Your favorite races from h-games

Your favorite races from h-games

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>>600919752I keep bouncing between slimes and plants, both are very good at constriction, and generally encounters with them always involve intimacy.

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Plantgirls with fat tits due to nectar

>>600919752Elves and slimegirls

>>600920492Cat girls, I'm a simple man.

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Spider girls will always get me. Slimes and plants like the other patricians have said are great as well. Oh and cow girls of course.

Harpies, can't go wrong with them.


What do slimegirls feel like?

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>>600919752Slimes and ghosts. I like my girls see-through.

>>600919752White girls

>>600919752Slimes, Harpies, Plants, maybe Insects depending on the type. And of course, Centaurs.I don't really dig lamias.

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>>600919752the milf race

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>>600919752You posted it.

>>600921346Pussy but it’s thick and suffocates your penis


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>>600919752the one that anal vores me

>>600921647Nah, cant be least not more than twice

>SlimegirlsPros: typically the most based dummies, show up right away, hardly any scenes involving them aren't hot as fuckCon: they usually stop appearing after the first 10% of the game is done>HarpiesPro: wing hugs are fucking awesomeCon: hope you like talons instead of feet>SuccubiPros: Gets straight to the point, wide variety for everybody's fetishCons: things can get weird really fucking quickly, or it's just boring vanilla sex with a couple 'ufufu's thrown in.>LamiasPros: Long tail to completely wrap you up, easy to find spank material for themCons: often associated with snuff and vore, some artists insist on drawing them with panties and it just looks retarded>PlantgirlsPros: Nectar and Pollen for additional sensual assault, often very beautiful, vines used as tendrilsCon: Completely sedentary>ElvesPros: Knife-ears are usually their weakspots, turning them into melted butter in your handsCon: bruh you're fucking a haughty white bitch what's the point

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>>600921647Honest question from an outsider, what are the key characteristics of an android? I assume that the more advanced an android is, the less distinguishable it is from a "real" living entity, so there's gotta be some kind of a limit that an android design shouldn't cross, in order to maintain its identity as an android, right?

>>600919752Cow, I like milk.

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>>600921616Mmmm I want my penis suffocated by a cum hungry slime~ I want my whole waist envoloped in her~

>Big mommy milkers on succubus yes smother me in bitties please>Whips out weird tentacle fleshlight taileverytime

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>>600919752MermaidsI just really like them, blame The Little Mermaid for that.

>>600922438I think you're on the wrong genre.

>>600919752Minotaurs, Werewolves and Lizardmen. Yes, I'm a gay furry, how could you tell?

>>600922629*spits in your mouth*

Dominant futa succubi

>>600919752Smug catgirls.

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>>600921945>KitsunesPro: [touch fluffy tail]Con: take away the tail and it's just a normal lady>Spidergirl/ArachnesPros: Web cocoons make for easy bondage, lots of legs for extra interlockingCons: see Lamia cons>CentaursPro: Horse pussyCon: Horse pussy>Minotaurs/CowgirlsPros: often depicted as strong, BIG BOOBA MOMMY MOMMY GIB MILKIESCon: Not much variety, but like they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it>Scylla/SquidgirlsPros: Japanese have experience making tentacles sexyCon: It's pretty much all just tentacle play>MermaidsPros: arguably one of the oldest monster girls in fiction, singing provides additional sensual assaultCon: Fish pussy>DragonsPros: Dragons are often proud, strong individuals, breaking that facade is super satisfying(arguable) Con: Either depicted as 50 feet tall, or 5'3". >Androids/Robots/Artificial LifeformsPros: LOTS of different tools to extract semen, wide variety of designsCon: DO NOT FIST ANDROID GIRLS

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>>600923029A real con for minotaurs is that they're often depicted as farm girls, and farm life ain't for everyone.

>its another regular human girl with children's halloween costume horns/cat ears/tail etc

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>>600921808From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh, it disgusted me.

>>600919752Slimes, lamias, and spiders.

>>600921346bags of water

>>600921346Bags of salty milk sand coins

>>600923225yiff in hell furfaggot

>>600922886Based heterosexual during this accursed month

>>600923548i'll yiff you nigger

>>600922110honeestly I can get off to most types of androids, to straight up non-humonoid bots, to semi-robotic humanoids like Emera or Aigis to straight up fully human like KOS-MOS.I will say however that the more human the appereance the more robotic her personality should be.Human-like androids that behave like normal people are extremely boring.

>>600923225yes, they are called monster GIRLSgo fuck a dog somewhere you zoophilic faggot

mermaids the most, followed by lamia, slime and harpy.i tolerate most monster girls with exception of centaur and spidergirl (with spider bottom)spidergirl (with spider bottom) can be hot if its a ryona/danger situation. i like ryona and guro so they are a plus but not necessary. vore and unbirth are disgusting for me

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>>600923757lol triggered

>>600919752I don't know what it is but I have hard crushes and infatuations with these floating mono-eyed orb monsters that show up in so many works of porn and h-games. I know they're not a girl and I'm a faggot but I still wanted to share.

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>>600919752Dragon, serpents, anything not humanoid, really.

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>>600923796says the guy posting only to seethe about people not sharing his zoophilia fetish.

>>600923857>"n-no you!"

For me it's human women of age.

>>600923857Stop replying to him, dumbfuck. And don't justify yourself to me either.

