>twitter.com/NVIDIAGeForce/status/1532391296727252993UH SONYBROS?!

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PC doesn't compete with consoles and I'm glad Sony and Microsoft are finally realizing that.

>>600941975I feel bad for Sonythey try their best to win the LGBT and BLM audience but these two only play Nintendo gmes


reminder that this doesn't hurt sony in anyway just fragile poorfag snoygros

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>>600941975why is novidya advertising for an AMD PC show?

>>600942718Rent free

>>600941975Returnal might be coming over from what people said, I wish it was BB though

>>600943204Because Sony will be porting games to PC, why the fuck else?


>>600943204Same reason they leaked Demon's Souls for Steam


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>>600941975Kek Resetera on suicide watch again.

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>>600943790Go back there and stay back.

>>600941975>twinfinite.net/2022/05/sony-playstation-business-segment-briefing/>PS5 expected to sell 160 million, outselling the ps2's recordHaters btfo, holy shit

Returnal PC but will we see anything else?

>>600943823I'm sorry your precious overprized old PC in a shiny white box doesn't have exclusives anymore.

>>600941975The ABSOLUTE State of Play

>>600941975Returdal confirmed

is there a state of play today?

>>600943861They can't even get their forecasts for the last year right


>>600944020Nah, PC Games Show.

i don't want to beg for ports. i want a good ps4 emulator to reach playable state with the few exclusives left without having to wait for snoy to grace us with their merciful leftovers.they will NEVER fucking port gravity rush on pc

>>600943204How naive are you? Do you think AMD and Nvidia are competing businesses or something? They collude with each other all the time when it comes to hardware pricing so that they can manipulate the market.


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>>600944007That game looks cool. I want ghost of sushiman and Bloodborne too

>>600943861How the fuck is this beneficial to me?

>>600944048Part shortages, you retard

>>600941975oh no no no no

>>600944131Who invited the Xmutt?

>>600941975Sony is absolutely going the way of Sega. PS5 will be the last Sony console, mark my words. Any console company that's healthy (Nintendo) would not even discuss porting anything to PC, and would fire anyone who even suggested such.

>>600944173the shortage will only get worse with taiwan out of the picture

>>600944173What makes you think those are going away any time soon?And their previous forecast was already with shortages in mind, and they couldn't even hit that.


>>600943861>Kratostranny seethingkek

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>>600944267Facts. Once Lord Spencer owns Activision and takes the CoD from the Snoy, it's unironically over.

>>600943861>according to sonyholy kek you are dumb

>>600944267console companies will do whatever they feel like doing because they do not give a fuck about what you consider a smart move

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>>600941975>leaks your "exclusives" years before their releaseNothing personnel shitstation.

>>600941975Release date for uncharted.

>>600943790I love all the seething P4 got

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>>600943861The gen is almost halfway over, Sony can't even produce any consoles, the hardware is waaay too big for most people to want it in their living room and the console has NO GAMES YET.

>>600944267Last local play consolePS6 will be cutdown Xbox SeX 2 server blades sitting in an Azure datacenter. Sony doesn't have the money to keep developing local hardware. They already order parts from AMD like they're takeout pizzanews.microsoft.com/2019/05/16/sony-and-microsoft-to-explore-strategic-partnership/


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>>600944661>and the console has NO GAMES YET.It's never been this pathetic, has it?Where the fuck are the current-gen only games?

>>600944794its not that great user

>>600941975Remaster infamous and sly cooper for fucks sakePrototype is made by studio that does not give a fuck about it but they still made a ps4 and 5 versionsNo excuse

>>600944806delayed :*)

Friendly reminder that this was Geforce Now leak

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>>600945043ratchet and clank returnal and demons souls are the ones left.I figure demons souls will happen to capitalise on elden rings popularity

>>600944982>and 5?Also, Property of Microsoft Corporation.

>>600945142Also Tsushi, and Sackboy appeared on Steam DB months ago

>The Sony PC Games Show. Too little too late riceniggaz!

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>>600944959I only want to play it for the movement and that looks fun as fuck, i fucking loved the movement in sunset overdrive user

as cool as bloodborne on pc would be, i have given up hope

>>600945280I didn't know they had non-dingo dogs in Australia

>>600945279they should skip sackboy and do dreams instead

>>600945350>fromshitwarethey can keep it on ps4

>>600945350I don't see why, Ryan and Hulst seem completely set on destroying the PlayStation brand long-term so, it will happen sooner or later. Later in this case.

>>600945350Bloodborne is the next one on the remake list after TLOU.

>>600943790I truly hope that nigger committed actual suicide. We dont need this level of retardedness in this world. And if not, once he sees every other PS "exclusive" either ported or emulated he will join the 41% so hard he will make it 43

>>600943790im genuinely curious why do people get mad when exclusive games get ported to other platforms instead of admitting they got a worse deal by buying the console instead of buying the other platform they seethe about it ??

>>600945043>Demon's SoulsThis is so fucking weird to be honest, I know it's the demake but still

>>600945326the web swinging was the best part about it so you aren't wrong

>>600946079having exclusives ported doesn't make it a worse deal though?>they seethe about it ??Never heard of buyer's remorse?

>>600944794>le big budget over the shoulder cinematic storycentric action "RPG" no thanks

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>>600941975>OMG Holla ForumsROS BLOODBORNE ON PC CONFIRMEDCheck my 7 for verification

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>>600944982Prototype wasn't remastered by the original studio. They weren't even aware Activision had outsourced a shitty port until the announcement was made.

>>600942652Microsoft practically owns PC though because of Windows.

>>600941975Good, I hope we see DD2.

>>600942652>PC doesn't compete with consolescope

>>600941975not again..

What could be the reason to care? All of their games are generic, literally all of them

>ctrl+f "absolute">3 resultsYou can do better than that, Holla Forums.

>>600946302it doesxbox and playstation consoles always have similar hardware powernowadays its only the software that matters and people buy a playstation or an xbox for the exclusive titles that they have having less exclusive titles means a worse deal

>>600946586it competes for the 0.01% of neckbeards who careevery other normie does not give a shit and sees $300-500 console that is plug and play vs $1000+ PC that has to be assembled first or spend even more on a laptop/prebuilt

>>600943083Porting their entire library to PC when the hardware they're trying to sell has almost nothing else going for it is probably going to hurt them just a little bit

>>600946526You're retarded. Microsoft makes no money off sales sold through steam or any other marketplace other than their own.>>600946586It doesn't. But a retard like you can't comprehend how.

>>600946643I'm tired of it manI just want playstation to be good again

>>600941975if 4 Bloodborne on pc will be announced in our lifetime and I won't pay my taxes


>>600946824>It doesn't because I say it doesn'tFuck off, faggot.

>>600946347>Looking down on AAA trash while begging for anime trashThe irony

>>600946079Because the exclusive games are that system's identity and purpose for buying the system in the first place. If you start porting stuff to other systems it starts making it so that there's less of a reason to be drawn to that one system over another if you can just find it elsewhere. It's not about wanting people to have less games, it's about wanting that specific system to have an appeal in the future for people which Sony sort of seems to have forgotten and Microsoft definitely has. It also means that there's less of a chance for sequels because it's not an exclusive brand anymore so they have less incentive to work on it with their first party groups.

