Storm Trooper toys are racist

In this thread we tweet @disney our concerns regarding it's exposure of white supremacy to our children.

Let's at it boys.

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Even as a kid, I supported the Empire. I had great instincts it seems. Won't be seeing any of the new trash they put out though.



And I even went to see the new Star Wars movie. The scene where the First Order fires Starkiller Base and their leader is screaming to a crowd of Stormtroopers gave me the exact opposite feeling I was (((supposed))) to have

I recommend you pirate it and watch that scene

The Empire in Star Wars is human centric. Think back. How many non humans did you remember seeing in the Imperial navy. Meanwhile, the rebels have aliens galore.

Fucking wew lad.

The "Traitor" scene was especially nice, the stormtrooper honorably giving a chance for trial by combat to the turncoat miscegenation nigger only to be out-nigged by a gun to the back, really showed who the true heroes are.

Well stormtroopers are a group of pitiless murderers led by men whose entire religion is worship of hatred and supernatural evil, but gosh racism is just off putting

We have to meme this.
Get all stormtrooper products of the shelves, so Disney will lose money.

i hope a disney executive commits sudoku for this transgression between narrative and sheckles.

der arma b white so day white supremasis

I really hope that tumblr gets it's way for once and JewJew Abrams makes the nigger and the pasta nigger fags for each other in the next film and the white woman is left out of it.

Why are the Rebels "right" again? A bunch of hobos rebelling against the prosperous Empire and their amazing spaceships?
What's up with that shit, is there any Star Wars otaku here to explain to me?

lmao, literally perfect

Lord only knows what level Sheev took spirit cooking


In a very literal sense

They weren't supposed to be right. George Lucas originally planned to make the Rebels become just as corrupt as the Empire when they themselves took power, but Disney threw out his scripts for a sequel trilogy. Now Star Wars is just generic marxist propaganda,

Sheev supertaxed everybody and basically only looked after the financial wellbeing of the military and resource offices. Everyone who wasn't in the killing rebels business, and everyone who wasn't related to planetary nobility, was looked at as, essentially, a slave.

I don't know anything about Star Wars but I don't see the problem. White supremacy isn't a slur. Is this just an excuse to help get the writer fired? Wouldn't it be more productive to appropriate the label and meme the Empire as WN/fash role models?

How sad

No, because normal people still associate fascism and nazism as inherently evil, you sperg.

The Sith did nothing wrong.

Oh this is just to great. Jews cut down by their own sword.

By the EU the Empire was a human only organization, aliens especially non-human ones were heavily looked down upon. Predominantly white people were in the Empire because the core worlds had climates best for them.

Truly the Empire was seen by most humans as a stand against the aliens who had ravaged human civilizations. Sheev only took advantage of that, although his Naboo family along with Padme's had took part in two genocides against the Gungans.

Gungans btw as a race have short term memory loss, so if you do something to them over the course of decades everyone forgets it.

Well that was fun while it lasted

I've never given up on a fandom this hard before but fuck Disney shitted all over starwars. I just cannot enjoy it now. Won't even show any of it to my son.


They're probably hoping for attention from sites like these with incendiary comments on race.

Star Wars is an ancient property that should have died with Episode One. They need to keep this IP relevant in contemporary America and they'd probably be focusing on the main female character being a strong womyn had Clinton won and BLM faded into obscurity.

Instead it's plan B; when we see the chart for tweets and social media data points relating to the brand go below a certain point it's time to rile up the internet racists again for this bizarre form of unethical marketing.

You're giving them too much credit. They're just trying to cater to all the anti-Trump rioters.

I love the Star Wars Empire / Sith

I'm okay with this

I always saw the Empire as a ZOG type organization, with Palpatine as the top Jew.
Maybe if the UN was made a word government and Soros became its supreme leader we'd have something similar.

Only in Return of the Jedi. In the first two films, both organizations are pretty much 100% human.
The aliens just exist in bars getting wasted on firewater.

Is this a cuckchan thread? NRx has already successfully appropriated the Sith Lord as an emblem of themselves. "Voldemort did nothing wrong" kind of shit works, it's cheeky and carries subtle redpills in media manipulation/emotional framing as well the subject itself.


If there's a chance to make the kikes producing this filth lose money i am all for it,
Just remember what (((they))) are trying to promote, seems like are obsessed with it.

This is viral marketing for their new film Diversity One, they want to capitalize on the #NotMyPresident audience and make seeing their cuck flick a political necessity.

Ignore their attempts to bait you. Learn from what happened with The Cuck Awakens.

Unfortunately, we are unable to deposit anymore money into your account for Correcting The Record.

