I have a problem...

I have a problem, and the only place I can ask for honest advice is Holla Forums so I really hope one of you knows what to do.

My daughter is dressing like a whore. She's 15. She posts very suggestive selfies on instagram and captions them with sexually explicit phrases. She used to upload twerking videos on YouTube but thankfully her account was suspended; the comments were all from perverts and she often replied to them in ways that encouraged them even more. She wears miniskirts, high heels, fishnets, etc. and uses way too much makeup. I keep telling her she's going to get raped sooner or later. Every time I tell her she should be careful, she just says she "won't let ugly boys touch her with a long stick". I keep telling her that it doesn't matter what she wants if someone wants to rape her, they're going to rape her and her not wanting it is exactly what makes it rape.

She doesn't believe in that definition of rape, being the Tumblr generation, claims that rape is "when you're with a boy but he's with other girls, every time you did it was rape but you just didn't know it yet". I have told her at least a dozen times that that's cheating, not rape. Every time, she will thank me for explaining it like it was the first time I've said it. She insists that the reason she forgets is because I'm wrong, that I'm a prude, that her mother understands her and supports her right to dress and behave how she wants. I'm not on the best terms with my ex but I know for a fact and have discussed with her at length that she is not supportive at all of our girl's actions.

We've both tried to get her interested in wearing less revealing clothes through fashion and the traditional dress from our original culture. Unfortunately, she insists that wearing anything similar to any traditional clothing is "racist cultural appropriation". Even if that was a concern, I've explained to her (as has her mother) that it couldn't be "cultural appropriation" as it is her own culture, but she protests very loudly that since she was born in the United States and "passes" as white, she has no connection to our heritage and is a member of the "white race" that is to blame for slavery.

Myself being a history teacher, I've lectured her quite a bit on the history of slavery among the native peoples of America and elsewhere in the world, about the intercommunal slavery of the African peoples, the Arab slave trade, the far-reaching slavery in India, and the fact that the kind of slavery that she thinks is long gone and invented by white people still exists in Mauritania. I've also told her about the Irish slaves, who of course are not called slaves (I do think there should be a political discussion on whether or not to call it slavery, rather than dismissing it as "not slavery") and stressed that there couldn't possibly have been even a single ancestor in our family to have owned slaves in the United States and reassured her that even with us being Guti and there being no consensus on how white we are, we are not as white as she thinks we are. Often, her response is that "well YOU'RE not white, but I am!!!!" which just makes no sense. She insists that whiteness is not purely genetic, but that because we're doing well financially and live in a community with a low crime rate, she's white even if neither of her parents are white.

I'm convinced that she's intentionally stupid to rebel, that because I'm a history teacher and my ex is a biology teacher, she has to become the opposite of a teacher. How can we convince her that rape is in fact a real threat and to at least try to pay attention at school? I know it's retarded to ask for parenting advice on Holla Forums but I need some blunt answers. If she was anyone other than my daughter, I'd think she would deserve to get raped if she dresses and behaves so provocatively that it borders on indecent exposure, but she is my daughter. I even discussed with my ex the possibility of us all moving to a small Guti exile community in Armenia so she wouldn't face the risks of city life, around people with the same values and preserving tradition. My ex doesn't think it's necessary but even she thinks it is a possibility if our daughter doesn't change her behavior, because her safety is most important.

Everyone was a teen once and I know in America it's more acceptable for teens to push the limits, but is it really just a phase or is she going to ruin her future for something as trivial as attention from boys? She has all the time in the world… I'm at a loss on what to do. Any help, Holla Forums?

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8 chan is not the place to ask advice. There's too many pedos here.

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I'll give you a blunt answer, but you won't listen.

All women should dress like that.

"Sexual harassment' is a compliment. So is rape. I'm not even joking. But rape is a power thing not a sexuality thing. She's at a much, much higher risk if she goes to sketchy areas alone and looking scared and vulnerable. In most places dressing like a slut does nothing to increase her risk.

