AMD open sources their Vulkan driver

It's going to be interesting to see what happens with radv now. Personally, I don't see much of a reason to keep it going.

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It doesn't require a fucking forked LLVM.

So did AMD just win? What is the point in getting an Nvidia card for Linux anymore?

CUDA. And that is almost literally it now that Mesa's OpenGL stack is actually pretty decent.

Where is the source? Is it ==FREE== software?

Seems so. Permissive license probably,

So, what happens to radv? Seems a waste just to throw it away when it was just getting to learn how to walk.

Might remain as Mesa's standard Vulkan implemenation, but I seriously doubt it'll get the same amount of support and development it has to this point.

When are other porters besides Feral going to start using Vulkan? When is Wine?

Feral mostly uses Vulkan for wrappers, don't they?

According to Ryan "Cuck" Gordan, it's easier writing asm than vulkan. No one wants to use it over opengl. You might see some aaa games provide as an option but that's about it.

Croteam is using Vulkan on Linux. Vulkan is even lower level than the Gallium API, so it's way-way better than OpenGL for wrappers too.

He really does talk about politics way too fucking much these days.

it wasn't open before? i thought that was it's pitch: open, easy, portable

radv was/is the current standard implementation of Vulkan in the open drivers.

the vast majority of "aaa" games don't write their own engines anyway, they use unity or unreal engine or some other big existing engine, which will inevitably support vulkan, so the game will by proxy.

If only the Godot devs weren't being such faggots about Vulkan.

Can I finally run OpenCL accelerated programs on Linux with my Tahiti card?

What did he mean by this?

inb4 Nvidia steals the code and puts it in their proprietary closed source alternative raking in revenue from gamers that put water cooling on a GPU they won't overclock.

Lets celebrate the two major projects where the Vulkan drivers are used and makes somewhat of an impact but Nvidia GPUs have support for it so no one notices the difference between the GPU wars.

QEMU and Wine, hip hip hurrah.

Who cares about the gpu if your still tied to a botnet CPU.

Does it still requires bobs ?

what an abomination

you could still use your corebooted opteron setup though.
you do have that, don't you, user?

I think you have to at least have an R9 card to get the benefit from this.

Yes. The driver is 100% (cuck licensed) OSS, but like everything else now, there is some signed firmware you need for 3d to work.

It's cuck licesed, but that's still unlikely given how much Nvidia invests in their custom sauce. More likely is that radv and even Nouveau benefit from this though.

Don't use intel, famalam.

closed-sourced open-source software, my favourite
still better than intel