>>6009238193.0 never

>>600923985I'm sowwwyyyy~

>>600923029>Nekomata/CatgirlsPros: fuzzy tail and body, often very affectionate, pretty eyes, big meaty paws for headpats.Con: if you've ever had a cat lick you, you'd know why they are terrible with oral>VampiresPros: Bloodsucking and hypnosis overwhelm your senses with pleasure, VERY dommy, being wrapped in their cloak is how I wanna dieCon: bruh you're fucking a haughty white bitch in a halloween costume>Goblinoids/OniPro: Very strong physicallyCon: Not very interesting in terms of hitting fetishes. Maybe musclegirls and shortstacks, but that's about it.>AngelsPro: Wing hugs without the risk of talonjobsCons: they're basically elves with wings, don't show up until the end, and are almost always the """"""surprise"""""" bad guys. The ones that aren't humanoid are fucking terrifying

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Human female.

>>6009241502d or 3d?


>>600923857your women will be blacked

>>600922110A good measure is inversely proportional personality to human like design, so if it's just a woman with lines drawn on, they gotta be cold and mostly unfeeling, but a literal toaster can be as human in personality as you want.


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>>600924148>Goblinoids/Oni>Pro: Very strong physically>Con: Not very interesting in terms of hitting fetishes. Maybe musclegirls and shortstacks, but that's about it.You also forget with Oni Musclegirls are pretty much free training instructor, they will give you a ripped fucking body if you have the will to do it... and to survive i suspect.

>>600924148Oh I forgot a few>GhostsPro: Possession can be hot as fuck with loads of applicationsCon: 2spoopy>ZombiesPro: mindlessly want to fuck without stoppingCon: THE FUCKING SMELL>HumansPro: easiest to fap to, probably the most likely among the girls listed to achieve in real lifeCon: You're stuck on a one-way trip to fucking Normieville, where you fucking belong you filthy fucking casual

Anyone who is taller then met. 190+ with a tall girl fetish

Succubus and angelsBonus : they are competing each other for my semen

>>600923665>>600924257Those are some nice points, thanks, anons, made me ponder on the duality of android girls

>>600921516Based summer memories Chad

>>600924886There was a great saucy novel with this exact plot. Was pretty great but I forget what it was called. Angels, demons and Alex maybe?

>>600924150Anon we are talking only half monster not full


>>600921346What do slimegirls taste like?

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>>600925928Jams of various varieties. Obviosly.

>>600922438that's not pim you fucker that's glep

Give me more harpies.I demand harpies

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>>600923797I don't think most zoomers here are even aware of this characters existence

god i wish human girls were real

>>600924765 >met a cutie who was slightly taller than me>Get to talking and turns out she likes guy who are shorter than her.>bing bang boom i ask her out>'oh sorry user, but i like guys who are shorter than you, you're too close to my height'It hurts

>>600920596what about slime cats?

>>600924765I know your pain, brother

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>>600921346Like glycerin I guess

>>600922116Based milk enjoyer

Dragon girls but the tail has to be fucking gigantic, I’m talking Grea/Tohru “Anaconda starring Ice cube” levels of thick. Like I’d have to struggle to even deadlift it levels of mass. You feel me? Also big horns.


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>>600919752cowgirlsgenerally lusty/in heat races work too>shortstack goblins>succubi>elves, especially the brown dark elves

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>>600919752My favorite monstergirls are harpies, but slimes are peak h-game material. Shame they're always underutilized.

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>>600924319>angelsI'm having a monmusu 3 flashback.

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>>600927652sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex

>>600920203>>600920492Both of these.

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>>600928041Too much for you?

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>>600926613She's too smol

Pic related Also, not really a fan of slime girls, but the ones in Monster Girl Paradox were too cute

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>>600922886Rondo Duo should be your game

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>>600928759>Mothgirls>D tierShit taste

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>>600928759I don't have enough opinions on all of these to make a full list but my top tier would be>Foxes, cats, rabbits, sheep, slimes, squirrels, harpies, pixies, dragons


>>600924607>Dogpro : man best friendcons : none


>>600919752Ones can pump out lots of children in rapid succession.

>>600928759All in S tier for me, I like all of them, personality is more important than the monstergirl races desu

>>600919752>slime>dullahan>succubus>oni>kitsune>zombieI'm pretty vanilla.

>>600928865Their hands are creepyIts like being jerked off by a skeleton

>>600928759>vampires and harpies in b, not in scringe

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>>600928865you do know that only male moths have those head antennae? well, now you do.


>>600924319There is nowhere near enough series with angels, it's sacrilege.

>>600929801Dont careMothgirl oyakodon

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>>600930008gay gay homo sexual gay


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>>600929962I want to make something with angels, thought of doing something ala Helltaker where some guy goes to heaven to get milked by them. No idea how it'd work cause I don't wanna make a puzzle game but an action game might be too complex

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>>600929962>There is nowhere near enough series with winged elvesGood.


>>600928759While I do love all monster girls, some flat out get better content than others. I'm sure I could be convinced to move everything into S tier but I cannot name a single good crab, mouse/rat, or ant girl piece of content. For instance, succubus and angel content is far too varied, it's more like the baseline, and though I like harpies they don't get a lot of good content either.

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Pig Orcs, they are mega based, but they rarely women.Also any race that can resemble a gyaru.>>600923029>Centaurs>Pro: Horse pussy>Con: Horse pussywhat did he mean by this?

>>600919752succubi, the ones that actually look demonic\have an exotic skin color

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>>600929849Monster Girl Club Bifrost

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>>600931058draenei are basically a race of holy tieflings anyway, which becomes really clear when you see their red Eredar counterpart

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>>600931058>have massive horse cock


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>>600919752>centaurs>dog-girls>orc girls>spider-girls>goblin girlsThey can have cocks too, they won't be using them

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>>600926613What's better, wings as arms or wings on back?

