How to establish a traditional family

I was talking to my grandfather the other day. His parents had 8 children, and his grandparents had 12. I asked how this was possible, and he explained that they were living on a farm which made it possible to feed themselves.

I'm 23 years old, working on my bachelor degree, attractive and healthy, but i have no clue on where i should look for a traditional family wife. I want at least four, maybe five kids, which will require the mother to stay at home looking after the kids. I also have a stable income, though i weren't exactly planning to be a farmer. Is it possible to find based housewives today?

I'm from Scandinavia, and not interested in a slavic or very christian woman. Is the only option to move to amish ville in the states, or what should you do to establish a normal family these days?

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The woman must not have any dicks in her before you get to her.

And you must not go hunting for virgins to defile. Find a strong community and women who have fathers. (Strong fathers)

Church. (The right church.)

Is this even a thing these days? How far up in the mountains must i go before i find such woman?

Were your grandparents not christian when they got married?

Then, what is the right church? I'd rather not be a mormon. Is catholic women an option?


.t Catholic school graduate

Catholics are heretics. Find a protestant church that hates kikes (more exist than you think).

I am happy with the local ACNA church I'm going to. We expressly reject sodomy in all forms, and women are prohibited from being bishops (and in some diocese from even being priests).

And there are 'tons of cute single girls. The congregation is pretty much all families with lots of kids and single girls who want big families. And I am in a super liberal part of the country.

You're going to have to choose between nature and nurture. In other words, there will be a trade-off between genes and best social situation (chastity).

Which matters more to you?

I am baptized in a Lutheran church, but i find it too "cool" and un-traditional. I didn't even know there were protestant churches that disliked the jews. Any examples on what i should look for?

I want a large family with good genes, i'm not drinking or watching porn for that sake. I don't understand what you mean by chastity though.

You won't get a family woman that is not christian. And I doubt you'll find one of those that isn't slavic, since you're a dune coon-loving eurocuck.

What the fuck. Why? Christianity is perfectly in line with what you're looking for.

Wondering the same.
I'd like to have a north/west european woman that has a strong sense for heritage, culture, family, tradition.
How to find these?

Move to Asia

What are you talking about?

Ok, i take it back. I was picturing an amish lifestyle that's why i wrote it. I want a christian and traditional wife. Are they inclined to stay at home and looking after the kids?

I don't think I'm gonna find an european woman in asia.
Why are so many western woman so ruined.

They have a much higher sexual market value compared to other women.

As long as they aren't catholics, yeah. Ideally you want an Orthodox wife, though I'm not sure how common those are in Scandinavia. But regardless of religion, she must not have taken more than one cock in her entire life.

Watch out for red flags like single parents, tatoos, drinking habits, etc.

About a kilometer high I assume. The further from the city, the higher the chances

Exactly what part of 1 Timothy 2:12 do you cucks not understand?

You are next to Mongolia. What are their females like?

meant to quote


Okay, i guess i must begin going to churches on sundays and start looking then. We have this christian belt here too. Is it to long to wait until i am 25-28 years old if i want a virgin. I'm thinking i'll need a stable income first.

I'll check out my local anglican church on sunday. So say i liked that one, how to i get into contact with the women there then? I dont have much experience with this.

What's wrong with catholic girls?

Christianity and Marxism are completely intertwined in Sweden and I believe it's similar in other Scandinavian countries.

This is why many Scandinavians are going back to the beliefs of their pre-kikening ancestors. Not because they hate the Christ-god, but because he isn't their god.


Yeah right, all the trad-honeys are at da club.

Learning Waltz or similar would probably be a great idea but I am too spaghetti.

Catholic here, can confirm. However the paganistic traits made it easier for me to accept the existince of Keku, and of the social circles I run in, the jaded catholics (of which there are many) are the easiest to redpill. Hell I'd say in my observational memory that typically the 'outcast' protestants of my generation tended to wind up SJWs, and the Catholics seem to be the only people I can have conversations about what's happening in Holla Forums IRL. But it's a far from homogenous group. If you find a catholic family with 4 kids, that was the number the church for some time said was the number you SHOULD have to balance reproduction and the ability to spend enough time parenting each kid. It means if nothing else they followed what the Church said about Family planning and it means that they probably do give a fuck about raising a family properly.

Every baptist church I've gone to has been full of good goys.

I just like the song tbh
and really if you are a
you cant complain when you cant find a woman
really I dont know a single woman who isnt taken already or isnt part of the worldwide poz

Innately pure and matronly women is a fantasy and a myth. Women behaved that way in those days because they had no other choice. Now that they have freedom to act in whichever way they choose, you see their true nature come out. I'm not saying give up, because there are rare exceptions of women who might actually be what you're looking for. But even if you do find one, she is probably already tied to a guy who can offer her a lot more than you.

Was there nothing else to do?

Not neet, just don't get out much in that kind of setting and rather think than act.

The nature of men changed, thus the nature of women changed.
The true nature is still there but hidden, this world we live in now is drowning in lies about who we are and what nature is.

And the song is great

The praise for the kikes pushed me away from Christianity. They have infiltrated the church large-scale for over a century now.

They fucked less than we do. Contraceptives didn't exist and abortion was illegal.

I just think its sad that there is no real family planning any more. If i lived 40 years ago i would have had two kids and a house by now. Imagine how my kids will have it.

therein lies the problem
get fit get drunk and the cunny flows freely
try and find a young awkward one and mate with it extensively
prolbem sloved


What the fuck is that? People are posting European art and you come in an post this ugly, dopey, stubby little pink-haired monkey?

No, Norway, thank god.

Noice, do you listen to grim and frostbitten black metal?

There is an awful lot of skin on that little girl. The hell is this.

How to establish a traditional family: high difficulty

Maybe, as a young man, it's more important to focus on reestablishing white republics first instead of having a family in such an incredibly hostile environment.