Teach her about safe sex, explain in explicit terms about how violent rape and drug rape work. If she doesn't believe it happens show her some real rape videos.

Then let her live her life. The most traumatic thing about rape is the dozens of people telling a girl how horrible she should feel. If it happens let HER talk about it if she feels like it and don't make it a huge deal.


Your other question seems to be concern that she'll always be the opposite of you. As long as you've been a loving family and not narcissistic and horribly overbearing she'll almost certainly grow up to be like you and her mother.

Let a couple brothers from the hood culturally enrich her. I guarantee she'll dress like a fucking nun after that.

Sorry Dadanon. Your daughter is a voluntary slut and has a future of STD's and hyper-rebellious behavior.
I suggest using scare tactics to put her out of it.

I would not suggest this though, it will permannetly psychologically damage her and you may need to use a psychiatrist to reverse the damage.

No big wonder she wouldn't listen when you are nothing but words words words, I'm getting tired just looking at that fucking rant.

Name please.

You shouldn't be teaching kids. Nobody "deserves" to get raped. Doesn't mean you can't reduce the chance of being raped by wearing clothes that are not provocative. It's never your fault if you get raped, even if you pass out naked in the middle of a frat house. But it's pretty fucking dumb and dangerous, and just like if you get robbed in Brooklyn at 2am walking alone, it's not your fault for getting robbed, but you know that your choices made it more likely that robbery would occur. You didn't commit the crime of robbery but you took a risk and lost.

So you've done everything you can do, which is to make her aware of the risks of her behavior. As long as she acknowledges the risks, it's really up to her if she wants to be a trashy whore. You can take the extreme option, which would be to lock her down and tell her she can't wear those clothes or else X (one semi-reasonable one would be to say she can buy and wear that kind of clothing, but it will have to be with her own money). But the more you try to control her, the worse it'll get. By the time she's 19 she could run off with some edgy but socially aware asshole who lives by his own rules and uses obscure research chemicals.

You're already kinda fucked, though. You took the standard approach. You should have been making fun of her since she was young when she follows mainstream culture. Now she's someone else's daughter.

What was called "the phase" by the previous generation of adolescents is now a (relatively speaking) permanent change of mindset in the current gen. With quick and easy access to the internet and an influx of degenerate media, kids these days easily find themselves in hugboxes where they're not only told that they are okay, but that they're right for rebelling against "traditional values". Also, she may not display the maturity of an adult but likely considers herself to be one anyways, so you're really only going to get her to change if you can convince her to do it herself (and based on your quotes, it sounds like she's already hit the point where she'd rather lie to herself that she's right than listen to reason).

Basically, if 's suggestions of "Teach her about safe sex, explain in explicit terms about how violent rape and drug rape work. If she doesn't believe it happens show her some real rape videos" don't change her behaviour then nothing you say or do will. Honestly 's entire post is your best bet, because if she's doing it for attention then you'd be denying her your attention in the matter, which may affect her outlook.

You need to grow some balls OP. She will be beyond pissed but shes your daughter, not a friend. Its your job to stop her doing stupid shit.

Yea I was sort of the first to be absorbed by this shit as an afluent 30 year old. I saw it coming. No one listened. The next ten years are going to suck.

OP you're a dumb bitch. Why even waste your time writing that out. If that's really your life, you're a retarded cuckold.

This might not be a bad idea if you're willing to go that far, but if she's hit a certain point of rebelliousness it may not work out but rather instill her rebelliousness even further. Getting her to accept what you're teaching her is the only way she'll change versus just her habits.

They dress like whores because they secretly want to be raped by Chad, then complain about the unwanted attention they get from the other 80%.

Probably all bullshit and reposts but…

If you have a 15 year old daughter who's dressing like a slut and won't listen when you tell her that she'll get raped if she goes on like this. She says she won't let anyone touch her and you tell her that that's exactly what rape is, someone forcing themselves on you. Do this:

Find out what social media she's on. Get an 18 year old guy or even someone who's like 25. You have to go out for the evening. You leave her at home.