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>>600932040ahhh finally a man of fine taste

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Gorgons, especially when their snake hair gets involved

>>600922438>weird tentacle fleshlight tailThat's weird, the one I'm thinking on from that description was a loli.


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>>600928759I feel like this list needs regular humans to serve as a benchmark

>>600932882>regular humansOn its own in the shit-tier category

>>600932882I thought that was what "Monkey Girls" was for

>>600930534>centaurs not in S tier

>>600927546Based Dragon-layer, but the question remains, where should the tail attach?

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>>600919752I like sneks.

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>>600933273>human girls with accessoriesI sleep>ACTUAL MONSTERS THAT HAPPEN TO BE FEMALEReal shit

>>600932461It's just not the same if the wings are on the back.I don't hate it, but it's not nearly as good as wings as arms.

I like the idea that they could fuck me up if they wanted but choose not to. Horns, exotic skin colors, tails and hooves are great too- basically draenai I guess, sadly they're stuck in the shittiest game over, oh well.

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>>600927546you don't happen to have watched "Bartok the Magnificent" as child a lot, have you?

>>600933342I prefer my sneks on the top

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>>600929747weak lose scene, should be like the bee queen transformation stuff at least.

>>600933376I'm indifferent to it, personally. I'm more of a snake and spider kind of guy. I do like the bird legs, though.

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>>600933956Not going to give out all the hotness in just the first level.

>>600933346giant golden dragon mommy

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>>600933376See if the wings are on the back then it's basically just an angel with severe eczema.

>>600934107why not have the entire game be max hot, all the time?Though i guess it made the whole bee queen fight all the more memorable as the peak of the game, and the final boss kinda underwhelming afterwards

I want a game where MC works with monstergirls using their traits to make money or just in daily living nonHthings.Like having a Arachne gives you the ability to use her webs in clothing or can make webtraps around home.Harpy girl can hunt wild animals for you or find shiny things. Sell or eat eggs.Centaur helps you travel around or even drags a cart around with your materials.Alraune plant girl can produce nectar, oils or other garden materials & assist with a farm.Cowgirl milkings for dairy products.Slimegirls can break down trash or unwanted materials.Mermaid helps you collect fish.Go pirate hunting with a scylla.Ogre girl helps with building shit or actively protects you when venturing out.Catgirl does nothing but laze around at home and scratches your furniture if you're gone for too long.Any other ideas of what/how a monstergirl can use her racial trait in daily living?

>>600933956Should have turned her into an egg.

>>600921945>Con: they usually stop appearing after the first 10% of the game is doneSo true. They usually have only a few scenes if it’s an ensemble game, never the main characters. Even the games focus only on the slime girls themselves are few and far between.

>best monstergirl of their type isn't even from an h-gameName them.

>>600919752forest of blue skin gave me a thing for I fucking forget, it was one of the enemies in the mansion, fucking fantastic game

>>600929591What's wrong with skeletons?

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Octopus girls.

>>600935019good one, re-re-release with more content when

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>>600935271Cyclop girl?

>MFW finding the matango in monster girl dreams>find the toxic variant later after I got the mushroom dick perkBROS.........

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>>600934864Slime girls can be useful in very dangerous jobs as things that would normally kill any human like bullets or falling from heights can harm them.

>>600929410cons: fleas. they maybe dumb

>>600930067her milking scene was kino.

Oni, but only if theyre 8+ foot tall

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>>600936647I like goblins because they're evil little shits with a thicc heart

>>600923029They still have the fluffy ears, and the dommy mommy energy, and the divination powers, and the 7 kids per litter, and the long lifespans

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>>600937295Thing I dont like about these animal girls with animal ears is that they usually stick to 1 of like 4 hairstyles since deviating from this formula would reveal how retarded/creepy an earless head truly looks


>>600937609Just stick the animal ears on the sides instead then.

>>600938250I wish more artists did this, honestly. Side-ears works very well and doesn't run into the double ear problem.


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>>600919752>Kitsune>Succubi/Demons>Fairies>Dragons/Lizardgirls (preferably with wings and tail)Those are the 4 races that always deliver the best content. For other races it depends on the individual.

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>>600938898Makes them look like elves with hairy earsI like it

>>600936647SNU SNU

>>600938949Cat ears on side and cat ears only are both viable.As in two different races within the catgirl species.

>>600939783Webm related is an example of a 10/10 dragon girl design.

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>>600940207That's one fat tail.

>>60093438224k mommy milkers...

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>>600936647same for me but with 8ft slime girls

>>600940207>horizontally attached tail0/10


>>600940331>tits on a dragonout of my sight

Which MGQ game should i start with?

Slimes, the regular ones, those that attach themselves to little girl's crouches

>>600933342>>600932739My brothers, Alice is best

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>>6009406241 > 2 > 3 then Paradox

>>600940207>That thump when it hits the ground

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>>600923797Did you get exposed to Mugen porn on Youtube at a young age too?

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>>600940445>>600940792It's very fat but very cute. The lesbian princess agreed, don't bother her about it.

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>>600938949One pair master race.

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>>600941190The amount of animation work put into a fucking tail is pretty impressive.

I love oni girls so much but I can't think of any good examples aside from Yuugi and Suika. Also why the fuck do Japs always draw them without muscle? What's the fucking point?

>>600932040>dollgirls becoming lifeless if disassembledCringe and basically bloodless guro>dollgirls keeping sentience while disassembledBased and hotSimple as

>>600941582There are tons of great onis out there. In b4 bitching about gacha.