>>600946824>Implying Microsoft can't just release games like TES VI exclusively on MS Store. PC is Microsoft, you fucking Steamdrones.

>>600946837So long as Jim Ryan's at the helm, I wouldn't hold my breath.

>>600942652Anyone that believes that is a dumbass. It used to be the case but that hasn't been true in over a decade. If both Xbox and PlayStation games are all on pc, why would anyone buy either console? The same thing would happen if all pc and Xbox exclusives where on PlayStation consoles but PS games were still only on PS, why would you game on pc or Xbox if that was the case?

>>600946347This and the MediEvil remake were the last vestiges of the old Playstation soul.

I hope we get bloodborne remake by bluepoint on pc solely for the seethe snoys are gonna have to pick between. Will they finally have to admit that bluepoint is shit and demon's souls ps3 is the definitive edition?


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>>600946824>MS sells you a copy of windows>MS sells their own games on steam and gets a 70% cut of those>MS collects fuck-tons of data via windows and sells it for millions>MS gets more developers writing games for Windows and DirectX, keeping the knee on Linux's neck no matter how hard freetards resistIf you actually think you're sticking it to Microsoft by going PC over Xbox you're an idiot

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>>600946837Everyone is, or should be.Microsoft stopped playing around, and Nintendo is back on top.>>600947095What he said.

>>600946753A lot of normies already have a laptop that they use for college, and a fraction of those normies got an acceptable laptop to play games like Fortnite or Pubg.

>>600947226that tweet was a fake, user...

>>600947114Almost every single Xbox game is also on PC, yet you don't see people rushing to buy a PC the way they do Xboxes.

>>600946753>>600947283>normiefucking normalfags

>>600946956If you have a good PC there is no reason to buy anything other than exclusives on a console. Sony and Microsoft don't make consoles to sell exclusives only. They make consoles to lock you into their ecosystem and buy exclusives and multiplats on them. That's why they sell their consoles at a loss. You have no reason to buy multiplats on their shitty hardware if you already have a good PC unless you're some kind of retard.>>600947114Because people who buy consoles aren't people who play on PCs outside of a small group of enthusiast gamers. How is that not obvious?

>>600947335I know the tweet was fake. It's still something that's definitely within the realms of possibility though.

>>600947082Proton is working to change that.

>>600944661>The gen is almost halfway overI have no idea how you or anyone else can believe this. This gen isn't even started yet and we're absolutely going to see it potentially be longer than gen 7. We've had nonstop issues with supply for over two years, Sony themselves have said they're not even going to have stuff available readily in stores until 2024 at the earliest, Ukraine is a leading producer of Neon so that's going to further disrupt supplies, next to no one is making games that aren't crossgen, and barely anyone even owns the systems to begin with. The only systems anyone really owns are the Series S systems which isn't exactly what I'd call "current gen" compared to the Series X.

its probably sackboy but the internet has the memory of a goldfish so everyone probably already forgot that leaked 8 months ago

>>600944434Even better. Check >>600939892 and now you know who it is.

>>600941975ONE GAME

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>>600947559What the fuck is neon used for in electronics manufacturing?

>>600947342Have you not seen the traction that Steam and pc gaming in general has gained in the past few years? Guarantee that wouldn't be the case at all if MS still kept Halo, Gears, and all their franchises exclusive. I've had friends on Xbox move to pc because they have nothing to lose now that Halo is available elsewhere. pc is the gaming industries version of globohomo


>>600947114People enjoy the living room console experience. Not everyone is a 16 year old sperg with a gaming pc in their bedroom.

>>600947283M1s can't even run fortnite at 1080p60, let alone Intel integrated graphics that almost all college student laptops that are PCs/older Macs have. PS4s and Xbox Ones can. They will reach for the consolesAnd this is before we look at games that aren't even available on macs and/or most student PC laptops don't meet the minimum spec for

>>600947702Semiconductor fabrication.sloanreview.mit.edu/article/russias-invasion-spells-more-trouble-for-semiconductor-supply/

>>600944794it's legitimately a horrible game unless you enjoy superhero trash - if you do this is an 18+ board and you will be banned

>>600941975I just want Factions 2 on PC. Don’t care about anything else.

>>600941975You will NEVER EVER get BLOODBORNE, keep coping PC bros.

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>>600947702anon you DO know neon is not the bright colored lights right...

>>600947082the fact halo infinite and MCC was on steam shows they don't really care that much about their dogshit windows store anymore

>>600946216Maybe modders can put the old stuff back, or at least edit the new one to have a more faithful look compared to the original.

>>600947920Your last thread got 404'd


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>>600942191NEVER EVER

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>>600947942I know it's not the bright colored light, I took my chemistry classes seriously. I just don't know what mostly inert gases are used for (because they are, well, inert).

>>600947114PC has massive benefits outside of exclusives

Won't the show be mostly 3rd party games anyway?Regardless, give me Returnal PC.And The last guardian... ?



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>>600941975Sonysisters not like this

>>600947342>yet you don't see people rushing to buy a PC the way they do Xboxes>the way they do Xboxesthat's so cute

>>600947575Ghost of Tsushima?Demon Souls?Ratchet and Clank?Returnal?There were more games on that leak than just Sackboy user

Yeah sure we'll get Bloodborne for $70 because Sony is a group of retards

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>>600941975Bloodborne yeah eat shit troons

>snoytards (snoy (pejorative) + retards) still clinging to their only game which is a dark souls clonegigakek

>>600948427I only ever rushed with protoss on pc

There's still a chance right?

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Sonysisters, it's over...

>>600948456Other ghost of sushi mama what else do they have?

>>600948639It's gonna be SMT V

>>600948698I'd love a newer smash TV game

Prediction:>Bloodborne remaster/remake for PS5, 60 fps>then Demon Souls PC>then Bloodborne

>>600948639No. The only thing you're getting from Atlus this summer is the Ultimax rollback netcode release date and a Soul Hackers 2 English dub trailer.


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>>600948427It'll be even cuter once Activision games become exclusive. Wait and see. Normalfags want their CoD. If MS play their cards right, they'll never lose another generation again. Only way someone can compete is if they acquire Take-Two. It'll also be MicrosoftThe age of Microsoft vs Nintendo is almost upon us.

>>600948889No thanks


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>>600948889Last good spider man was on ps1, where you collected comics to open up secrets

>>600947575>>600948451Also Gran Turismo 7>>600945043

E...enjoy your s...sloppy seconds p...PC fags!!!

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>>600949080T-thanks for funding our PS5 exclusives*, f-faggots!*Also available on PC at a later date

someone put bloodborne pc and sony in thisyoutube.com/watch?v=TggJiOG9mzc

>>600949080As long as I get to play bloodborne I don't care how much shit is on that tranny fucker dick.

>>600948928as long as sony eats shit i don't really care

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>>600948179>because they are, well, inertand that's exactly what they're usually used for - when you don't want atmospheric contaminants.