That image is edited. What was originally on the banner?

user, I…

All of these anons are right. Your best best is to find a broad in a church community.

Then once you have her, convert her to Kekism. It won't be hard. Women are dumb and it's in their best interest to obey you.

Possibly, I'm skeptical though. If their true nature is altruism, you would think that an easy modern life would make them more generous and kind, but instead the opposite has happened.


My plan is to move to a very desolate tropical island, which i shall not name, and establish a large family there. I'm gonna grow my own food and homeschool my kids. There is very limited internet there and no tv signals. Meanwhile you guys can complain and shoot each other, but i'm starting from scratch.

I question it in terms of modesty. Everyone else in that photo is appropriately dressed, yet her chest is practically bare. You want to tell me there's nothing weird going on with that?

Congrats on your own dubs, pedo filth.

Babbies first concern troll
Fuck off with your off-topic bullshit.

You're making a tell. Children aren't sexual. Without hysteria, there is no need for self-policing regarding their depiction. Why does it make you so uncomfortable? And why do you already accuse us of being pedos? You introduced a problem where there wasn't one by projecting your own onto the situation, like you're doing now to us.

Come on faggots, those finngolian qts and burger mystery maidens aren't going to impregnate itself.

You failed from the get-go, OP. Non-Christian women are not reliable, especially if you want a family.

Sure thing, fellas.

na fam monarchies and autocracies all the way

The more they have been exposed to the media and materialism the worse it gets. My ex wife and I were able to live very lean since she came from a pretty shit home (but spoiling was a thing that happened to make up for shittiness,) and I came from a very GOOD home. Didn't have a whole lot but parents raised me well and we had all the important things. She really did like the way my family did things more, BUT by the end of our marriage (by which point she was buried in facebook and social justice circles thanks to going back to college) she was a materialistic petty human being. Same for the corrupted woman I met this year; she had so much kindness when the -hatred- they had infused with her was not flowing.

Serious question tho is Armenian Christian OK? The jews are passive aggressive as fuck towards them, the muzzies don't care for them, I know they can be greedy as fuck sometimes but they also seem to be very family oriented, lots of aspie traits in many of them (something I'm looking for at this point.)

They are like the non-jew jews.


And again, I would argue, that in order for someone to be considered good, they aren't just good in a certain context. If your attitude and worldview change with current trends. If she became a hateful SJW because she saw a few buzzfeed articles on facebook her convictions can't have been that strong to begin with.

Likewise, if you go back to being bluepilled after leaving Holla Forums you never got redpilled to begin with. Because as many people will confirm, once you take the redpill there is no going back.

immensely cucked with the exception of pic related (SSPX) and other Traditionalist Catholic groups (FSSP). Their parishoners have large, 6+ person families because they actually follow Catholic teachings on birth control. Women wear veils in Church, they use the Tridentine Mass and traditional chants/hymns, it's truely sublime. Quite a sight in $CURRENT_YEAR + 1

i cannot conceivably think how anyone can come to this place, lurk for a year, and ever be the same again. You have the truth slapping you in the face constantly. The same abrasive, forbidding environments that forged the blood of our ancestors exists here on this board, only instead of sleet, snow, plague and famine it's truth, shitposting, and more truth.

If ever you leave this place, there is no way you could ever be the same. You can try to pretend things aren't the way they truly are, but deep down you know the truth, and there's no way to slide back into the bliss of ignorance. You see the demons for what they are now, no matter how much you wish they were human.

Yeah, it's a 50/50 if she will laugh or cringe when I throw out the 'rolling coin' comment.

Very good points. Ironically reading that brings me more solace. You and are right about things never being the same however. I'm trying to figure out what changes are and aren't in line with how the pill is setting in me.

OP, literally any Christian church is your best bet to find a wife. I grew up in a crazy American hillbilly church and I can tell you that there are great people and assholes in any church. Just look for a woman from the kind of family you'd want to have in 15 years.

College or poverty are not an excuse. The supposed hardships of parenthood are just a meme spread by Jews & losers. My son is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

We really need a board or site for white dads.

Easy, you just have to be Hungarian. A history of tragedies followed by tragedies combined with the lack of trust in the elites and the general fondness for conspiracy theories can produce people who are on par with a Holla Forumsack even if they never visited this place.

Hungarians do seem pretty fucking based, I'll give you that. I can only imagine the sheer amount of absolute hatred and rage they must feel about their completely pozzed Austrian neighbors, who seem to be only slightly behind Sweden and Germany in their level of "progressivication".

If I were you I would be busting a nut in every Scandinavian qt with an IQ over 120. Your kids may hate you but the rest of us will thank you 25 years from now.

Yeah, while some Hungarian jew is cucking the world.

It does look a little odd on the painting due to the contrast with other females depicted, I agree with you there, but children really aren't sexual. Think of all the little one running around naked on the beach, or wrestling with and sitting on the lap of whomever they please. Who the fuck would think any of this is sexual?

tbh i never was much of a normie and I dont even want to go back
it'd be like slipping on a skin that doesnt fit anymore
to become a normie after this?
gonna need some frontal lobe lobotomies im afraid

This. You have a duty to your people. Make it so that in 25 years other men like you can find proper non-degenerate wives. Spread your seed. Then you can start a family or not.

They worship Mary.

not being easy to put out is a desirable quantity
to ensure your offspring isnt 1/16th nigger

Mary was a whore IIRC

If you're in Denmark, you're all set. Just find a red pilled or convert one young lady and keep her preggers all the time. Your socialist society will support your family, so even you won't have to work.

If you're from Sweden, just cut off your cock and balls and become a woman because you already have been cucked beyond all redemption by your feminists.

If you're from Norway, visit Anders in prison and ask for his advice.

Good luck

What does this have to do with being a good wife?

