Well, Holla Forums? What JRPGs has the best party members for you?

Well, Holla Forums? What JRPGs has the best party members for you?

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Suikoden 2.

Final fantasy 8

>>600946570Sequel BlightAlso don't post shitty twitter/reddit screencaps, faggot.

>>600946570Both TWEWY gamesResonance of Fate Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Chrono TriggerPhantasy Star IVNier Replicant

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>>600946570Both TWEWY

Tales of Phantasia

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>>600946570Final Fantasy 10


Both twewy

Skies of Arcadia

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>>600946570Xenogears. Even Chu Chu, though just barely.

>>600946803>>600946821Based TWEWY bros. I was legitimately sad when both games ended because I wanted to spend more time with these guys.

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YIIK: A Postmodern RPG

>>600946570Xenoblade 2>b-b-but tora!!Never bothered me, I thought Riki was more annoying honestly.

>>600946570>ff8... No, I don't give a fuck about rinoa, quistis and irvine>ff9... Amarant? Literally who.>ff10... tidus is retarded.Gotta go with the original (ps2) dragon quest 8, only 4 characters but I loved them all

Cold Steel. I like everyone, no one ever came off as annoying and I genuinely rooted for all of them when they had their moment in the sun

>>600946952Eh, the Prince was annoying otherwise if be right there with you

>>600946570Dragon Quest 8.Nier.

>>600946570Panzer dragoon saga :^)


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>>600946570Xenogears Persona 4

Robot partners >meatbags

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>>600946570breath of fire 3

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>>600947118>tidus is retarded.OP just says "like" though. I love retarded ass Tidus.

>>600946570persona 4ffxv

DQ11 for sure. The worst one (personality-wise as they're all useful gameplay wise) was Jade and that's just because she was a little bland. Would not have beaten the game without Rab.

>>600946570Chrono Cross

At worst, Marle is forgettable.

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Chrono TriggerTales of VesperiaMario RPGBoF IIIDQ VIII and XI

>>600946570Twewy gamesSymphonia.hack GU

Lufia 2... except Dekar gets rekt and Artea joins... fuck

>>600946570Chrono triggerFinal fantasy 4, 5Yakuza like a dragon

>>600946570KH1 and 2 has Sora, Donald, Goofy and whatever guest party member is available for that world. That’s all you really need. Small cast of party member that you can get a ton of use and versatility out of >>> a game with dozens of party members, the majority of whom you bench for the whole game.

>>600946570Xenoblade chronicles

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Radiant Historia was unique in that every single party emember was great. Even the usually-annoying kid sidekick was both lovable and very scary.

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come the fuck on, it's literally just a twitter screencap thread and you guys are posting seriously

>>600947453Kain is a gay edgelord.

>>600946570>lady pelvic>uses male pelvis bones for icon

Legacy of Kain isnt an rpg but I liked every character in the games


>>600946570Persona 4.

>>600947647I can’t believe I forgot to include Sora, Donald, and Goofy in my list. They have great chemistry together.

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>>600946570Tales of Vesperia.

>>600946570No such JRPG I think. There's always some annoying little shit or bland motherfucker.

>>600946570Nier Replicant.Automata is close but no cigar. I don't HATE 2B but she's largely boring and A2 should have been focused on way, way more. 9S is just okay.

>>600946570Persona 3

>>600946570Original Dragon Quest.

Does Yakuza Like a Dragon count?

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>>600947841Hi Jenny, I see you finished your transitioning, you’re so brave and powerful.

>>600946570That bitch has TERRIBLE taste in jrpgs.

>>600947968I’d say it very much counts considering how it’s literally a JRPG.

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Bravely Default easily

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>>600946570Chrono TriggerDragon Quest 8Grandia 2I wanna say Tales of Symphonia and Final Fantasy X but each has 1 weak party member

>>600948081How bad is it?

>>600946570Lisa: The Painful RPG

>>600947917>he likes the kid>he likes that edgelord who dies>he likes that cunt Yukari>he likes the most generic dog who contributes fucking nothing>he likes Junpei aka. a worse Shaggy from Scooby Doobig yikesgotta be underage

>>600946570ff6Terra, Sabin, Edgar, Celes

>>600946641All 108 of them? I kinda forgot if there's any one of them that's unlikable tho.

