I stumbled across this piece from Paul Elam's site; a testimony from a self-described "Left-wing Anti-Feminist" that...

I stumbled across this piece from Paul Elam's site; a testimony from a self-described "Left-wing Anti-Feminist" that was published recently.


I've not seen anyone discuss mention of this piece and I'm uncertain what to make of it. MRA's look as dodgy as feminists from my point of view. Also got to admit I'm curious to see just how much this article triggers the resident SJW.

could you tl;dr it for me?

Seems like a man who have read marx, and surprised by how cultural marxists interpenetrate him.

I thought this was interesting:

This guy joined the left before the first wave of identity politics came in during the 80s and says Holla Forums's critique of fulltriggeredism et al are absolutely correct. I'm just suspicious that it's Elam's site publishing this. That gang are lolberts.

Right wing: "Communism never changes"
Left wing: "Communism has changed"

Everyone is nice and respectful even with vastly different political views. I gotta tell you the whole thing is throwing me for a loop. It looks like a bunch of the old left is as bewildered with idpol as we are.

Yeah so our only allies are literal old white guys. Which is logical but won't help us. They can't really be activists (or not nearly as much as undergrad liberal art feminists).
I would like not to say that, but I fear we are doomed.

just some guy that along with ageing he became right wing.
sad but it happens many times when you lose contact with society and the movement.
he makes so many baseless assertions that i won't bother either trying confirning them or pointing them out.
just look at that last paragraph
please don't respond further

Seems our resident SJW has appeared. Tell me, if Yiannopoulos or similar said "Night was Dark", would you argue that they were wrong?

I'm of the opinion that feminism is incompatible with communism. When we look at modern feminism we start to realize that very little of it is about fighting inequality or oppression. Instead it is focused on the separation of women from the general population making them feel marginalized in a society in which they aren't. This is an unfortunate outcome of our modern bourgeois system which promotes individuality over the collective.

All he was saying is that idpol is protecting the ruling elite and helping them fuck the population over. He's not "right wing" because he doesn't support your special snowflake idpol. He knows a lot more about marxism then the coffee shop liberals masquerading is the left that are prevalent today.

Yeah we're totally fucked. Did you see the IWW thread? The people are angry and frustrated and there is absolutely no significant leftists groups to organize them.

he says in that last paragraph that the left/right distinction is now obsolete
he also paints a picture about some great power(?) that wants to take our liberty(how?) and that we all (who is we?) must unite to fight against them(?)
i don't like debating about what a guy says and if he is well read about marxism, with other people that all thay can do is speculate

Read the article again he is well read about Marxism. He refers to it as it is. Democracy on every level of society. He's writing for a men's rights blog. So by "we" he's most likely talking about his fellow MRAs. He makes distinction between libertarian socialist that believed in personal freedom , democracy , and wealth equality and the modern day idpol "leftism" that's perfectly in line with what the capitalist establishment wants.

my questions have not been answered in their entirety and nor i'm i interested in reading someones interpretation of a text with the purpose of strengthening the morale of members of some irrelevant internet group.
i just pointed how ridiculous was that last paragraph especially the first sentence of it
nor am i interested in yours or anyone elses made up adversaries

I answered your questions. I'm on a phone so I can't go through and answer them individually. I told you the "we" he was referring to and I think the powerbloc he was referring to is the political establishment that uses idpol is a way to divide people and push authoritarian policies. Which answers the how and the who. I think this quote sums up his major problem with the modern "left".

Sorry I meant to say I tried to answer your questions.

Do you honestly think they care about the answers?

No but I think it would be hypocritical if I didn't at least try to have a discussion with him.

I'm sick of wasting my time, tbh.

Leftist feminism like women fighting in Rojava and fighting poor working conditions and a society that psychologically favors men=Good
Bourgeois Feminism like running around topless near Putin and fighting a general "patriarchy" with no real goal then giving up on it once you get a good job=Stupid and a waste of energy

Learn the difference, FEMEN type groups need to be put in their place

The author of the article makes the distinction

Paul Elam is an opportunist. He only cares about the men's rights movement insofar as it makes him money. Other parts of the movement range from hating him for bringing in traditionalist shitters to tolerating him for providing a platform. I don't think there's anyone left who actually likes him aside from the right-wing rubes he pandered to to make more money.

I understand its like talking to a brick wall comrade but someone has to try debating with them. Otherwise they'll think they're in good company.

you said nothing
your claims are just as out of touch with reality as the person that wrote the article
he says the right/left are obsolete which is just neoliberal bullshit
sorry for making you waste your time on your phone but i really don't want to argue about this irrelevant text

A debate implies they'll change their views.

Stop posting then. Don't you need to go get your dick cut off or something?

Nonwhites in the first world are also starting to see that the liberal status quo doesn't really give a fuck about them.

The "worst" demographic would be Caucasian women.

What exactly did I claim? I simply answered your questions about the article. I guess "debating" was a poor choice of words. I hardly no how my views or the views of the author are out of date. You yourself like to make a lot of bold claims for someone not trying to argue. Like I said it's like talking to a brick wall.