(Idea) We need to act more like SJWs when it comes to free software

Hey everyone, I've been thinking a lot about how I can contribute to the FOSS community. I am only a novice programmer, so I can't make any major code contributions.

Then it came to me. The reason SJW rhetoric spreads like wildfire is because it is always repeated and shown off everywher

So this lead me to the conclusion of sending emails to as many people who may be sympathetic to the cause,
for example, freeware developers, they make no money off of their software, so what would they have to lose?
Indie developers also seem to be pretty open minded about linux support, so I'm always on their forums and community discussions to ask for it.
Commercial software is a bit harder for the devs to consiter making open source, but I never shy away from emailing them.

Do you think this is the right way to approach it, or should I use my time somewhere else, It has seemed effective for the SJWs, so why not here?

Here is a list of freeware if you wish to help:

Other urls found in this thread:


SJWs are annoying, always stuffing their philosophy down other people's throats.
Even Stallman thinks that a calm and metered approach, rather than a rabid militant one is the best way to do things.

Nigger the reason why socjus spreads its because they got the money, the connections and the support from governments to do so since socjus also shills for more interventionism and spying

Its not because they send a bunch of emails dumbass

Thanks for the riveting technical discussion, OP.

You mean gratis non-free software, perhaps?

You are certainly on to something there, but there could be other societal forces at work. For one thing SJWism (sic) is never directly attack capitalism but instead direct its anger at men, heterosexuals, etc. What this means is that rich men have very little to fear from these snowflakes. Just look at Occupy Wall Street. For the first time in American history, class issues were a thing discussed by centrists and heck, even right-wingers. Then the snowflakes started to whine:
But my guess is that it would be a mistake to replicate their tactics if your quest is honest.

Gubberment don't care about blacks or gays, it is however quite handy to use controversial internet posts to push for more surveillance and censorship. This is where SJWs serve their purpose.

Yes, what I was thinking of is to email them telling them they should make their software libre

I should frased that better, "the squeaky wheel gets the oil" as they say, how do you think communism or fascism spread so quick? The ideas were always repeated and dissenters were quickly done away with.

This is the worst possible way to frame this idea for this board. "Outreach to software developers" is a great idea, and I think you have a good grasp of the details. However, this is like saying to the Pope, "You know, we should act more like Satan. You know, because Satan is always close to people in their time of need and he hosts great barbeques."

My recommendation for best optics: start a new thread in about a week about a "Software freedom outreach group", gather volunteers, maybe do the same thing in /lv/ then completely disassociate your group with imageboards (you can still use imageboards, but an association with Holla Forums might be a distraction for some dev you're trying to convince of the goodness of freedom). Maybe go to libreplanet.org or something. Then just start the polite emails and watch the freedom come rolling in.

Forming a group is technically optional, but who doesn't like company?

Good luck.

That is what "freeware" means, yes.

1. Clickbait. Whether for or against the resolution, you will be so rustled you must get involved

2. Progressive (regressive) liberalism has been a societal institution for generations now. It's not just a thing that emerged from Tumblr's asshole.

3. Media love it and spread the nonsense constantly because above reasons

4. Climbing. A time honored method to raise your status is to push another person down. SJWism allows for profitable bullying of others while wearing a cloak of morale superiority. You get kudos, you get famous, get power, get stacks of justicebux. It's literally better than being an Inquisitor. In fairness, the unhinged unhappy snowflakes may feel they have nothing else to empower them but bullying for great justice.

Only healthy takeaway tactic here is to push people's buttons when you want them to talk about FOSS. Get clickbaity wit it.

This. You want to see the end of SJWs in tech? Encourage everyone to be misogynist.

thats fucking retarded, havent you noticed how badly theyre having their arses handed to them?

SJW rethoric is so memetic because it acts like an "emotional flashbang", or also known as "how could I say no to that?". This is also the same tactic the government employed during the deployment of the Patriot Act -"if you are against it, that means you are not a TRUE AMERICAN and you want the terrorists to win!"-. In situations like these, social pressure or even personal guilt can inhibit any use of reason or logic until it's too late.

Put another way, unless you are an edgy imageboard user trying to be contrarian or a sociopath, you would agree that everyone should have the same rights to access education independently of their gender, race, sexual orientation... right? That means you should also be okay diversity quotas in University and "positive discrimination", because if you aren't that means you are against minorities accessing education, and basically, you are one of those sociopaths I was talking about.

It is a kind of slippery slope fallacy. Maybe you are in favour of universal education, maybe you are even in favour of some types of positive discrimination, but you better be in favour of every retarded shit they do in the name of "justice" or else you will face the consequences.

People pushing for this shit may not even be SJW themselves, but they could have been guilted into accepting it. "I don't really agree with this, but I don't want to be a horrible person, so I will accept it to defend these poor people". The idea is to put them in a situation where they can't reject without feeling bad about themselves, or at least make them fear the repression of those that already accepted the narrative.

The idea is to build a base everyone but the most fucked up individuals can agree on, then start moving the goalpost about what this base truly means in hopes people move along to avoid being part of the "monsters" against it.

