ITT: shit you do that you're pretty sure no one else does

ITT: shit you do that you're pretty sure no one else does

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What the fuck, user?

I spit out dead cheek cells that build up in my mouth after I brush my teeth in the morning

thats pretty clever user

i like to turn my back to the shower flow and fart while the water trickles over my butthole. it sounds all sputtery and ducklike when it do it like that

user, thats not clever at all

before turning my hand upside-down over the trash to dispose of the handful of fingernail and toenail clippings, i like to cup my palm over my nose and take a big ol' whiff. love the smell

i like to use jizz to lube out the second wank. sometimes i can get in a third before it turns into whipped semen

i like to pick a boog from my nose and then flick it in the dark and wait for the satisfying "plit!" as it lands on something

I love it!

after taking a piss, you don't have to wash your hands if you only touched your dick with the back of your knuckle

When my gf is passed out, I like to blow air into her asshole and vag and then snicker in the morning when she rolls over and farts out of both holes

When I jerk off, I push in my taint at the end so no jizz comes out. No mess.


When I start to cum, I lift my legs up in a way I don't cum in my own face but to make my balls recede above my scrotum so they're stuck there.
It is fun to push them back down into my sack.

I do this too, as I expect many other degenerates do.

What's so disgusting about that? At least I don't have a fucking mess all over, and the objective is achieved.

What do you think your kid sisters' panties are for, you dickwad?

I guess not being a complete degenerate when I wank it makes me an outsider. Thanks.

I have infiltrated pedophile networks, the cartels, ISIS, the Westboro Baptist Church, random cults (including Cassiopeans), and other groups (I guess I could count every single white nationalist group out there but I actually strongly believe what they say therefore am not an infiltrator); and just talk to them and learn what makes them tick and then do nothing with the information and report nothing. I just like to know what goes on "behind the scenes" and "in the minds of extremists" so to speak. This became an obsession for me long ago when I was like 15 and introduced to critical thinking and got the idea of always challenging my views by hearing out the opposite side of any discussion. I do this both online and offline and I somehow manage to blend in anywhere and be accepted into any group. I also have an amazing ability to get people to trust me and spill their secrets. I know so many people who are murderers, pedophiles, criminals, etc. because they've all confessed to me and I am an adept in getting people to believe I am 'one of them'. A lot of it is going with the flow of the conservation, picking up on some hint at what they like, and dropping hints I'm into it as well, and I rapidly gain their trust. I think of myself as "the keeper of secrets" because I literally carry the potentially life-destroying secrets of hundreds of people. I have no intention to actually do anything with any of this or to cause any harm. I also think of myself as a kind of gondola meme incarnate, forever watching the world, learning everything, but not engaged in any of it. I also practice psychic abilities that allow me to take these things even a step further by allowing me to access the minds of others and see and experience everything from their point of view, so that for example, I can get into the mind of a random cashier at a coffee shop in my city and I can feel what their body feels like, think what they think, feel what they feel, hear what they say, and see what they see. I think that god grants me this access to people's minds because I keep it all secret, all private. I do nothing to harm others with this information… but yeah I've literally infiltrated and been in many famous and controversial groups and I know how to make people think I am any religion I want them to think, any ideology, etc.

Does anyone else do this? I'm probably the only one.

Call every gal willing to marry me, or birthed a child from me, "Emmy" or, "Gal"?

You're not alone, I too have schizophrenia.

I think you made a thread just like this a while back right?

I've never seen a post for which the term 'roleplaying' would be more appropriate.

Are you telling me people lie on the internet

That is pure autism

I often sing songs to myself but replace every word with "nigger" or "nig."
I don't have any Idea why I do this to be honest. it's just a ridiculous compulsion I have.

I, too, do whatever the voices tell me.