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>>600919752>love ryona, plant girls, lamias, snakes, spidergirls, bondage>hate snuff and vore and am utterly disgusted by it, which is primarily what the fetish hurts.

>>600921647This but they have to be humans made into machines

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Shortstack goblingirls...

>>600919752I like foxes.

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>>600942246>Loli foxes are almost always good girls>Adult foxes are often evil bitchesI wonder why this is

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>>600940475my apologies, king

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>love mermaids because of nenemaru's doujins>not a SINGLE h-game does them right to my extremely specific fetish>mermaid character gets 1 scene with 2~4 hcg where everyone else gets tons>mermaids if they get an h-scene only get paizuri/blowjob/handjob scenes>mermaids whose only "mermaid" feature is head-fins and maybe gills>mermaids with cop-out nonsense human crotches and asses>mermaids that lay fish eggs as a fucking mammal with a vagoo>gore and cannibalism far outnumbers actual porn on pixivLooking for the mermaid tag is always a disappointmentIt's a goddamn curse to experience the best content you'll ever get at the very start

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>>600942639Just fap to Ariel porn already.

>>600938949>>600940103>>6009413914 cat ears > all

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>>600921945The elves from Monster Girl Dreams circumvent this by just having them be incredibly fucking horny but also being too horny to be haughty. Even when they try they lose to the dick immediately and just want to drown you in pleasure and marry you.

>>600929591You are thoughExoskeleton

>>600942879You think this is a fucking game?

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>>600942493Adult foxes have had their hearts broken dozens of times and it turns them evil

>>600942493Clearly we must combine them and get evil bitch loli fox girl.

Raccoons with fat nuts.

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>>600942639>cop-out nonsense human crotches and assesthis bothers me so fucking much it's unrealand it's not just mermaids that suffer from this either


>>600919752Foxgirls generally. Harpies are top-tier if they're really fluffy like the ones from MGQ, also dragon girls with a reasonable amount of scales and claws.

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>>600942815Ariel porn combines all of the worst of those with very low quality art!No one wants to even fuck the mermaid form! There's almost no penetration!You can't understand the depth of my suffering! I've seen it all! It's too specific a fetish, man, it's like trying to fap to on-model Hex Maniac, they all know what it should look like but no one draws it!

>>600921346like fucking a bowl of Jell-o

>>600942639>>mermaids with cop-out nonsense human crotches and asses>>mermaids that lay fish eggs as a fucking mammal with a vagooYou can't have it both ways do you want the human vagoo or the fish cloaca?

>>600925340my first thought is doujin, one called 'armageddon in bed' or something like that; potential warning for lolies


>>600944181Read nenemaru's mermaid doujins and you'll see what I mean. We talking dolphin mermaids here not pig disgusting fish tailsToo rare. Too goddamn rare

>>600943973>it's like trying to fap to on-model Hex Maniac, they all know what it should look like but no one draws it!I hope you mean the face, colors and hair instead of the bodytype. The face is what actually matters.

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>>600919752Cows are my favorites. Both tall and shorts.But i generally also enjoy catgirls and related mosntergirls and same with doggirls.>>600922116Based. Draphs are cute and very breedable.

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>>600921346Like fucking a jar of jellyNot very tight but the sounds are hot as fuck

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>>600919752Are there any monster girls akin to the abductor virgins from elden ring? Something like a sexy robot girl with more of a gothic era motif and a torso cavity that opens up, full of fleshy suctioning tentacles used to milk unsuspecting shotas to death.

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 122.99K)

>>600942639>mermaids whose only "mermaid" feature is head-fins and maybe gillsThis pisses me off the most, that or the shit where they just give her a pair of human legs in 2 pages and she just remains a human for the rest of it.

Attached: BigLaura.png (2000x2000, 2.38M)


>>600927546>>600933273I want to lick and suck on Grea's tail. Caressing and hugging it! I want her tail to be my hugpillow!

Attached: 1654154054826.png (1200x1600, 1.3M)

>>600936647Standing cunnilingus!

Fun fact: snakes are pretty much all muscle. It's how they move around.Imagine.

Attached: 1455003267088edit.png (700x1080, 649.18K)

>>600943595Raccoons who bless me by making my nuts extra thick.

Attached: 79261920_p2.jpg (1046x738, 711.96K)

>>600919752Where is the slime boy?

>>600919752HarpiesAll the sex drive of a succubus but none of the weird kinks

Attached: 1630058928131.jpg (850x1200, 274.78K)

>mfw no Etrian Oddysey-like dungeon crawler with classes entirely made of monstergirlsMaybe I should learn programming.

Attached: D3rhY8VUUAEwTCF.jpg (1040x1300, 119.3K)

>>600919752Image sauce?

>>600945467you've been in a certain /trash/ thread for this image, haven't you user?

Attached: 1636585308669.png (719x771, 740.82K)

>>600921346I expect a competent slime girl to be able to change her viscosity and density, completely and partially, with the same ease as us meatbags move our muscles.So in my fantasies they feel whatever I want them to feel like.

Attached: ラージスライム.png (389x587, 141.21K)

>>600919752Are there any apocalypse h games?

>>600945718I like most of those weird kinks though, plus cloaca is a turn off.

Attached: 1516753441548.png (659x550, 349.86K)

>>600945947I don't know what you're talking about.I made that little edit of the mouth, so I didn't quite get it from /trash/.