>>600948945The rumors are never true

>>600946960>and purpose for buying the system in the first placeit really really isnt. Only a tiny minority of people even care about exclusives themselves, and then even a smaller fraction of drones is autistic enough to care about exclusivity. People buy consoles to play multiplats, fifa and cod. They dont want to or care about investing $3k into a gayman system

Bloodborne not being ported to PC yet is just an active effort by Snoy to get me to not toss my PS4 in a landfill and be done with it.

>>600949209It's a given, even their executives know, that's why they're already going all in on GAAS trash.

>>600948928To me they're already exclusive to the trash can


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>>600948928Last good game Activision made was Tony hawk pro skater 2

>>600948157>mfw all the snoy cope once BB is confirmed on PC later today

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most of you don't know how badly sony wanted to be integrated with steam two gens ago. they actually tried integration through PSN two gens ago, but it just resulted in a bad PS3 version of CSGO

>>600947114>why would anyone buy either consoleBecause normies don't want to deal with the pains that come with PC gaming - higher initial investment, need to select parts (which involves understanding the difference between them), Windows shit. There's also the dumb meme that PCs connect to monitors while consoles connect to TVs (you even see it here on Holla Forums whenever PC vs Console is discussed) and apparently the idea that you could connect a PC to a TV or something is heresy.

>>600946781Who is going to buy a GayStation for Bloodborne at this point?

>>600945326web swinging is not actually physics based. Youve been bamboozled

>>600948451>>600949028neither of those, this is the one i'm referring to: steamdb.info/app/1599660/https://techraptor.net/gaming/news/sackboy-big-adventure-pc-version-may-come-to-steam

>>600949289>Only a tiny minority of people even care about exclusives themselvesTens of millions of sales isn't "A tiny minority of people".


>>600949551I used to have my pc connected to a 60" lcd TV.

>>600949718All of my accounts are banned

>Bloodborne (Definitive) and Demon's Souls >Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut >Spiderman 2 and previous series titles perhaps>Persona 5 Royal and any Atlus / Vanillaware titles previously on PS >A variety of others are welcome, but not particularly of interest. Even Horizon Forbidden West, Returnal, Last of Us Remake and Last of Us 2 Definitive etc.So long as they come to PC via Steam as Sony has done in the past, and not be on any platform exclusively by contract (ie epic shitfuckery with Square Enix ) it will be worth it. Most of their other titles on Steam have done well, from God of War, Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete etc. Oh and>FUCKING HELLDIVERS 2 The original was a nice nearly indie sleeper hit but dev'd by Sony. Where is the sequel? A more advanced and expanded Helldivers title with good support over time, DLC expansions and more, would be great.

>>600948535>BloodborneNEVER EVER

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>>600949794Horizon is already on steam for $20 too much

>>600949705as opposed to hundreds of millions? Yes it is

>>600949812At least I still dream

>>600949705Out of hundreds of millions, if not more? Kinda is.

>>600949812As a pc gamer I don't use plebbit. I go to Tom's hardware

>>600949860It goes on sale with a reasonable frequency for like half price or more, which seems decent especially given it is the complete edition and after this time.


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>>600949551>higher initial investmentNo>partpicker LITERALLY tells you how>windows is free>using a tv over a monitorlel

How much OH NONONONO posting would we see if BB actually gets a port?

>>600950037I don't want to play it at all even if it's the type of adventure games I like. Looks like pozzed fucking shit.

>>600949705look at this list. all these exclusives in a sea of multiplat games were bundled with a major PS4 bundle and they counted each one as a game sale -- but they were still nothing compared to their AAA 3rd party games with multiplayeryour post is incredibly naive; not just for thinking exclusives sales are the majority, but it's the fact that you don't know that both sony and MS's main business strategy is selling online subs so their users can play their many AAA multiplayer games

Attached: 1649879649142.jpg (971x2040, 281.21K)

>>600949551I have a 1660 ti and I can run basically any game that currently exists, I can't believe some of you faggots had me worried over Elden Ring. Nvidia shills heavily on Holla Forums to make us buy overpriced GPUs or else PC will never catch up with shitty console graphics.

Sony would rake in millions if they released bb on pc. Im betting they're shooting themselves in the foot

>>600950049>>using a tv over a monitorThere isn't a single PC monitor that can touch HDMI 2.1 TVs

>>600950217they can't. it will make people realize PC actually cares about games.

>>600950159Spider man might be the only exclusive there user.

>>600950105youve been begging for 8 years straight. Just let it go, its beyond pathetic. Wait for a ps4 emulator

>>600950047>still plays like shit on its native consoleIts coming to PC and when it does, the salt will be legend...wait for it

>>600950330No I think they're still under contract that's why it hasn't been ported.

>>600949864>>60094994510% or so of an entire console's userbase is a pretty fantastic attachment rate considering most of the high name multiplats are somewhere in that range as well with GTA being the major number of those sales. CoD only does 14-16 million across all platforms.>>600950159I think you're completely missing the point here. The fact that Spider-Man is that high goes to show you that people buy exclusives since it was only bundled with one specific PS4 Pro system for a very limited time. I never denied third-party multiplats were the big sellers, I'm saying that exclusives are still very much a draw for the system.

>>600950217It would probably sell just as much as Elden Ring.

>>600950406If not more. It would be big never the less.

>>600950339they were once-exclusive and look at those dismal rankings when they were exclusive

>>600950330Persona 5 Royal would sell better on PC too.

>>600950280except HDMI 2.1 monitors, ya consoletard

>>600948889Take this

Attached: spadermin.png (1170x627, 895.01K)

>>600950397That list just needs to be posted every thread.

>>600950049>NoYes. Unless you go digging for used parts.>partpicker LITERALLY tells you howAnd it still lets you create some unholy abominations. Alternatively you could just 1-click buy a console and not waste your time on this.>windows is freeYour average normie has no idea where to even start looking when it comes to activating Windows. Alternatively they could just get a console and not think about this at all!Also I wasn't explicitly talking about the price of Windows. Everyone has a story where they had to fight windows for one reason or another. Unnecessary headache.>using a tv over a monitorFor gaming? Yes.

>>600950484There's only 3 games I would play on the list anyway regardless of consoles

>>600942652I bought PS1 in 1997 and every PlayStation since the day it released. I will switch to PC for the first time if they port PS5 only games like Returnal, Spider-Man Remastered, Spider-Man 2, Wolverine or any PS5 exclusives. Im fine with old gen games ported but i bought PS5 instead of PC to play PS5 exclusives. Fuck it, if Sony doesn't care about PlayStation why should I? I'll just pirate their single player games on PC. Every time they port a game I feel like an asshole and I'm done with it

>30 mins>exciting reveals from our third party partners, plus a sneak peek at several games in development for PlayStation VR2.yeah its fucking nothing again why even bother before summer games fest

>>600950635>normie normie normiePlease end yourself tourist

>>600950662The launch of ps3 pisses me off eo much with scalping, and only a handful of good games. Ps2 was the last good console they released.