Wild Arms 1, 2, and 3 all had great casts.

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Both TWEWY gamesXBC1DeltaruneNierInfinite Space

Trails from Zero, Baten Kaitos, Tales of Berseria

>>600948312no user, all of themincluding gogo and umaro

Of course every party member in the greatest RPG ever made is likable.

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>>600946570Final Fantasy 13If you count alignment reps in SMT games, Shin Megami Tensei IV and Strange Journey, also.

Trails in the sky, probably one of the few games where the kid party member isnt annoying

>>600946570Fire emblem 3 houses. I want to penetrate all of them, including Claude.

>>600946684Based. 100% likable even if I keep Rinoa and Selphie in my party for the hope of a three-way minigame.

>>600948487>Final Fantasy 13Troy Bakers character is insufferable and so is the small Australian

>>600946570Chrono Trigger of course

>>600947118>don't like RinoaJealous tranny detected.

>>600947728he wore black, used a spear, and jumped on niggas from the high heavens. That's all I cared about. Also, I never played any ff4 besides the original.


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>>600948223Look at the size of the mgrgrr

>>600948716Based as hell party.

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>>600948514this was me as well until Joshua left at the end of fc, what a histrionic faggot

>>600948716>flaming homosexual who literally forces you to participate in gay pride parades

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>>600948716Yeah, super solid.Everyone's cool, even the last member not there for spoiler reasons.

>>600948586Snow was a blast most of the time, and his rage at losing Serra was understandable, and I enjoyed watching Hope grow through his struggle.

>>600946570Dragon Quest VIII and XIXenoblade 1Final Fantasy VII

>>600948419in that case, chrono trigger I guess, but ff6 has a lot of good characters except the some of the optional ones don't say/do a lot.

>>600946570Star Ocean: Til the End of Time

>>600946570Persona 2, both games

>>600946570XenogearsBreah of Fire 3 and 4Persona 2, 3, 4, and 5Final Fantasy 4, 6, 8, 10, 15Most Tales Of gamesetc etc etc, what a dumb question.

>>600947690are that user posting Aht in every single vidya waifu thread?

>>600948716That game has you be in a literal gay pride parade. If any other game pulled that shit you'd hear no end of it from/v/, but it literally is ok when Japan does it, it seems.

>>600946570It's impossible to like every single member in a Jrpg guess I like the Star Ocean 3 cast, Skies of Arcadia cast, but some just barely.

>>600948895He's a based homosexual and a real knight.

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

FF7 would have perfect party if the cat wasnt there

>>600948895He's not homosexual, he's just flamboyant. His dad took over the parade. Do you think his dad was homosexual?

>>600946570Tales of Vesperia

>>600948997It's almost like the problem isn't the content but how you present it.If it was a western game they'd masturbate themselves for putting such a brave scene and also shit on the people playing the game

>>600948716Sylvando was probably the hardest 360 I've ever done with regards to my opinion on a fictional character. I thought he was gonna be insufferable and he ended up being my favorite character in the game.

>>600946570Tales of the Abyss after Ashe goes through his transformation

Persona 2

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>People like ROBO from Chrono trigger.

>>600949276Just like how you wish to transform into a woman.

>>600947360It's a real shame that Marle just gets completely mogged by the other two girls.

>>600949037if you like Colm then you can't like Reimi and if you like Reimi then you can't like Colm.

>>600949387Robo is a fucking bro, what are you on about?

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>>600949387yeah, I always dump my speed and magic tabs on him. He's such a good healer

>>600949132But it wasn't even brave. They didn't have the balls to call him a homosexual. If you're going so balls deep into the pride parade thing, at least have the courage to call it what it is.

>>600946570Phantasy Star 4I was going to say Persona 5 as my second option but then I remembered that stupid fucking cat exists.

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>>600946570Blue Reflection.

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>>600949387Obvious bait.

I like all the party members in Atelier Ayesha

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why post the twitter screencap with a basic vidya question? why not just ask it yourself? zoomers are so retarded

>>600949595should I play the retranslation or vanilla?

