Is this stronger than the processor in the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5?

Is this stronger than the processor in the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5?

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I think only slightly. PS5 and X I believe have 2700x which is 8 core and that is 6. But, a 3600 is fine for a couple years.

No. The version in the Xbox doesn't clock as high but has 33% more cores.If you want a futureproof™ CPU, wait for Zen 3 in October/November.

Don't fucking buy CPUs now, especially not Intel PCIE3 shits. You will look like Turing owners in November.

>>523548513>>523548342>>523548471Not him but I plan on getting a 3070.Will my 2600 bottleneck it for 144hz 1080p ultra?

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Poorfags get 4600. Starving third world turds a used 3600. The rest of you a 4700X or 4900X.

>>523548628>3070>1080pask yourself real hard if you should be spending $500 on a new GPU or $500 on a new monitor. A new monitor is going to improve your gaymen experience more.

>>523548342Both consoles are confirmed to be Zen 2 not Zen+ so their CPUs should be comparable to a lower clocked 3700X.

>>523548783Ok. That is not too bad.

>Is this stronger than this>Reply 1: Yes>Reply 2: No>Everyone else: Let's talk about prices

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>>523548765I have a 144hz 1080p monitor and I love it. Aside from it being TN display I don't know what else I could improve other than getting a cpu cooler(mines stock) or a better case(better airflow)

>>523547750>>523548342>>523548471>>523548513>>523548745>>523548765>>523548783>>523548946I have a question, do you guys think the new AMD CPUs (this year) will blast away Intel? I'm tired of Intel's shit CPUs that rev up in my case like a shitty engine. Also, do you guys know any quiet fucking coolers? I'm looking to build in 2021.

>> that CPU and 2080ti, no bottleneck. You're fine.

>>523549136Intel isn't even in the conversation lol

>>523549136Depends on what Intel launches in 2021, but Zen 3 is a big uplift over Zen 2 and will beat out Intel's current products significantly.

>>523548765>>523549114Let me add to this, different person.Dude, literally just bought a $700 monitor (1440p, nano IPS, 144Hz) with a previous 1080p. Games and EVERYTHING looks so much better. It's ridiculous.I ended up ordering a second 1440p monitor because I cant do 1080p anymore.

>>523549114Is it Dell S2719DGF? Man I love this monitor, it's amazing for the money.

>>523547750Wait to see 4000 series' specs and what they do to the 3000 series' pricing.

>>523549250>>523549270Good, I have a 7700k and its a giant fireball. Holy shit. I'm also convinced its fucking with my framerate in some games.

>>523549136>>523549270They're too behind in manufacturing tech, no matter what they release it's not going to come close to AMD. Hopefully AMD won't sit on their ass like Intel did a few years back and screw it up.

>>523549270I heard that for non-gaming RTX 3090 benchmarks Nvidia already uses a PCIE4 Threadripper, so it can feed the card optimally. Intel won't be the testbench CPUs for much longer.

>>523549312Yeah how did you know? Did you also recently get one?>>523549301I don't plan on 1440p gaming for a while. I love my 144hz way too much I would rather go 240hz than 1440p.

>>5235486282600 will not give you even 120 fps in most games. 2600 is a major bottleneck if paired with 3070

>>523549770They have 240Hz, 1440p as well. I feel like 240 is a bit overkill though.But yeah, 1080p should have been retired like 5 years ago for me, its such a mass difference, and since you have an older panel, the new display tech is GREAT. like deeper colors and smaller bezzles, its great.

>>523548765>>523548628Or even a new monitor + a used 2070 or a 3060,or even a 5700xt for 1440p

>>523549989I mean you really arent getting the gains without new monitors, its such a world of difference. Hell, I even notice aliasing less with a better made panel.

>>523549398The 7700K can still handle a 3070 at least. Wait for tests how it scales with 3080. It could still remain a good 1080p CPU.

>>523547750 No.


>>523550308I'm on 1440p now, noticing it kinda having issues, moreso when streaming. It can't handle shit atm, I'm hoping AMD makes a beast CPU.

>>523549136>blast awayIn what?The 10900k and 10700k are by far the best CPUs for gaming on the market.If you want to render 5 videos at once or whatever then yeah go AMD.

