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what do you do?

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Tell little girls to RTFM.

(Double post sorry)
Is it me or are all the chicks who do that are the female version of the idea guy who dream of being a millionaire ?

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Only 20k? Yeah no.



Been in similar situation when I did my first freelance project
Sounds like quick money and exp
Never freelanced again

i give her vichan with a pink theme

Yes m'lady.

I respond "no".

pick up spaghetti and leave quietly avoiding eye contact.

I understand your intentions, and I understand that it comes from a good place. but I don't agree with your idea, women don't need to be coddled, they are adults. Also, $20 is a really low rate for creating a whole social network, if you want to get anywhere with your idea you'll want to know to program and do HTML and CSS or be willing to pay $50000. And no, one day is not enough for creating a social network, there's a reason why Facebook has engineers constantly working their socks off. So, sorry, but no.

Nice hair though.

I'd tell that bitch to get on her knees, unzip and whip out my Johnson, then piss right in the fucking SJW whore's mouth.

That's awesome, user. I'll remember that term for the future.

Pretty much. There is nothing wrong with being an idea person if you have the ability to fully think through your idea and produce full design specifications. The cancer are the idea people who come up with some vague concept and then expect everyone else to work out the details. Ideas are like assholes, everyone has one.

$5000 upfront and 30% of the earnings (not profit) and we're talking.

20 bucks?
Sure, on the condition that I may add my own tribute to the gods...

Horrible. I've been fucking horrible. I'm seriously considering suicide.

Okay, ignoring the fact that you just ignored me pleading for help on the verge of suicide, this is a shit idea and you haven't been ``working`` on it, you stupid bitch. You probably literally just thought of it twenty minutes ago.

Sure thing. I'll use your credit card to sign you up for that SocialGO premium plan, spend two minutes "coding" it, buy a domain for $4 with your card, get that set up and bam. But I have some demands. I want a blowjob and 50% of all income that site actually manages to bring in.

And if that site doesn't put in more than $1,000 in my pocket in the next three months? I want to do sex.

Also, your hair looks like shit, get a wig.

She'll be dripping wet by the time I finish the site niggas. Learn how to talk to roastie whores.

M' textpunk

Dude, are you serious? Just so you know, the fact that you're even on this board means your smarter than the majority of people. Suicide is never a solution.
I'm sorry if this post sounds sappy, but I'm honestly so sick of watching smart people die.

Oh man, didn't mean for it to com across like that. No, man- that entire post was satire. I'm fine, I won't be killing myself any time soon. Thanks for the kind words though.


God fucking damn it.

Sounds like you went in without even finding out what you were going to be doing first. That's the first mistake of a newbie Freelancer. ALWAYS make it clear that you will require to know exactly all of what will be requested before accepting the contract, and ensure that you agree with the amount of what you are charging/being paid.

You'll be ripped off a lot if you refuse to do that.





My sides.

This is a typical form of payment by SJW "idea girls who totally code and into arduino." A chick who watches more porn than you and loves to get abortions is hard to say no to. Faustian deals are real, bro.



Finally, my chance to have a botnet of my own.




I hate it when I'm approached by people who don't know jack shit, and ask me to make websites for them because I know Java and C++.

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