The art of story telling

Parker Edwards
Parker Edwards

Story telling,fiction and myth thread
Post your stories ITT.

the year 243
born in a village in an area ravaged by war.
parents too poor and my brothers and sisters are dying one by one from cold and hunger.
father is a hunter but he used to be from a royal blood line
he got banished by the family for taking a romantic interest in a peasant girl, my mom.
he takes my mom and they live in a distant village.
he starts hunting for food and as a profession.
we move to a village by the forest.
they say the area is haunted by a some sort of magic and no one dares go into the forrest.
the whole village is ravaged by hunger as a result.
father went hunting one day.
he comes bacc one day no food in hand.
he tells us that he went to a strange cave.
he says he found a talisman in said cave.
it's beautiful and looks very strange.
he gives it to me as a gift.
I wear it.
Go to sleep
I start to dose off, go into a dream.
hear some otherworldly music and a voice singing
I hear an enchanting female voice calling my name in the song.
I am in a cave of some sort.
find a tunnel in the ground this is where the song is coming from.
Go down the tunnel .
the tunnel starts to morph into a corridor made of marblestone and gold.
finally I arrive into a huge hall made entirely of gold,emerald and ruby.
find a robed female figure leaning of what looks like an altar.
the woman stops singing and turns to look at me,she is beautiful
Jonathan, good you answered my call.
listen, I have something important to tell you.
I am ela the oracle of the ancient circle an order of sages from beyond this world
for ages I been watching you grow and now that you become a man,it's time to fulfill your destiny.
I ask her why? I am nobody, just a son of a poor hunter.
she says this is who you think you are.
You have an important mission, one that will determine the future of this world.
You will become a great warrior.
you will be the one to kill the king jamial.
for ages he have been waiting to invade our world because his world is dying
soon the gates between the worlds will open and hordes of hamial's armies will arrive to invade our world and kill everyone on it.
this is a nice story and all, but I don't believe you.
who are you and what do you want from me?
she says, you need to listen to me ,there is no time.
I tell her, I wont listen anymore to your absurd tale.
she looks away stares at the candle on the altar
fine come find me when you see the truth.
I wake up .

Ryder Turner
Ryder Turner

cont. pt2

I sit with my mother and father and my sicc younger brother.
brother does not look good, father thinks he will die soon.
I tell them, I had a very strange dream last night.
I was in a …..
we hear people talking in loud voices from the village.
we go out to look what's happening.
we find people gathered and looking at the sky.
I turn to look.
there in the distance, we see strange clouds and lightning near the forrest.
we hear howls, noises coming from the forrest.
from the clouds a line of lightning is coming down to the ground.
this is no ordinary storm
this is no ordinary lightning, its constant and it goes down into one place by the forrest.
the village elder says we should send people to investigate.
he says that my father should lead a team and go see what's happening since he is the only one that dares go into the forrest.
my father accepts and he takes two men with him.
they take weapons and supplies, father told me to take care of my mother and brother till he comes bacc.
they ride the horses and disappear into the distance.
we go bacc into the hut.
10 hours pass.
father did not return yet, and my mother is very worried.
I told him not to go I begged him not to,she said.
I tell her, I will go find him mother, don't worry.
she says, NO don't you dare, I will not lose you.
she goes out of the house, she says she is going to see the village elder
she comes bacc an hour later,angry.
she tells me she asked him to send a group to find my father.
he refused and said he will not sacrifice more people and that we should wait till morning and he is sure that father and the men will return.
she goes to her bed and cries herself to sleep.
I grab my sword and bow, and decide to go looking for father.