The clones wore white, the leaders wore black, rebels are country folk.

Disregard kikewars.

Nice way to miss the point. All you need to do is vote with your wallet and go see something pro-white like Hacksaw Ridge instead. Also make Star Wars appeal lame, if one of your friends brings it up in a positive way, mock them, make them feel stupid. Make Star Wars lame, which lets face it, it already is.

They are antagonizing racists on purpose to get a reaction. Because otherwise how do you get Star Wars in the news? Type "racists star wars" in a search engine to get an idea how well this worked last year.

A movie with an all female cast tried to to do same thing with misogyny this summer, let us not forget what happened to AVGN. 20+ articles calling him a disgusting sexist in less than 24 hours for not showing any interest it what was a terrible movie.

These worthless blog writers are struggling to find enough drama to write an article based on a brand they need to promote so publicists have taken a role in creating controversy.

That, and when this movie makes money at the box office (from all the brain dead parents that will take their kids along with the manchildren fanboys) they want to act like it's a direct stab against white supremacy,

If you're a white man and you pay money to see this film, you are a cuckold.

reddit com/r/StarWars/comments/5cmmpc/is_this_a_new_official_stance_from_disney_or_a/

Help me troll these cucks.

bumping for exposure.


Palpatine isnt a Jew, he rules in plain sight and the Empire has a clear hierarchy.

Wow. Everything about this is just terrible. The cinematography. The "action". The visuals. The audio. Not even memeing. Everything about that looks completely artificial, shitty, and lacking in passion or love. I guess it's true what they say about the kike's lessened affinity for art, because that is fucking dogshit.

Just fuck my franchise up fam.

Tell me someone archived this tweet. It's gone

They exhibit master morality. "Villains" in modern (((Hollywood))) shit often do. Many kids pick up on it.

Show a kid Conan the Barbarian, and none of them will come out of it thinking that the snake cult were right. That's because Conan exhibits master morality. But show them Star Wars in which the rebels exhibit slave morality and the Empire represent master morality, and the kids will see through it.

The reason the Empire blew up a planet in the first movie is because if they didn't, then there would be no reason for the audience to think they were bad guys.

I'll buy stormtrooper figures just to trigger cucks.

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That Daisy bitch is fugly. And N1GG there brought his entire "posse" to the premiere, and they were acting like baboons for the cameras.

The cuckolds at RLM found the scene to be awkward/misplaced. I guess heroism is simply beyond the scope of most people today, probably because self-sacrifice and honour go along with it and I sure as fuck don't see any of that out there.

This guy dots all the "i"s: all all the non-human races in SW are actually non-white human races. Thanks for clarification, Chris, I thought that non-whites are human for a second.

Heroic or not, it was poorly executed.

Try not to get Disney to ban Stormtrooper merchandise before January, please. Got three of these on preorder so I can have a RWDS for my work desk.

Maybe it's the rest of the movie that was poorly executed, which it was because it was fucking shit.

That's because the scene was supposed to have Breane of Tarth be a badass and beat the nigger's ass. But she couldn't perform the scene herself and they hackneyed a nameless goon in there.

I dunno, I think the scene is utterly hilarious and watching the nog stormtrooper get his ass beat was refreshing.

I also watched the movie in a theater around release, yeah, I know, because family, and I really enjoyed the sound design, part of which you can hear even in the youtube video.

Yes, Force Awakens was a terrible film, and not only in a subjective sense. Every outdoor scene looked cheap, badly-lit, cluelessly set-dressed and incompetently filmed. The bits done at Pinewood Studios in London have a bit of the old Star Wars quality about them, but that still can't save the film from collapsing under the weight of its own bland, rehashed, pozzed ineptitude.

I hope Rogue One underperforms. Anything less than $1.5 billion worldwide will probably have Disney execs panicking.

It's also worth noting that Kathleen Kennedy is the one behind all this. She produced films for Spielberg and Lucas, Robert Zemeckis, etc throughout the 80's and 90's and built up a fearsome reputation off their backs for being a hit-making producer. Go back and watch films like Jurassic Park and Back to the Future again and you can notice some feminist poz creeping in around the edges she no doubt had a hand in (BttF2: all police are women; JP: female character stops in middle of being chased by raptors to lecture another character about misogyny, etc etc). She's the one pushing for female leads in all of these films, she's the one trying to persuade Disney to hire female directors, and allegedly she's the one who passed around an internal memorandum that decreed white males who weren't returning members of the original cast can only be bad guys in these films.

Personally, I loved the First Order. Only good part of Force Awakens.

Is like disney wants these shitty movies to go as well as the shillary campaign did

I thought all storm troopers were clones of that maori guy?