This isn't just a SJW thing, though. Everyone uses it, and the best example is the whole abortion debate. Without taking any sides, what are the two major parties participating in here? Pro-abortion defenders don't call themselves pro-abortion because it sounds bad, so they call themselves pro-choice instead (because, of course, how could you be against letting women decide on what happens with their bodies?). Anti-abortion defenders don't call themselves anti-choice, because that would put them in a bad position, so they call themselves pro-life (because, of course, how could you be in favour of killing babies? What kind of sick fuck are you?). You have two different collectives whose opposing opinions on the same issue (which could be described as "in favour" or "against") have managed to be translated into "in favour" and "in favour" just for PR purposes. But the funny thing about this case is that both sides have adopted the same tactic and therefore taking a side in the debate means you are automatically a bad person. It's a catch 22 situation.

Anyway, moving to the topic at hand, acting like a SJW basically means guilting "the other side" into accepting our narrative - "you are against free software? Then that means you are against freedom, and not a true American, and you are worse than a communist Hitler!" -, and this can be achieved via constructing our basic arguments flawlessly ("an offer you can't refuse") and then overreacting at any hint of dissent, like a real zealot.

This SJW crap is degrading Holla Forums.
There are already several BOARDS for this topic.
Holla Forums is for technical discussion, not whatever fashionable hate object that's in this season.

le fixed that for yee :^)

SJWs are ruining technology in general. Ever wondered why Donald Trump is so popular here, enough that I am seeing right now an ad for him at the bottom of the page? It's because people believe he will save the world from the SJW cancer.

SJWs have pushed your employer into hiring dumb niggers, dumbass blonde whores and even dumber street-shitting pajeets because there are no intelligent niggers and hiring dumbasses is the only way they can cover their diversity quota. SJWs keep bashing the organized and well-established world of programmers and free software for being The Kyriarchy incarnate. SJWs have created their own parallel ragtag band of interpreted language-toting artists who use JS, Python and Ruby because they can't fucking into harder languages, with the specific goal of displacing the old world of chauvinist LLL developers and replacing it with the new, bright, progressive, inclusive world of VHLL developers. SJWs have worked their way into professions like vidya development and STEM academics to infest it with politically correct ideas that are totally out of touch with reality and are entirely grounded on pure emotion.

When you discuss Holla Forums, you WILL discuss SJWs, because they are now part and parcel of computers and technology. SJW discussion on Holla Forums will only stop the day they die or shut the fuck up.

We should spam the board with non-technogy threads like "How to piss off SJWs ehehehe :^)" and "DAE think that all webdevs are SJW? Upvote pls"

The premise here, is retarded, no one likes SJWs.
However, the suggestions here seem to actually be very good, in particular indie and freeware developers. In fact I do actually have quite a few indie contacts who I may be able to convince to use the GPL or create a Linux port (obviously, I'd have to offer to do the heavy lifting though, but it's usually not too hard).


The methodology of SJWs is concern trolling.

This could have been an okay thread had you not brought up the political stuff.

Most of the decent posters here use word filters to ignore posts and threads.

I'd say delete it and try again.

Oh, just like FOSS projects.

It's an age old debate.
You are proposing we act more like sophists to defend logic, but it's a slippery slope. We definitely need to use rethoric properly, but also hold ourselves to a higher standard so as to not deceive people, only show them a rational perspective.

This approach sure has worked for Stallman.

acting like an sjw is an bad idea because it's off-putting to people. this is why no one takes them serious and commonly regard them as the punchline in a joke.

also this has been done before, and is the reason why people regard freetards as a bunch of noisy manchildren who reeks of hotpocket & bengay

Kill yourself for having such a shit idea.

good post

Acting like them gives them more power, you god damn fool.



The only way we have is shown at . But that would take some effort. Right now we can either fork SJW projects like Ruby, js and improve them or make our own alternative to those projects. Then we need to ensure that we have a strong maintainer and SJWs are never given an inch or let into the project. The CoC will be made misogynastic all-phobic to ensure no SJW will join.

To elaborate further. Think about MGTOWs. The men who shun marriage and society and made their own culture and lifegoals. ABSOLUTELY no woman allowed to join. Make tech great again by making TGTOW.

No, fuck you. The minute normans start using GNU/Linux, is the minute we get fucked. This is exactly what will happen:

Let introspective normies figure stuff out for themselves, and come to us on their own. Many of us did that, why can't they? Making libre/Linux popular will increase driver support, but the dumbing down of everything will be the death knell.

Hey nigger, nobody said anything about bringing normies to gnu/linux. If anything we want them out along with SJWs.

MGTOW is feminism for men. It is likely pushed by the same people who push feminism as part of white genocide. But going back to anonymity for coding might be a good idea. The kryptonite of identity politics is having no identity other than merit.

Yes. But, MGTOW works (for the men who participate). Why can't tech make their own urban ghetto?

How does MGTOW work? It genetically erases those men from existence. That's working as designed, but you seem to believe it benefits the men?


sounds like open source smearing free software to me.

you better don't dilute the meaning and actual goals of the free software movement. If there's something Stallman does right is adhering to his fucking standards and definitions.

I don't want another fucking Atheism+ faggotry full of feminist dogma. Vanilla please

sounds good to me ;)

I have an idea Holla Forums
What if we teach the world about the dangers of proprietary software by example? We develop a shitty proprietary application that is as nefarious as it gets

Fucking normans man.
I'm going to vote for Charles III Le Simple he's going to build a wall and make them pay for it, guy's gonna make France great again.

...and this is how Skype came to be.

This would actually be a good idea if Holla Forums had any level of skill.