Attached: 1642598916334.png (584x717, 306.26K)

>>600950591>except HDMI 2.1 monitorsNone exist that can match comparable LCD/OLED TVs in resolution, refresh rate, screen size, HDR, etc>ya consoletardHave a 6900XT, but ok fag

>>600950749>Thread is about normies>Gets triggered by the wordMaybe try reddit. I heard they're more accepting to the snowflake types like you kek

>>600950748The absolute state of play

>>600950662I bought every Sony console too until PS5, and I still see no reason to ever get one, my PC backlog is big enough to last me for a decade or two.

>>600949794>>Bloodborne (Definitive)IN YOUR FUCKING DREAMS>PC Bros think they are getting KINOBORNE tonight?

Attached: 1653137570783.png (574x608, 66.83K)

>getting excited for DAD OF BOI 2: BOI HARDER and TURISMO SIEMPRE EN LINEA.Pathetic. If anything if sony is really going after the pc market they ahould bring back their old ps2,3 and 4 games too.

>>600950869Don't you feel sad that that's the only good game for your preferred console?

>>600950662If you have a PC you are playing multiplats on it, not on PlayStation most likely. The only reason you have a PlayStation is for their exclusives. They don't make much money if any at all from you. They don't care what you do and actually they'd make more money off you if you just bought their games on PC instead because then you wouldn't buy their hardware which they sell to you at a loss.

>>600950105>How much OH NONONONO posting would we see if BB actually gets a port?Amusing little microbes, keep dreaming. NEVER EVER.

Attached: 1642519094042.jpg (872x1328, 675.15K)

>>600950635>just use shit over better stuff>just consume what is dangled above your headHe asked why anyone would buy a console over a pc and the answer is people are fucking lazy and incompetent. Thats it, stop trying to justify inferior tech and just admit its garbage that only exists for retards, such as yourself it would seem

Bloodborne beggars are some of the most obnoxious people to exist so I'm fine with Bloodborne never getting a PC port.

>>600950885>trusting Sony to do a good job bringing old games forwardyoutube.com/watch?v=vHc9lzVvgCwEven the biggest snoy autists are shitting on their "efforts"No thanks, I'll stick with fan emulation

>>600950794>Refresh rateThis is one area where TV can't match monitors. There are, I shit you not, 500Hz monitors out there. And there are 240Hz and 360Hz. TV has been struggling to break 120Hz-144Hz for years.

>>600950756I still have a PS3 super slim lying about just for Metal Gear games and PS1 classics.

>>600950965Their hardware sells at a loss to them too, and since they typically make money from selling games, they're going broke. It's always been that way

>>600950970Isnt bloodborne like 10 years old? Why are people still expecting that?

>>600949694anon...steamdb.info/app/1649240/Returnal is also on steamdb, so it could be either of the two

>>600950949>Don't you feel sad that that's the only good game for your preferred console?The best FromSoftware game ever made and the most wanted game ever by PC gamers, keep coping, NEVER EVER = NEVER EVER.

Attached: 1653398190390.jpg (400x400, 41.57K)

>>600950830Only normalfaggots use "normie" instead of the proper term. Go back to your hugbox on whatever shithole site you usually frequent, tourist.

>>600946781PS5 is sold out everywhere

>>600950996I'm not begging for it, I'm just saying their fucking retarded for ignoring billions of dollars of revenue for ignoring a demographic.

>>600951024should have clarified but I meant all of those things at once. No monitor right now can deliver the full package of 4K120/8K60, large screen size and quality HDR that HDMI 2.1 TVs can. The closest thing is a gigabyte knockoff of the LG CX but that's still an inferior product in every way while costing the same as the CX/C1

>>600951041Yeah I have a ps3 too, but I need a new controller

>>600951078Yes which is why they'd be smart to sell their games on PC so people will stop buying their consoles solely for their exclusives. They don't want that. They want to lock you into their ecosystem where you'll buy all games on PlayStation, but that's not happening if you already have a PC. They're likely losing money off you.

>>600950996>Bloodborne beggars are some of the most obnoxious people to exist so I'm fine with Bloodborne never getting a PC port.BASED AS FUCK.WE BE DABBIN HARD ON PC BROS TONIGHT!

Attached: 1642659727575.jpg (1792x1835, 798.17K)

>>600950965I'm physical only, so if PS6 has no disc drive I'm switching to PC and pirating. Paying for DRM isn't an option

>>600950949and it's a game you will never get to play

>>600951164I already have demon souls on ps3, and the dark souls trilogy on pc.

>>600950794>resolution, refresh rate, screen size, HDRYes they can dipshit>screen sizeI sit at a desk like a man

>>600951278>t. PCretard false flagging


>>600951102>Isnt bloodborne like 10 years old? Why are people still expecting that?

Attached: 1640600658858.jpg (820x916, 197.83K)

>>600951170I've been on here for more than a decade zoomie. I wish I had anywhere else to go at this point.

Elden ring dlc or too soon?

>>600951285I already played it on my buddies ps4. I wasn't that impressed. I thought dark souls 3 was better.

>>600950830>normalfag calls others snowflakes and larps as a channerYeah, I'm thinking peak reddit

>>600950161My friend has a 1650 super and from what I saw he plays just as well as someone playing it on xbox series s, but going up to 60fps

>>600951281>PS6If Jim Ryan and Hermen Hulst remain in charge this entire gen, there will be no PS6.

>>600941975oh nooh no oh noOH NOOH NONONONONONO

>>600951209>I'm not begging for itAhahaha suuure>I'm just saying their fucking retarded for ignoring billions of dollars of revenue>Revenue>From PC of all fucking platforms

Attached: Average pc gamer 4.png (879x670, 932.6K)

>>600945043Betting on Sushi+Returnal announcements

>>600951425Give it a year if they release it too soon people will cry anticonsomer

>>600951324Show me a PC monitor that can compete with the Samsung Q900 or LG CX, TVs that are 2-3 years old by now

>>600951501What's the point of making a ps6 when the average person can't even buy a ps5?

>>600950662>Returnalgood news anonmobile.twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1529784011215847425

>dumping all his goldfaces because he's scared he may never be able to post them ever again

>>600951537You sound like an ignorant child

>>600951563Not really, From Software fans are some of the biggest hypocrites out there.>Shit on the entire gaming industry for refusing to release complete, finished games and milking them through DLC,>Bitches about Sekiro not only being a completed, finished game but not having DLC

>>600951692They're still cringe

>>600951402>normie>zoomie>been here a decadeSure, go be a niggerfaggot somewhere else

>>600951636who says a PS6 will exist in the same way the PS5 does?>>600944743

>>600951694>Revenue>From PC of all the fucking platforms

Attached: Average pc gamer.jpg (729x441, 52.28K)

>>600951537basednever giving a cent to sony for any of their games

Attached: pirate.png (1673x2160, 1.26M)

>>600951732I haven't played sekiro. I'm waiting for it to go on sale. But honestly most from games act like Bethesda and release the same shit over and over again with ultimate gold definitive collectors edition.

>>600951829You're right I could just pirate it

>>600951752Sure zoomer, thanks for the (You)s

>>600951636That's not it. With no CoD, and no actual exclusives, they might as well become the next SEGA

>>600946960>It's not about wanting people to have less gamesit literally is

>>600951612There are a fuckton of 4K 120Hz OLED displays out there, it's not special.