You and the guy are to now go on social media and chat her up, pretending you are a 17 year old guy, with the matching pics etc. Even call her on the phone and chat to her.. She'll be all slutty and shit. Then you tell her "wanna hang out". She'll be like "Sure! My Dad is out for the evening and I'm home alone. If she's smarter she'll say "Sure, I'll meet you at x place" (She may not want to give where she lives away) so you aim to pick her up in your car… she'll love that attention from a 17 year old.

So you rock up in a cool looking van and go for a drive. Pull over up the road to chill. If the 17 year old gets to come to the house, same shit. Chill for a little bit in the house.

Then the 17 year old grabs her, forces her down and pulls off her pants. It's all the actions of an actual rape.

Then Dad blasts in and the gig is up. She'll actually think she was about to get raped. See how fucking easy that shit would have happened.

She'll learn her lesson right there and then,

Seen a youtube video where they pulled this shit on chicks who were EXACTLY like OPs post. They fucking learnt really quickly when they thought they were well and truly fucked,

I feel as if the best idea is to just wait it out and try your best to make sure she doesn't get raped.

I can only hope this retarded rebellious fades wholly within time, and she'll become a well-adjusted and morally sensible adult.

She's already a used up whore. Cut you losses.

I understand she's your daughter but give up. She's going to get raped more than likely because the modern woman is into self-destruction.

Should have taught her traditional values but it sounds like it is too late and now you should just disown her.

start hitting her with a baton, she should get the hint that you mean business. also can we see your wife's tits?

I think that your daughter's behaviour may be caused by some underlying sexual disorder. Definitely it's not a matter of her worldview neither beliefs. She is going full-limbic-mode, only justifying her instincts with shitty excuses she had probably read on tumblr. She is consciously resining from using logic so don't fall for her bluff and stop believing that she has legitimate opinions, those are made up only to hide her desires. More importantly stop intellectually bombarding her, it will only give her ideas for new bullshit excuses.

Instead try to find out what is she justifying, the source. If it is what I suspect - a sexual disorder then start by reading Vin di Carlo's 'Pandora's Box'. It was made for betas trying to find girlfriends, but will do perfectly in your daughter's case. It will give you plenty of clues and make it easier to manipulate her (if you ever need to).

Thank you for the answers, you gave me the idea to ask a friend of a friend who's a cop to give her a presentation on rape, show her whatever rape case files he can, take her to talk to people at a women's shelter, give her a tour at a prison full of sex offenders, and if he can even get her a chat with a murderer who raped, tortured and killed women.

Some people do. Like Anita Sarkeesian, for example.

That won't work. Shell' be bored, pissy, bitchy and won't pay attention; she'll then go to her social media to complain about how her stupid dad made her sit through all this rape shit, doesn't he know that it's creepy, why doesn't he leave her alone, she can do whatever she wants to, and then she'll proceed to suck cock and post the pics just to show you, Dad.

suggestion is a good start, but you have to plan it very carefully, or things can go awry.

Your daughter wasn't reasoned into sluttery and won't be reasoned out of it. It will take painful beatings to bring her to heel and convince her that it is NOT "her body, her choice". That could get you in serious legal trouble in the US, but in Armenia the police would take your side and tell her to stop being a slut.

Once she's cowed into obedience, find her a husband ASAP so she can focus that sexual energy in a useful direction.

lolwat, Armenia is literally SJW country. Though I guess if OP is talking about in the countryside, it's true, but it is still going to go to court most likely if he gets caught with any evidence or reasonable suspicion.

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What the fuck is wrong with you. I like it when it's part of a sexy dance, but twerking by itself is fucking retarded. The whole body has to move, and it has to be unabashedly sexual, which feminists claim twerking or other sexy dances are not…

They also claim that pole dancing is a form of exercise, and you don't believe that either, do you?

If you dox your daughter here she'll get flooded with enough memes to counterbrainwash the stupid out of her. Don't concern yourself with fleeting punishments, as IP addresses can be reset and bans can be evaded. If we can make Trump get elected we can remold one girl's mind easily.