Trump surrogates are citing Japanese internment camps from WWII as "precedent" for Muslim registry and the kikes and shitskins are losing it!


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Way to get Americans to direct hate towards my country from Mudlisms. Thanks Jews!

Lol nigger knows his country is mud

Libshits are fucking delusional. Why do we want to become Eurocuk 2.0? Are they so blind to what is going on in Europe at the moment? Or they just ignore anything that goes against their programming?

This. And don't forget who's doing the programming.


But the nips literally dindo nuffin.

No, cunt, we're not using internment camps… we're using FEMA camps.

That's the point. They could have made America great again 70 years earlier but instead they chose complacency.

Yes, they are. Most American liberals believe Sweden is 100% white, for example. Of course, the contradiction of wanting unlimited immigration from everywhere while simultaneously worshiping nations they perceive to be 100% white techno-utopia never really crosses their mind.

It's called negotiation folks. You ask for internment camps now so you can settle for mass deportation later.

He's using the same strategy as in campaign.
Flood the media with various triggers so the lefties just overheat and shut down while the rest don't give a shit about the discredited media. And when the real shocker comes, like deportation of the whole spic population, they'll do nothing.

dis gon b gud

Exactly why Alex Jones should be Secretary of homeland Security! He'd be perfect, he know what to do!

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oj vey carl u are not a nasi are you.

In my opinion it seems like europe is becoming more like America, not the other way around. Just reminding yoy that no country in europe is less than 70% white while america is 63% white excluding all the millions of illegals

I always wonder why they conveniently forget Germans were interned as well.

because they deserved it for doing such horrible things to all those chosen people :^)

population density and square footage, user. Large Swaths of America are still nearly 100% white. France in its entirety is 70% with Paris and other major cities being closer to 50%.

A cultural takeover is in the works - immigration is supposed to involve assimilation, which spics and mudslimes refuse to do a majority of the time.

It['s quite sad really, there was a thanksgivings cooking radio show I listened to once on NPR where they hosted a call from a Muslim immigrant - I thought it was going to be a heavy liberal bias about how thanksgiving sucks. But It turned out that the Muslim woman was 150% full on American culture support. She actually raved about how much better the US is than her old countries shit culture.

That's what immigration is supposed to be, not millions of unregistered illegals flooding your country to make Little shitskin land. Libtards have no idea what the concept of immigration actually is.

Dude, it's not the '90s anymore. (((Diversity))) is in every corner of America now, including Idaho and Maine.

How is megyn still working at fox?

This bimbo is looney. I never paid attention to her before this election cycle. Is her shtick to always talk down to people like she is a condescending mother? Does she have any actual kids? I would not think so. She's always wrong when she does it too. She's supposed to be a news anchor for fucks sake not Entertainment Tonight.

https:// ricochet.com/archives/constitutional-rights-for-non-citizens/

Trump might need to clarify the 14th Amendment.




Incorrect. They betrayed their country at the drop of a hat in the immediate aftermath of Pearl Harbor by freeing a Japanese pilot who had been taken captive by local residents and attempting to get him to his extraction point.

Muslims shelter extremists and refuse to turn them in to the authorities. Same principle.

And camps aren't so bad, so long as your enemies don't bomb the supply lines to them.

Disappointed that anons didn't already know of this. Korematsu v. U.S. is mentioned in popular culture all the time, specifically Aaron Sorkin's work in at least four episodes of West Wing, and two episodes of Newsroom. Also, any intro constitutional law course will bring up Korematsu for at least a few weeks. My kike law professor wouldn't stop kvetching over it and said it'll never be overturned.


That is every woman in the spotlight since the late 80s, user.

you DO know that ALL European countries are more white than the USA right??
the fuck is wrong with you?

There was some funny shit a few years ago when she said maternity leave for women is stupid but a year or so later goes on maternity leave when she had her child. Needless to say she got shit on hard and she relented saying that it is okay for other women to go on maternity leave.

So yeah as far as I know she had one child.



The Supreme Court ruled that interning the Japanese was constitutional. Almost all of the justices were appointed by FDR.


Within U.S. territory, non-citizens have rights because of the 14th Amendment, which declares “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”


What about the federal government?

Answered my own question.

What is unclear is how much "process" needs to be shown. Certainly, arrest, packing into a truck or plane, and deportation is process.

Good to know.

well… they're both kinda right. legally speaking, internment camps can be used as precedent. However, that's not a very good argument from a PR perspective.

ps. FDR did nothing wrong

Exactly. A jew trick that conflates legally allowable under the constitution and what people on tumblr would agree with.

so sick of this bitch


Mine too.

It amuses me the only time (((they))) ever really give a shit about Asians is when they use them to meme an Ameri-Shoah.


It's funny because from that clip anyway he wasn't even talking about Japanese internment camps, he was talking about restrictions to Japanese immigration during WW2, and SHE brought up internment camps. And she still doesn't understand why people think the whole legacy media is retarded talking heads.

How this broad still has a job is beyond me.

She's probably lost more than any single person in media by leading the "my job is to stop Trump" crowd, and she continues to plow forward in some alternate reality where Trump lost decisively and people care he said "mean stuff" to her. $20 million/year for a dime-a-dozen prompter-drone in a primetime spot almost anyone could draw similar, or better ratings for a third of the cost? I don't know who's in her ear but it's absolutely stunning just how self-absorbed she is. Then again, a inexplicable $10 million book advance you have no chance of meeting will make people do strange things.

Megyn's really not having a great year, is she?

For the record, I'm also against internment camps. Why the fuck should our taxes pay for those when our taxes could be paying to ship them back home.


Holy fuck. He ran as a spoiler to keep Taft out of the oval office and put Wilson in. Roosevelt is in part responsible for American entry into WW1 and the stranglehold of world jewry over the West, as well as the fall of Prussia and Austria-Hungary and the rise of Communism.

All of that because FDR was a Rothschild puppet willing to allow his countries sons to die for the promise of a turn on the throne later.

Fuck FDR.

How does that sort of book deal work anyway? If she fails to sell the book, does she have to pay the advance back to the publisher? Is she really that personally fucked?

boomer detected

You can make them work in camps. Plus, camps are probably cheaper than what we're spending on them now.

No problem, non whites aren't people so it doesn't apply to them.

Can't say I'm familiar with the ins and outs but I think we can be reasonably sure that a book that barely appeals to its target market will probably not achieve anywhere close to $10 million in sales. I think there was a similar issue with Schumer not selling anywhere close to what her publishers invested in her and the book being on clearance shortly after release.

user please never go full retard again

one number off, checking for satan:

Huh, didn't know this. Once again what I was to cast minorities in a good light. I still like japs but yeah its proof that people will always favor their own over white americans'

All part of the order of operations user.

Yeah, because you can totally make Muslims do something they don't want to do.

Maybe he fucking is the guy the media thought he was



sounds like controlled opposition to me