>>523547750Just wait.

>>523550448>The 10900k and 10700k are by far the best CPUs for gaming on the

>>523549916>>523550108What monitors you guys got

>>523550448AMD hasn't released their 2020 CPUs yet. Some people are already speculating that PCIE4 will give maybe 10 fps more which Intel doesn't have.

What are the chances these z490 boards are actually pci4.0 compatible and will work with whatever cpu intel comes out with next?

>>523547750the r5 3600 is the i5 2500K of this generation. You have nothing to worry about, it will handle anything your throw at it for the next 7+ years, especially with OC

>>523549770Yea I got it a few months back on a sale for around 220 euros (about $250). Best money I ever spent, 1440p at 27 inch is crystal clear, I don't think I'll ever "upgrade" to 4k.

>>523549770>>5235509962 friends of mine have the 1080p like you and they're very satisfied. I think it's a bit smaller size, like 23-24 inch.

>>523550540This is what I got. It was hard to pick a more "mid range" monitor for just media consumption/images/browsing. Settled on the Asus one.

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>>523550697They're a lot more than 10fps behind in some games.We'll see.

>>523551104Those are tiny monitors, I feel like 27" is my sweet spot to avoid actually moving my head.

>>523551130Add 20% from 7nm+ and new architecture too.

>>523550525>he has nothing to say, so nervously laughs

Wait a bit. Zen 3 is around the corner.

>>523551367Did AMD say anything yet?

>>523551367>wait til AMD finally catches Intel in gaming, and then jacks their prices ABOVE the israelis/

>>523547750Probably good for 4k/60. I'm getting a 3070 to pair with my 9600k which shouldn't be a huge bottleneck, but I'm planning on playing on my TV at 1440p (if it can't handle 4k) or 4k. Definitely wouldn't get a 3080 with that thing, though

>>523551756They will most likely show RDNA2 and Zen 3 together at the same event.

>>523552164literally won't matter on 1440 or 4k

>tfw just upgraded from an i5-3470 to a ryzen 5 3600>gained like 30fps just flat out in games that struggled beforefeels good man. that intel lasted a good 7-8 years.

>>523552365>he games at 31 fps

>>523547750the 9600 non k beats that cpu in pretty much all games across the board. 9600 is like $150, actually it beats the 3800.stop posting inferior cpus when it comes to gaming. go buy a 10600k and overclock it to 10900 speeds. if you want to larp as a professional and look at benchmarks and use blender, go buy that cpu instead.

How often should you upgrade your CPU?I thought about buying r5 3600 from i5-7600but some anons said that Ryzen 4000 CPU's are coming soon

>>523552696wait for ryzen 4000 and buy a pcie 4 mobo for maximum future prooves

>>523552365why dont people upgrade all their parts at once?I mean who would buy the 3080 to pair it with a cpu you bought in 2010?

>>523550864Z490 boards don't even have PCIe 4.0 slots.

>>523548513The only practical use for the pcie4 is if you have an ssd at pcie4 speed with a size that actually makes the increased data transfer rate relevant. You'd need at least a terabyte drive and games that are at least 200gb for it to even matter. Maybe in 3 years this will be common enough to matter. Did you guys even watch the presentation?

>>523552583No one cares about old DX11 low threaded situations.

>>523552812yes they do you retard, the vast majority do. go learn something before humiliating yourself. i love slapping the shit out of amd fags.

>>523547750It's on par or marginally better than the Series X processor.It takes the PS5 processor and fucks it in the ass with no lube.

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>>523552783a B550 is a good choice right?

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>>523552802Because new CPU generations and GPU generations don't overlap and you'll always be buying shit that is about to be outdated

>>523552982wait for some reviews when the 4000 cpus are actually out just leave this here.

>>523552583>stop posting inferior cpus when it comes to gaming. go buy a 10600k>go buy an intel cpu when intel compatible motherboards don't support pcie 4.0

>>523552802Because no perfect timing exists. I've waited 3 months to complete my build and was better off that way.

>>523552898They genuinely don't. I was literally about to order a 10900k for my upcoming build ready for the 3090 until I found out Intel went full retard and didn't bother having any PCIe 4.0 compatible motherboards.

>>523552934That website is Intel biased. The admin is a huge dick too.