If you present yourself as well kept together, well dressed groomed and behaved, then older people in the church will begin inviting you to church events to meet their daughters.

Let me stop you right there.

kinda sounds like something a jew would say tbh
though I agree Mary is the quintessential unfaithful lying wife and Joseph is a cuck

Farming on a tropical island? Better do your research carefully… many crops do not like sandy salty soil and salty groundwater……

also rising sea level and in many cases a lack of freshwater

Propagate the Nordic race brother, once the war is won there'll be enough time to settle down.

By acting like a traditional man.

Build your character. Build confidence. Strive for a goal outside simply existing and trying to reproduce. Build your path in life. Stop being a wishy-washy pussy. Gain status. Gain the respect of your peers. Acquire a good reputation. Become a provider and a protector.

This is your ideal. You might not fully achieve it, but you have to try to attain it. And then traditional women will start to notice you, and you will start to notice them noticing you. Everyone gets the life partner they deserve. The exceptions prove the rule.

That is quite young Traditionally, the age of marriage in Europe has been 27 year old. It has been thus for centuries, especially in western and northern Europe (google "Hajnal line"). This is one of the social aspects in which Europeans are saliently unique. Every other people seem to marry early, with large age differences between men and women (whereas in Europe the woman was usually the same age or 1-2 years younger, in the rest of the world the girl was married in her teens and the man was on average 10 years older).

Also google "r/k selection".

This is partially good advice. Good women usually come from good families. When you want to find a life partner, "measuring" only them is not enough. Observe their relation with their family. Also take note of how their family acts, as a whole, and each individual member. The apple does not fall far from the tree – this is not a cliche, it's a wise saying.

Also note that if she is from a good family, her family will also (wisely and expectedly) measure you up. Even if getting the approval of the father is no longer customary, good parents will still do this instinctively.

they do exist. one is called the state of montana

I was you three years ago when I met the woman I would marry in the least likely place.
I was playing in a band (always as a hobby never a lifestyle) and one of the other guys was throwing a small party. Now, I abstain from drinking smoking etc so I normally avoid these events but we were going to use the occasion to showcase a new song we haf written to a small audience. Anyways, there was a girl there who seemed out of place and came to effectively act as a taxi for her retarded friend.
She caught my eye and we struck a conversation about riddles of all things. She was surprisingly intelligent and we exchanged phone numbers with the intention of going on a date sometime. When the date arrived we talked for hours about life, the kond of deep and real conversation most normies aren't capable of. Through this I learned that she was a virgin by choice (not religious) and also detested the drug and alchohol use that is so rampant in our friends.
Now, she wasn't redpilled by any means but she was, in my mind, the holy grail. We have been married now for 7 months and she is currently 2 months pregnant. Over the time I've known her she has become racially aware and fervently dispises the rise of transsexualism.
I admit, I found her through dumb luck in an extremely unlikely place, but my story should bring hope to other anons. Decent women still exist but it is VITAL that she be a virgin and sober.

This however, is bad advice. It is true that "tell me who you hang out with and I'll tell you who you are" is a valid saying. However, vetting people requires context.

Churchians are no better than anyone else. IN fact, they might just be more hypocritical. This should not expect you. It is doubly true in countries which are still fairly religious. In a decaying age, old customs are a mask more than they are a guide. The fire is no longer there, just the ashes. If the community takes their religion very seriously you definitely have better chances. But there's a caveat – the members of that community will be on average either more conformist for the sake of it, or simply duller, intellectually speaking. Contrary to Holla Forums contrarianism/backlash to atheism and the assorted fedoralordism, Christianity is an increasingly untenable religion to follow unless you're being intellectually dishonest, socially dishonest, or both (like most of Holla Forums is when it comes to Christianity, i.e. LARPers)

Πρώτος μεταξύ ίσων>>8288133

Here's more advice:

Be open and upfront with what you want from a relationship. You don't need to tell a woman you'd like her to be a stay at home mum the first day you start to hit it off with her, but once you are relatively confident that you have a chance at starting a family together, tell her that and see how she reacts. Even outside the usual circles, some women will actually be okay with the idea, but reluctant to admit it due to the current social fashion.

Once thing is certain: nothing risked, nothing gained.

What kids?

This is incredibly awful advice.
Interracial couples have a lot of issues that extend far beyond culture. Your children will have an increased risk of health problems, both mental and physical, for one. You will often find the woman harder to relate compared to another European. Indeed, even among Europeans, you will find it harder to stay on the same wavelength with someone outside your country compared to someone from within your country. This is particularly true for Scandinavians which are pretty weird among Europeans.

You might think you'd hit it off better with a more "traditional" southern European woman – you'd be gravely mistaken.


Because they are pampered. Western women are used to men grovelling at their feet, and they hate that. This

is also true. European women are the most desired in the world. Have you ever noticed that it is usually losers who have yellow fever? This is part of the reason why: they think blonde European women are "above their league" so they shoot lower.

There no better cure for yellow fever than manning the fuck up.

Given that most orthodox women are eastern European women, this is not that good of an idea. A nordic guy would not be able to handle a slavic woman. However hypergamous you imagine the average western European woman to be, an easterner is double that.

Eastern European girls are warm and traditional because a substantial percentage of eastern European men are traditional. Poland, Romania, Russia – they are all extremely macho cultures. If an eastern European so much as sniffs weakness in you, she will betray you the drop of a hat. Eastern European woman are very histrionic. They adore drama. They like love hard and rough. Fall short of that and they will make your life hell.

Southern European women are somewhere between eastern European women and western ones.

Here's something most of Holla Forums doesn't get: you're probably more suited to a less traditional mate. Especially since you need to ask about it, and fret about it like a woman. Men should never worry about starting relationships, because men have the key to relationships, just like women have the key to sex.