>>600943204Listen, we're all gamers

>>600945350I think they lost all the source code from the japan studio after they shut it down, it sometimes happen.that the only reason I think preventing them from porting bloodborne

Attached: 1629318134669.png (300x230, 20.04K)

>>600952124There is one, maybe two, and it's not as good as the CX. And LCDs are even further behind TVs than OLEDs

>>600941975Announcement of Returnal with raytracing

>>600951692Don't talk when grown men are talking.

Attached: 1651098379364.png (915x1024, 240.22K)

>>600941975Guessing Returnal will get announced for PC

>>600952339you fear the PChad

>>600952026Cod was fun for about a month when I was a kid 90 years ago

>>600948639If it does, it won't be during a Sony show.

>>600952395Sony fears no one, Sony always wins baby!

Attached: 1642591581195.jpg (1856x1200, 572.91K)

>>600952026Thing about sega was they actually cared about their last console. Poor old man went bankrupt after dreamcast.

>>600952471cope and seethe, the day of reckoning approaches

>>600952262It's not as good, because it's even better. LCD on TV is a meme, monitor LCD has already left them in the dust.

>>600952471That's some major cope. Playstation is a shell of its former self.

Can't wait for more half assed pc ports

>5 console generations>sony has won them allCan't stop, won't stop!

>>600951829>never will spend a pennyThen he proceeds to fork over whatever Nvidiaberg is charging for parts, plus a tip for the scalper.

>>600952573As if we didn't have to sift through shit on steam as it is. Looking for good games is a game in and of itself

Attached: bloodborne pc2.png (1899x2622, 765.88K)

>>600952245They have Bluepoint, whose entire success was based on being able to make really faithful remasters of old games from their retail versions without the source code. But then again, that was many years ago, so the current Bluepoint has probably thrown out all of that knowledge since now what they do is fucking terrible ground-up remakes of Japanese games with their clumsy American ham-hands.Maybe I don't want a port of Bloodborne.

>>600952653>PS3>wonfactually, statistically, even fucking anecdotally incorrect

>>600946079Console Fanboys are delusional, simple as.It's especially retarded when they seethe over an old game that's been out for years getting ported.P4 was easy to emulate anyway, both versions.

>>600952662Commen misconception. You don't get ripped off if you know what you're doing

>>600952803Beat the 360, and the wii is a toy, not a console. Are you gonna say the ps1 lost to tickle me elmo?

>>600952532holy cope, Samsung's 8K TVs rape any LCD PC monitor and it's not even close

>>600952931>W-Wii isn't a consoleIt is.

>>600952931360 sucks. Remember red ring of death. Faulty hardware. Faggots skimped out trying to save a buck. Money died when I was playing hexic. Totally fine when I was playing blood money.

>>600952931Sony kept selling and tracking PS3 sales until like 2017>the other guy might have reached the finish line first, but I won because I kept running farther than he did after the finish line!

>>600953154I bought my ps3 used from a video game reseller arcade shop for like $100. I haggle him down.

>>600952573what do you mean?most playstation pc ports have been good so far

Attached: 1642300608995.webm (1280x720, 2.91M)

>>600952931>Beat the 360retards with no common sense will parrot this, but it did notmicrosoft stopped reporting sales numbers and even then, it was leading the ps3

>Jim Ryan comes out on stage and talks about how much he gives a shit about diversity and trannies>then 5 minutes later, shows off the new harry potter gamelol

Why do snoys have so many wojak and soijak pics?

Attached: n8pAteU.png (295x221, 93.16K)

>>600953258>good ports>the game itself not so much

>>600946781Only if the release is at the same time.Companies are starting to realize that double dipping is the way to go.

>>600953258>posting DLSS while standing stillhello nvidia marketing department

>>600953258God of War died after God of War 2. It's shit now. I wanted to kill that little fucking kid so bad.

>>600941975I hope it's Demon Souls Remake but it's probably gonna be Returnal

>>600953472The original demon souls is better


>>600953384well the post was about the quality of the ports not the quality of the games

>>600953512I know but it won't run above 40fps for me even if it's at 720p while Elden Ring runs at 60fps High just fine

>>600953112PS2 sucks. Remember disc read error. Faulty hardware.

>>600953565I can respect that. We've seen some pretty shitty ports over the years. Especially ones that were remade from phone games.

>>600941975its been made before but ill say it again: THE (absolute) STATE OF PLAY

>>600953615Yeah I remember that. I had a version 1.2 fat ps2. I watched too many anime DVDs from Suncoast on it and myself lens died

It feels kind of sad knowing that PC only Soulsfags will never experience the sheer unadulterated ludo that is The Old Hunters DLC.

Attached: 1589468315192.jpg (334x334, 32.11K)

>>600953615Ps1 also had its faults. Loose ball bearings were a pain in the ass.

>>600953720many had issues with blue discs around launch for sure, but a lot of people didn't find out they had issues with their phats until some of the dual layer games became popular laterps2 dre impact was as big as the rrod for retail at the time, but there wasn't a big splash because this was pre-internet for a lot of households

>>600950142Yes yes ugly woman blah blah..okay, thats fine. Nobody has to like it or play it, that's totally independent from the price. In any case, even if its a game I'd never want to play, I'd rather it be available on PC at least via Steam instead of being exclusive to a console or contracted to a store/launcher etc. >>600950869This devotion to console exclusivity is sad.

>>600953826We have mods

>>600941975lol it's going to be streaming Bloodborne on GeForce Now and not just on PS Now, isn't it?That was what the leak was about on their site...

Attached: bb.jpg (1200x900, 754.33K)

>>600954019Even the slims still have disc read errors. Im on my 3rd ps2, and it refuses to read Diablo unless I tilt the fucker and press down on the disk.

>>600944449>unironically using fucking Mario is Missing as the best example>grasping this much at strawsBased retard.

>>600953826that was a last generation game. I have a ps4 and so do several of my friends with a pc, but what's good on the ps5?

>>600954028It has nothing to do with ugly woman.

>>600946781Pc gamers giving money to sony isn't hurting sony.

>>600954179only really saw the slims have issues with dual layers during my time in retail but i believe it, i think i've tested more ps2 phats than any other console

>>600954247Not him but i have no reason to buy a PS5 now, will wait for demon souls remake to come to PC

>>600954331Obviously it reads ps2 games better, but not all of the time either. Shits old dude.

>>600954351Can't you just play a ps3 emulator? The original is better

>>600948047Every single post in that image, including your post, is made by me.

>>600954548You have a skizo stalker

>>600952662PC gamers are contradictory beings>Bitch about games requiring controllers or being designed around controllers, claiming that as a PC gamer he doesn't involve himself with console-related garbage >The game is a port of a console game.

>>600954429>Shits old dudethis was between 2001-2007 for me

>>600954331The dead lense issue was quickly pushed under the rug, and released the 2.0 wich ended up being fine. Those are the fats you can still play

>>600952929>Paying $1000 and above for a GPU isn't getting ripped

>>600954247All their PC ports so far sold less than 7 million copies combined, that's fucking pathetic. And they called Days Gone on PS4 a flop LMAO, it outsold them all with zero effort.And now, a lot of former fanboys will not buy any more PlayStation "exclusives" out of spite. So yes, it's hurting them, but they'll only understand this long-term. Alienating your most loyal customers is never a good idea.