Attached: 1482365533521.gif (573x889, 811.64K)

>>600944907Wouldn't having a slime wife be fucking terrible? I mean, your floors and furniture would be constantly soaked. You'd probably have a god-awful mould problem that was silently killing you. Even if you didn't let her just slop around freely, that would mean you'd have to carry her in a budget everywhere and refrain from fucking her anywhere that wasn't a bathtub or outside.Compare that to a snake wife. You'd probably have to rub her down when she came indoors, and she might shed every now and again, but that's pretty trivial by comparison.

Attached: 1499707816189.jpg (600x603, 99.68K)

>>600945718But the weird kinks are the best part.

>>600946381Sounds like this was typed by a snek.

>>600945791Pretty sure Compile Heart's Moero seires is something like that. It sucks though.

Are there monsterboys? I want to see monsterboys

Attached: 1457550913448.jpg (1002x804, 206.65K)

>>600936289>dumb>a cons>fleas>on a humanyiff in hell or stop getting hobos in your house user

>>600946381>Compare that to a snake wife.Someone who could easily crush you during snex and probably wants to eat you.Of course, depending on the person those might be positives.

>>600940331>tits on a dragonstay right where you are, king.


>>600946990A good snake wife would never eat her beloved husband, nor would she crush him in the throes of passion. That's just bigoted anti-snake propaganda.

Attached: 1548364916120.png (1280x1536, 1.19M)

>>600947178Thank you.

>>600946698It's just one of those things that's just so niche. Even though I'd love to see that cute spider boy with a nice spider girl.

>>600947473Not even if he asks for it?

>>600943595coc 1/2 in a nutshell

Attached: 1623607378778.jpg (810x960, 85.14K)

>>600947560No on both accounts.A good snake wouldn't marry a vorefag, and, despite being sexually aggressive, snakes just want to be dominated.

Attached: 1613757136096.jpg (862x1024, 84.41K)

>>600947536Where's that H-manga about a guy becoming a sharkboi and fucking a shark girl?

I want to have an anatomically correct spider wife

Attached: 123316644_3738034896228860_4457883070975374142_n.png (1250x885, 182.68K)


Attached: viper.png (594x264, 24.08K)

>>600944626if it helps, tchenart on deviart does some of the best dolphin mermaids that i feel come close to nenemaru's vision.

Attached: maris_mermaid_by_tchenart_de4j5b5-fullview.jpg (1280x1707, 295.88K)

>>600946698Dammit that's so fucking cute

>>600946698I want that girl to headpat the spider boy


I love rando monster girl fan art because artists can get way more creative with their oneshot works.

>>600947560Y-you don't want to end your happy marriage and heap up tons of emotional turmoil on your wife by letting her end your life, do you user?>just marry one of those egg eating snakes so she can spit you up afterwards like eggshells

Attached: 59d0f16c822cb96c2242c983d8e285c1.png (2000x1125, 1.42M)

>>600947481You're welcome>>600945843>>600930848>>600945671There are no male slimes.

>>600949069there are just not in monster girl gamesand that's totally fine

Attached: 936ed312da421d8c064553dfd3091070.png (827x708, 339.4K)

>>600945671Technically they are genderless.

>>600949029what if you could respawn

>>600923819she's a good girl.

Attached: tubewife.jpg (2560x1440, 1.15M)

>>600941145Yes. It's one of the reasons I found out I was a bottom.

Girlmonster fags get out.

>>600949737based this is a human board!

Attached: c2a6f2d2-3fb8-4d18-8f5c-8ae332e70305.jpg (1104x1600, 462.42K)


>>600949069Gibe slime boi



Attached: 7f0dae4ca9ace4028d61e5d84905804b.png (2270x1385, 435.89K)

>>600950171Ok this gets a pass.

>>600949069Does T-1000 count as a male slime?


Attached: 1631991105594.gif (184x172, 15.09K)

>>600950278Robots also have no gender

>>600948774I want a hot spidergirl to devour the spiderboy.


Attached: 517448a23801b2c1ef4c0c2f9a0d8623.jpg (640x828, 60.04K)

>all these slime Chads Based.

>>600948342Saying that is like admitting you've never cracked open a book about mythology or seen a movie like Species or Alien.General rule with humans. If something can be humanized in some way, humans will probably try to dick it.

Attached: 1628516111449.jpg (3511x4096, 1.55M)

>>600919752plants with dragon girls as a close second

Can't believe Holla Forums has better monstergirl threads than /mggg/...

>>600946698Unless the monster girl is from an all-female species, there's gotta be boys somewhere.

Gazer sex

>>600952126/vg/ is where threads go to die slow, undignified deaths. Namefags, avatarfags, and just fags in general hang out in there.It's even worse when there's discord channels associated with them.

>>600952126That's not exactly a high standard to beat.

>>600928759Everything without human-like legs is bad.Everything else is good.

Attached: 1647893286976.png (374x679, 362.96K)

>>600939783>>600919752I love kitsunes, i want to touch their fluffy tails.

Attached: 1624380921198.png (579x818, 508.02K)

>>600921945>Cons: often associated with snuff and voreAs a vore fag this is anything, but a con for me.

>>600953292True, if you're into that, it's not a con, but a lot of people aren't.>>600928759

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Attached: harpy sfw version.jpg (1512x2150, 2.2M)

>>600953952>Tanuki>DNot when Mamizou exists.

Attached: 1538598419772.jpg (600x900, 99.46K)


>>600954448Tanuki girls are like off brand cereal Kitsune

>>600954612I do prefer my cereal with a lot of nuts.

