Why python programmers hate python 3?

Why python programmers hate python 3?
They don't like progress in technology or something?
I don't even like this language but i heard version 3 fixed some shit and i'm wondering if is this that bad?

Guido's a shit designer but everyone knows that and bought into it when they bought into Python. For him to break compatibility just to layer on some new shit design though, that's not what everyone bought into. Nobody likes completely pointless bitrot, and that's what Python 3 represents: some jerk who is not even your boss woke up on the wrong side of the bed one day so you now need to revisit and rewrite your Python2 code.
Meanwhile, some libraries are broken for OCaml right now because the latest version made strings immutable, but A) this isn't a totally pointless change, it's a very good one, B) OCaml is a statically typed language where the compiler assists the programmer enormously in performing the kinds of changes required. If changing critical software is like walking a tightrope, doing it in OCaml is like doing it with a team standing ready to grab your hand and pull you back onto the tightrope if you stumble; doing it in Python is like doing it with a team standing ready to tell you that you're fucking dead after you hit the pavement.

some things are faster in python3 so it's not all that bad.

I still like python but now that i've gotten back into C it's kind of stupid. it's the massive standard library that's nice to have when i just want to do something quickly, not necessarily the language.

i wrote something in django way back and now i'm going to have to rewrite it in python3 because django is dropping support when python does. thanks python.

Is there any reason to use Python2 other than to mantain legacy code?

hipster masochism

When your language's benevolent dictator reveals that he's eager to pointlessly massively inconvenience you find another programming language. Tasks to upgrade to python3 become, instead, tasks to migrate python2 to otherlang.

hipster masochism is adopting python3 when you know python4 is going to involve the same shit.

Also why would you write actual programs in Python to begin with? Isn't it technically awful for anything but testing out new ideas before incorporating them into real programs in real languages?

It's fast enough for web programming. It's best use is as a glue language.

I think python 3 is much better than 2. I always try to use 3 if the libraries I need support it. But that's probably because I started on 3.

Who says so?
I use 3.6 exclusively unless I am paid to do something which has to be done in earlier versions for some reason.

Python 3 is a lot better
especially because of the strict distinction between blobs and strings, Python 2 made big mistake by allowing automatic coercion between those.

Actually it is fast enough for quite a lot of things if you know what you're doing.

it wasn't pointless though.
of course it would be better if these blundering in Python 2 design were not made, but fixing this would require a time machine.
he chose the lesser of 2 evils.

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Python 3 has optional type annotations which enable static type checking by tools like mypy. And they are just as expressive as you'd expect: type parameters, sum types, etc. can be used.



Python 3 is good OP, I don't know what you're talking about.

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what's wrong with django?

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More compatible libraries. There's no reason to use python3 other than having some oddly specific fetish for the number 3. Everything good in python3 was backported to 2.7.

python is completely dropping support for 2, in a few years there were be no updates of any kind even for security issues.

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