>>600954695When did the slims come out? I c

>>600954757I payed $350 for a new rtx 3060.

>>600954661>>Bitch about games requiring controllers or being designed around controllers, claiming that as a PC gamer he doesn't involve himself with console-related garbage

Attached: strawjak.png (645x773, 20.87K)

>>600954757>>600954843Last year

>>600943790>There's no way it will be on another platform>It's been this platform's exclusive for X amount of timeThese people are retarded. exclusivity at one point doesn't mean exclusivity always. Square had a bone to pick with Nintendo and all the FF games still eventually made it to Nintendo platform.Not to mention no publisher or developer treats PC as a console, so there are plenty of console exclusives that are also on PC.I just don't get the gatekeeping and elitism. I've got a PS5 and I hope Demon Souls remake makes it to PC so I can play it with mods. If you need a game you played years ago to stay exclusive to the platform you played it on to be able to justify buying that platform, then you shouldn't have bought that platform in the first place.

>>600954843And a young Scarlet Johannson sucked my balls yesterday.

>>600954770Pure cope.

>>600954597Your post is also me.

>>600954792i think that was 04 or 05, before the 360 for sure

>>600954090>>600945043bloodborne is not on the list of leaks, as is persona 5everyone should be more realistic and think about what's really coming


>>600954882>implying that strawman isn't a real girl(male) on this board somewhere>it could even be (You)!

>>600941975instead of making all these new /v(x)/ boards mods should have made one for conslowsyour shit is annoying

>>600953039>8KNTA, but literally anyone who tries to game at 8K is a fucking retard, 4K is already pushing it.

>>600954913My dad and his buddies built pcs and sell them. He needed cash for his family and sold me his new pc. I don't care if you believe me or not, but it's about who you know in real life.

>>600953039>8k>nothing can run at that res>input lag through the roofI expected more from console kiddies desu

>>600955090My dad bought me the ps2 and gave it to me for Xmas the same year because he fucked up my ps1

People here are delusional, Sony exclusives are not their main source of income, most people that own a PS5 just use it as a FIFA/COD machine, normalfags don't even know the existence of Demon Souls potato edition

>>600955090>>600955769I remember being a freshman in high school reading psm unoffical and checking out the new ps2 games like bouncer, ridge racer, devil may cry and onimusha

>>600955595You got the card cheap because you were lucky AND well connected, which isn't true for 99.99% of the people building a gaming PC.This is the kind of dishonest fallacy that convinces people to never go to college, that you only need to start a business in a garage and you will become the next Bill Gates, or that you only need to start a Youtube channel and soon you will get multimillionaire sponsorships.That fallacy even has a name:en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Survivorship_bias

>>600955986You just have to be ambitious and take chances, be nice to have everyone you meet. That's how I've gotten most of my jobs. There's nothing wrong with higher knowledge, and freelancing for yourself. Most of the people who go to college don't belong in college. It's like going back to preschool for a few and it's annoying.

>>600941975>most excited to see on PCSo PC chads getting more Snoy exclusives? how can Snoys even cope at this point? like what do you tell other gamers yeah I own a ps4 and no games? KEK

Attached: snoys crying.jpg (1024x1024, 97.28K)


Attached: 74.jpg (668x752, 61.21K)

>>600956260Wut? Get these fags off of steam

>>600956260As if the game wasn't bullshit enough with a controller

>>600954661if a game can't be played with kb+mouse it doesn't deserve to be on PC

>>600956602Agreed, Nioh shouldn't have been ported to PC

Attached: 75.jpg (684x346, 29.66K)

>>600956260not a snoy game

>>600955501>>600955695It's a dual spec panel like most 8K TVs, you can either do 8K60 or 4K120, just not 8K120

>>600943861still 0 games

>>600957687Why would you need 4K120 if 90% of console games can only run in 4K at 30FPS, and never above 60?

>>600943724bot postI own a PS4, PS5 and BB through some gay ass gift from sony idk, and can confirm it's a complete piece of shit.>just use 27 buttons to select a weapon and use it brogarbage gameplay for zoomers who don't know better.

>>600957908I don't have a console, don't ask me. Was just pointing out the retardation of monitorfags

>>600958408It isn't retardation, though. If the max I can get on a TV is 120, why the fuck would I go for that? I have a 1440p, 144Hz HDR panel that cost me a fraction of what a fucking 8K TV would.

Are we getting a sticky for the state of play? Seems like mods usually do a sticky for Nintendo Direct and State of Play, figured Holla Forums is more Nintendo fanatics so I feel like they're bias towards Sony.

>>600958541>1440p 144Hz HDR panelwhich one, because it almost certainly does not have real HDR, ie capable enough HDR hardware via lots of local dimming zones or OLEDalso its response times are raped by OLED TVs

Attached: file.png (1920x1080, 817.9K)

>>600958541based 2K chadanything above 1440 is unnecessary and not worth the performance hit

Attached: file.png (1068x601, 290.16K)

>>600958902Keep coping, RTX 4000 series will make 4K 120FPS gaming the standard on PC.

>>6009589021440p sucks dick on screens that aren't made for midgets

About fucking time Bloodborne was announced for PC

>>600958615>figured Holla Forums is more Nintendo fanatics so I feel like they're bias towards Sony.I'll remember this when the next BotW seethe thread pops up.

>>600943861when they tell you tendies are autistic drones, remember this

Attached: 2022_06_02_21_03_37 - v_-_Video_Games_»_Searching_for_posts_with_the_u.png (1030x1210, 178.59K)

>>600958885>48"I sit at a fucking desk, what the fuck am I going to do with a 48-inch display?>The LG C1 costs anywhere between 1,000-1,800 USDMy panel cost me a fraction of that, is designed for what I use it for, and is utilized better by my hardware. You're making a shit argument for OLED.

>>600959213>I'm better because I'm poor!have it your way then

Attached: 6idwoa.jpg (500x544, 94.64K)

>>600959346>I'm better because I spend more money on limited hardware with features I don't need instead of buying the correct tool for the job, for lessThere's no prize for wasting money like a retard, user.

>>600959426can you use a bigger font? It's tough to read through your tiny resolution and pixel response blur

When does it start?

Attached: 271B05A7-642A-4B3F-BD4D-F1348F8C7534.gif (225x255, 2.62M)

>>600959037>the next series of graphics card will definitely make 4K workable, even though the current one promised to do that as well and didn't deliver, and so did the one before thatyeah ok whatever you say>>600959113why the fuck would I PC game on a huge screen, i'm not disabled

>>600943861>>600959160>starts posting this shit right around the time the returnal stuff showed up in the steam databasethe cope is real

Attached: 1628198901413.jpg (600x600, 47.86K)

>>6009596061 am in Human world

>>600959586Unlike you, I'm using my hardware correctly, so I can read it just fine. Maybe you've got some kind of visual impairment? Should see a doctor about that.