Guys. I'm planning to buy a 3080 for a living room strictly gaming pc I will connect to a 50" 4k TV and a 1440p monitor at a small nearby desk. Which CPU is the best option for me? I can wait some weeks but I want it done by the time cyberpunk releases.

>>523553319>>523553176Why lie ?'ve had support for quite a while now, just no cpu to take advantage of it.>>523552816Pretty much but I guess losing 10 frames or more is less important.

>>523553319Even if you are a stubborn Intel fanboy it's still better to wait for PCIE4 Rocket Lake.


Why spend over £1000 on a PC that is pretty good but requires setting up and is prone to bugs, viruses etc when I could just buy a PS5 or xbox X for less than half the price and its probably just as powerfultell me PC cuks.

When the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X comes out how do they actually measure which processor has the closest power level?

>>523553757Oh another dumb ass english fat arse tryint to troll PC users.

>>523553757PC gaming is really only worth it if you build a completely new one every ten years or so, blowing £2500 - 3000 in each build. "Upgrading" your hardware is a fucking meme and impractical. Every two generations of GPUs and CPUs you have to swap out the motherboard anyway, it's not just swap out the GPU like lego, you gotta rip out the entire fucking thing and rebuild. Anyone who upgrades a part or two without having to rebuild the entire PC from a scratch is a low IQ consoomer who needlessly upgrades every year.

>>523553757No surprise there that Chav prefers consoles. Your inbred island is known for playing on nothing but Playstation.

>>523553757>insert disc>takes 30 mins to copy>update>launch>to use network features, requires system update>15 mins>restart>your controller battery is low>plug in or fish for batteries>open game>"do you want to donate to black lives matter" screen opens for 8minutes46seconds>finally get into game>play for 30 mins>crashes due to overheating, shouldn't have put the console on a carpet>go to move it>knock it over (vertical mounts BRO!)>disc scratches>harddrive corrupts>hdmi cable snapsFUCK CONSOLES

>>523553597I'm going through those "PCIe 4.0" motherboards and each one says>Triple Ultra-Fast NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4 M.2 with Thermal Guards IILiterally NO 4.0.

Is this thread all ironic posters?

>>523554697most of the 4.0 ones have a sticker on them saying don't remove until supported or something

>>523553517just get a 10600k or kf for even cheaper if you find one and overclock it to a stock 10900watch this>>52355313910600k is best bang for buck when it comes to gaming. we are talking about gaming here right?

>>523547750>xtjust buy the 3500x

>>523551117144/75 monitor combodon't different refresh rate monitors have syncing issues?

>>523552783is this upcoming?

>>523555179>forgot my meme arrowfuck

>>523553757Console>paying for online>have to turn it on and switch TV to the right input every time you want to play>have to swap disks and let it update for every game unless you buy digitally>if you buy digitially you will probably have to keep that console hooked up even after the next generation is out to play that game>Basically forced to use controller for most games>can't pirate gamesPC>free online>is probably already on and connected to its own display when you want to play>no disks to swap, ever>backwards compatible forever>can use whatever input you want for anything>can get free games unless it uses Denuvo

>>523554945Why buy that if the 4600 is better and has PCIE4?

>>5235505255 seconds of googling will tell you that this statement is in fact true, but its retarded to buy a 10 series housefire for 10-20 fps when Ryzen does everthing else alot better and alot cooler

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>>523554860Even then you're 3000 GPU will be bottlenecked and is essentially being gimped by a 3.0 slot because the Intel CPU wont be able to make use of the 4.0 compatibility of the GPU.

>>523555383This is why I own a 10600K. I dont understand why some people cant comprehend this simple fact.

Should I get a B550 or x570?

>>523555404riiiight, but all of Nvidias posted results / comparisons are done on pcie3

>>523555179>>523555301Not with Gsync, zero issues.

>>523555383Why isnt the i7 10700k listed?


>>523555567Yes, so the GPU's full potential wasn't being demoed.

>>523555620prolly didnt test it, but they say its not worth over the i5 since the i5 has hyperthreading

At that price, why not get a 3700X?