Jaxon Johnson
Jaxon Johnson

I steal a horse from the stables.
Ride to the forrest.
as I approach, the air hangs heavy, some kind of strange static in the air.
the whole area glows with a strange blue light.
I hear noises and howls.
Hide behind some bushes and watch.
I see a group of warriors wearing strange armor, a kind I have never seen before.
I watch as they move by and scout the area.
they seem to be looking for something.
they have some sort of strange looking monsters with them.
the men are very tall like giants.
the monsters resemble lions but they have wings and horns.
I must find father, he is in danger.
I move behind the bushes towards the portal.
the beasts turn around and look in my direction.
I have been found out.
I run
monsters run after me,they really are fast.
the distance between me and them is shrinking.
all of a sudden an armored man, appears in front of me.
he moves his sword
I suddenly feel paralyzed, can't move.
I faint.
I don't know for how long I was unconscious.
in my blaccout I heard the voice of the woman in my dream calling my name.
I wake up to find myself surrounded by the warriors,arguing in a strange language
One of them approach and puts his palms on my forehead.
suddenly I understand what they are saying.
the man looks at me and says, this talisman, where did you find it, speak.
I look at him and don't say anything.
he punches me in the face.
I found it in the mountains over there.
he looks at the mountains in the distance beyond the forrest.
and orders the warriors.
Kill him
all of a sudden I hear a shout and noise.
I look to see the woman from my dream.
she waves her staff and the warriors start falling dead one by one.
their leader seems angry and looks at the woman.
I have no damn clue what's going on.
she waves her staff again and the leader of the warriors levitates and hangs in the air.
she tells me, come with me,quiccly.
I ask her what's going on?
she says, no time I will explain later.

Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee

cont .pt4
we ride to the edge of the forrest.
enter the cave from my dreams.
I tell her, this, this cave I have been here before.
Of course you have, I summoned you here last night.
I tell her so the dream was real.
it's a soul projection, a magic spell.
we go into the cave into the hall.
she starts to talk.
I owe you an explanation.
You are the last of our previous king's kin.
your father, he was transported to this world when he was a child, he was an infant then, so he does not remember a thing.
he was to be the heir to the throne , when Hamial arranged a coup to take the throne to himself, he wanted to kill your father, but I secretly transported him to this world.
by doing so he was able to tracc your father and find this world, there was no other option.
our home world is ravaged by a disease,some kind of plague, that infests everything, the trees, the land,the people and animals.
it is said that it's a punishment from our gods for exploiting nature in our home world, we used the resources in order to build weapons armies and to feed lust for power.
since Hamial took the throne, he killed all the priests of the order of sages,he started to exploit the land and build an army.
during your grandfather's rule, we lived in harmony with nature, war and greed were foreign concepts.
one day a strange man came to the door of the king and warned him about the coup and the events to come.
He warned him that hamial will find an artifact that will poison his mind and soul.
and he told us of a prophecy involving you,this world and the events to come.
which is why I am helping you, you are our last hope, if not for you both worlds are doomed.
you must face Hamial, and you must kill him and restore order,but before you do, you must train, I will train you, I will help you to become strong enough to fight and defeat hamial and his armies.

Brayden Rivera
Brayden Rivera


Jacob Flores
Jacob Flores

cont pt5

I must find my father, he came earlier here to investigate what happened here.
she looked at me and her face turned pale, I am sorry, he did not make it,ela said.
I teleported his body here, it is in the next room.
I was overcome by grief, the sadness of not being able to say goodbye, my father on the other hand, it was like he knew it, I remember his face when he told me to take care of my mother and brother.
I looked at my father's body,where ela,placed him on a golden sarcophagus, I said to him, I will avenge you father, I swear.
I took his dagger and put it in my belt.

We placed his body in the sarcophagus and ela started to perform the funerary rites of her world, my father was a prince and royalty was buried as such .

after the funeral ela told me to come tomorrow to the cave to start my training and I went bacc to the village.
I entered the house, there sat my mother crying her eyes were red,and tears were dripping down her face.
when she saw me she came running towards me, she slapped me, then hugged me, I hugged her and told her Mother, I have bad news, father is dead.
warriors were in the forrest they killed the three men.
she cried and cried, and fainted from the shocc, poor mother, she loved my father so much, it was too much for her,losing him like that.
I carried her to her bed, and sat next to her.

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Ryan Brooks

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