>>600945043>no Gravity Rush>no Muramasa RebirthFucking hell.


look at these sloppers

Attached: 1654195320823.webm (640x480, 709.83K)

>>600959160>posting facts is badTendies are so much worse, holy shit

>>600942652Making your games available for PC gives people less incentive to go out and buy a PlayStation. I wouldn't even bother with PS5 if Persona 6 and Final Fantasy XVI weren't exclusives.

>>600948190Anon, Normalfags barely knows how to turn on a PC nowadays, they are not dropping some thousands of bucks for what a $500 box can do "easier".

>>600943083Of course it does. PS5 performed worse in its 2nd year than PS4 and even fucking Xbox outsold it in Japan for first time ever. Not a coincidence that it happen when Sony games have started to come to PC.

>>600959885>Gravity RushForever locked in the Sony gulag. Let it go.

Attached: 61208615_p0.png (911x645, 727.49K)

>>600943861I still can't even find it in stores around me... :(

>>600960084they cute, unlike nasty sönyggers

>>600960552>Let it go.I don't want to wait until Spine is viable to play GR2, man.

>>600960347See >>600950965

>>600946824>Microsoft makes no money off sales sold through steam or any other marketplace other than their own.steam only takes 30% retard, that's still way more money in total if they put their games on ms store and get 100% since no one fucking uses that shit

>>600957775The Trannybox? Yep. No games, indiepass can't compete with PS+, no exclusives, only trannies and mobile games.

>>600960084DOGGY :D

>>600960347I'll still probably sell my PS5 after I play through XVI unless they have another exclusive I'm interested in announced by then. P6 should still be far enough away that it'll release after the next console revision that they do.

>>600960697And Microsoft takes 0% from steam unless they publish/develop the game. What are you trying to argue here?

You buy a PS to play games, PC will get multiplats day 1 and single player 2 years later, no reason to own a Xbox since they don't have any games.

>>600960692I know a lot of people who own PS1 and PS2 back in the day but have now all switch to PC because everything is on there. They are losing some fan base. Console without exclusive is like human without a soul.

Attached: come_and_see_aloy.png (600x600, 488.6K)

>>600960871I wish Atlus and Square would start to day one release their games on PC so that I can say goodbye to Snoy and never look back. I want to be PC and Nintendo only.

>>600961173Nincel lmao

>>600954351You were already going to do that or not buy a ps5.

>>600961073You don't get it. Those people only buy PlayStation for their exclusives. PlayStation likely loses money off those people because they sell their console at a loss and have exclusives to try and lock you down to their ecosystem and get you to buy not just exclusives, but multiplats on their platform as well. Anyone who has a good enough PC isn't buying multiplats on PlayStation so they are never gonna successfully lock those people down on their console, and since they sell their consoles at a loss then they'd make more money selling those games to those people on PC since they won't have to buy their console. Microsoft realized this but it's taking Sony a really long time to.

Scamturnal for PC only 70 eurosImagine being so retarded to play this game

>>600961173Even if you buy a Switch 2, it's still an easy sell whenever an emulator comes out. Right now there's obviously no reason to own a Switch unless you really want to play the new Splatoon online.

>>600961356Whatever dude I just know Xbox is selling much worse than both PlayStation and Nintendo consoles and it is the only one without exclusive which first party games release day one on PC to. You need to have some incentive to shills out 500$+ for a console and exclusives are just that.

>>600961508I like Switch's portability.

>>600959152BotW is a Nintendo product? So that would just prove my point.

Say all you want but I don't like this new state of gaming industry. Everyone having and playing the same games is just boring. Consoles have lost all soul.

>>600961685Are you taking it outside of the house or something? You can use things like Steam Link to stream your PC to your phone or tablet and the delay isn't noticeable. Just get a pair of 3rd party joycons and it's the same thing but better.

>>600961575Xbox has been selling worse than PlayStation and switch since the Xbox one days because of their god awful Xbox one reveal. They're still suffering from that. It has nothing to do with releasing their games on PC and they've been finding more success now that they started doing that.Console exclusivity is meant to sway console gamers into buying their console and locking them down to their ecosystem. That doesn't work when gamers have a good gaming PC because all they're gonna buy and play are the exclusives on the console and they'll buy and play everything else on PC, unless you can also sell a gimmick like the switch and it's portability.

>>600946781They can't meet their sales targets for the consoles. Least they can do is get some extra money from game sales on PC. Not like people are tossing up on whether they're getting a PC or PS5. Console players are too dumb or poor for a PC, so it's usually PS5 or XsX and PC players wouldn't consider a console in the first place.

>>600944794I just want to mod Mary Jane

Attached: Spider-Man_TheAmazingMaryJane.png (1062x950, 1.82M)

>>600962109>sales targets for the consolesI meant production targets. They sell everything they make, but TSMC raised their prices and is all booked out on their 7nm fabs. Maybe once AMD moves to 5nm with their next gen stuff by the end of the year, enough capacity will free up for the PS5.

>>600949245nobody cares about persona faggot, go play you date simulator in your room full of trash

>>600942191lol. Never going to happen champ. Enjoy Returnal.

>>600944449Mario is Missing isn't a Nintendo game, it's edutainment they licensed the Mario name to.

>>600960138you're right.the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round the earth is round

sony is killing themselves by putting everything on pcthey are losing goodwill from true fans who will have no reason to invest in them going forwardthis is business/marketing 101, selling shit cheap to poorfags at the expense of a loyal customer base will backfire. luckily the fake pandemic is keeping prices high for these kikes

>>600961858Why would I when I have my Switch

Japs literally only care about FF16 so I hope it isn't shown.

>>600962740God you're such a whiny baby whining over literally nothing

>>600962740imagine being fan of a hardware brand instead of games

>>600958176You sound like a faggot tendie.

>>600962740>they are losing goodwill from true fans who will have no reason to invest in them going forwardand yet they'll have nowhere to go outside dealing with it or building a PC

When was the last time you gave a shit about PlayStation? Can you even remember?

Attached: 1449429988372.jpg (574x890, 336.04K)

>>600963241ps2, 2001

>>600960084hope they're not drinking chinese poison

>>600958615I hope so, having all the seethe in 1 place would be a good read

>>600943861>expectedYeah, I expected your mom to abort you too and it didn't happen. Keep coping.


Attached: kneel.png (1920x1080, 2.6M)


>>600942191BRING HIM BACK!

>>600963510>epicanother win for timmy

>>600962740Is PS+ on PC? If not then MS is the ones killing their console, no point in having one when PC+PS+Switch have all the games.

Some more?>>600963629Steam, same for sackboy

Attached: kneel2.png (1609x905, 1.53M)

>>600963752what game


>>600963832Returnal, here's sackboy

Attached: sackbeater.png (1329x1080, 2.9M)

>>600963510>>600963752Nice. That Nixxes acquisition is showing.

>The only chance PC has is a bluepoint "remaster"Ohnonononononononon

>>600960389>thousands of buckswhy do you faggots always have to be so disingenuous?