South slav here, can confirm this. Girls here are materialistic as all fucking hell and absolutely love drama. The worst thing is, they're just as promiscuous as Western women, but they hide it waaaay better.

Racial-mixing? On /pol?


It's that simple OP. Hit the gym and be able to show that you are stable and will be a good provider. There's a shit ton of girls out there who don't want to work, you just have to look within the right circles. Make connections with good families and successful boomers and they'll beg you to meet their daughters, granddaughters, nieces…

I take it you're from Norway. It would be very dishonest of you to join a religious community when you do not believe in their way of life. You would also be quite mistaken to expect the evangelical girls in say, Møre og Romsdal, to be that much more different from the average Norwegian girl, except in the ways I brought up a few posts up, here

You would essentially doing not only the girl, but yourself also an enormous disfavour, given that you're not religious.

Exactly, and it is one of the reasons why the "dating" scene in the US and Canada is so much worse than anywhere else: a malaise of different people, some of which are hard to distinguish being different. And the constant immigration is constantly upsetting whatever balance was beginning to accrue.

No dude, if we don't start healthy stable families, our fight against the kikes will be lost within generations.

To tell you the God's honest truth, I think our girls are fucking nuts. The thing is, a lot of men are nuts too. I can't handle most women, they irritate me to all hell and I absolutely hate how much they like golddigging. Even the ones that don't particularly care about your financial situation when you marry them will eventually start to despise you unless you start meeting their growing demands. They don't give a fuck about the economy or the unemployment rate, they just want it all and they want it now.

You want to know how entitled they are? Even fucking Roosh complained about how much they flake. You don't have a place to fuck me that's within walking distance from the place we met? Well fuck you.

I don't know anything about the dating scene because it doesn't really exist here, most people meet through social group mingling.

Yep, two sides of the same coin. Again something many anglo-Holla Forumsacks don't like to admit: western women are shit in part because western men are also shit.

Don't bring too much MGTOW reality crashing into their soothing 1950s household fantasies, m8

your self-hating beta feathers are showing, user

how much feminist poison did your single mother pump into your head as you were growing up in a broken home?

I doubt that. At what age did your grandfather marry? I'm willing to bet it was his late 20s.

Stop projecting, faggot. You have no idea what you're talking about.

Yeah but since both sides are crazy, they can at least form relationships, unlike me, I feel like I'm from another planet.

I don't want to sound like someone who's talking out of his ass. My mom drained my dad's life force through constant bitching about how he's no good and a shit provider. I've seen and know people who are going through the same shit. My mom told me that even in mid 80s girls paid a lot of attention to what kind of car a guy has and would simply go for the guy with a better car. That's literally how superficial they are.


You are. You're poorly fitted to your culture. Just like your father. Tough but it does not surprise me. You're going to have to adapt (i.e. man-up, go "nuts" just like everyone else) or stick your dick in sand.

You're proving my point.

It has to do with a woman's character, not what a man does or doesn't do like this asshole was suggesting. Sorry, bro, but your mom is an entitled whore. It would have made no difference how much material comfort your father had provided her…it never would have been enough.

Part of it is just a woman's sense of greed and ingratitude, part of it stems from a consumerist culture fanning her flames of desire, and part of it is simply beating down a man with shame as a method of control and keeping the upper hand. The end result is a miserable marriage and an unhappy family.

You don't need a wife, user. If you want one, good luck finding a woman who's not a worthless sack of shit. There are exceptions, but they are getting harder and harder to find and if you do, she's likely taken.


I told you to shut your yap. You're an illiterate cretin. Check my ID and actually read everything I said. Like for example, here

Case in point, another user says

I rest my case.

You also have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and your posts stink of sexually frustrated dweeb.

I was referring to basic psychological and emotional stability, that's the definition of nuts. Anyway, when I hear about manning up, I start giggling. Because girls who demand that are so fucking shit tier that they aren't worth neither time nor effort. They're not worth working a double shift. Sure, I would man up for a quality woman, but these fucking sluts just make me laugh when they present their demands.

My dad is a hardworking modest blue collar worker, just like his dad was, and I guess that makes him a piece of shit.

That's the point. But the problem is that with some women this materialistic side comes out like 10 years into the marriage so that's actually worse than a woman who is obviously focused on materialism from day one.

Man-up =/= start acting like a macho tough guy.

Keep looking. You may have to do some gitting gud, but even still. There are women that you can form relationships with, although they may take longer. Know that women who you will get along with are typically better at 'blending in' with the rest of the crowd than men and they may come off as shockingly superficial when you first meet them. But when you keep talking, (and you're surprised that they want to keep hanging out with you at first) you realize that they've got a lot of intelligence/insight going on that they hide because society/etc says it's bad.

As says, you will have to man-up. That said, there's a difference between manning up and being a poser. Don't be someone you're not just to get a woman, it's a stupid fucking thing and a trap I almost fell into once. That doesn't mean you should be a fucking slob on your first date, or should be absolutely stingy. You have to remember that you want to show you can protect this person, that you CAN be showed off (because lets face it, on some level or another we all show off our partners; when it comes to appearances, men may be more likely to 'brag' about good looks/etc on a partner but women are far more likely to shit on someone's boyfriend for not looking 'good'.) Be confident. Understand that you need to find someone with shit in common with you. Understand that you're both not going to have every fucking thing in common, it's almost a warning sign.

Yeah, I'm noticing a huge correlation between how big of a shithead some of my former associates were acting like after the election and how broken their homes were/are, and on the same token how my failed relationships relate to how fucked up their home lives were.

Good fucking luck there, buddy.

t. father of 3

Do you seriously not? What will it take to dispel the jewish fiction of female equality from your brain? A bullet?
A benefit? It's a biological reality. Complaining about it is immature teenage angst.

From the dawn of time, it has always been the job of men to keep women in line.