>>523555620cuz they dont have one and its a waste of money anyways

>>523555729>he believes this

>>523555789if you bought a cpu today, the 3700x on sale is the best bang for your buck easily

>>523555915you misspelled 10600k

>>523555789You want to save money for gaming? Buy a used 9600K for $160 shipped, overclock it and beat amds $500 cpu in gaming.

>>523555996>having to buy a new mobo with every new intel refreshlmao

>>523555404PCI 3.0 is probably going to be exactly the same as PCI 4.0 for a 3080 and 3070 unless you're running at like 300 FPS or something pointless like that

So what is all the hype of Ryzen if all the benchmarks and talk on here says the opposite? Is it better in some games? What am I missing here?

>>523554945Yes just gaming. I don't do any video editing or modeling, and for work I've got a company macbook. After some research I also was under the idea intel is better for gaming, even looked up i7 10700k which would be in budget also.But then I started reading shit about pci4 and zen 3 and whatnot so I wasn't sure anymore

>>523547750Any estimates on the pricing for the 4th gen CPUs? I've already ordered a 3600, but can still cancel it. Though I'm a thirdie so it might not translate well into my currency, same goes for the initial stock.

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>>523556754keep the 3600

It has less cores but the CPU in the consoles is reported to run at 3.5GHz and 3.8GHz, that thing boosts higher than that. We don't know how downclocked stuff in consoles will be.

>>523556329They got duped obviously. Its one thing to say that you want to use applications that take advantage of the cpu, its another to say you are building a gaming pc and get tricked into buying amd because everyone else is.

>>523549136It's not a question of blowing Intel out of the water, it's a question of making the option look like diminishing returns

Bros...Why are all the top recommended CPUs all Ryzen???Logical Increments seems pretty reliable.

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>>523556329New consoles use AMD tech

>>523556180>says user, while annually upgrading CPU

>>523556180ryzens mobo compatibility is spotty at best, and most people buy new when upgrading anyways. Plus I can see why you would have to upgrade so much using AMD, since they're trash. Intel you could have a 2500k for 9 years, then get a 10600k, and you are good for another 9.

>>523557235I guess its aimed at people using blender or some shitthe best fps options for gaming cpu are all intel ones

>>523557235is this a gaming rec or productivity? this is Holla Forums video games you know?

>>523549752All professionals moved to AMD by now. Intel is now the CPU of choice of idiots that can say they can feel the extra frames through a GPU bottleneck.

>>523557463>GamingAll of our PC builds are optimized for general use, especially gaming. The high end builds beyond Outstanding use more powerful CPUs than necessary, because these powerful CPUs are useful for non-gaming tasks. If you spend most of your time with one game or a specific task like video editing, check our Guides to see if we have a build guide specifically for what you're interested in.I dunno

>>523556754Cancel it. Don't be a Turingfag.

>>523557235They are cheaper + viral marketing "I am a streamer gamer" made AMD look like a better deal for normies

>>523556329Most of the comparisons include overclocked numbers of some, not all CPUs to give the illusion of a wider gap in product lines.The numbers are still fine in AMD's camp as they tend to be a comparison of the hardest hitters on the market

>>523557235>>523557580I would put money on betting 80% or more of people who own a 2080 ti use it with a 9900k or 10900k

>>523557728So AMD is better for streaming?Well shit, then its a definite yes for me.

>>523557235Partly because of the price to performance ratio. Also because the few percentage points lower gaming score is completely forgotten when comparing other benchmarks.

>>523557775Yeah, you need to be a stupid fucking idiot to buy any of those so it makes sense.

>>523557798I don't know about streaming, butI remember 1000 ryzens were absolute shit in most tasks. It's probably better now

>>523557859so essentially, AMD is making better overall CPUs.Isnt that a good thing? I feel like past a certain point, CPUs dont even do much to make gaming better.

>>523557798yes but as a second pc and it has to be a 3990x

>>523555774Doesnt the i7 have hyperthreading too?


>>523557880t. Seething turd world shitskin

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>>523557339you sure caught me

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>>523558383>t. bought a fucking 2080tiStill in the anger phase I see.

>>523558454Stop showing your poor

>>523558454A 2070, I only play at 1440p.The point still stands though, only children and inferior races complain about others product usage.

>>5235577983000 series is very good for streaming thanks to the processor power overhead most games leave on the table.

