Holla Forums tries to raid all leftist boards:

Holla Forums tries to raid all leftist boards:

I thought that you should be aware of that.

All lefty boards that aren't Holla Forums have been taken away by retarded Holla Forumsard and now destroying them how he wants.

I hope your board admins won't be inactive long enough for this bullshit to happen here. Does Holla Forums administration even does anything against that, or hotwheels would take Holla Forums side to not do anything against those retards?

Anyway, those guys believe that the left must be bullied because we are all sjws and jewish agents. As always.

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They're mad because they're bleeding users who are fed up with their rulecuckery and the shitty state of Holla Forums which is a technical issue anyway and are going back to 4chan's Holla Forums. Literally spoiled children destroying sandcastles that look better than theirs.

Thanks for pointing out that though, I guess.

I'm really getting fucking sick of the Holla Forums shit on Holla Forums and Holla Forums personally.

Every single board both on 8 and halfchan has at least 1 Holla Forums thread on the front page at any given time. Even the fucking Pokémon board

Damn that thread is a gold mine


so Holla Forums goes on as usual

i don't know, if they have their way ill just sit here and watch the world burn i guess. i guess i just dont give a fuck anymore

I'm impressed

Yeah, it's funny when they do this and then complain leftist are trying to infiltrate everything.

But that's exactly it though, they are doing this out of "retaliation" for something that they basically made up. Holla Forums can't see beyond anything besides a hegemonic collective

and admittedly there is a bit of this in leftypol too

retaliation breeds retaliation

Their only victories are never against equal oponents.

very epic

I wasn't even aware we had that many boards?
The only ones i knew of were this and /freedu/,and Bunkerchan,which isn't even on Holla Forums.

"We" don't.

Whoever is actually doing the "raiding" is only in it for the drama. Most of them probably don't know or believe that they are useful idiots for actual idiots that do, in fact, believe the Kafkaesque nonsense on Holla Forums.

That's too bad, I kinda liked /leftistpol/.

God 8ch is censer. Why are we even here. Shouldn't we be using Bunkerchan or something


So how did they even do what they did? The boards hacked and shit I mean. Did they actually haxzorz the admin accounts or convince admins to do it?

Most likely he just waited for the board to fall into claim status. Although he might've taken advantage of the password security flaw Holla Forums had recently.


Allahu akbar! We will take over.

t. Holla Forums

p.s. expect us

It goes both ways. leftypol also does this.

kek. At most we have like 450 people on here at any given time, we dont have the numbers to massively shitpost the way pol does.

Get fucked, kike.

Why don't you guys post on 4chan, where there are usually more leftists than Holla Forumsacks? Serious question.


First picrel is you.

Btw, you must have never browsed Holla Forums for more than two seconds. There are a lot of good threads that I've personally OP'd and partaken in on both old Halfchan and Holla Forums's Holla Forums that I'm proud of and have learned from.

Top bants, in-denial faggot. Go cry about rich people some more.

My fucking sides. All these shit-tier political ideology LARP names, yet you guys claim to differ from Tumblr SJWs with their paragraph-long genders.

Fucking kek.
Fascism is nature's politics.

Another Holla Forumsack here. There is a huge difference between gender and a political ideology. And there is no one word for anarcho-transhumanism. transhumanism is not anarchy and anarchy is not transhumanism but they can both work together.

There isn't a word to define someone who is an authoritarian traditionalist so you have to use both words.

This is almost as pathetic as vandalizing a bunch of dead boards no one on Holla Forums uses or talks about, while literally believing that you're fighting to save the white race by shitposting on imageboards.

Why don't you just shoot yourself? Serious question.

I see what you mean, though.

Aren't you upset about your fellows behaving like this?
Honestly it really feels like 90% of Holla Forums is comprised of edgy wannabe nazis who spend their lives on Japanese culture imageboards.

Seriously, nigger?
Should I call you a wannabe Anarchist? Also, the fuck is an Anarcha-Feminist? Does that just mean you believe in Anarcho-Communism and Feminism? Why even have a flag for that? This board is 50x more LARPy than Holla Forums will ever be. God, I'm so glad we don't have these gay flags.