Tell me, is a man allowed, when he's been working for 20 years and paying off his mortgage, to say I'm content with what I have without people giving him shit and questioning his manhood?

a woman is the reflection of the men around her. her father first and most, then her boyfriend-husband, then her brothers, then the men she interacts with regularly.

this is a statement of is, not a statement of ought

the irony is that you think you are being all "alpha" when your posts reek of being a feminist apologist faggot

i'm certain i bag much more pussy than you do assuming you're not a clueless virgin, which seems highly likely because i know how women really are and can adjust my game accordingly; not by living in some kind of idealized fantasy world like you hopeless larpers who are destined to die without a wife or kids.

eat shit, beta boy.

Catholic girls and women are sluts, consistently. I had grew up around a heavily catholic area, and knew a lot of catholic boys and girls in high school.

If you're looking for a night's entertainment, a catholic can be fun, but DO NOT MARRY A CATHOLIC. They are degenerates and are not fit to raise children.

>this is a statement of is, not a statement of ought
Well stated.

You know what my essential problem is? As user said

I am slowly coming to this knowledge too and the problem is that they disgust me. For example, if you're a doctor, they will like you because you're a doctor. They do not value the time and effort and intelligence that is needed to become a doctor, they just like the title. The same goes for money, they like money, they don't value your positive traits and sweat and blood you had to invest to earn money.

Women don't like you as a person, they like the material manifestations of your personality traits. And coming to this realization made me completely unable to see a woman as someone who's worth my time.


Dunno in america.

In my country (mostly cahtolic) there's plenty of decent women…but also plenty of whorish ones. Western influence is spreading.

How stupid can you be?

You may not realize it yet, but you are already MGTOW, user

Not all MGTOW reject women/sex completed. Some are "purple pill" which essentially means that they are repulsed by the lowly character traits of women, but still sexually attracted to their bodies because of genetics and hormones. Luckily, you can still hook up with countless sluts on Tinder or go the hooker route if it's legal where you live. Either way, you can still adopt kids if you want or you can hire a surrogate.

I suggest banking some of your sperm "just in case" and then getting a vasectomy so you can fuck all the girls you want without fear of ruining your life like lots of these clueless anons will end up doing after real life gives their fantasy world a reality check

Man the fuck up. The world is a pit of snakes. You're allowed nothing except that which you can provide for yourself.

you keep arguing against yourself, but ok

Given how much of a whiner you are, the women around you probably feel the same way about you. The TORfag imbecile is right. You're a MGTOW loser.

Have 10 Christian children

Watch 10 of you children race mix and support the death of civilization

I'd rather have 1 good Aryan child.

Keep expressing your angst against reality, I'm sure it will make a difference.

I don't give a fuck about MGTOW. I'm just saying, when did you hear a woman say I like my man because he's honest, humble, hardworking, well meaning, smart, etc.? They like a man because he has money or they can show off his social status, they don't give a fuck about him as a person and his virtues. You can call that whining, I don't care, but don't shitpost, at least give me a civil reply.

How do I have a wife and children
What kind of fucking faggot are you? You make money that's how

make fucking money. Religious bitches are all gold diggers too. Who is going to pay their church dues? And they're natural liars so be prepared to get cheated on. You can't get away without making money. So you might as well get rich and find yourself a good breeder with a brain, not some lying fucking moronic Jew worshiper

It's pretty easy for a woman to find a mate, it's also really easy for a man to find a mate.

A woman who wants to marry will be submissive and obedient.

A man who wants to marry will be aggressive and dominant.

These are base biological drivers. Aggressive women, especially sexually aggressive ones are simply uninterested in raising children, so you just need to find girls who are disinterested in sex and more interested in pleasing you in more meaningful ways: cooking, crafts.

Stay away from liberated women or intelligent ones, since both are incredibly broken. Your wife will be cunning no matter how dull she is, because women are forged in the crucible of deception. No matter her breeding or background, she can never be fully trusted or tamed, like a wild animal caged, part of a marriage is understanding this and not getting burned. Women are simply incapable of celibacy or true philosophy, because these are traits dominated by self-control and a rejection of all emotions, and women are hardwired to feel pain on a monthly cycle, it is part of their formative youthful experience and cannot be ignored since it is their burden in birthmaking.

Humour is how we view the world, lolvaginas is not humour, unless you are a joyless feminist trapped in your own web of political correctness.

Conscientiousness means mindfulness, politeness a sense of propriety and duty. A respect for your elders, a strong moral compass, bonding early on through mutual interests.

Tidyness is fundamental to an ordered life, it is at the core of the home, and next to sleeping and eating will cleaning consume most of your waking life.

If you are upfront about your desires, 4-5 children, a lifetime partnership, creating a big family, you will find that compromises are much easier to be reached and you can forge a lasting bond with almost any woman who shares your priorities. There are as many young women out there who want big families are young men, it is a modern taboo. The meme pushed by global domino players who want to reduce the population, but you cannot suppress the natural urge to have a household filled with happy little people, learning and growing.

Feminism is a dumb ideology. But you're an idiot, plain as day. A frustrated idiot. Even assuming you swim in pussy. The same sort of PUA loser who got shit on his entire life until he found the "red pill" – the poseur pill.
I'm only defending the reality of human nature and sexual differences.

Get a vasectomy. You're a waste of air and your genes should not spread.

Do you want to know how I know you're a total loser and that you've never fucked a woman you didn't pay?

it's funny how triggered Holla Forums is by tor, even though it's allowed here

i guess you feel more important because you have a special snowflake unique id which can be datamined by pig farmer and tracked by the nsa?


You're another stupid faggot who can't get his dick whet. Submissive women are secretive deceptive women.
No, you're a fucking pussy talking about stanima. You need money money money — that's how you have babies and buy loyalty!

