What modern language should I use today for indie videogame development?

What modern language should I use today for indie videogame development?

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C/C++ and SDL/OpenGL is all you need.

For game development, I'd recommend.
Basically, avoid anything compiled. Compiled code slows the game down because a really big executable has to sit in memory, which wastes space which could be used by the cool GIFS and MP3 files which will animate and play sound in your game.

OpenGL is cancer and doesn't even work correctly on AMD GPUs and Nvidia pozzed a lot of the framework by creating Nvidia-exclusive API calls that only work well on Nvidia hardware.

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what are you talking about?

Z80000 assembly

Just do javascript because no one is going to download random ass games to play them.

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literally whatever your game engine asks you, only autists code vidya from scratch

There's this great language called "fuck off back to cuckchan"

Use C++, nigger.

this, you should code in Unity or Unreal Engine. Those are your only viable options. nobody makes game engines anymore, not even AAA studios.

Programming is not for chads.

Enjoy never implementing a real game as you spend all your time reinventing wheels that don't need it.

Unironically Rust

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Godot is literally your only choice

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Unless you have a good reason not to, you should use an engine.

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This. While it's much more 'fun' to make your own engine, if your passion is for the game itself and you wish to turn a profit, it makes very little sense to write an engine from scratch (unless your game is simple).

Learn Ada today


Reading the documentation for a bloat engine to the point of proficiency would take longer than writing your own engine :^)

How many people weighing in on this discussion base their opinions on having ever made a game?

No thank you. I rather use something modern.

Can all these game dev fags just fuck off This board has been invaded by 14 year olds that don't know shit about CS. Go back to your python / javascript / unity bullshit you will never be competent enough.

What are you even trying to make? A dating sim? An RPG? A platformer? A shooter?

Depending on what you want to do, you can get away with using something as simple as Ren'Py or Easy RPG.

Lisp :-^)