Tox Chat

Tox is a decentralized encrypted alternative to skype developed by chan users for chan users. It supports text, audio, video, and group chats.

Come join Club Cyberia toxs largest group chat. You can get invited to the group chat by adding lainbot the friendly club cyberia group bot. Lainbots ID is:


You will need to install a tox client. qtox is the recommended option but there are a variety of clients such as toxic for cli users.

Download links can be found on the description page at "". Binaries are provided for Windows, OSX, and Linux. You can also build it yourself if you are feeling adventurous.

Once you add lainbot as a friend just type "invite 0" to get a invitation. You can also type "help" for more options.
lainbot should automatically send you an invitation when you start tox.

WARNING: Tox is a peer to peer program without servers just like torrents. This means that your friends on Tox can see your IP. If you are worried about this you need to use Tor. Luckily Tox has easy Tor integration, just go into your settings and setup the SOCKS5 proxy for anonymous chatting.


my name is namibj and I'm the owner of the Club Cyberia tox chat.
We recently merged with the /mlp/ room and we're very happy to welcome everypony into our kind tightly-knit community.

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If your crypto system is not safe for pedos its not safe.

That being said the chat does not have any pedos in it.


That's any IM ever. Tox is no exception.


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I think it broke.


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This is why we can't have nice things.

That would explain why lainbot is ghosting me whenever I ask for the invite

Nevermind, I'm just a retarded phoneposter. Antox doesn't support group chats yet

Tox is compromised

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The windows clients are absolute shit. Lots of options in the gui do nothing, audio fails to work 9/10 times and you have a40% chance it'll just crash when you just go about your daily business.

also want to point out the 'tox' name is completely retarded and faggy millenial-tier names are a big reason open sores projects are never taken seriously.

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