, hell, I got 500,000 reach just last week and I'm 1/7 of your size. The fact that that's an 18% improvement speaks even worse of your past performance.

And it would have staid on reddit had it not been for your autism. I didn't see a single bordiga post on leftypol until you guys started sperging about him.

no, you were just mad I wouldn't read what (you) wanted me to read.

Even in Facebook pages for posting memes, the left can't stop internecine conflict and fissiparousness.

Blame Marxism tbh

also, y'all better be in the Slavoj Zizek dank meme stash, it's full of normies that need prolepilling


That's the problem with opportunist "non-sectarianism" people can deal with the ideology clashes for a while but eventually someone wants power and usually its not just Marxist vs. Anarchist, but one special snowflake flavor vs. all the others. And in fact thats extremely difficult to avoid because everyone is always calling on someone from the Left to "do something" which requires exercising power in some way–eventually someone starts thinking not only that their ideology is the right one but they should exercise what power they have.

People forget that "sectarianism" didn't mean a situation where there's ideological in-fighting but more one where a communist/anarchist group puts its own needs ahead of that of the working class.

Try fulfilling that when many people influenced by the New Left don't event believe that working class liberation should be primary.

To me the idea that you can unite a group of people who don't agree on ideologically on important questions is pretty futile pursuit. Holla Forums only survives because we are united against idpol sectarianism created by the new liberal "left" no body here agrees on important questions so we find it hard to do much. Plus the nature of online activism and image boards.

Now with the surge of Trump and the Alt-Right in the West, a lot of people want to break that consensus to join the liberal counter-surge. We can survive that but we'll actually have to think out a strategy and what we find ideologically acceptable.

Bookchin is perhaps the only good thing that came about from the new left. The problem is not just that some reject class as an issue, it's that none of them share a positive program to work towards, merely a negative program of what they're against.

I'm not sectarian and could care less if you like or dislike Lenin, but it is a little silly for an admin of a large leftist meme page to be unfamiliar with him, especially considering how important Lenin is to board culture.

That picture is bengarrison/10

maybe I'll get around to him one day, not my number one priority. what bothered me was more their insistence on it in order to participate in muh sekrit club

Yeah I can understand not wanting to be bullied into reading something, and I definitely don't think reading Lenin is necessarily a prerequisite in being part of the left.

but he is really important and insightful

Forgot to quote

That doesn't make it wrong