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>>600946570FF7 and Octopath Traveller

>>600949702Say what you will about FF7R but I’m glad that it reminded people that Barret is just as important to the party as one of its main pillars.

>>600949040Cait Sith becomes enjoyable to me when I think about Reeves doing focus testing for years to come up with the most endearing design and personality possible for it, only for everyone in the party (and real life) to absolutely hate the thing and not trust it for a minute.

>>600946570That person seems to be asking as if they doubt (X) you could name one.

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>>600948716Why do people like them so much? They are like the most generic JRPG party to ever exist.

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>>600946570dragon quest 7 and dragon quest 11


>>600949861>FF7Vincent has the personality of a cardboard and the game does not change one bit if he was completely removed.

>>600949589wow maybe he wasnt a homo whoa bro maybe hes just not gay and is just a flamboyant clown that likes to make people laugh whoa no way

>>600949692I've only played the original and there was nothing wrong with it that I could see.

>>600950541yeah but 4+11=13

>>600948716Everyone except Serena is good.Punished Serena was much better but that shit gets undone too quick.



most of the ones I would have named are already in the thread, missing are La Pucelle, Mana Khemia 2, Atelier Iris 2 and Disgaea 2 if you only count the main cast and not the crossover charactersnot sure what the twitter poster was trying to achieve with their comment, but I assume they hate JRPGs>>600947589>he didn't beat the game


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Holla Forums is my favorite jrpg party.

>>600950805punished serena was the exact same character so idk what your stupid ass is on about. your prob one of those retards that thinks that act 3 ruined the story because it made the ending cheerful and full of hope.

>>600946570Team Fortress 2Final Fantasy 4Super Paper MarioDragon Quest (Most all of the games)Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic HeroesChrono TriggerEtrian Odyssey Disgaea 5Yakuza 0Lupin the ThirdEd Edd n EddySuper Dimensional Fortress MacrossAlienAliensPokemon BlueZelda 2Digimon World 1

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>>600946570I really liked the ones on DQ11 and the ones in The Last Story, they were fun and cool and interesting to me

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>>600946570SMTIVXenoblade X (if we don't count Tatsu, who's not playable)>>600946684This too, they're all really likeable and engaging.

>>600951036At least we agree that Serena is boring as fuck I guess.

Dragon Quest 11 had probably the most loveable cast in any JRPG ever

>>600946570Persona 5

>>600948716Serena and Jade are super meh and I can't get over how fucking bland and awful the MC looks.

>>600948352>XBC1How could you possibly like the walking cringe ball that is Riki

>>600951356It only has 5 likeable characters.

>>600951316Vanilla DQ8 had a better cast.>>600951356Fuck no my dude.

>>600951507>Vanilla DQ8 had a better cast.Lmao no

>>600948379>Trails from ZeroCame here to post thisSSS unity

>>600951356I'd get rid of Makoto desu. It feels like the game makes the rest of the cast dumber as soon as she shows up so that she can be the "smart one".

>>600951507Angelo fucking sucks.

>>600951539Lmao yes

>people saying dq11 when no one even remembers hendrik is in the gamedq fans are retarded

>>600951101>Team Fortress 2I don't like Demoman because he's black and Soldier because of crit rockets.>Lupin the ThirdFujiko is only likeable if you're Lupin. If you're not she's just a horrible lying manipulative cunt (aka a 3D woman in 2D form)

>>600946570Tales of Berseria

>>600946570Earthbound Beginnings

>>600951923Yeah Hendrik and Serena are kinda shit and forgettable.

>>600947292been meaning to play this for years after i saw a video of the superboss fight, it looks fucking nuts

>>600947558>.hack GUMy nigga.

>>600951923I liked Hendrik, the only problem is that his whole character arc gets erased in Act 3 which I hated.

Berseria's cast was definitely a standout for me. They had a great chemistry.

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>>600951923>>600952047Hendrik is based retard

>>600948716>upstanding and honorable knight>forgoes leadership position in favor of the MC hero>puts his past behind him and does his best right the wrongs he committed>completely loses his discipline and composure and turns into a panting moron over a porno magHe is so fucking based it’s indescribable

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>>600948716Sylvando is the only good one everyone else is boring.