I would be if it was widespread on Holla Forums itself. It's just that it happens when Holla Forums visits other more left leaning boards.

No need to just throw insults around like that. chans do have their origin in Japan but there's barely anything Japanese about a lot of the boards here.

But I also have to ask the question another Holla Forumsack asked, what in the world is anarcho-feminism? How can you possibly make women equal when there is no power structure to keep them equal? Men are physically way stronger and throughout history they have pretty much always controlled most things. T

My anfem flag is just there to shitpost and trigger newfags, I am not an Anarchist, much less a Feminist.

The Anarcha-Feminist flag is one of the shitposting flags. Just like the fedora, Khmer Rouge and the regular ancom flag. Hardly anyone here is unironically a feminist, although there's unironic anarchists.

Fashy goys is the embodiment of apathetic contrarian pseudo-intellectualism.


Just wondering here. A lot of lefties seem to have this "1%" , "bankers" , "Bourgeoisie" or whatever else you call them as their main enemy.

Nazis/Fascists have the jew as the enemy because they share all of the traits that you blame on your enemies.

it takes effort to shitpost this hard

Let's not get off topic here prematurely, because I think there's much yet to be discussed vis a vis the fact that you spend your time arguing incessantly with equally-autistic internet leftists, and with a level of self-importance no less than that of a real-life revolutionary.

This is despite the fact that your entire political ideology is based around your own insecurities as a beta white middle class male who can't get a gf and who wants a piece of the oppression pie. So you buy into conspiracies about a worldwide plot by the Big Other to deprive you of a gf, despite this being entirely the product of ironic Nazi shitposting and memes of yore from oldfags who were trolling normies and newfags like yourself. But nevertheless your kind became so numerous and your community so hermetically-sealed with ressentiment that it has mutated into a couple hundred rogue shitposting autists on some irrelevant and despised corner of the internet who think that they're influencing the (entirely meaningless) elections by making facebook frogs of an orange reality tv celebrity who is taking advantage of the vaccuum in US politics for the far right by presenting himself as a right populist despite his always being extremely opposed to the right.

And yet none of you see this or think twice about it, because you're so desperate for a surrogate father figure that you will admit every contradiction in your views, every absurd level of self-importance and autism, as long as you can continue to have the illusion that it isn't you who should kill yourself.


I kinda want to get back >>>/leftyweebpol/

Would anyone post there if I fixed it?

not really, you despise regular jews just as much because you're so fucking spooked. Blaming everything on jews is really fucking retarded and undialectic.

Different terms for the same thing: the bourgeois (capitalist) class.

No they don't. We don't hate capitalists because we think they influence the youth by putting subliminal cuckoldry messages and blacks in kid's television shows, for example.

"1%" and "bankers" are BS because they completely miss the point. The Bourgeoisie is a term used in the Marxist analysis of the Capitalist system.

Except that anarcho-transhumanist transphobe tripfag or should I say tripdyke :^)

More like
>0.03$ have been added to your account, Pajeet

wrong, we don't blame basically everything on capitalism and we don't waste time by calling each other names.

does "everybody who disagrees with me is jewish!" ring a bell?

Fuck, do I lurk Holla Forums more than you?
Before the mass migration to Holla Forums, there were daily threads about taking over every board on 4chan.
Where the hell were you?

Well written post, but what you wrote is not true and you can't prove what you claimed there. I'm a Holla Forumsack, I've got a successful job and have a loving girlfriend that I will soon marry. I know many other Holla Forumsacks who I have got in contact with, or who just have happened to discuss our future.

Yes there are 'NEET's and not so successful people, but quite a lot of them are quite successful and are worried about what's happening.

It can take time, but you must realise that far-right politics are no longer so unpopular that the most anti-social outcasts are interested in them. We are not skinheads, most of us (from what I have heard) despise skinheads as degenerates that they are.

The era of the unintelligent failed skinhead and social outcasts in far-right politics has come to an end in most of the western countries and you have to face it.