>>600954612Shut up Senko.

mmm, lukewarm cloaussy

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Attached: 1572794068668.gif (128x128, 9.03K)

>>600919752Orcs from ToA because Urka

Attached: toa.jpg (1000x563, 121.26K)


lolibaba foxes

Attached: 1647043842256.jpg (2040x2880, 3.89M)

>>600954996>>600955050god I need to suck some more cock soon

I don't want to be a monster girl's husband.I want to be a monster girl's sex slave.I want her to use me and abuse me and make me scream.

>>600955187WHolesome Foxgirl lolibaba wifemother.

Attached: 2wdeZxW.jpg (1280x1069, 145.99K)

>>600955593I wanna beat the shit out of senko

>>600955680Senko is for tail touching not beating.

Attached: MOFU MOFU.jpg (1200x675, 86.35K)


Attached: 27916198_p1.jpg (575x553, 328.1K)

>>600940207doesnt look like a dragon, shit design.

>>600951396slimes are a classic for a reason.>>600952126>surprised that Holla Forums has better threads than the single worst board on 4chanin other news water is wet>>600928759

Attached: monster tiers.png (1140x739, 133.49K)

>>600955497High IQ

>>600955842Scalies begone.

>>600922438>tentacle fleshlight tailI wish there were more content of this, max erotic when they combo it with a seal that stops keeps the guy in perpetual climax

>>600955971>pixie/fairy girls that lowthe fuck?

Attached: 1649602045477.png (2894x4093, 3.34M)

For me it's mini succs or imps. They fulfill the true meta essence of the h-game by being impossible to lose to unless you are actually turned on enough by the character to purposely lose.

Attached: e42acb6f97c549809999c332cd44fcfbc293c756r1-640-480v2_hq.jpg (640x480, 93.65K)


>>600928759Sheep/Goat girls are the best bar none

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Attached: my-image.png (1140x739, 170.81K)

>>600956329Oppai loli monster girls are a big favorites too.

Attached: __yaia_granblue_fantasy_drawn_by_maou_maoudaisukiya__159c73da5e85003eb52c21aa7256a19a.jpg (1900x2916, 831.86K)

>>600956329There is nothing hotter than letting yourself be defeated by a really weak girl


Attached: 1625719268011.jpg (1447x2046, 1.13M)


Attached: vampire2.png (638x502, 439.79K)

>>600956781So are you from Wales or New Zealand?

>>600957439how did you know?


Attached: my-image(1).png (1140x839, 210.98K)


Attached: the_truth.png (1140x647, 170.7K)

>>600923757It's hard to say that when people post shit like centaurs and lamias who are more animal-like than everything else outside of ferals.


Attached: mei.png (666x320, 322.09K)


Attached: 12.png (680x480, 456.43K)

>>600957512An educated guess

>>600919752Whichever gets the footjob attackThere doesnt seem to be a consistent species for it


Attached: image.jpg (2000x1333, 3.05M)

Dryads are fine too

Attached: 1493.gif (120x160, 21.88K)


>>600920492My guy. I want to get stuck with an Alraune for the rest of my life.

>>600920492>>600957898Why my pp hard

Attached: 1642556963297.jpg (620x591, 315.07K)

>>600957139There any walkthrough for Shrift? I've been stuck at the pink bed after the pink fox lady and I know they're optional, but I'm going to 100% this goddammit.

>>600919752Imagine witches with magic that can keep your erection pernamently and then milk you in multiple ways untill you pass out. And just before you close eyes witch kisses your cheek.

Attached: 1652713241039.jpg (4096x2979, 638.09K)

>>600920492The Alraune from MGD was hot as shit. I haven't even played past the first area since I was perfectly content just dumping my seed in that fat fucking flower.

Any monster that can shrink you down instantly rises to a 10/10.

>>600958017GIWTWM taking care of the cows.

I like cats

Attached: 1639515816754.png (542x872, 493.46K)

>>600958017milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk

>>600958063Get agility, either with the feather or with the machine, the main problem is moving first. After that just spam wake up as fast as possible.

>>600958267Even if it's a tiny monster that shrinks you down to her size?

>>600958267what about monsters that grow instead? especially monsters that are normally smaller than you.

Attached: 20210126011546_1.jpg (2560x1440, 745.68K)

>>600957584I'm not a furry but I would make tender love with this goat girl.


Attached: rifucrying.png (600x1000, 1.06M)

>fairy girl becomes jealous of your ownaholekino

Attached: 1598231248692 (1).png (1000x1333, 810.47K)

Cat girlsDog girlsWolf GirlsTiger GirlsMouse GirlsAnubis GirlsDevil GirlsOgre GirlsOni GirlsDemon GirlsBear GirlsBat GirlsSnake GirlsDark Elf Girls

Attached: 1574398390937.jpg (1344x1225, 127.18K)


>>600932040Based dollbros

Attached: Npc_zoom_3040111000_01.png (960x800, 190.19K)

>>600958780Are fairy girls better when they're just big enough to fuck, or when they're dwarfed by your cock?

Attached: mg tier list.png (1140x556, 162.5K)

>>600958695No that's lame, but if they shrink you down to be tiny compared to them that's a 100/10.>>600958725Tolerable outcome but not optimal.

>>600958780no bully

Attached: 1636768242930.jpg (850x1133, 800.25K)

>>600958584Thank you user, I'll try that tonight.Have an oni for your help.

Attached: 1565332855166.jpg (767x1023, 159.95K)

>>600959021If you think they're too small you just aren't trying hard enough.

Attached: 1640726734017.png (640x621, 390.54K)

This thread should have ended with doppelganger.

Imagine an H-game where you slowly turned into a monsterboy

>>600959345That's probably the most boring choice.