>>600963958So we're not getting BB? Shame.

reminder that bloodborne (and all other fromsoft games on console) doesn't have framerate issues it has frame pacing issues

>>600963519wasn't that game shit

>>600964084It has both lmao. Every Fromsoft game does, as a matter of fact. PS5 can't even run Elden Ring at a stable 60, and Dark Souls 3 on PS4 Pro ran at like between 40 and 50 FPS.

>>600964084Well they do have framerate issues. In performance mode they can't stay locked 60 so they're a juddery mess jumping between 30 and 45, in 30fps mode they have frame pacing issues like you said.

Realistically do you guys think they announce The Last of Us Remake on this one?

>>600963510>>600963752>>600963958Meh. At least they're porting 2 at once and getting the shit out of the way.Thanks for the spoil senpai, I'm going to sleep.

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>>600947920I genuinely dont care about bloodborne, I dont like souls games but I honestly just wish it got ported already just so I can see what Snoys are gonna try to claim as the best thing ever PC players wont get to experienceReminder, Snoy doesnt give a shit about you

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>>600964047Because to have a superior experience to what a console offers you need to drop at the very least $1.500 (and that's lowballing) is not being disingenuous, and I'm pro-PC but console is easier and "cheaper"

>>600963752>>600963958is that it?

>>600941975One Bloodborne and one gravity daze.Thank you Sony

>>600964334Uncharted is releasing this or next month too.Some dude on leddit posted these they're not mine. I did however see the Sackboy options menu last year so can confirm they're real.

My post in this thread was deleted, but somehow all of these other posts are acceptable? I take back what I said earlier, EAT SHITGo ahead, drive away one of the few people in this shithole who puts even a tiny bit of effort into their posts because you have IQ of a rock and can't recognize a fucking joke. You've always been worthless

Isnt this all vr stuffI'm still playing multiplats on PS5 since its better than my pc

Will FF7 Remake Episode 2 get a trailer here?

>>600964629Snoy forgot they exist. You're getting Demon's Souls demake

>>600964629Western games only. Sony doesn't like problematic Japanese games.

>>600964779>square enixliterally everything there is in development hell, you won't see this shit.

sackboy game leaked coming to pc

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>>600964916Interest at low so. Thanks. All I care about from PlayStation is FF7 remake and God of war 2.

>>600951102nobody is expecting it, just hoping for it.>why are people hoping for it then?it was the last good game


>>600965278Yeah, the Nvidia leaks mentioned it ages ago. It's surprising just how accurate they've been.

>>600952780>They have Bluepoint, whose entire success was based on being able to make really faithful remasters of old games from their retail versions without the source code.This is false. Bluepoint has said a lot of times they use the original source code. What they do extract from retail copies are the assets. If you want me to post the sources, I will do so, with two posts.

state of gay

>>600965610Do it.

>>6009657031/2:>Under the hood, you’ve got pieces of the original source code, running in conjunction with our engine, and so our technology has to be adaptable and configurable so that we can go through and make sure that we run both game engines basically side by sidetheringer.com/2018/2/6/16977448/bluepoint-games-master-of-video-game-remasters-shadow-of-the-colossus>A week after that call, Thrush and O’Neil—who’d completed two Blast Factor expansions in 2007 but nothing of note after that—had their hands on the source code for two blockbusters, God of War and God of War II. With a tight deadline looming, they embarked on the painstaking process of adapting that code to the PlayStation 3’s superior hardware, eking out higher resolutions and smoother frame rates and adding support for the PS3’s Trophy system, which rewarded players for accomplishments sprinkled throughout the campaigns.theringer.com/2018/2/6/16977448/bluepoint-games-master-of-video-game-remasters-shadow-of-the-colossus>The key to authenticity behind Bluepoint Games’ PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus is the original game code that controls colossi, Agro and the core gameplay mechanics. While we have made subtle improvements and bug fixes, it is a real testament to the technical prowess of the original developers that the code which runs the PS2 game also runs on the PS4.>the code which runs the PS2 game also runs on the PS4.playstationlifestyle.net/2018/01/29/shadow-of-the-colossus-ps4-remake-uses-ps2-games-code/

>>600965454You'll get a trailer for FFXVI starring Norman Reedus and Chris Pratt he's so cool and you will like it

>>600963752>MAX FRAMES PER SECOND: ∞

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>>600965703>>6009658042/2:>Digital Foundry: So thinking of that, let's say you start a new project. You get this original codebase and you do a lot of work with Japanese games. I mean, is this all commented out in Japanese? Are you working in assembler code for PS2? Or what kind of languages are these titles written in? >Peter Dalton: It's a little funny that one of our most prized pieces of technology is to basically take all of the comments that are in the C++ code and convert them to English. That tool has paid for itself more than once.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2018-shadow-of-the-colossus-tech-interviewThis fragment implies that they use it in a regular basis:>That tool has paid for itself more than once.Source code doesn't have a resolution:>"We always try to get the data from the retail disc [and] reverse engineer the formats," says Thrush. "That way, we have a 100% known data set that we can use to replicate the original game." Source code archives, he explains, often don’t match the final shipped assets. One need only look at the problems encountered by Konami during production of the Silent Hill HD Collection for a demonstration of these risks; the archived code with which the team worked came from an incomplete, buggy beta.>Last minute changes made on local drives or build machines often escape the backup process, making the retail data an attractive starting point. If the original studio can supply higher-resolution assets, the remastering team can match these up and swap them in later.polygon.com/features/2015/11/30/9790028/video-game-ports-remasters-the-last-of-us

>>600965804>>600965920How often do you post this? Genuinely curious considering you had these ready to go at a moment's notice.

>>600963752probably won't be able to run thisespecially if it's a horizon-tier port

>>600966054This is the third time I've posted this collection of links, and the second time in this particular way.

>>600965582>It's surprising just how accurate they've been.Why? That list of games was something Nvidia got from partners, aka publishers, to get drivers and shit ready on time. Of course it's accurate.If a game listed there ultimately doesn't come out, it's because it was cancelled and not because it was wrong.

>>600950965Wrong.web.archive.org/web/20220421050621/https://www.theverge.com/2021/8/4/22609150/sony-playstation-5-ps5-loss-profitEven then, Sony makes way more money by having you buy multiplats in their ecosystem. MTX through PSN is how they're staying afloat.

>>600965557KNEK TU BEYBEEEEEE>>600965557

>>600948026at least bring the old music back

>>600943083What is Sonygros still wordfiltered?

>>600966327The surprising thing to me is that we basically got a road map for the next 2 to 3 years of PC gaming from all the major publishers. Big titles that still haven't been announced like an FF9 remake, FFT remaster, and Dragon's Dogma 2. Multiplat news like Returnal, DeSR, Uncharted, God of War, Bayonetta 3, and SMTV.It's such an insane leak.

>>600966613I think "pc.fat" is too still.


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>>600967064>EpicThanks for the copy, Tim!

>>600941975PCgods can't stop winning

>>600942652I've seen even normie chicks who are into PC gaming now, it's over consolefrend

>PCkeks financing the next AAA game from Playstation studiosAll profit.

>>600947850i dont care about super hero shit, but i just enjoy insomniac games games, simple as that