Operation #IStandWithMexico


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ICE posters, in Spanish and English.

ICE 4 slot poster (pic related)

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fixed spic grammer


archive of previous thread just in case it dies.

Man, don't use "apuntando" it doesn't fit the context. The text feels unnatural. I'd suggest something like:

"Oficiales del ICE han estado enfocándose y deteniendo latinos e hispanos"

Although, "Oficiales del ICE han estado enfocándose en latinos e hispanos para su detención" reads better in my opinion.

t. spic

Oh, I forgot. I'd recommend using "rostro" instead of "cara". It's more common in the context of your text. "Facepaint" can be translated as "Pintura Facial".

Sage for double post.

here is the newer version


Dude, what did you do? It's all wrong now. I only posted the parts you had to change, sorry if I couldn't explain myself. Here, let me post thw whole thing as it should be:

Alternatively, you can change ICE for Migra which is a common spic term for ICE as this user suggests.

Damn, here I am double posting again but I think this would read better for dem lazy illegals (I didn't know what ICE was the first time I saw it mentioned in a thread back when I first started lurking Holla Forums).

If I had any image editing software at hand right now I'd help you edit them myself. Sorry I can't be of any more help.

Do a simple edit in MSPaint to show us exactly what to change. it doesn't have to be perfect, we can alter the original

Sure, make new stuff but just as much, GET THEIR SHIT, like the flag burning and show it to normies because the MSM isn't. The narrative being spun is a doubling down of the shit that lost them the election. It much be crushed!!!



Here is some memetic energy


(pic related)
Literally all of this is already happening and more, and we haven't had to raise a finger. I don't understand what you're trying to accomplish exactly

is that a knife wound to the left?

we could only hope so


Thanks for helping out Spanishbro. You are truly doing God's work.


It's a year too early for you to be making new threads, faggot.


thats a jew in your pic tho attempting to slander le white man