Just spoilers thread actually edited

just spoilers thread actually edited

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steam plz





i should delete this thread






TP doesn't give a shit, relax.

He was never into me anyway.
Nobody was into Chiri, just the weird ones like blood-chan.

hopefully she wasnt eating chips with the other hand, itd make a weird mess

weird one reporting in

a lot of people seem into blood chan

I was simply re-toasting

i am not an expert on what this anime is

That's their fucking misfortune




Im actually infatuated with you
I want to take long walks on the beach with you while holding you hand followed by vigorous butt fucking

Gee, I'll wear a condom.

step sister kirino has an obsession with incest anime and games where she is the older brother hitting on the little sister but in life she is the little sister an shes also seen as like the popular girl.... so the otaku stuff is all secretive and she also may or may not be tsundere for her step brother

not sure why they get into relationships or want to on here to begin with

it's true i was never into chiri


how plain

breakfast and gym


It's partially because this is a ruined legacy; there was once a circlejerk on Holla Forums and they banned faggots so they came here, we're a dying breed but you can't blame the faggotry because it's still strong; it's that new members cannot replenish the blood.

You guys fucking know this. Either get your shit together or die quietly already.

well beyond her and his love theres other characters with certain quirks and a good percentage of them are wet for her brother.... one even dates him for a while i think


they're wet for this self insert character here?

i kinda find it hard to believe that scoots has ever been to a gym

just boo problems

i am new at least by a handful of months but i more than can see that new people are frowned on or creeped on so i can see that as a legit reason

yes he has the full blown otaku, the glasses wearing childhood friend and the yandere girl

Exactly; the amount of new material is substandard compared to the 'founding days' of anime circlejerk in 2012/2013, since then the faggots have all been driven underground to Holla Forums where the writhing pit of despair still clings to life, and avatars like me frequent only to torment those still stuck in this pit.

I think I would be a little upset if you dont give me your steam/skype so we can continue this conversation in private, sweetie

ah might stick to jeordie

I'm not mad at you,
I'm just really disappointed you didn't try any harder.

We just met though
We have plenty of talking to do before I think I should be trying hard for a cutie like you~

sounds like an interesting time just coming back to poke things with a stick

you really didnt know anything at all about her before this?

holy shit


i dont watch anime

im being memed onnnnnnnnnnnnnn

more or less.
I would not consider myself a regular poster, and now beyond the times of self-centered nonsense like rating posters, I'm mature enough to properly return at intervals with my poking stick.

Boo, you were never a good poster and nobody liked you, but you like negative attention so it bothers you when someone's actually concerned about you as a person.
Even through years of this abuse you know I am here for you, but while you're alive you can suck shit and if I meet you I will take out your eyes.

thanks a lot tp

go suck his white dick, catface la boosh.

You know me,
you know my characters.

Make the call.
End the thread.

fair enough

i dont fully understand but if it works for you

I'll poke a Canadian just cause I want to hear the 'eh'

poke a canadian save some random polar bear

I hear there's a club for baby seals.




evening naps will keep you up in the morning


good one

licks chii

heya spoils, fancy seeing you still up.

ill probably go to sleep in a short few hours but right now my head is sore so attempting sleep would be torture right now, whats up?

I tried to fall asleep while reading manga. Got a headache and took some painkillers. Bored now and wide awake.

the only answer is to party hard or read more manga what were you reading?



It's called Tough. Pretty good and it's martial arts based. My kinda thing.

as awkward as the e things feel *hugs*


seems legit as you post chun li with it lol in her best outfit yet

lmao, didn't even realize I did that.
these shonen mangas man

she's in love with grim unfortunately
or fortunately maybe

But he's into traps just like you! 3:

they can do that strangely enough.... especially when most shonen are so.... for lack of a better term? not amazingly wrote all the time, yet they get a certain feel out of people and it works despite not liking it now i was into bleach when i was younger like crazy

chiis in love with grim whos in love w/ all the thread's traps

its a vicious love triangle

Yeah, I guess? I'm pretty selective but when a story hooks me it hooks me. Character and plot development are always an important factor for things I read. I still read bleach lmao and watched the dub on AS

i only really catch stuff about the manga on /a/ now and thats just curiousity as to how kubo will troll people next, that guy is a god of that

i guess you could add

lenkos in love with chii whos in love with grim whos in love with all the thread's traps

and then maybe

lenkos in love with chii whos in love with grim whos in love with all the thread's traps who are in love with me