I hate to tell you this guys, but there are unironic feminists here.

Same. Girl power!

Nope, it is true that there is a small group of Holla Forumsacks that believe it so I can't deny that.

Well I didn't even really finish my post really, what I meant is that obviously you don't fight against irrelevant shiting or any other topic but you do fight against one certain thing which is the extreme unequality between the most richest and the regular folk.

No we don't, that's just the vocal minority that tends to do "internet activism" or whatever it's called nowadays.

the fire rises



I'm actually not an anarchist, but there's no Marxist feminist flag and I like to trigger people.

So you're an unironical feminist? Wew lad

Shitposting apart, I remember suggesting to add a transflag to Holla Forums, and people got triggered extremely hard because of le no idpol maymay. To be frankly honest family, why do we have an Anarcho-Capitalist flag, a TreadOnMe flag, and even a fucking NAZI flag, but no Feminist flag? Do we really feel closer to Hitler than to somewhat genuine Feminists such as Luxembourg?

I agree. But why is there transmonarcho-Marxist feminist flag yet? Ugh, I bet this board's mods are all brocialists.

About that picture… Bourgeoisie never meant extremely rich people or ruling class. It always meant middle class, who is only concerned about its wealth.


That's what bourgeoisie referred to under feudalism. Under capitalism, there are only two classes; the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. The only two subclasses are the petite bourgeoise and lumpenproletariat.


You are wrong. There is also neet hikikomori class like myself. Its very effective against capitalism, +100 points of damage.

Is this suppose to mean a Feminist flag is unreasonable or special-snowflake-y? To be quite honest, Nazi flag is as Holla Forums as a Feminist would be.

Depends on the definition you use anyway

Got me on that one fam

It's rather weird how your so called 'socialist movement' can only identify the problem of financial inequality, a very specific topic. Yet there is barely no talk about quite a few other subjects.

Sure your image addressed the immigration problem but everything on it is still about wealthy people and not so wealthy people.

So my question is, why does your ideology represent itself as a single issue ideology? I'm not speaking of you having a single enemy, there's nothing wrong with that. But everything seems to be about financial inequality, capitalism, the poor, the rich and everything else that is about money.

Go make a feminist flag then.
If you want stuff you'll have to make it yourself, that is the rule of thumb on Holla Forums

I've been here for a fair while and I've noticed a significant decrease in the amount of people freaking out because they noticed the color purple near my posts, so I guess leftypol is either getting a bit less childish about the issue, maybe even learning to take a post for its content.

"Class" does not directly mean "financial strata, it is about economic function, which very much is the origin or most other social struggles.

That, and to be honest it'd be stupid for us to be United about cultural issues. Want a commune with death penalty for those who smoke weed? Cool, you can have your shitty commune, as long as you help me dismantle the last bastion of hierarchy and private property, capitalism.

Karl Marx only talked about money, inequality of poor and rich people. His and Engels social comments were just blatant comments that nobody sane would follow. Or else all marxist societies would be racist.

So the only option leftist has is to use his comments on economy as a philosophy for social problems. Applying things he said about economy into race inequality, gender inequality, and so on.

Lenin was a person who first applied marxism as a political and cultural movement, not only economical one. Then Frankfurt school managed to steal all that and reduced into garbage that modern left says.

If modern left says that a dog must get human rights, it'l do that.

But retardation is not a part of a real communism.

Last time I made a flag I got 5 raging autists shitposting how much left idpol was scary for them, but here you go anyway.

True that, Holla Forums has significantly increased in quality these months.

Put it in the sticky where flags go, I believe it's the moderation one. It might be a while before it's picked up though.

Good job, though!

I must warn you, that Holla Forums tries to subvert this board into retarded liberalism, accept liberal values and a lot of liberal larpes discredit socialism, and discredit values presented on this board in general.

Liberal person on this board is no better than a fascist.

And why is that? Is that only the case because communism is an economic ideology that does not deal with other subjects?

And what do you have against hierarchy? Naturally people are born different, and that is something we have to keep in mind and no matter where you look , whether its' the animal kingdom or humans, everything splits into a hierarchy.