>>600947589>Tia and Lexis existBarring them, this would be my answer

>>600951725They're dumb from the start and get by mostly on blind luck and because Morgana has a bit of cunning

>>600946570is this a tranny?

>>600952161Well he is a retard, that's for sure.Based? No way.

>>600948716>>600950805>>600951036They should have had the childhood friend instead of Serena as the healer. She was way more charming, cuter and more visually interesting. Serena is the the "pure girl" Aerith archetype except its the most basic, blandest rendition of it I havevever seen. Her voice doesn't make her sound kind and caring as they probablly thought. It makes he sound literally retarded. As in lobotomized.

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>>600949702Aerith is a cockblocking cunt and she needs to be stabbed by Masamune NOW.

Anyone who says dq11 please play more jrpgs I'm begging you.

>>600946897>Tfw no scythe wielding tomboy bat gif that is also a huge nerdAll the girls are top tier to, least favorite was Lina because im not a lolifag but i didn't hate her

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>>60095234550$ and I will play your personal list, deal?

>>600951950I like Fujiko because of how committed she is to being a backstabbing cunt.

NieR/and Tomato that probably about it most of the XIV cast is pretty likeable i guess?

>>600952198Tiafag here, fuck you she should have been the winner of the maximbowlwhy would you hate the based scientist, he was a bit forgettable but by no means was he a bad character

>>600946798He says while posting about a shitty porn game

>>600950570yeah, thats how hidden characters work

>>600952661>scientist>remakefagNever reply to me again

>>600952568Expanding your taste beyond a shit series like dq can only benefit you. I owe you nothing. You will thank me.

>>600951101>tfw no Team Fortress 2 RPG

>>600946827BASED Followed by Vesperia and Symphonia

>>600946570It's a damn shame about Jacob and Miranda in Mass Effect 2. Perfect cast otherwise. You could add Jack to that list but I figured I'd toss her a bone because she's a little more bearable if you romance her.

>>600952345I've played tons of JRPGs already.Modern ones just suck so much ass that even a mediocre JRPG like DQ11 feels fresh.

>>600946570Phantasy Star IVSkies of ArcadiaLunar 1 and 2Grandia 1 and 2.

>>600950710Yeah, like whoa bro, it's not gay if balls don't touch bro.

>>600946570Grandia 2 is impossible to beat.

>>600952775I've beaten the game over 2 dozen times, there is no possible way that you know more about the game that I do, I wasted literally thousands of hours of my childhood on Lufia II and replay it once every couple years even to this day, I'm not sure what you are trying to imply by saying Lexis is not a scientist but you are thinking of a different game, user. I'm not referring to the DS game, I'm referring to the original.

>>600952206I wouldn't say they were dumb in the beginning, just inexperienced, but despite that the cast is still able to make up for one another's shortcomings in interesting ways. But then Makoto shows up and nobody ever has to become more competent, because she's there the entire game to constantly tell them that 2+2=4.

>>600952270I'm fine with the MC's canonical wife being a stay at home non-combatant. Too often games pair you off with a party member or princess you have to rescue.

>>600953050You are right. I'm the fag. I thought you were referring to Tia's redesign when you said scientist, not Lexis

Is Bravely Default 2 any good?The "hire this man" -artsyle made me ignore it at when it came out.

>>600946570From what I remember, Tales of Symphonia.

>>600946570Most Tales games tbqhwy.

>>600946570Every jrpg needs to have at least one annoying party member. That's soulful.

>>600953251Yes it's good. Cast is solid and likeable.

>>600947094Tora’s first impression was actually really good I didn’t really hated him the rest of the game.

>>600946570Dragon Age: Origins. The worst party member is Leliana and even she is pretty good.

>>600946570Chrono Trigger, Tales of Symphonia, FF7, FF9, FF15

>>600946803>Both TWEWY games>Resonance of Fate My fucking man

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>>600946570Bravely default

>>600952270Honestly I'd much rather replace Serena with the dog from the beginning of the game.Just make him cast healing magic or whatever.