>>600959107>No that's lame, but if they shrink you down to be tiny compared to them that's a 100/10.

Attached: 1629261205515.jpg (622x617, 52.43K)

>>600959340That one is a classic

>>600959021>>600959340I want to suck little fairy's little feets.

Attached: f62cd28f5eeb24b5d5661c0f54ac7b75b0ac0775.jpg (969x787, 623.27K)

>>600920203>size difference yuri femdom aphrodisiac constrictionjust ticking all my boxes

>>600959442>can transform into monster girl of your choice>nah, I will just settle with oneSure friend.


Attached: doll.jpg (827x1000, 483.51K)

>>600959458Just read a story where the MC is shrunk down to a bug compared to his fairy companion and his loli companion is now so big that she's almost incomprehensible. Fucking fantastic



>>600959746sauce?also does it have vore?

>>600936647Same,do you know any game with huge oni girls?Shame they are underused

Attached: ed.png (1249x1300, 1.49M)

>>600960127Punipuni Fairy by Petite SoeurIt has insertion

>>600928759I didn't realize how many monster girls have hardly any appeal to me. I guess angels and elves could be higher, but they aren't really monster girls which is why they are down there.

Attached: my-image.png (1140x647, 166.39K)

>>600958327Imagine the fat shits a cow sized girl would take holy shit imagine having to be a janny at a cowgirl farm

>>600928759Monster girls in C tier are still good, they're just cute rather than sexy and I don't want to fuck them.

Attached: my-image(1).png (1140x647, 157.17K)

>>600928759This is factual.

Attached: file.png (970x655, 186.62K)


Attached: 1624802214357.png (824x342, 154.86K)

Attached: 1647352674500.jpg (848x1200, 358.99K)

>>600928759>Matango girls that lowwe're about to fucking throw down user I swear to god

>>600941876Love this artist

>>600961392>proud girl is extremely weak to analmy favorite h game trop desu famalam

succubi, kindergarten age

Attached: P_EV_C011.png (640x480, 437.57K)

>>600961460You have to be the only Matango fan I've ever seen. Why do you like them?

>>600947536I NEED FANART

>>600961635The two in Monster Girl Dreams converted me

>>600927726>>600922116>>600920674>>600958017>>600958327Have you guys read Dear My Ushi-Chichi?The idea of buying huge tit cow girls and drinking high quality milk like wine is my favorite fantasy ever.


Attached: Cause+we+were+too+scarred+by+the+sfm+futa+gigantic+_a494d382f9b7133a0774724abe6ce8d5.png (668x500, 298.57K)

>>600928759>No yetiThis tier maker belongs in d tier, what the absolute fuck.

>>600961712Shit forgot image

Attached: koisuru-ushichichi-chapter-07-cover.jpg (360x521, 87.32K)

>>600958131I genuinely feel blueballed not being able to blast ropes into the red one. They wrote everything so you really crave the release as much as the PC does.

>>600921346Like dolphin pussy jelly.

Attached: 146FE6EB-7384-48A5-95C0-E91BC9384EF8.jpg (495x670, 93.18K)

>>600961635NTA, but the one in Matenshi Seirei was pretty cool

>tacchon>arekishi>zankuro>kenkou cross>frfr>regura

Attached: donald_boner.jpg (700x473, 45.65K)

>>600928759Probably not too accurate as I feel like I've barely seen anything of the girls from B and below, so I can't rate them properly.

Attached: my-image (1).png (1140x739, 173.25K)


God I fucking love fairiesEven bought a japanese fairy onahole, it’s good shit

Attached: D901DCCD-6C6D-47B7-BB55-626E1718587F.jpg (540x541, 136.13K)

>>600961712I remember a thing where a guy turns into a cowgirl and gets futa impregnated


>>600919752Symbiotes. Doesn't mater what kind as long as they have at least enough intelligence to have a personality but the more intelligent the better. I rarely see it done though. Its always parasites that just want to eat you and never companion that wants to share its life with you.

Dragon girls > literally everything

>>600962097teraurgejust don't interact with the fanbase


>>600962048Damn I've never seen that. Would love to know what that one is called.

>>600962097EarthdesireMake sure to interact with the fanbase as much as possible

What will they call our sickness once it becomes public knowledge?

>>600961872that's a myth

Attached: 1621341816668.png (314x295, 112.82K)

>>600962292>>600962423Well now I'm just getting contradictory info.

>>6009624141 day ranch experience


I fucking love monsterboys so much. They're so cute

>>600962575You'd have normies being ironic about being into monster girls without actually giving a shit about it, just like with that Ankha thing.

>>600962423"Tera" comes from the Greek "Teras", meaning "monster". It doesn't relate to Earth. See also: teratophilia

>>600962836What H games even have monsterboys?

>>600961872People fuck dolphins without dying all time though.

>>600962921At this point the lack of an animal crossing adult game is laughable. Furfags have been drawing 5 pictures per minute for the past 20 years but one guy can't make a dating sim? Fucking bullshit.

>>600962960Marine biologists just want to keep all the dolphin pussy for themselves

>>600962924“I” do not give a FUCK and think you should KILL yourselfSee also: noose tying techniques

>>600962960Why do you know this and why do people do this

>>600962632What the fuck is that...

Attached: 1648932149074.png (592x756, 216.26K)

>>600963049I got to pet a dolphin once. They were surprisingly dry.

>>600963070a dolphin having a taste?

>>600963061if you're gonna be a smartass you've got to be smart first

>>600962936I don't know but I want it

>>600962725>1 day ranch experiencedamn this art is really good!