Of course I agree that everyone should have the same opportunity, but we have to keep in mind that not everyone can have the same outcome. Just because people have different outcome does not mean that they do not have the same opportunity.

Can somebody explain to me how idpol is even a dinstinction?

Fighting for the working class means fighting for your interests. Fighting for your race usually means fighting for your race's elite's interests, and fighting for your country always means that. Fighting against your interests for spooky reasons other than masochism is idpol.

i agree
Librats seem to have infiltrated this board
some mods will get spooked at the sight of the word "Family"

And you call us delusional?

I hope you aren't implying that guy represents the whole Holla Forums.
It is true that in a short period of time (day or two) Holla Forums lost 1/4 of it's unique ID's but then it stopped. No one has a clue wtf happened and no one can explain wtf happened.

I would post there. Might be better to make a new board with a better name though.

This discredits Marx to unseen levels. Engels criticized male homosexuality and related it to ancient Greek pederasty too.

Our enemies want communism to become degenerate so we can be easily conquered by more masculine fascists.

Maybe something cheesy going on on Holla Forums stopped happening (read: shilling).
I used to run datamining on Holla Forums boards including Holla Forums, and then getting certain data such as word usage, words per post, replies per thread, etc. Maybe I could run it once again and see if there has been some significant change in the discourse of Holla Forums.

That implies rich non-jews are somehow good and have our interests in mind, which is retarded

I would be interested in that.

We the nazis never claimed that jews are the only enemy, of course there are many enemies out there (which sadly a lot of the less intelligent nazis dismiss). It's just at the time when Hitler came to power the Jews were the biggest problem. And throughout history they have been kicked out of every single country they have migrated to so they have been a problem pretty much everywhere. Rich non-jews can be good, but sadly quite often extreme wealth drives people greedy and takes away their sympathy.

Please do.

Yeah. It's all about personal autonomy at the end, so taking a stance on anything else defeats the purpose. We'd leave cultural questions to the individual and the communes themselves.

Sure, but difference of ability had nothing to do with hierarchy. Hierarchy is robbery and exploitation, not about some being better than others; thus why we've had inbred and stupid kings. Hierarchy is about entitlement, not ability.

Even so, there are plenty of non-hierarchical animal species, human beings included as we had no states or social stratification when we were hunter-gatherers. Ants and bees are another great example of horizontalism within the animal Kingdom.

And what would you suggest to deal with that problem?

taxation and obligatory charity

Will try, but I can't promise anything due to the horrible technical state of Holla Forums.

Yeah, and according to your most favorite speakers poor and middle class jews are always just as bad as jewish elite.

Seriously. To a fascist a jew is a literal spook, and you continue being spooked of them to the point of becoming completely crazy jew obsessive people. You obsessed with jews more than anyone at this point.

That is a theory.

Yet they both have queens.

But that is EXACTLY what hierarchy is about, DIFFERENCES. You are making a mistake by claiming that hierarchy is only based on wealth. Do not limit hierarchy to only differences in wealth because that is definitely not the case, there can very well be a hierarchy based on wealth and there quite often is, but what we nazis seek is a hierarchical society in which everyone has the opportunity, but because the outcome of opportunity is different every single time we naturally get hierarchies.

A radical change in the ideology of the individuals, we must have an ideology that makes it the most constructive thing to help those that need and deserve help. e.g. a self improving/working system.

But obviously not everyone will do the most constructive things and for those the state or the people must do everything to stop them.

I don't even know who that person is in the video. But that is certainly not the case, the poor jews are jewed just like the gentile. It's just that it's a rarity to see poor jews speaking against what Israel is doing, but they definitely do exist. kinda arguing against myself here tbh, a poor jew is very likely not to have the opportunity to do anything but I'm just saying that good poor jews do exist

What the fuck did we ever do to deserve this?

and removing usury too
that'll be the straw that broke the cameltoe

That was a single guy doing it. It wasn't a coordinated effort by Holla Forums.

remove this

No, that is history. Hell, it is also contemporary anthropology.