>>600953251its a paint by numbers JRPG thats aggressively middling. the biggest problem with it is the art styleits worth a playthrough, especially if you liked other bravely games

Secret of ManaChrono TriggerGrandia 1 (not 2, Elena sucks and Ryudo should’ve got with Millenia)FF7Persona 4Dragon Quest 8

>>600946570DQ 9. One character with a story and 3 characters that are hired mercenaries that can't possibly be bad because you decide their looks and jobs yourself

>>600946570Blue reflectionI love them all so much.It's one of the few RPGs I actually like.

>>600946570Yes, i even liked Yoohoo, Midori and Keisuke, least fav characters were actually Mari because she is kinda there as Kaido's motovation, and military girl because she does nothing and her boss would have been a cooler party member.

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Trails in the sky through trails to Azure.

>>600946803>>600947048>>600953647Your garbage game won't ever be relevant.


>>600946570Persona 5

>>600947094I didn't know people had a problem with Tora, then again I played the game super late so I missed out on discussions. He just did his job.

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>>600947094Rex was a much worse and sadly he was the MC as well.

>>600946570Secret of ManaLegend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FCTales of BerseriaXenoblade 2

>>600946570Disgaea 3yes, even the chocolate princess

>>600951630Truly the peak of Trails kino

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>>600948997>That game has you be in a literal gay pride paradesylvando isn't gay though

>>600946570Fire emblem three houses Only Azure Moon though

Anyone hating on Riky from XC1 is a soulless monster, I bet you even dislike Jar Jar Binks.

>>600946570Disgaea 1. Not even close to a favorite but all of my actual favorites have that one character who is meh/annoying. Disgaea 1 has a great cast if nothing else

>>600947094The thing is, and this is more of an issue with XB1's party in general, is that most of the party isn't really relevant. XB1 is the Shulk, Melia and later Fiora show while everyone else fades into the background or has really minor development. XB2 handled its main party much better.

>>600947738>Lady hands gaming


>>600946684actually now that i think about it this works. Riona's not very interesting, but that's the worst thing i can say.

>>600949436This doesn’t really apply here, user. I know it’s summer now and your excited about shit talking trannies, but save it for where it makes sense

>>600953572>FF9,>liking mute garret, quina, amarant and the rat that disappears in cd2its a great game but you dont need to lie

>>600946570TWEWY and NEO:TWEWYPersona 2 (both IS and EP) and Persona 4Final Fantasy VIIYakuza: Like a Dragon


Probably Advanced Wars, the first one.Can't remember anyone I didn't like. Maybe the green naval guy.Nevermind.

>>600954316Saeko is a turd of a character that was abruptly forced into the story. She has crazy-eyes, too, so she looks strange in every cutscene/animation that shows her face. What could you possibly like about her?

>>600946803I fucking love these guys

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>>600946570Why are they acting like it's some incredible feat to like the party members in an RPG?

>>600946570Breath of Fire 3.Even the betrayer.

>>600955423Because there’s almost always that one member that either annoys the shit out of you, is useless in combat, or doesn’t meaningfully contribute to the party in anyway. Having a fully likable party is a lot harder to achieve than it sounds.

>>600955423Why do you think it’s some unbelievable feat for you to swallow when you’re giving blow jobs?

>>600952821>Vesperia>when esteru exists >when Rita exists >when judisu exists Yeah, no.

>>600946570dragon quest 1

>>600946570>220+ post>0 pictures of her

>>600955398Cringeworth dialogue

>>600946570Final Fantasy 5 and Etrian Odyssey 3

>>600955163But I'm not lying. Garnet went mute as part of her character arc and that issue was resolved. Amarant is fairly nothing as a character but his design is still cool and he's a neat class, plus he does nothing outright offensive or irritating. He's not well utilized but what is there is still fine and enough to like him and wish he was more involved. Quina is entertaining. S/he does what he likes. You have problem? And Freiya's cool and has fun chemistry with Zidane. Her dropping out for a large chunk of time doesn't invalidate what's good about her.

>>600955730>doesn't like estellise, rita or judith>likes fucking karol

The first thing I thought was Final Fantasy IX but then I remembered this guy was in it.

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>>600955843We’re well aware that you don’t have any friends user, you don’t need to broadcast that fact.

>>600955398Looks like something only zoomers would find appealing.