>>523558436New mono argument only valuable if you upgrade CPU every 2-3 years. But in this case argument that AMD is cheaper goes down the shitter. Just spend extra 80-120$ and forget about upgrading for the next 5-7 years

>>523558454>implying he can't just sell it and buy a 3090are you a stupid?

>>523558769>selling the 2080tiGood luck in the race to the bottom as all 2080ti rats are leaving the ship and nobody wants to pay even $500 for one. Guess you can get $300 out of one.

>>523557981Yes, their CPUs are cheaper and of overall better quality unless you go for a high end intel where AMD can't compete. The only downside to AMD is they generally run hotter, but they also tolerate heat better, so it's not even that bad.

>>523558991No one cares about Intel. Zen 3 is better at absolutely everything.

>>523559072not in gaming

>>523558908bs meme

>>523558991High end Intel doesn’t make sense. 6c/12t is more than enough for games and a 10600K can be clocked to 5.1 or 5.2 GHz. After that you will be paying almost $100 per frame. The CPUs do better in synthetic loads, but if you want to do those you don’t consider Intel in the first place.

>>523547750No. R7 2700 is around the same performance as the gimped Zen2 8 core that will be thermal throttling in nu consoles.

>>523553405First I've heard of it, can you explain?

>>523547750Yes, by a fair margin, because you will overclock itConsoles are always underclocked to shit The 2700 in consoles is gonna run more like a 2600

>>523559175AMD CPUs from mid 2019 are not relevant in this discussion.

>>523559072I like my 10700k, I'm sure a drone like you will seethe at the idea of someone not buying AMD though.

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>>523552934CPU benchmark is only useful for relative video game performance. Having zero gains from going from 6c to 8c isn’t too surprising.

>>523559295I'm on phone. Search it yourself. Let's just say the website is even banned on Plebbit Intel sub, it's that blatantly wrong.

Man that one intelfag is too easy baited.

>>523559485Buyer's remorse on buying their shit processors.

>>523559412That makes no sense. Nobody is mad that dumbfucks bought 2080 Ti in 2020 either. We laugh at their lack of knowledge.

Intel or AMD for Emulation lads?

so are there benchmarks when it comes to games between pci gen 3 vs 4?

>>523559921Not the kind you need to see because nobody has tested Ampere yet.

>>523559920Cemu, Dolphin, RPCS3, PPSSPP, Xenia and Yusu have use Vulkan. Both AMD and Intel CPUs are fine at emulation, just avoid AMD GPUs.

>comfy with my R5 1600 AF i bought for 80$

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>>523559920Barely matters, just get a beefy enough one and a nice graphics card, maybe one of the new 3070s and you're good to play anything.

how the fuck do you keep up with all this?

Never buy anything not Nvidia though, Radeon has the shittiest drivers ever if you're on windows, so there's always the chance you get a complete dud. The newest Nvidia cheap card is 20% better than the last model and is good for 1440p everything, while also costing like 499 or whatever.

>>523560367I don't. I just see a bunch of hypemen shill new hardware every time a new one comes out and then I wait a few years until they improve the base model enough for me to bother upgrading

>>523559412I'm gonna enjoy my 3090 benefiting from my PCIe 4.0 slot. :) How's that 3.0 slot treating you, intelcuck?

>>523547750It depends on how much they utilize all their cores. The 3600XT has a boost clock of around 4.2-4.3GHz while the XSX has a max clockspeed of 3.6GHz. If clockspeed still matter more than having two more cores (which feels like it's likely), then yes, it is more powerful. Or rather, can do work more rapidly.If you're actually thinking of buying it, I would HIGHLY recommend waiting a few more months for the Ryzen 4000-series. IPC gains, probably even higher clocks, lower overall latency, etc. means it's gonna better in every possible way.

>>523561627the xsx cpu is never going to be 100% pegged like the ps4/xb1 were, it cannot keep it cool. Maybe without SMT

>Want to finally upgrade my old 3570k systemWhen do the new Ryzen CPUs come out bros?

>>52356184010900k is out now

>>523562027>10900k is out now>pcie 3.0lmao

>>523562107pcie4 wont be relevant until DDR5 anyway

>>523562158Say that to the 3090, performance will be gimped if you pair it with an Intel CPU.


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