That quite obviously falls apart as soon as two individuals begin from different starting points. It is an absurd contradiction to expect to achieve equal opportunities in a society of unequal means.


And then the opportunity in the the next generations will differ depending on the position in hierarchy of your predecessors, which makes resulting outcome even more unequal etc, we're back to the original state with powerful fucking the powerless. Hell, even satan-chan knows this.

So some spergy autist took control over dead boards?

Anything that was not written down is a theory. We are guessing that things were a certain way by our finds.

Sure I do agree that to certain extent primitive societies were more economically equal (since that seems to be your main issue???) . The primitive society is the natural previous step of a hierarchical, ordered society. When the resources and brains were available, hierarchical societies started to develop.

That is a really good point, however, I did not explain myself properly, so that It's rather hard to tell what I meant. What I believe is that since different jobs have a different outcome, complexity and a benefit to the society, naturally some jobs are looked at as more important than others. I believe in a balance between equality and hierarchy. In democracy this and quite a lot of other things would not be possible, this is why the nazis are authoritarian. What I meant by my statement is that everyone must have the opportunity to prove themselves to be eligible to move to other professions more fit for them, or move people from professions that require things that they do not have to other sectors. Hence why a potential army general would not become one if he lacked the qualities that one needs.

"In every chain of reasoning, the evidence of the last conclusion can be no greater than that of the weakest link of the chain, whatever may be the strength of the rest." - Thomas Reid
Every slot of the hierarchy is a different chain of one large system, and because of this the person must show how strong they are. According to that it will be chosen what kind of opportunity that individual will have in what field. There is no reason to give a dumb kid the same opportunity in science as a smart kid.

Hierarchy, once again is not about how much money I posses but about entitlement.
Hierarchy is not when I have more money in my pocket because I am a better worker than you, it is when I am entitled to take the product of your labour away from you. Hierarchy is not when I am more intelligent or skilled than you, but when I am entitled to command you regardless of your own will.

Modern hunter-gatherer societies do not have hierarchies. Anthropologists are not just blindly guessing.

Even so, the establishment of the state and hierarchy was a vast downgrade for humanity, and our average lifespans were halved and only recovered to it pre-agrarian status after 8000 years in the middle of the 19th century. No matter how you cut it, hierarchy was detrimental and unnatural, a huge setback in the development of human kind.

I do think that some people should be commanded regardless of their own will.
Because people are not naturally equal, according to their inherit skills they will play the part that they are capable of.

And what, by the way, would prevent and authoritarian state from simply devolving into nepotism? To expect people not to abuse power is pretty naive considering all of human history

Why am I entitled to rule over and rob someone just because I am smarter than them? What right do I have to do that? Why ought the foolish not rule themselves according to their own foolish will? To what end must I subjugate them? What is the purpose of a society if individuals must conform to society rather than society conforming to individuals?


Why do they take their e-politics this seriously? thb I`m considering seriously just returning to halfchan`s /lit/. At least there these faggots werent allowed to ruin all fun.

Why can't we go to a board? Does that really constitute "infiltration" that merits "retaliation"?

God, these mspaint pictures are like a reverse Rorschach test. You can almost feel the raw smug anger exuding from whatever cum-encrusted peripheral was used to draw them.

It's a perfect example of Holla Forums mentality, they know what a straw man fallacy is and when they're committing one. They just think they can override all reason and evidence by being bitter enough.

Every time I think that I've had enough of the rampant e-activist autism on Holla Forums, my tolerance manages to get pushed just a little further from yet another absurd bit of drama.

Dunno. I didn't think it was any different as I didn't actually check the link in the OP. Sorry, bro.

I stopped browsing Holla Forums and /n/ because they're now basically 90% shitposts, 5% implausible conspiracy, and 5% decent discussion and with /n/ there's an additional 420% crab and India posting.

That is the risk we have to take. With a single system being in power we at least KNOW who is making everything shit for us. but with democracy we never know who's money is where, who we can trust and who is actually behind everything.