>>600955398Beat is the biggest bro ever. Was glad to see him get more love after NEO.

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>>600954805Disgaea 2 just out does it

>>600953945Not just every party member, every character in this game is ridiculously engaging

>>600956134I love how he’s always ready to go up to bat for the team whenever someone gives them shit or they need encouragement. He’s the big bro everyone needs in their lives.

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>>600953251It's mediocre, and if you played Default 1 then you'll probably dislike it for being worse in every way. It's actually impressive that they made a switch game look worse than it's 3DS counterpart thanks to the hideous artstyle.

>>600955961Never said I liked Karol either, but Yuri and Raven are based. Estelle is just wholly unlikable and a wet noodle.

>>600949679While Arland are my favorite atelier games, i have to agree that Dusk has fewer dud party members. Ayesha and Shallie both have very solid rosters across the board, and Escha only has 1 or 2 party members i didn't care for.

>>600946684who in FF8 was even a character? Zell was a meme without depth, Selphie was just XD the character and I completely forget the snipers name but he played off as 2cool4you then couldn't kill the wizard so you had to fix it for him. Quistis and Rinoa were the only peopl,e besides Squall that had a personality, that game was shallow as piss.

>>600946570Tales of Destiny.

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>>600953945I actually like Mari.>willingly lets a demon possess her so that she can get revenge for her dead bf>is actually willing to join you in the Chaos route and is surprisingly cool with murder >even after Kaido turns her away, she still goes around trying to convince people that you’re doing the right thing and that your actions are justified

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>>600956726Who do you browse Holla Forums when you don't know how to read?


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Star Ocean: Til the end of time's party was pretty good. MC had a couple annoying traits, but Nel and Cliff more than make up for it.

>>600948578Do you think selphie does that thing with her feet even when shes barefoot?

>>600956351Yeah, the reporter chick and Honda where fucking great, Honda specially after overclocked where he gets a moment in each of the 8th days>>600956825Yeah, I don't actually dislike her, i just feel like she doesn't do much after you beat Kudlak besides joining you.

>>600946570Dragon's DogmaFallout New VegasTales of Simphonia

>>600957206Cliff is a hipster doofusand I love him for it

>>600955961fuck you said about carol cunt

>>600949984>Barret is importantHis personallity is just big nigga activist cmon bro "Muh PLANET" "I'm a black though guy" thats all he does.And Cloud is a faggot that is like "I dont care bro I'm edgy"Tifa & Aerith are basically the same shit but Tifa is more of a slut.

>>600956134>>600956440Thank god your favorite franchise is dead.

>>600947684What about every asshole you've ever queued with? They're technically party members too

>>600953572I liked Noctis, Prompto, and Ignis but Gladiolus was too much of an unlikeable prick for my liking.

>>600955325She's an actual "Strong Woman" character that uses her being a woman to help the party. No grandstanding about it.

>>600946857>liking Kimahri

They are all retarded children, I love them.

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>>600946570Danganronpa (1)

>>600958090Have you actually played the game or at least OG FF7?

>TWEWY, OG and NEO>FF5>DQ4>DQ5 (Goodian MVP)>Live a Live, every chapter except Medieval (and only one fucker spoils that)>Bravely Default>Soft spot for DQ11>Pretty much every Mario RPG (SMRPG, PM1/2/Super, M&L games)>Chrono Trigger>Arguably Pokemon since you build your own party>Counting the named characters that join since the rest is player-made, FFTA2>PS4Probably more I'm not thinking of.

Most of the Tales of games actually.I hate a lot of things about those games but god damn do they have some fantastic characters.

>>600958018You heard me, bitch.

>>600958146Plenty of my favorite franchises are dead. I just enjoy the games as they are.

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True answer. You know very well what this game did right: No womenIf you can't justify the presence of warrior women in your party, just don't have them men are better at fighting, even faggots like Prompto.

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>>600947094>when the main character is the worst character by farRex is the only reason I wouldn't answer this thread with Xenoblade 2.

>>600947968i fucking love this game. only yakuza game i've finished and i'm going back for round 2

>>600948317Not all of the 108 stars are party members.