The true shonen god of trolling is Oda. One Piece takes the most amusing turns. Instead of going left or right at a fork in the road, Oda, just ascends into the sky and pisses on everything.

i never checked out one piece cause the art was a major turn off, if oda is that good though.... my curiosity tempts me to read it

Art always gets better as the series progresses. It's really nice now and the story is getting so deep and a lot of things are starting to connect. Obscure references and hints from the early parts of the series are now showing. There are a ridiculous amount of historical references. Oda will drag you into the tide and pull you away into a sea of wonder. Can't believe I typed out that last sentence.

love is dumb

i heard love can even sometimes make you like the curryniggers

iz blind 2

Saying "love is dumb" usually means that you've never experienced it or you have and are still looking for it.

well a lot of people actually say one piece is like a master piece, tbh until you said it now i always just thought it was a fanboy thing but youre not like them so this is unique

it can be

Thanks~ I watched that show with the funimation dub until I could rewatch it with eng sub. I watched from start until 500~ some into the series and followed it until even now. It truly is a masterpiece with a wonderful story.

there is 500 episodes in the anime?


734 currently


doesnt that even dwarf that nardo stuff?

Just barely. One Piece is worth the watch if you go at it with a decent pace.

i usually go pretty slow throw most shows so i think i can manage watching it in small doses, theres always a chance i like it more than i expect to

I'd watch it with you any time.

aw well if ever the chance would arise i wouldnt pass it up, watching things with friends is always nice

makes me wonder

What did the five fingers say to the face?


hey manaka

i miss him i wish he would do another show, without going crazy

I thought that was a death punch joke.

reaching critical level of boredness right now, what's fun?

As much as I miss Dave Chappelle, I just want to post sexy Etna.

could be there too but here youtube.com/watch?v=qPr-xsQvhgw

we could pick apart what makes you adorable bit by bit

you keep doing that then, godspeed buddy

ehhh.. where would you like to start?

Yeah, still more of a 5fdp person.

It's not like it's a compulsion.
I just think everyone should broaden their horizons and accept underage succubi.

wow I'd buy this one

you usually post a lot of that blonde cutie for one, also you are quite cute yourself if that picture you posted was you

whats it exactly? sorry for my little knowledge

is she underage still or is it one of those cheap things of this character looks this age but are actually like hundreds of years old? that stuff is just a hilarious workaround cause i bet the creators wanted them to be young, why bother drawing them that way otherwise?

Five Finger Death Punch, a band.

Alice? you know, Alice isnt my original avatar, i posted her because it was fun looking at other posters reactions whenever Alice get posted..

Did i ever posted my pic!??

Oh, of course. She's a demon, worked her way up to a better rank through centuries of hell, still an insufferable skinny bitch.

a band huh? well that explains why i didnt know, not that huge into music

i dont know that youve been posting alice since i got here.... also all i remember is a picture from someone in your country posted at grim one day? possibly someone just trolling i dont know

wouldnt that just mean sleeping your way up? hell seems like a place thatd love that tactic of rising in ranks

You're the second person I've ever heard saying that.

Tell you what right now, GUNNM memorabilia is going to jump in price.

this was my original avatar and where my name came from, Manaka. So much story behind this one.

describe the picture for me!

Yep, it's not explicit, but pretty implicit in Disgaea.
Etna is happier with more freedom, and takes out her anger on prinnies.

Good morning, Good night.

Kind of missed you posting her.

Sleep well Mordin.


gee it was when my internet was so awful i had to crop these myself and keep the size as low as possible.

3G modem and struggling for signal

I recall when you didn't post sometimes when your internet went out.

ahahah, at the end of the month when i ran out of monthly bandwidth

Oh, you had that thing on.

really? no more than two?

someone sitting on a couch looking up at someone else with a camera


Wonder what?

Well the first one didn't listen to any music ever.
I can't imagine living such a life.

3 gigabytes, if i use more than 3 gigabytes, my speed would be reduced to 64kbps

oh gosh
black leather jacket, orange sneakers?

where are the cute girls hiding from my whole life


have you seen batman v superman

I'm right here

believe it or not i played league with that connection

i mean.. the ones within my reach, subtle!

oh i like listening to music i just dont like keep bands and such in mind or look up any of the less well known ones

i think?

not yet but i know what happens in it now

hyped for the Injustice movie?