Alpha male = money man — that's the real world

I've hardly ever heard a slavic woman say that. So fucking what? Yes, you're whining.

did i upset you?

if you actually ever left your single mother's house, you'd realize that getting laid, or married for that matter, is no accomplishment at all because anyone can do it

even the poorest, ugliest, least educated unwashed masses on earth still manage to get married and have kids, but to a hopeless fag like you it's literally your life's goal.

topkek and thanks again for being so triggered

Fine, you don't care about that. I simply can't tolerate that charade. It's just not genuine affection, it's a business transaction. That's just my perspective, no need to launch ad hominems my way.

The "genuineness" you want is practically a pink unicorn. /a/'s waifuism is probably more up your alley.

Of course getting laid is no achievement at all. That's why you're bragging about getting pussy. You're a loser with nothing else to your credit.

Eh, being in such artificial relationships is just absolutely pointless to me, it gives me no satisfaction. And before you accuse me of virginity, I've been with women. I'd rather just pay for hookers when I want sex so I can save time.

There's nothing wrong with being a virgin. I'm only accusing you of having unrealistic expectations.

Not a lot of those about though

You can tell by the pixels I trust?

Its the other way around actually

I know they're unrealistic user, that's what's the problem. Women's nature makes them absolutely unappealing to me.

Yes, you're a typical loser with yellow fever.
Sour grapes. Now start posting your other collection of cherry picked examples, this time of qt3.14 chinks, so we can all have a good laugh.

How is that any less valid evidence then the cherry picked picture of white women doing traditionalist cosplay?

What does that have to do with anything? Traditionalist, volkish women are very rare. Traditional women (women that would like to assume a supportive role in a relationship, that are not >muh strong independent types), not that rare at all.

Cosplaying attention whores are completely besides the point.

And the average western women has slept with 7 men before age 20. I don't really feel like manning up and marrying those sluts.

dude, just look at all the pics you clueless larpers have posted in this thread


this is what happens to the minds of a generation raised with anime

You don't feel like manning up and marrying a virgin either. You're clearly not that well traveled either, if you think asians are any different in that respect.

I didn't post any picture you loser. I'm not projecting at all. You're the only one who brought up his supposed sexual conquests to brag no one else actually gives a fuck. Because you're genetic waste material.

Fuck off already.

just wait until you're in your 40's maybe you can get some washed up broad who is now traditional and looking to settle down after decades of fucking and partying, because you aren't going to find a traditional wife in your youth.

40 percent of Japanese women under 40 are virgins

shhhhh…the cognitive dissonance caused by the pics you posted vs these

will cause their larping heads to assplode

notice most of them are from the 19th century

the important things:
that last one is most important: remain fearful, unfaithful, and unconfident of the future of being able to provide for your children - wait until things are just right. don't get the idea that its literally impossible for your children to starve in the modern world.
even if you accept that its possible to have a SMALL number of planned children, they will obviously not prosper, and likely be pozzed and cucked. not to mention you probably can't even find a good woman (not that they exist) let alone a good white one especially. focus on the worst of what you see in the news (despite knowing the agenda) and then come to the conclusion that its not happening. the reason doesn't matter: your not worth it yourself, its too grim a world, there's no choice left , you'll have to settle for underpar, the odds are against you, etc. etc…
even coming to a conclusion is not necessary: as long as you remain undecided; you haven't decided to start impregnating.

the most important thing is to PLAN (look up family planning for example)
the idea that you can just fuck your wife all year round without a condom and get her knocked up when the Almighty willeth is dangerously unprudent! this kind of lifestyle would not only result in a ridiculously higher rate of one's wife's pink pussy being pumped full of white european sperm - but also result in the unthinkable scenario of white european children being born as fast as she can plop one out after another.
the most disastrous ouctome of this is of course is not only the maximum fruition of your own spouse, but also how any women in tingle-range will be drawn to their true and ordained destiny of submitting to white cock and devoting her worth for all that comes forth.

Yes, because they're ugly as fuck and no one wants to fuck them. 20% of white women under 40 are also virgins. Same reason.

You're proving my point. You're insecure and lowering your standards. Typical yellow fever behaviour.

What is it with the hard-on for traditionalism?

The "good old days" lead to marxism and cultural-marxism and thus failed the White Race.



Social rejects who think they'd be getting a wife if only everyone still followed the old customs. They wouldn't, since the girl's father would not allow a dweeb like them near their daughter.

You're implications are astounding, are you a power chair bound white women or something?

The cherry picked asians in your images got dicked hard by at least two dozen men already. Keep dreaming weaboo. Yes, the average chink is a lot uglier than the average white. It's why a higher proportion of them don't get the dick at all. No man would fuck them, even when drunk. Not even their male loser counterparts, since they're too busy, much like you're doing, fapping over pin-ups and idols that get dicked by other men.

You are a literal cuck.

"yes honey, i'll stay at home and look after the house and baby while you work all day to support us"

*hubby leaves* *wife watches oxygen channel all day lying on couch* *gets horny, uses vibrator on her pussy while she watches some nigger fuck a blonde* *baby cries in crib; gets ignored* *wife gets up after orgasm and raids fridge* *ignores housework* *hubby comes home, sees dirty house and crying baby* *wife says she doesn't feel well* *hubby rubs one out in private because he's horny and wife goes to bed early as usual*

enjoy your parasite

You were the one who said cherry picking was okay. This entire thread is nothing but cherry picking and anecdotes

Join the frustrated MGTOW torfag and take some remedial English lessons dweeb.

true :(
The Catholic Church got kiked hard. The only exception to modern "ecumenism" is those ebil schismatic traditionalists; bishops would sooner rent churches out to Muslims than let them be used for the old Mass

this has to be b8.


eeewwww zinger

It's not bait at all. This very thread, starting with the OP, is prima facie evidence that the average Holla Forumsack sucks at dealing with women.