>>600952230Just admit you’re a self inserting manlet and can’t handle manly characters

>>600958256Blue magic is cool

Nier replicant and persona 4 are the peak.FFVII and XIV have great casts too though.

>>600958326Good list

>>600948487>FF13BasedThe main party is great, but most people don't play the game for long enough to see them develop

>>600946570Persona 1 and 2Tales of Phantasia, Tales of BerseriaFinal Fantasy VIII

>>600948487>>600948901XIII has the most irritating and annoying case of any FF game. Sahz is the only tolerable one. The parts you mentioned are completely one note and are what the characters are like the whole game. In a good FF would, what you mentioned represent a single development amoung many others across and entire game.

>>600950710>>600949121Sylvando is a flaming homo in the Jap original. They made him a lot less gay in the English release.

Dragon Quest III and IX.

>>600946570Tales of Xillia 1 and 2Final Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy TacticsValkyria Chronicles 1Lost OdysseyLegend of Dragoon.

>>600947728that's why you relate with him so much

>>600958256Kimahri cool

>>600960952I can't imagine that. It took me 2 weeks from end of Act1 to start Arc2 because I didn't want to play as him.

TH2DTI love this gremlin in particular.

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>>600947094this, everyone in xbc2 is good

>>600946570Why did you have to use a Shitter screenshot

>>600947292I fucking love these guys. The game uses a turn-based system where turns charge in real time a la FF7, but the robot on the far left only has spells that get stored for later use when cast. You can bank a shitload of charges of a damage spell and dump them all in the blink of an eye, or store revive charges for when your party gets nuked into the dirt. She's the best, but the dude on the far right gives her some serious competition.

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>>600947674>>600948904>Xenoblade chroniclessharla is useless and annoying, you're wrong.riki is cringe

>>600961404>I can't imagine that. It's the truth. In JP he has dialogue where he literally lusts after men.

>>600947292Looks sick

Maybe FF9 except Quina is too much of a meme character

>>600951356I know a lot of people hate the cat, but I'm fine with him. I only really dislike makoto, and I'd probably like her a little more if she had a different code name.

Stella Glow, even the usual crap characters, the barabait and the shota, ended up being palatable.

>>600960952>They made him a lot less gay in the English release.that's so fucking weird. usually the English localizers try to make things more gay.

>>600958852It's great, but you're really doing yourself a disservice by not checking out the others, especially Zero


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>>600946570LMAO I know this girl.

>>600958696English voice acting aside, I think the point where Rex flipped from dumb kid to goodhearted boy who's maybe too optimistic for his own good is when the game plays this random ass battle quote after Nia confessed>Hey, Nia? About that thing you said that one time, I... uh... well...>Huh? Oh! Right... *laughs* You're asking now? Now's not the time. We can talk later.I genuinely thought until that point they were just pulling a "dumb harem protagonist doesnt know what it means when the girl says she loves you"Seeing that he was just acting dumb to defuse the situation then bring it up later because he still feels like he should give her a proper answer made him infinitely more likeable to me

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>>600947318>>600948949>>600955493Based Breath of Fire 3 enjoyers. Truly the best cast a JRPG could ask for.

>Pelvic Gaming>Accessorizes like an SJW stereotype >Actually a normine nigres with surprisingly decent taste in vidya One of the more underrated Female gaymers yet has pretty surface level views, but she has a fun personality.

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Literally perfect party, and that's in spite of them all being retards

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>>600965254seen her a few times in projareds streams, she seemed nice

>>600965426rosalyn a qt

>>600946570DQ XI

>>600965426I really got to play this. I like the artstyle.

>>600946570Xenoblade Chronicles, Tales of Arise.

Is this a bait thread because Lady Pelvic is black? Her YouTube channel was decent from what I remember

>>600946570Probably Etrian Odyssey 5 as you can create your own party members there.

>>600966290fair warning, the gameplay is pretty badthe game is carried hard by its aesthetic

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>>600946570Blackguards had a pretty good cast. The drug addicted elf and dwarf were the best, and the wildman was the most lacking. Still, the companions were a lot of fun

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>>600958326How is this the only post that mentions SMRPG?

>>600947292Man that game looks freaky. It's like a less gory version of Garage. I'll give it a shot.