The old republic ( kotor 1/2 not tor)is far more interesting than any of the movies imo. Too bad that kike retconned all of it

as far as i'm concerned star wars is fucking dead, I can still enjoy the old movies and old vidya, and some of the darth vader saying bible shit webms are cool but fuck anything else that's came out after rotj. It's all shit.

I liked the CIS scum though.

Star Wars makes huge bank on merchandise, they're going to be pissed he said this if it takes off and all the omega geeks refuse to buy the toys.

Care to elaborate on master morality? Never heard that term before.

this is a good thing because it means the won't fuck it up. they'll copy it then fuck it up, sure, but at worst that just makes it look better by comparison.

Very briefly stated:–slave_morality

As examples, you could say that Odysseus exemplifies master morality, while Jesus exemplifies slave morality.

So, basically, a good protagonist exhibits master morality because he's supposed to be tough, charismatic and overcome the odds stacked against him.

I should have specified: a good "good guy" protagonist.

Who the fuck watches this shit? In a normal world the nigger would be killed

A protagonist could exhibit all six of those things, for example Desmond T. Doss in Hacksaw Ridge.

Pretty much, yeah. The good guy should be good in his own right, not merely when contrasted against his opposition. What did the Rebels stand for, other than opposition to the Empire? The Rebels are reactionary. The Empire on the other hand stands for order. The values of the Empire aren't reactionary.

You have to look at Master vs Slave morality together. It was coined by Nietzsche, who used it as a basis for his Ubermensch, an Overman who was essentially the next step in man's evolution. Just as the ape is something to be laughed at now by us, and was overcome by man, the overman shall look back and laugh at us, and overcome us.

painful embarrassment.

But's thats for another day. Let's start with Master Morality, as Slave Morality is simply a response to MM. A man with Master Morality makes his own laws, and bases them on good vs bad, in terms of how they affect him. He defines good and bad based on how they help or resist him and his will to power. A man with MM is self-reliant, and defines his own path through life.

This does not mean he is an non-conforming hipster, or a tyrant. He decides what he shall do, and if he decides to show kindness, then that is his own prerogative. He shows kindness because he chooses to, not because he fears what will happen when he does not show kindness.

"A man is measured by how he treats those that can do nothing for him."

Slave morality on the other hand is in response to MM. Slave morality simply opposes what MM teaches. MM believes in strength, nobility, and pride, SM believes in sympathy, pity, and humility.

The essence of slave morality is utility. What is good is what is good for all, not just for the strong. The slave bases things on arbitrary constructs of good and evil. He celebrates pity, compassion, and chairty, and vilifies strength, leadership by the strong, and pride.

Christianity is the prime example of SM, as it teaches to turn the other cheek, give and share with the poor, and most of all pity.

Note that these things are not inherently bad, but they are when done not out of one's own volition, but out of fear of the consequences.

Some links to help. I am no master of Nietzsche.–slave_morality

I haven't seen that movie yet, but I'd say it being non-fiction in nature muddies the classification.

This is interesting. Thank you for taking the time to type it all out. I don't think I agree with Nietzche on this matter, but it's certainly something to think about.

The ultimate difference is whether the actions are due to fear of repercussions or personal choice.

Is Doss doing it out of his own choice and self-mastery, or is it because of outside forces?

He's doing it by his own choice, despite the disapproval of others, and out of self-mastery.

I'd recommend watching the movie, it's really good.

As I mentioned, the links are probably of more help than I. I just don't like seeing people be told to go read x book or article and expect that to be a full post.

Another link, one that relates to Conan.
I know, I know, they're faggots, but they explain Conan and Nietzsche pretty well.

>Kylo shouting "Traitor!"
God damn, those feels.

Lots of brown people in the control center for that white supremacist organization

Hang yourself.

From Hacksaw Ridge's wiki

It seems more like he's doing it out of being a devout Christian. But I get what you were going for.

I think I read an article there a while ago about how Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises is actually fascist propaganda tearing down both Occupy and western democracy. Argued that Bane turned Gotham over to the Occupy thugs to prove to Batman that the masses are idiots who destroy everything and are not fit to lead. I think it was that site anyway.

Right wing interpretations / reviews of movies is something our society needs more of.

That's false, he doesn't kill his brother. IDK what fuckwit wrote that.

If you haven't seen this movie to support non kike entertainment, do it.

Take some time and read about a Medal of Honor recipient a day, then look in the mirror.

No it does not. The movies will be destroyed.

Repeat after me: there are no fascist movies!

Disregard that post, I misread your post.