This girls knows pretty much what she needs to establish a traditional family.. and she's really undressed, we all like it!

Never underestimate the networks of old ladies though. Bitches have catalouges to put internets to shame.

most impostarnt thing is that you do not start having white children.
the longer you wait before you start impregnating any woman the better.
its not even about starting a family at this point. where we are right now, we need numbers the most, and so it is in this time when we must be the most restrained in making children - obviously.

the final point to be wary of is the most dangerous to avoid: do not get into this mindset or lifestyle of utter death wherein one goes about (by quest or chance) impregnating random women of all kinds and creeds (but mostly white sluts) wherever about you go.

thankfully: most of us here have come to the sensible realisation that there is no way we can ever hope to start, raise, and live to see the fuition of a white and godly family - as have most normies.
now all that is left for us to put away is the notion that Holla Forumslacks of age are destined to get involved in local politics - let alone have children during so.

i can't help myself. it's too much fun for me to black pill and trigger a foreveralone.jpg larper like yourself


Most importantly, he's helping along creating a rootless-race which plays right into the agenda of the kikes.

He's helping along the genocide of the white people. And any user that suggest you should race-mix on this board should be fucking hanged.

You truly are autistic, you know that do you?

Back in the day relationship used to be a team-effort, to raise a family. It's not some fucking contest that an increasingly un-attractive woman should demand that the husband should keep on getter better and better throughout life, no rest, no excuses.

Fuck off you fucking kike. You are part of the fucking problem. Were men has to put up increasingly more effort to form a stable relationship and create a family. We aren't creating enough fucking families and in return aren't having enough children. That is a major problem. The whole dating-culture needs to fucking die, it doesn't work. And a well-read-person which seems increasingly less probable to encounter here on /pol with the sudden influx of a bunch of fucking bluepilled faggots, would suggest that this is an intentitional problem, stemming from the death of traditional values and the ((liberation)) of women and ((sexuality)).

Read up on it faggots. We can never deal with the problem by accepting it and finding solutions within the state of the fucked up situation. Don't you get that?


I live fairly close to an SSPX church. Should I start going? I'm a baptised Catholic

Hello Jidf

There is nothing more annoying than these stupid old pictures. Those days are gone fellas, pandoras box has been opened, feminism will NEVER go back into the box it came out of, women will always demand rights and you will never get rid of the pill, deal with it and accept reality. women are getting married later and later in life, they are going to fuck chads in their youth because thats their true nature and it has been released via feminism. The only way you will ever go back to a traditional society is if the economy collapses and people were starving.

as long as you have the Internet, boats, ships, cars, expect the fertility rate to be very low and expect women to have the world in the palm of their hands.


You don't raise children, m8. You raise soldiers, you raise them to claw their way to the top and beat the Jews at their own game.

yesplease refrain from recieving communion until you've had a talk with the priest. You can still join the procession and kneel at the altar rail, just be sure to cross your arms over your chest to indicate you'd like to recieve a blessing instead

except they don't

men built civilization, men still control it and always will.

it is beta, supplicating behavior even coming from powerful men sometimes that puts the world into the palm of a woman's hand because:

mgtow is the way forward and we are going to bring Holla Forums kicking and screaming into a glorious future. you'll have more sex, more white babies, more power and more control than you ever imagined possible before and FEMINISM is exactly the vehicle we need to ride to that promised land, but to a destination that feminists never imagined could ever happen: using meme jujitsu against their own stupidity which will lead to feminists utter and complete disempowerment

it's coming, brothers, and you can't stop this rape train any more than you could stump the trump

I've been there, and there is already farming there, vegetables, fruits, fertile as fuck. Getting a couple of animals there and i would have had it. It's also getting depopulated, so i can basically get a house for free.

embrace it

the answer is to start thinking with your (white) cock
put cock in (white) woman

This is a weak mentality. You fight by having children. Each and every single child is a show of resistance. Too many white people have already given up on having children because they despair over the future. How will our birth rate dropping even further help us?

Please kys.

remember: impregnate BEFORE riding forth to battle


This is the only non ironical point you may have written. Why?
Males often dream of having found Her even if she is full of flaws his friends can see.
Those environments that consider sexual looseness Heroism, are a constant reminder that game is already rigged.

Not that it necessarily is, but it does feel that way.

just shitposting to counter anti-pregnancy autism.
nah i think you missed the rest of my posts

there are countless endless reasons on the raionale for white men like (You)rself not to get (Yuh) dik in some hwite pucc…

(You) too likely still have some autistic reason why (You) personally can't impregnate a white woman now!
share them with me; and i will tell (You) why (You)'re wrong - non ironically.

Since the most Ancient Literature what makes men rise above average is precisely chasing women of unrealistic expectations in some form or way.

Be it siren, valkyries, maid in castle, anything, the same thing keeps repeating.
You cannot deny this just by pulling reality card. The collective civilization subconscious demands otherwise.

yeah, but you forgot the part about ancient literature always citing that as a cause for disaster and downfall (e.g. helen of troy, cleopatra and marc antony, etc.)

the reality is that for most of history, men weren't "chasing" women, they were purchasing them like cattle for the price of a bride's dowry

How to establish a traditional family with the Trump cheatcode:

This is the best opportunity in decades an aspiring family man has had. Don't fuck it up and you'll be living on ez modo in a few years.

Well women who don't fall under "idealized" (applies as siren, valkyrie, maid in castle, any change) are easily disdained.

The biggest irony here is that such amazement is on eye of the beholder. Men can do atlantic things for a woman that really catches him personally, for an outside person it might look a random women.

For women he deems as random.. it's exactly as you describe.
Even Gilgamesh got fucked for refusing the sexual advances of a literal godess of fertility, she got revenge on him by killing his childhood best friend.

Point being? For him despite being a literal godess she didn't appeal to his subjective tastes.
What makes a woman "maid in castle or siren" status is much simpler than it sounds.