>>600963147Yeah, they feel very rubbery, kind of like a pool floaty.

>>600963067Dolphins like to fuck A LOT and they get depressed if they don't get enough sexual relief.

>humanity finally reaches the stars>all manner of aliens who are fine with trading and interacting with us>aliens are so different biologically that inter species relationships are rare >humanity on the other hand seems to constantly try to form interspecies relationships>become known for having the most passionate and aggressive mating practices regardless of biological incompatability>this turns into infamy as we develope more tech to have sex with and procreate with other aliens>mfw we become alien succubithis is our future

Attached: 1593652701883.gif (360x264, 2M)

>>600963285Ah just like us

>>600963171I think theyve had enough.

Attached: 1595568273568.png (395x479, 237.72K)


Attached: 1618991344917.jpg (760x569, 113.9K)

>>600919752succubus lolicat

Attached: Len.(Tsukihime).full.1210008.jpg (590x790, 43.21K)


Attached: 1632665052074.png (1273x1321, 889.11K)

>>600952126Better than /jp/'s

>>600963435Don't think so, especially the ones not in captivity


Attached: 1628550372733.jpg (1155x912, 161.47K)

>>600963408Some dolphins form cliques where they pretend to be humans walking around on land and sitting around in offices doing other people's taxes.

>>600963670Can you please not?

>>600963670>>600963795For real, go be a fucking faggot somewhere else

>>600919752Cow/holstaur etc because lactation fetishThen slime girl because they are sweet and gentle

>>600963670Die die die u gay beast

>>600963368Finally, something to look forward to

>>600963850I'm not gay though. I just think they're kind of neat

>>600962026You gonna show the class which one you bought?

Attached: 1628060910967.jpg (600x1500, 164.24K)

I have many fetishes. Gender transformation is among them, and I cannot find any monstergirl stuff for it

>>600963726Anon, those are just people in with unusually large noses.

>>600928759Fellas let's be real here..

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Attached: Shiva Smiling.jpg (452x583, 126.94K)


>>600964385explain why human males are so much more desirable

>>600964385This you?

Attached: 1653601844275.png (853x1000, 521.53K)

>>600964385God bless this retarded meme

>>600964385hmofa posting is just bbc posting with a coat of paint

>>600964385I feel like "built to fuck human males" just means they have an ovipositor to lay eggs in your ass.

>>600964735but its something men of all races can come together and enjoyexcept fucking weirdos which maakes it better

>>600948774I just wanna cuddle him like a stuffed animal

>>600961712Just join fetlife, and find a pregnant / just gave birth woman to do this for you. I found a domme who loves to piss in my mouth, sometimes twice a session. Fuck, it's like I'm in Heaven when I see her.

do NOT open this image I have warned you

Attached: 1607408065044.jpg (1200x900, 317.17K)

>>600928759Catgirls, dog girls are just basic bitches with tails and ears the most boring shit in existence


Attached: 1647121600155.png (1170x580, 454.56K)



Attached: 5229E749-6073-453D-B12A-FE6BC00623C3.png (950x727, 117.95K)


Attached: 4B805FF0-B71F-4681-8644-622AB4323712.png (950x651, 119.92K)


Attached: rustle.jpg (696x462, 97.27K)


Attached: 1541306947693.png (393x768, 170.45K)


Attached: 5xhzo1.png (498x546, 283.51K)

>>600943595sir please i require the gravy


Attached: AB8A172E-A868-44DB-A0F2-3D136E1C8133.jpg (500x500, 40.66K)



Attached: 1645461923864.png (928x991, 861.3K)

>>600965947>>600966068Degradation of Deities 2

>>600956202they're too small and cute to do lewd things with except the ones in Milking Farm that turn you into a bar tap

>>600966145I wish I could have a fairy companion who just chills out on my shoulder and we could do stuff together

>>600919752I am very partial towards beast women for some reason. Tigers. Wolves. Foxes. You name it.

Attached: NVxhWiiumswkUDA2KiVQuZ8RLC2noD-L5LFsdDQZcA8.jpg (1186x2143, 153.34K)


Attached: FF4F3288-AAD0-4C0B-94D8-B1B81C317910.jpg (679x900, 999.36K)

>>600965947>CoC2man that game has some great scenes on occasion is way too fucking wordy

>>600966145Okay but consider thisairborne fairy girl sex parties

>>600948342>I gave those aliens HUGE FUCKING TITS and was completely surprised that people found them sexy.

>>600966235>>600966401the issue with fairy companions is that they would become too attach and begin to harbor a deep unrequited love that physically couldnt be achieved which just leads to them chasing off all future romantic interests until they find a growth/shrink spell and then rape the shit out of you in an almost drug like haze of pure love

>>600966468yeah. they need to take a lesson from CoC1. Maybe the modded one but they usually have too many words also

>>600966132send link pls

>>600928759I have my limits on monstrous featuresGib big hellhound wife

Attached: my-image 3.png (1140x739, 170.32K)

>>600966740>slime girls in C tierWhat a fag lmao

>>600966740>Zombie girls above monkey girls

Attached: monkecat.webm (480x854, 1.73M)

>>600966723Here’s the trailer, they have a dl link in the description :)

>>600966992monkies are so cool but they scare me with how intelligent and violent they are

>>600962026ey b0ss, can I get some sauce

>>600966992There in the same tier, you donut

>>600967049Depends on the monkey. They aren't as smart as you fear.>>600967149The further left it is the higher it's place in the tier.

>>600967039no pls, I need it

>>600965072what about catgirls... with elf ears?

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