The Dolphin Thread

A thread in which we share/discuss both the vile sins and righteous punishments of the most loathsome creatures in the sea (as depicted in cartoons).

The common Rapefish.

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The Tick knew what was up.
had to fight his gambling addiction in the same episode, that's just damn good writing right there.

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"The Tick vs. Reno, Nevada" was through the looking glass. That dolphin was dia-fucking-bolical.

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Hank's dolphin encounter changed his life, not for the better though.

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This dolphin at least had proper motivation for going bad.

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Reminder that bottlenose dolphins are the niggers of the dolphin family ant that their abhorrent behavior should not extrapolated onto the gentler members of the lesser beaked whales.

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This episode freaked me out just a bit as a lad.

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Cherry is pretty fucking degenerate.

Same guy.

What the hell is this stupid shit and where can I buy it?

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So what's with liberal people and dolphin rape?

One loves to rape and the other loves to get raped.

Rex doesn't fear filthy rapefish. They bow to his will.

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Remember kids, the best way to fight rape is with MORE RAPE!

In the words of The Bard, and by The Bard of course I mean Meatloaf, two out of three ain't bad.

The Filth, a Nick Fury pitch by Grant Morrison shot down by Marvel and reincarnated as a debased spiritual sequel to Doom Patrol , Flex Mentallo, and The Invisibles.

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This is kiked shit.

Because Welz is such a good Jewish name, right? Go back to the suburbs.

Nice try, Chaim.