And the clubbing environment takes away any smell or notion that said female may be around, even if she is.

Can vouch for the ACNA. Very solid group of biblically minded Christians. If you're Anglican-leaning, they're easily the only sensible group in America.

If you're interested in traditional Lutheranism, I highly recommend the NALC (North American Lutheran Church). They're quite close with the ACNA, both of them having formed out of conservative exiles from the Episcopal Church and the ELCA. The one caveat being that the NALC still ordains women, but that may change soon enough.

You are exposed to this and each bit of red pill adds. Say farewell to your old minset.

White women have realised that white anti-white men (traitors) are pushing the genocide of the white race, so they are on a sex strike, something which makes the white family suffer, until White Genocide has been stopped.

This is known as the white women sex strike against White Genocide. #WWSSAWhiteGenocide

Fuck off back to reddit, MGTOW has no place here. Women are bad because men are bad and MGTOWcucks are a prime example of shit men, so weak they actually resort to shrugging the blame of society's fucked intergender relationships onto women.

If you actually were a man and accepted a non reproductive fate, you'd use your position to rail against the kikes who corrupted your people, not the women who suffered from your fathers' weakness in allowing them to, thus serving some purpose to your society, rather than wasting away your entire life worthless and ignoble. The MGTOW perspective is fundamentally Marxist & individualistic, it requires giving no quarter to any interests beyond yourself, not the family, not your race, not your nation. If you remove yourself from the gene pool, you better be performing some fucking service to earn the privilege of remaining in our civilization or else you deserve to be hanged before even the kikes.

Literally the key is this: If they've been programmed they are (almost) beyond hope.
If they have not, Redpill them FUCKING soon.
If they ARE indoctrinated, just be confident. Women are children in adult bodies. No offense to my wife but I treat her like a child and life is much better, I treat her like an adult and I get angry. Simple m8e.

Don't listen to MGTOW but also don't listen to the media. The middle ground is key, actually fuck it listen to both just take each side with a grain of salt. Webm related is all you need to do to make your wife happy.

So man up for once in your life: speed up the natural selection process and fucking killing yourself. You're a dead end, and your braindead selfishness revokes your privilege to participate in human civilization. You're a leech on your ancestors, and all of ours.

Then don't worry about it nigger.
I want to pass on my genes because I easily develop muscle mass and have the capability to host children (many) but guess what? Not everyone fucking is, so y'know, shit sucks. Just enjoy your life man. No sweat but consider donating at a sperm bank if you're white at least. We adopted a little girl and a little boy last year, it's the least you can do.

Orthodox church is the most based and true to the original. But it doesn't pander to women like the protestants so idk.

Every time I think of women priests I both laugh AND die a little

there's that self-hating beta meme again.

if your single mother didn't fill your head with so much guilt and shame, you'd realize that mgtow isn't about a rejection of procreation, sex with women, or of improving oneself/society…it's about adapting to the current fucked up environment and prospering, something you 19th century "pure" virgin bride larpers cannot even fathom. it's also about taking control of one's own destiny and responsibly for raising one's own offspring if one so chooses. basically, it's about real maturity and making rational choices that create optimal life outcomes on both the personal and societal levels.

but don't let me burst your little fantasy bubble…keep searching and waiting for that "pure" white wife who will bring your pipe and slippers to your easy chair every evening after cooking your dinner, cleaning your house, caring for your kids and sucking your alpha dick while she shines your shoes at the same time.

A swede with a stable income who wants a ton of children.

You're my dream guy, but I'll never meet you. Oh well.

That tax cut is doing the opposite of what you think m8, use your brain

Fuck off you MGTOIW kike. Find a rope and hang yourself.

You're the only one in this thread harping on about single mothers. I bet you're the only faggot ITT who was raised by a single mother. Kill yourself already and spare us the drama you cuck.

i can see i've hit my mark well

you've had no examples of manhood in your life, so it's understandable that you place pussy on such a high pedestal and are an apologist for every lowly behavior a woman is capable of by placing the blame on "weak" men

you are a self-hating beta who larps as a 1488 teutonic knight, but really we both know that you are destined to die alone and childless. that's not projection, that's a simple fact of your lonely existence

You read my post incorrectly. He is providing tax deductions for childcare expenses that explicitly help stay at home moms while saying they should be respected for the job they are doing. He also is for providing deductions for employers that offer on-site daycare services, which encourages the kind of career woman that skips having kids for the sake of her career to go for it, knowing that she'll be able to spend time with her kids at work on breaks. If it wasn't clear from my post, I would rather women live traditional lifestyles, but it's a step in the right direction and a chance to save some cucked liberals.

Putting pussy on a pedestal? Stop projecting faggot. You've already been called out on it. Suicide is the only medicine that can fix your fucked up existence.

I am taking into account the fact that you might simply be baiting, in which case you can take this as an act of kindness: kill yourself. It will end your miserable existence.

Only religious women would want/accept that lifestyle I think.


I'm 32 and I have finally achieved it.

I got a bachelor in computer science and found the traditional 10/10 rural gf, she is a grade school teacher and I started working as IT head for a big company.
Got a mortgage to buy terrain in right wing rural area just outside a city, built a modern, wood+steel house with indipendent electricity and warming.
We both put a large chunk of our income into paying off the mortgage, we wanted to be free of the jew ASAP.
As we finished pay my home (yes MINE, even if she's perfect YOU are the man, you own everything) I moved into teaching too.
We plan to churn out children like there's no tomorrow and we redpilled the entire town.

It's not that hard, but you need to be unwavering in your resolve. Stop being a basement fatty NEET, get a degree and make money so you won't have to deal with jews, once you're free from judaism you can do anything.

everything will be ok

Holy shit, all this paranoia and bitchiness.

daily reminder to impregnate a white slut today!