I have a key to neighbors house and sneak in when they are not home. I jerk off all in their teen girls rooms. Even play with the moms vibrator

Ok but I years ago was invited inside of the inner-circle of the Westboro Baptist Church and had screencaps, the Cassiopeans shit is archived and if you ever try accessing it with baracuda web filtered proxy it mentions "terrorism", the cartels I'm inside right now, ISIS for awhile I was part of until I decided to draw out, and I am right at this moment also embedded into some pedophile networks can can prove it. I also have FFL contacts, know some of the border guards, know serious ONA members, and have known about and had contact with attempted mass-shooters before they did anything. None of the shit I'm saying is LARPery. In fact if you'd like I'll post a contact of a man who I knew who attacked a sikh dentist in the UK and is sitting in jail for life with parole in 15 years if you'd like. I don't want to show anything that could compromise or give away my position in any of these groups but I could reveal certain things without fucking myself over. Messaging (Global)&CATNO=8&ACC=auto_bypass&WHY=Policy=default&MOD=2&IPA={CK_USERID},Instant Messaging (Global)&PGE=,null,null,null,null&SRV=null&AUTH1={CK_USERID},,Instant Messaging (Global)

Alien Channeling Cult I was into before.

Alien channeling vid, take down by (((them))).

Shower farts smell the worst. And you just stand there and revel in the glory of it, or what?

How did that end up happening??

occasionally go to

im pretty sure that site is a virus

Whenever I take the bus I try to get the seat behind the driver. Every time another bus comes from the other direction the bus driver makes a friendly hand gesture to the other driver. I also do this gesture. They notice it about half of the time and usually give me a puzzled look. This gives me a good feel.

I did the same when I was an edgy teenager, so I'm going to ask you THE question.
When are you going to start living your own life instead of projecting your consciousness on others?

Get a grip

Jesus user, I am sorry


That's super fucking funny. I don't know why.

Sometimes I see someone who is ugly or has a weird face, and I stare at them, trying to figure out exactly what aspects of their face makes them look so fucking weird to me. I do this with ugly bitches, and I have to be stealthy about it because I don't want them to think the reason I'm looking at them is because I like them.

I take a whiff of my cum after I jack off.

I do this too, and after I figure it out I either imagine them thinking about how ugly they are, or I try to find an equally ugly person of the opposite sex in the immediate area to pair them up with in my head.

This must be a thing handsome people do, because if we were ugly then they would just get creeped out, they wouldn't care if we liked them. But since we're handsome we automatically think they will get the wrong idea and think we're interested.

I'm handsome user, are you?

Its cum

They left their keys on their trampoline. I watch the girls jump on it from my window. I took the keys and made a copy

Since puberty I would cum from my computer chair but let it hit the floor. So that no one would notice, I smeared it into the carpet with my foot.

Everyone noticed, tho.

You know those small white bumps on your ballsack? I use nail clippers to dig through the skin, get around the edges and pull them out. If you bite them, they pop. It's pretty satisfying

I like to pluck individual hairs out of my face in a meticulous manner. Used to do it to cat's too, it feels really satisfying to me, is that wrong?

I have infiltrated a group of potential schoolshooters. Gonna get enough evidence and report them over like a good citizen.

Lol, me too! I still do that!
It turns into a crunchy crust after awhile, tho.




How often exactly do you suck your own microdick?

I don't believe any of the shit you've been posting at all, but, if at least this one is true, you better be behind layers of proxies and vpns because simply knowing this type of information is enough to get v&

When no other humans are around and a dog is barking I bark back.

I do this, even in front of people.

I also have a fly problem in my bathroom. The things swarm around me as I shit. I throw a couple backhand swats and occasionally hit them. They bounce off the wall, and onto the ground then they twitch for a bit and stop moving.


Tongue punch nigger fart boxes for the sole purpose of procreations.

Yes, yes, that is quite amuzing. Now, go back to your mon's basement for your milk and cookies.

my toilet paper dick protection devices are drying on the water heater and im going to make a hotpocket then go down.

Also, fuck you because that's why.