..that was .. some random person, i dont even know, i dont even dress like that!

I can believe that, one guy in my squad had 10GB per month and he was downloading games to play online in military.
I let him use my mobile 4G as a hotspot to download stuff.

I don't really follow bands, I just listen to whatever comes my way from wherever.

Distance is a problem huh..

if they try to do a little less so its not as crowded a story in one movie, very

oh so it was you who posted it though?

im about the same lol

yeah give everybody a solo movie then a justice league movie and then after a few of those do Injustice

smooth mcgroove does it again

i've been there

even tried to cheat the system too

well.. since teleporters havent been invented, it's somewhat is..

nawww i dont know where that user got that, but there's a picture of me wearing helmet floating around, someone probably has it

How do I get a cat girl girlfriend

Well, I just took that as you wouldn't listen to anything.
Sorry about that.

Didn't you use some coffee place's interwebs a lot though?
It didn't matter, limitless mobile 4G.


yeah thatd work nicely

is your face visible?

stop the war on drugs and switch funds to that

oh yeah that would be weird

ahh yeah, that too, but not everyday since their coffees are expensive..

I return

Holy shit clip-tan has huge boobies

lotr return of the scoots

find out yourself :3

Yeah, I refused to believe that such people exist besides that one guy.

It seems like I recalled it correctly.
I don't really know about those coffee places, the whole idea seems quite odd when you can just brew some coffee at home.
Although I did visit starbucks a few times at China, but that was just because hungover every morning.

What do my scoot eyes see?

well coffee places like that are more about the place than the coffee, i liked that specific place because it's not too crowded and they didnt blast music at full volume.

besides i cant exactly brew my own something something fancy latte

its a shame they'll never do red son

i dont think i could find it.... 2sstupid

clearly he was broken a tiny bit on the inside, poor dude

skies of blue?

i never thought the black panther would show up in the marvel movies so who knows? lol i also never expected a live action aquaman

Indeed they do,

kek capitalism

enjoy your big tv!

i guess they could if they start fucking around with alternative universes

i bet he'll be as useless as ever when its his time to shine

I'd only go to such places because cheesecake, you can't even comprehend how much I love cheesecake.
Never really been a fan of fancy coffees.

He was more than broken, a bit mental if I can say.
Never seen anybody else get mad at an extension cord.

Better be 4K

you'd be disappointed if you see it!

hmmm.. maybe i should try buying this 1.bp.blogspot.com/-kzpDynj9TXA/VGh_fZEDPHI/AAAAAAAAF5o/K4VN0Yt5Wek/s1600/2014-11-16+01.jpg

Work hard, shop harder

Of course it is

Never heard of that, so can't really judge.

closest thing to a real cheese cake, i guess..

They don't sell real cheesecake there?
What is this blasphemy?

or theyll just go the man of steel route and make him compared to jesus a bunch :^)

did.... did the extension cord molest him?

i doubt it bae

lewd hard, pound harder

well maybe some fancier coffee shops have it, but that one is easily available on supermarkets

it's because you can barely see my face

Not really, he was making one and got frustrated at it.
I think I made 3 in the time he was still fighting with 1.
One of those people I'm glad I don't have to ever see again.

Nice desu ne

Manaka are you a real Indonesia

Kind of want to see a Manaka photo.

I'd figure that Starbucks would be there though.

they also cant do Red Son and Injustice cuz they're too similar in that superman rules the world or some shit. they'd also have to write a good Lex Luthor and god knows that'll never happen

yea of course, where else?
besides finding a reliable indonesia vpn is bwakas

they have ridiculous prices..

Lewdsville Express to poundtown

Move to a free country!

i'll post it when i found it, i've been going folder to folder but i still couldnt find it

okay you were right it would destroy me

wait making one? like from scratch?

never, they can barely get superman right though that might be cause the actor this time finds the act of portrayal of emotion difficult barring anger

he can only do so much when he isn't given time to be a fucking hero outside of slow motion montages.

he'll make a good evil superman though

Oh wait, that's not H35, that's H35 Zu Fuss with Wurfrahmen 40.

I'm not really good at judging prices since everything is so expensive here.


Yeah, pretty easy stuff if you ask me.

it's around here somewhere

should i not post it if i ever found it then?

do you have a hobby, SD? or maybe something that interest you, something that makes you turn your head whenever you see it

that he will

i am not able to do that at all :^(


Well, not really.
Just origamis and guns/armored vehicles.