I haven't seen it or researched the man, but it sounds like Desmond Doss personally subscribed to slave morality (as you would expect from a devout Christian) but his story nevertheless hits all the right notes for master morality.

Nevermind, it wasn't returnofkings:

Heh, fair point.

Its fine man, no worries. It's late in Burgerstan, so I think I've fucked up a couple times ITT

Excellent article, thanks

Everybody tends to be corrupt in the SW Universe.
The Old Republic

The Jedi Order


The Empire

read from that site, the review about drive & fight club too. one of the best movie reviews.. actually, best 3 movie reviews ever.

The ultimate thing to define what morality a story follows is small but important: What the character subscribes to.

If he rejects conventional morality and keeps his own rules and walks his own path he is a Master. If he agrees and follows society's morality, a morality determined by someone else, he is a slave.

Strength is also key. The strength to stand alone, to stand above, is one of the important factors.

A lot of Clint Eastwood movies present Master Morality.

The clone army was, but during the first empire they were phased out in favour of conscripts and volunteers.

Clint Eastwood is one of the best.

Yeah, Palpatine specifically did that to make sure no one could Order 66 him as well. So every Stormtrooper is a real flesh and blood human.

Cowboy movies in general follow that, the renegade seeking his own justice or life

Exactly. Westerns are great for that.

and tbh, I'll shill for Clint anytime, anyday

Very good article, bookmarked for future reference.

I've heard this before but it never resonated until written so plainly. I think I agree.

((Weitz))). Sheboon is all, dem cartoons iz racist haha. Yeah it's amusing but who gives a fuck? It's been poz since that annoying ja… whatever lizard that was really a gay, retarded nigger.

Same thing happened in that popcorn filler movie Don't Breathe - they had to throw in some twist to make the audience not side with the "antagonist".

too bad for them though, I cheered when those cucks died

Thanks for providing the info, I wasn't familiar with those terms either.

Ok I've laughed hard enough I can go to bed now. Still haven't seen more than the cinimatic trailer for fagit wars the fagits awaken

Yeah, Stephen Lang is baller as fuck no matter what he's in.


thanks for the archive user
"I was just joking you guys!!!! don't tell my boss to fire me!"
top kek

Top kek

is that true? I was under the impression that Vader was the "face" of the Empire, and that most people outside the Empire (and even most of the common Imperial citizens) were unaware that Palpatine existed

that actually makes a lot of sense. I was wondering why they gave her special armor and did interviews with her before the movie was released, only to have her appear in two scenes and she does jack shit in both of them.

No Vader wasn't even that high up in the government

One of the things that pissed me off the most about SW7 is that the Resistance is exactly like the Rebels, even though they have supposedly been in power for the past 30 years.
Even their fucking name shows that the unifying force behind their group is the desire to defeat the First Order.

Empire masterrace. Rebel scum needs to burn

the emperor foresaw a big invasion from a foreign group (from a diff galaxy) and he knew that their galaxy would get crunched atm, so he was trying to make the empire the most powerful military force to fight them. no one knows about this though, so he just looks like a megalomaniac

No one should have any doubts that the new Star Wars movies are anti-white, pro multicult, pro feminist propaganda.

Human supremacist is different from white supremacist.

As an elephant.

pick one :^)


sci-fi has always been the jew's genre, the "futuristic utopia" is just ripe for subversion



star wars a shit. kill yourself.

Literally Relativism.

Read a book pleb.

Lol. The typical response from Nietzschefags when someone points out how easily Nietzsche falls apart, because he seriously believed it's the individual, and not the couple, that's the building block of civilization.

You betray your own ignorance. Read a book.

You can keep your self-isolating philosophical circle jerk. I would rather have someone who knows the value of the rule of Law.


hold on, why do you need that many different dildo's? I'm seriously confused at the point of that. You have two holes as a faggot, so why have more then two?That just doesn't make any sense whatsoever? And this guy has 20 different ones…AT LEAST. What the fuck is the point of any of that?

Fucking lol.

progressive overload


liberals are the result of complete and corporate saturation. everything in their life, from their morals to their knowledge is treated like a commodity. they live only to consume.

Enjoy your slave morality :^)

How is that not the boogeyman known as Relativism?

Don't question OP

Grrl power, amirite? Can't even fake fight in a fucking movie but want to rule the world. FOH.

That's really batshit though. She's wearing full-body fucking armor; why wouldn't they just use a stand-in, ala Vader.

Could there have been heat between her and Jewjew?

And let me tell you, that's the BEST scene in the movie, if only for the implications that for this Stormtrooper, the fight was personal. If even that was bad for you, holy crap, you should see the rest of the movie.


Underrated post

Excellent. Capped.