I never said anything about robbing, why you are entitled to rule over someone else is because they are not smart enough in order to act according to the best practices and choices relevant to the current situation at that time. You quite obviously will have someone else ruling over you, so you can't just rob or take advantage without someone knowing what you are up to :^)

Because their actions don't only affect themselves, they affect everybody. The foolish can't rule themselves, if they ruled themselves they would partly rule the whole society.

A society is a 'contract' between the people to live together in a specific way with specific views and goals, if the individual does not conform to the society then they break the contract and are not a part of the society. They can either conform to the society or get thrown out.

Name one thing wrong with the ideas proposed in this video by Oswald Mosley.
What a trash fucking board.

Communists will have many things to say about it. But all of them will be created from the different goals of the two ideologies, Mosley seeked to better the British people and Britain. Communists want to make the world a more economically equal place for 'the worker' of all countries. Because Mosleys ideas for better britain do not fit those of communist or any other ideologies goals there will be quite a few things that they will argue about.

What you need to argue for is the change of the basic beliefs of what anyone must seek to better them, their people or any other group that they are interested in. The goal of every ideology is to make it better in a certain way for their target group, you can't debate different points when your goals are very different.

Socialism, once again is not about ending economic inequality buy hierarchical inequality. Under most tendencies you can still make more than others, just not out of entitlement to the stuff they're making.

Protectionism dosen`t work long as there are international markets. Silly idealism that will only end in economic,social and scientific stagnation if not even collapse. Just take a look at north korea and what their isolationism has brought them.

Hierarchy is the law of nature, you idealistic loon.

Yet socialism claims that hierarchy comes from economic inequality.
But that is not even relevant to the point I was making to that user. What I was saying is that the core beliefs of the two ideologies are different and therefore debating on points about how to achieve their goals is rather silly.

The board doesn't allow embedding youtube videos because google can track you that way. It is to protect computer illiterates like yourself.

This is incorrect, for example the communist can argue that communism will serve the people of britain better

Such as that migration is commonly viewed as a pull phenomena, but it is more correctly a push phenomena

Nobody likes to pack up and leave their home, so if the good life can be lived at home, then migration to the british nation will remain at sufficiently low levels that assimilation can easily occur

In fact the people who immigrate will be doing so precisely because british society, customs, and traditions attract them providing reinforcement to these matters of cultural significance

Filthy revisionist, the goal of socialism is communism which will create the material conditions that makes hierarchy unnecessary

I don't like this idea, because I might end up being the one ruled over.

speak for yourself now, fam. Individualism is Porky's tool.

I disagree strongly, Hoxha posting has dramatically decreased and it seems like there are many more newfags who know no theory than there used to be.

You totally missed the point of what I was saying, I said that Holla Forums views entire groups as having one mindset

I like the "wow you disagree with me go get educated picture" because it implies that ignorance is equal to knowledge. To elaborate, you may have an opinion that is different but that opinion can be wrong if you don't have evidence to back up your claim.

pic related


ok nigger

Check your muh privilege whitey

Real Holla Forums tier conversation.

Your mom is Holla Forums tier lmao

If you're afraid of it, then you're a cuck who should be ruled over.

Fight for your right to live, or roll over to get fucked and die.



t. you


Wow so edgy

Point and laugh, comrades.

wew lad




ITT: Cucks who want their country shit on by subhuman shitskins

Stay ignorant you belittling sheep.

need to flesh it out with less buzzwords

real autism


Who is even taking non-internet IQ tests in the past 20 years? I've never been offered one in real life, and I've never known anyone who has taken one. Was I give an IQ test sometime in the 2nd grade and have no memory of it.
As far as I can see it is used mostly as a tool to assess potential brain damage. Maybe some professions require one. Military perhaps.

/leftyweebpol/ has been returned. Go post there. Or dont. Was dead before Holla Forums got it anyway.



good fucking god, do you have even the most basic understanding of Marx and Engels?

Marx and Engels addressed cultural and ethic struggle as well, the difference is that they recognized that it's roots were in class struggle.

feels good