Just requires a wirestripper/knife and some wires and both ends for it.
I still prefer a knife.

origami? let's see your creations :3

who is this

the original poster claimed it was Alice

I don't have any pictures nor do I have any creations here.
I mostly just leave those in different places after making them, that being said there are quite many flowers around the military now.

ah okay

he's fucking gross


cant you make one right now ? :3

whaa why is he gross? what makes it really bad?

no you still should

bneis :DDDD


well his face is melting

I guess I can, don't really have any good paper for it though.

It's not even dangerous, I just think that a knife functions better than a wirestripper.


I know i havent organized to any folder so it's mixed with all the unorganized files


melting how?
i dont see any melted skin

it doesnt even have to be good, just make something!

Neighbor is making fire and now the house stinks of smoke.

i found it..

Well then, found some thin paper for it.
Unused vacation applications ftw.

well look

the outer corners of his eyes are lower than the inner corners



waiit.. is this really a thing? isnt it a bit affected by emotion the face is showing? like sad / smiling, exhausted / energetic ?



eye shape isn't afffected by muscles. like they don't tilt depending on your moood manaka.

poor guy.

this site is trash reeeeeeeee

it kills me

ur waifu is trash

mornin fort

really you cant accidentally cut the wire then start a fire when you plug it in?

lol you messed up darlin


i guess.. if i pay more attention the ones with higher outer eye corners do look fresher and more pleasurable to see..

now i become more insecure about posting my pic since it can be seen

and i have too few photos to compare

try not to think about it too much and enjoy what you have..


You're probably beautiful.

hard to do when you barely got anything

been watching MacGyver everynight for the past few weeks to replace watching CSI/NCIS/Law and Order
it's p good

Well, you know, a few centimeters of the insulate must go inside both ends, otherwise it hasn't been made properly.

holy shit that's too lewd ban this filth

i could never, not at all smart enough for such shenanigans

what if i have the melted face shape too ;_;

there is something i want to show you, but i forgot to save the link..

meet me at subway so we can get footlonged by jared


what was it of?


Probably still beautiful anyway. People are only ugly if they're creeps.

alright, here

i liked that helmet.

kinda wish you had it

Not really that hard nor does it require any smarts.

my history only goes back to January, 1st

it's older than that

I am beautiful yay

i still have browser history from the day i got this computer
anywhere i can look for it?

in every single way

yeaa i dont know why i cant access my history older than that. or maybe i cleared browsing data at some point

it's on imgur

RIP that pose

neat lol

probably not but its easier not to try just in case, mostly cause i could just buy some also

words wont bring me down

Sometimes you go through your phone's pictures.

True, true.

Good morning.

be honest, give it your worst

what was the first thing crossed on your mind


Raisins, never again.

Rum raisins!

Once you've had raisins at every possible camp, you don't want to see raisins ever again.
You'd rather start a genocide than see any.

Raisins are lovely

Genocide seems a bit excessive for your dislike of raisins.

I'd so drive a truck filled with raisins and dump it in your house.


i think its cool that you can do that though!

morning, sleep well?

yeah i mean i like glasses on people so thats a plus.... i cant really make out much more? the helmet is nice as far as helmets go too


i got another similar one, but they just dont have the same color available, so i had to buy the one with graphic on it.

anyways, i'll take my leave now. might be back later.

Hi Scoots.

hihi. Yes, but my tongue is super swollen today. Actually like hurts today.

Have you slept yet?

No, just no.
Imagine being 4 hours outside in the rain in a muddy trench whilst having slept almost 0 hours, then you get switched to get some food and there's nothing else but fucking raisins.

It is justified.

You don't want to do that, the place where those raisins would go wouldn't be pleasant for you.

I don't really think it's anything special.

Bye Manaka.

drink ice water

When you sleep I will cover you in raisins


I am.

I'll kill you.


maybe you'll find it again some day

take care manaka!

about to actually just smoking away whats left of a headache then i will be in bed, is that swelling cause of the piercings you were talking about?

maybe not cause you have done it and were around others who also learned but up until i didnt ever think of it even being a thing


It's like installing lamps and switches, not a hard thing to do.


When you sleep I'll put raisins in your mouf

Oh, good shit. That's a good way to get rid of it^^



Numnumnum raisins


that started like a sugababes song